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Arena (Web Novel) - Chapter 142 – Proposal (Part 1)

Chapter 142 – Proposal (Part 1)

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-I spoke with the Blue House.

“The Blue House?”

I was flustered.

‘Oh right, this is Chairman Park Jin-seong.’

I regarded him like a neighborhood ajusshi and I momentarily forgot who I was dealing with. This old man is the richest person in South Korea.

-They’re going to fire Chief Kim Joong-tae.


Chief Kim Joong-tae.

He sold my information to the Chinese and even played a hand in Cha Ji-hye’s death, that rotten bastard.

A bastard like that getting fired, it was very welcome news. I was finally hearing the good news that our country was doing the right thing for the first time.

-Up till now, our friendship with the Chinese examinee group was important so Chief Kim Joong-tae was kept. The Blue House had determined that China would reign supreme in the Arena business. But now, the situation has changed.

When I heard those words, I could see where this is going.

“Lee Chang-wee has taken control of the Chinese Examinee Group, hasn’t he.”

-So you know?

“The guy had asked me before for a deal to work together.”

-You…if something like that happened, you should’ve told us that!

Chairman Park Jin-seong shout angrily.

“You’re all healed, I thought you had no more interest in Arena.”

-Having no interest in a possible future business, does that make sense?

“What do you mean, future business? I’m going to clear all the missions and finish this once and for all.

-Even if it happens as you say, how much majeong do you think the entire world has accrued? The quantity of how many years?

“Rather large isn’t it?”

-A ton, my boy. Even if a situation happens and it becomes impossible for additional majeong to be collected, the price of majeong will stay, no, will increase to more than it is now.

That’s true.

The allure of majeong which makes what is impossible with our current science skills, possible.

If not that, there is no need to leave other energy sources and be so invested in majeong.

-Whether it is used in developing strategic weapons or space technology, majeong will undoubtedly be used for important things. Even if it becomes impossible to collect more majeong, the majeong collected up to this point is being used for those things already.

That is why Jinseong Group was also scouting examinees and collecting majeong.

I didn’t’ have a clear idea of what their plans were but I’m sure they’re also researching uses for majeong.

-More importantly, you’re the one that killed Heising?

“You heard that too?”

-I have people planted on the Chinese side too you know.

How Chairman Park Jin-seong said it was as if he was saying not to underestimate him.

-Anyway, thanks to you, Heising’s faction that didn’t cooperate well with Lee Chang-wee was annihilated and now the size of the Chinese examinee group has been halved.


I felt strange.

I was the one that killed Heising.

And it’s true that while fighting the pirates, I killed a lot of corrupt examinees.

But it wasn’t enough to obliterate the whole faction behind Heising.

-As soon as he found out Heising had died, Lee Chang-wee murdered Heising’s entire faction.


It sent chills down my spine.

To have taken such drastic action as soon as Heising died.

Lee Chang-wee’s ruthlessness and boldness far surpassed what I expected of him.

-Just like that, the Chinese Examinee group has been halved and the Chinese communist party is no longer able to control Lee Chang-wee. Rather, they fear being murdered by Lee Chang-wee and are weary of him.

That was a completely warranted fear just based on his action of killing Heising’s entire faction.

He probably took that into account and that might be why he took such drastic action.

-Anyway, the Chinese examinee group has kind of floundered so in regards to the Arena business, there is no longer any need for us to stand behind the Chinese.

“So we’ve come to the conclusion that the Chinese Arena business no longer reigns supreme then.”

-That’s right. Anyway, after the situation turned that way I thought this was the right time too and I made a call to the Blue House. I had a frank conversation with the president and, because of that, you came up.

He was talking to the president and mentioned me!

I was very grateful for Chairman Park Jin-seong’s thoughtfulness and kindness towards me.

“Thank you.”

-I also threw in talk about that woman, Cha Ji-hye as well. Her identity will soon be restored.

“Wow, thank you!”

-You’re happier about that than the thing before. You care for her?


This old man, has a keen sense.

To be honest, the likes of Chief Kim Joong-tae, I couldn’t care less about him.

Because I’ve gotten so strong I no longer need to fear anyone.

More than that, the news about Cha Ji-hye, I rejoiced as if it was my news.

-It is too early in the stages to guarantee anything right now, but in Arena related business, there will be an important decision made between our group and the government.


-Once that is confirmed someone from the government will come to you, just a heads up.


Like that the call was finished.

I ran over to Cha Ji-hye and relayed to her this news.

“I see.”

Cha Ji-hye had been prepping a meal in the kitchen and, as expected, she had a placid expression.

“Aren’t you happy? Your identity that you lost after being murdered, it’s going to be returned to you.”

“It doesn’t really matter.”

“When you were murdered, the money and assets or friends you lost…”

“I did have a home but now…I don’t really feel any attachment to it.”

“Then what about Chief Kim Joong-tae? That bastard is getting fired, doesn’t that make you happy?”

Cha Ji-hye just stared at me.

“Do you want me to be happy?”

“Of course I do.”

“I am happy.”

She looked like she was slightly smiling but she returned to her serene expression and moved the finished dwenjang to the table.


I wanted to make her happy but it actually made me happy. No matter how I look at her, she was a peculiar woman.

That evening, I got a phone call from someone unexpected.

-You been well?

“…… Lee Chang-wee.”

-Thanks for last time.

“It wasn’t my intention.”

-Hahaha. I hadn’t expected that much either but you are impressive. Worthy of a 7th ranker.


How annoying.

Heising’s faction was obliterated and the Chinese examinee’s group was halved but Lee Chang-wee emerged as a strong leader.

From a long term standpoint, I don’t see this is good news.

More than the Chinese examinee group being moved according to the communist party officials, having the Chinese examinee group controlled by Lee Chang-wee, who was part of the Arena, was far scarier.

