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Arena (Web Novel) - Chapter 138 – After Returning (Part 1)

Chapter 138 – After Returning (Part 1)

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-Name: Kim Hyun-ho

-Class: 40

-Karma: +41,000

-Mission: rest until the next exam

-Time limit: 99 days 23 hours

My mouth dropped wide open.

Is this how you feel when you win the lottery?

First, I suspected something was wrong with my eyes, then I started suspecting that this was a dream, that perhaps I was mistaken.

Only then did I get the surge in my chest!

She must have seen my expression because Marie came close enough for our lips to touch, stared me in the face, and asked.

“Hyun-ho, did you get lots of karma? Hmm?”

“Yes, yes, um give me some room please.”


“Our lips are about to touch.”

“Uh huh.”

Instantly, Marie’s eyes changed to that of a playful kitten. And then she leaned forward and touched her lips to mine.

There wasn’t even time to stop her. Oh man, this mentally ill woman…… if she wasn’t pretty I would’ve punched her.


“How are your results?”


I was then frightened as I heard the especially businesslike voice right behind me.

“Why are you so startled?”

Cha Ji-hye expressed her indifference.

“Oh, nothing. I just got a surprising amount of karma is all.”

I floundered for an explanation.

It almost seemed like Cha Ji-hye had a twinkle in her eyes.

“I am glad. This time too I received good results.”


“The exam grade, I had less of a role than you did Mr. Kim Hyun-ho so it didn’t meet my expectation. But I eliminated 3 corrupt examinees in exchange.”


I was surprised.

Honestly, the process I’ve made was abnormal. But Cha Ji-hye, who didn’t have such a monstrous amount of growth, fought against veterans who had been in the Arena for much longer.

Not just fought, but that she killed three of them was impressive.

“I saw a lot of benefit to the synthetic muscle suit. With 20 times the strength and attack power, the opponents weren’t able to properly defend themselves.”

I see.

The synthetic muscle suits multiplies the power times 20 so for Cha Ji-hye, who attacks with double swords, it offered a lot of benefits.

If the opponent has swirling swords and her power is 20 times what I expect is to be, how would that feel? Everyone would be terrified.

Well, Cha Ji-hye is smart, she wouldn’t have picked a fight she couldn’t win.

“Anyway, shall we choose our karma prizes?”


“Now now, that’s good and all but what do you say about eating first?”

Odin interrupted with a suggestion.

Now that I thought of it, we fought all day and hadn’t eaten yet. All we had was the fish we grilled with Vincent.

I nodded my head and Cha Ji-hye agreed too. We ate our meal together in the cafeteria.

Was it perhaps in celebration of our return from the exams?

The cafeteria was rather generous.

With medium rare steaks, pizzas, spaghetti, enough food to kill you, the tables were stacked with food.

Marie’s eyes lit on fire while her fork and knife started moving at an incredible pace. With a small build but such an appetite, even I was surprised.

Odin looked at Marie like a father would, smiling.

“She looks alright but she worked hard. Day and night she kept an eye out on my surroundings, she couldn’t relax to eat or sleep properly.”

At that unexpected report, I looked to Marie.

She was like a child – with no patience and throwing tantrums. It was unexpected that she was a killer and hardened fighter.

“It must’ve been hard.”

“Yep! It was really hard.”

Marie mumbled like so and clung to me.

I brushed her hair. Marie laughed and as if to ask for more, shoved her head at me.

We were eating when Odin suddenly suggested something to me.

“What do you think of registering for the world rankings?”

“Would there be a point to those rankings? There are many examinees who conceal their true power, and its not that the amount of karma necessarily equals an examinee’s skills either.”

Odin laughed at my words.

“Of course, amongst examinees, it doesn’t really hold that much meaning. As you say, everyone keeps their skills to themselves.”

“So is there any meaning of registering in the rankings?”

“There is.”

Said Odin with confidence.

“The agencies divulge information to each other, the reason for ranking examinees with their total karma is one reason.”

“What is that?”

“It is to serve as a reference index for the investors in Arena-related business. If you surprise the rankings with your sudden high ranking, it’ll make an impression on the big controlling investors in Arena.”


“If you become a big figure, no one can think of you as small fish anymore.”

At those words, Cha Ji-hye nodded her head and added to it.

“The Korean Arena Research Agency won’t be able to just do whatever to you anymore either.”


“Of course. The Korean Arena Research Agency is the national agency but in terms of the world Arena business, it’s isn’t considered to be an agency with much power.”

Well, it’s not a powerful group which is why they work with China.

“That a top talent examinee such as yourself was lost by the Korean Arena Research Agency, it will definitely be a mark against Chief Kim Joon-Tae. The government’s confidence in Chief Kim Joong-Tae will be shaken.”

And if Chief Kim Joong-tae gets dismissed from his position, then I could make a deal with the new chief and it’ll even be possible to restore Cha Ji-hye’s identity.

“I’ll think about it. I don’t think it’s a bad idea.”

I’m already well known enough due to my healing ability anyway.

To just come out as a strong player at this point doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

We finished our meal and together with Cha Ji-hye we discussed our karma.