-Anyway, thanks everything, you’ve seen enough fun to get you to 7th place, let’s call it mutual aid.

“I hate to hear that that word coming from you.”

-Haha, no need to be so rough. Personally, I’m very satisfied with you.


-The Chinese examinee group will no longer be coming after you. Of course, live life and things can always change, no way to tell how though.

“I hope we never have to meet again.”

-I feel the same. Then be well, savior.

I roughly pressed the end call button.

‘Saying that bullshit, what savior.’

There was a lot I gained from defeating Heising but this thing with Lee Chang-wee, I felt uncomfortable with it.

“Was that Lee Chang-wee?”

Asked Cha Ji-hye.


“I hope you don’t have any more interactions with Lee Chang-wee anymore.”

“I agree.”

“No, it’s not because of that, he’s really dangerous.”

I had an odd feeling and looked at Cha Ji-hye.

“Have you forgotten? Lee Chang-wee murdered all of Heising’s examinees.”

“Yes, he really is dangerous……”

In an instant I felt a shock like a thunderbolt hit me inside my head.

They would have been mostly corrupt examinees.

If he killed them all……!

“Even after offsetting his own minus karma, don’t you think he would have earned an enormous amount of karma?”

“With all the karma he earned, he would’ve raised his skill levels.”

“He would have.”

That means he was much stronger than before.

Even before this, he was a scary person, but he would be even stronger now.

“I really hope I never run into him.”


It had been three days since I received the call from Chairman Park Jin-seong.

-Mr. Kim Hyun-ho?

The head of Jinseong group’s 3rd secretarial office.

“What is it?”

-Excuse me but do you have time today?

“What is it?”

-An interested party from The Blue House wishes to meet. The Chairman will be present as well.


-They said it would be best if in the morning, would you have time?

“Yes, doesn’t matter.”

I was a little curious, hearing it’s an interested party from The Blue House. Who will it be? Someone I’ve seen in the news?

-Then I will be there in an hour to pick you up.

“No, just tell me the address and I can go on my own.”

-It is the ranch you used to frequent.

“There again?”

-It has to be a quiet meeting which is why it’s that location again.

“Got it.”

I hung up the phone and I told this all to Cha Ji-hye.

“It’ll probably be the chief secretary. The one from the Blue House taking care of Arena matters is Chief Secretary Kim Byung-ho.”


It had been so long since I watched the news or read the paper so maybe that’s why it was a name I was hearing for the first time. Still, if he’s the Chief Secretary of The Blue House, I’m sure he has a very high position indeed.

“I wanted to go for a drive anyway, it’s good. Let’s take my Lamborghini.”

“Happy to.”

We finished our simple outing preparations and departed.

We rode in Cha Ji-hye’s white Lamborghini and cars made way for us on the road and the miracle of them never cutting us off was amazing to witness.

People walking the sidewalks looked at us differently too.

The car is just so exotic.

‘Should I get another car too?’

Seeing Cha Ji-hye’s car, somehow I felt like my Porsche cayenne was shabby.

The Lamborghini zoomed through and we arrived at the ranch in no time.

“Have you arrived?”

Secretary Lee Jung-shik was waiting for us.

“And the Chairman and Chief Secretary Kim Byung-ho?”

“The two have already gone out hunting. I will put in a call to the Chairman.”

“No, it’s alright.”

I had the guider skill so it wasn’t hard to find Chairman Park Jin-seong.

He might be healthy from the flame of life but how far could an old man have gone.

We quickly discovered the two old men resting atop a boulder.

With an imposing presence and looking quite healthy was old man Chairman Park Jin-seong.

Handsomely tall with a thin frame, this must be old man, Chief Secretary Kim Byung-ho.

“Oh, you’ve arrived.”

Park Jin-seong Chairman greeted me.

“It has been a long time.”

We exchanged greetings and then I looked at Chief Secretary Kim Byung-ho.

“So you are Mr. Kim hyun-ho. Huhu, you are much younger that I thought.”

“Yes, nice to meet you.”

Following, Chief Secretary Kim Byung-ho exchanged greetings with Cha Ji-hye.

“Ah, so you are that Cha Ji-hye?”

“I am.”

“I heard your story. I apologize on behalf of the country.”

Chief Secretary Kim Byung-ho bowed his head towards Cha Ji-hye, expressing his apology.

“It is alright.”

Cha Ji-hye coolly accepted the apology. Just how chill is this woman!

“Now now, let’s try to catch a one of anything.”

Pressed Chairman Park Jin-seong.

Now that I looked around, the two old men had come out with a hunting dog. The hunting dog kept his nose at the ground sniffing.



As soon as I spoke, Sylph appeared.

Chief Secretary Kim Byung-ho looked completely surprised.

“Find something to hunt.”


Sylph flew off like a loosed arrow. I smiled and said.

“Let’s hurry and then get down to business.”

Within 30 minutes, Sylph found a moose. The moose died at the shotgun fired by Chief Secretary Kim Byung-ho.

We finished hunting early and returned to the ranch and so we could talk.

“First of all, Chief Kim Joong-tae who has caused you both trouble has been removed from the office. An investigation into his corruption will begin soon.”

“Yes, I heard that.”

“And our government, in order to strengthen our competitiveness regarding Arena, have decided to merge with the Jinseong Group.”

At those words, Chairman Park Jin-seong opened his mouth.

“So to summarize, our Arena business and the Korean Arena Research Agency will be consolidated into a single entity.”

An Arena business run by the Korean Arena Research Agency and Jinseong Group?

While I was still surprised at this reveal, Chief Secretary Kim Byung-ho said to me.

“I will tell you point-blank. For a newly formed organization to become a strong competitor, we need a world ranker like you, Kim Hyun-ho.”

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