“41,000 karma?”


It looked like Cha Ji-hye was surprised at the amount of karma I got this turn.

But then, as if in agreement, she nodded her head.

“Then again, the success of clearing this exam was dependent on your role and in addition to Heising, you eliminated many other corrupt examinees, it is only to be expected.”

“Yes, I was very lucky.”

“It is your skill. This past fight, from the beginning to the end, it was all your skills.”


Why does it feel so good to be complimented by this woman.

I scratched my head in embarrassment.

“First, I’m thinking of investing my karma to strengthen my spirit summons.”

The first thing I thought of was the Divine Protection of Fire.

Through the Divine Protection of the Wind when I synthesized with Sylph, our power grew three-fold.

In the same manner, mastering the Divine Protection of Fire and synthesizing with Kasa, I’m thinking that I’ll get about the same boost in strength.

‘The way I used Sylph to come up with a new shooting plan, could there not be a way to do that with Kasa?’

The method of using Sylph’s power until the bullet hit its target, that’s how I penetrated Heising’s aura protection net.

By using Sylph’s power to exponentially strengthen the power of the bullet.

But Kasa’s power, other than increasing the explosiveness of the gun powder, there wasn’t really any other use for it.

I’ll have to think about this one a bit more.

Anyway, I invested my karma in mastering the Divine Protection of Fire.

“Board summon, show me how much karma it will take to raise Divine Protection of Fire to mastery.”

Then the explanation appeared on the board.

– Divine Protection of Fire (synthesis skill) to raise to mastery, the karma needed is as follows.

– Divine Protection of Fire (synthesis skill): stir up flames with your body. It is influenced by the user’s concentration and skill level plus the spirit’s skill level.

*Master: 3 hours a day

-To master, uses 5,400 karma.

-Remaining karma: +41,000

The Divine Protection of Fire was like the Divine Protection of the Wind.

With mastery, the cool down disappeared and it was just the three hour limit per day, free to use in that span of time.

“I’ll master it.”

I said to the board.

-Using 5,400 karma to raise Divine Protection of Fire to mastery.

-Remaining karma: +35,600


A light sparkled from the board and seeped into my body.

Good, I’ve mastered the Divine Protection of Fire, now what skill should I raise?

“Show me how many levels I can raise my spirit summons to.”

-Displaying the instance in using all karma to raise spirit summons (main skill).

-Spirit summons (main skill): summon a superior spirit and express the power of nature, utilize power of nature yourself and the physical body becomes stronger.

*Spirits available to summon: Sylph, Kasa

*Superior level 8: summon time 17 hours, combine with your spirit and express powers through your own body.

-Spirit summons (main skill) to superior level 8 will use 33,600 karma.

-Remaining karma: +35,600

‘Superior level 8……’

Currently I have spirit summons superior level 1.

Getting to superior level 8 in one leap, I’m sure the increase in power will be explosive.

But I’ve already mastered the Divine Protection of the Wind and Divine Protection of Fire skills so the spirit summons is already 3 times as powerful.

When I fought with Heising, at least in terms of power, I wasn’t lacking.

If I raised my spirit summons level here and raised my power, rather, I wonder if it would not be more effective to invest in another skill.

For example, in my reflex skill or my dynamic visual acuity.

It won’t take too much karma to synthesize my reflex skill and dynamic visual acuity to mastery since they’re synthesized skills.

I’ll have to check that out.

“Show me the karma needed to master the reflex skill.”

-Reflex skill (synthesis skill) to master, showing karma needed.

-Reflex skill (synthesis skill): improved ability to maneuver the body.

*Mastery: become a master in all things requiring body movement.

-To raise to mastery will use 8,000 karma.

-Remaining karma: 35,600

Now that I think of it, I’ll look at the dynamic visual acuity skill too.

– Dynamic visual acuity (synthesis skill) to master showing the karma needed.

– Dynamic visual acuity (synthesis skill): able to see a fast moving object.

*Mastery: Precognition. See the flow of a fast moving object ahead of time.

-To master will use 11,600 karma.

-Remaining karma: 35,600

‘Precognition? See ahead?’

So if someone were to attack with their sword, I would be able to anticipate its path?

I asked Cha Ji-hye for her opinion.

“You must master the reflex and dynamic visual acuity skill.”


“Of course. You can see where your opponent will go and what they are planning on doing. And if you add the reflex skill on top of that, you will become unstoppable in close combat.”

She continued.

“On top of that, it is my understanding that you also gain the foresight skill.”


Foresight was the synthesis skill I got last time.

It’s a skill from the synthesis of the guider and 357 magnum bullets, and it had the effect of being able to anticipate the enemy’s long distance attack.”

“If you add them all, wouldn’t you have nothing to fear either from long distance or close combat?”

“……. You’re right.”

I decided to master the reflex and eye skill.

-With 8,000 karma, the reflex (synthesis skill) has been raised to mastery.

-With 11,600 karma, the dynamic visual acuity (synthesis skill) has been raised to mastery.

-Remaining karma: +16,000

I mastered the reflex and eye skills. I wanted to test them out immediately.

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