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Arena (Web Novel) - Chapter 152 – High Priest (Part 2)

Chapter 152 – High Priest (Part 2)

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The black cloak reflects the magnum .357 bullet.

This time I continued shooting while using Sylph’s extra rotating power.

Sylph’s power, until the bullet reached its target, was a powerful shooting skill that increased the rotation of the bullet until it hit the target.

Ta ta ta ta ta tang-!

A countless barrage of bullets ripped through the curtain and made the young dark magician look like a torn rag.

As his two hands fell away from the young man’s wrists, the ominous black blaze disappeared as well.

‘My thinking was correct!’

Yelling in delight I continued shooting at the young dark magician with my double guns.

I was thinking that if I just absolutely wreck his entire body that reviving it would be difficult.

Pu pu puk!

The young dark magician’s body because a ruthlessly small piece of meat, scattered all around.

Squirm, squirm.

The bits of flesh and pieces of bone that had fallen away began to gather again and restored.

I clenched my teeth and continued shooting with both guns.




The zombie horde gathered from all around. Floundering and swimming they began to come at me.

Due to shooting the double guns, I had gotten rid of the whirlwind around my body. Because the whirlwind could have decreased the power of my bullets.


I clicked my tongue and with a Neilson H2 in each hand, I recklessly pulled athe triggers.

Ta ta ta ta ta tang! Ta ta ta tang! Ta ta tang!

The double guns fired off front back left and right in all directions.

I aimed behind my shoulder and fired, underneath my armpit and fired, both arms switched and fired, and fired again at the dark magician in front of me.

The young dark magician and zombie hordes’ blood and flesh spewed everywhere.

The huge amounts of bullets that were shot out were being replenished automatically due to the reload skill.

This shooting synthesis skill that was only an entry level 1 was very useful.

No matter how fast I fired, my accuracy was 100% within 10 meters.

On top of that, added to it the spirit summons, it created a new domain.

The shooting skill accuracy only worked on what I could see.

The skill normally wouldn’t help cover my back and both sides since they were outside my scope of view.

But by using Sylph I basically had 360 vision.

Sylph delivered a video image of my surroundings.

Because of that, no matter how I shot, behind my back or to my sides, it always hit.

I shot my magnum bullets like crazy aiming only at the zombie weakness, their heads.

One bullet, with the bullet revision skill and Sylph together, would pierce through four to five heads at a time.

While crazily slaughtering the zombie horde that was gathering around me, I continued keeping the dark magician in pieces.

The young dark magician too continued reviving. And no matter how many I killed the zombie horde keeps gathering.

Inside the drawn-out war, Cha Ji-hye threw herself into battle too.

Kwa jik!

Cha Ji-hye jumped down off number one and landed by stepping on a zombie head and bursting it.

And by using the zombies floating on the sea as a bridge, she stepped and swung both blades.

She stepped on their heads to burst them, and with both blades she adeptly slit throats, like the dance of a possessed martial artist, she fought splendidly.

But despite massacring like this, the zombie numbers were still uncountable.

‘At this rate, there will be no end.’

I decided to use my next card.

“Divine Protection of Fire!”

I used all my might to burst into flame and sent it in all directions.

Hwa lu lu lu lu luk!


“Uh ahhh!”


The flames burned the zombies into heaps of ashes.

But then an unexpected change occurred.

The young man, who had calmly been reviving himself, dove down into the ocean.

His head, arms and legs too, his trunk and all his bits, as if hiding, all sank into the ocean.

Is he afraid of fire?

‘I see.’

Dark magic that disobeys the laws of nature, its rival was the power of nature, spirit summons.

The bastard that was reviving like an invincible being, it seemed he didn’t have the confidence to revive if he was burned by Kasa’s flames.

‘In that care!’

I summoned Kasa.

“Kasa, synthesize!”


Kasa jumped into my embrace.

Hwa lu lu lu-!!

From my body flames spewed out.

With the Divine Protection of Fire as well, my power grew beyond three-fold.

I flung both hands with as much power as I could. From both directions, flames like waves came forth and burned through hundreds of zombies.

Kwa lu lu lu lung!




The body parts on the zombies that weren’t submerged in water all burned.

“Miss Ji-hye, go up!”

“Got it.”

With a whistle, Cha Ji-hye called number one and jumped atop and flew up into the sky.

I felt relieved and fully released Kasa’s power.

Hwa lu lu lu luk-!

I spread the waves of fire everywhere and ruthlessly burned the zombies.

But then, the zombies suddenly dove into the ocean.

A considerable number burned to ashes, but a considerable number also hid under the surface and escaped the flames.

When the flames passed, the zombies all together, popped out their heads.

‘That bastard is controlling them.’

How very annoying.

The young dark magician, that had hidden deep in the ocean, wasn’t thinking of coming out.

Then again, even if his body becomes pieces of meat, a monster that comes back to life probably won’t die from not breathing underwater anyway.

‘So you’re saying you want a long drawn out battle then?’

Not bad.

If all you can do while you’re underwater is just to control the zombies.

No matter how many zombies there are, it doesn’t scare me.

“Everyone, grab the zombies!”

After I gave the order to the rake eagles, I too shot out my flames and began to attack.

Sylph too shot out wind daggers and chopped down zombies.

The rake eagles, flying up and down, pulled off the zombie heads with their strong talons. Their steel rake like talons were more than enough to rip off rotten zombie flesh.

Cha Ji-hye too, like before, was stepping on the zombies while she used her double blades.

The zombies, according to the young dark magician’s orders, would dive underwater and then come back up repeatedly.

But as we massacred the zombies and their numbers shrank at a rapid pace.

How much time passed this way.

The zombie horde that had darkened the horizon became rotten corpses floating on the water.

There were no more zombies to be seen making strange noises or moving.

“Now, what’ll you do?!”

I shouted at the sea.

The bastard hadn’t run away.

The guider skill was telling me he was still below.

Of course.

The young dark magician moved.


The latest version of the young dark magician came up out of the water.

The rake eagles go out at him at all together, but their sharp talons were blocked by his curtain.

The young dark magician broke through the surface of the water and then looked down at me.

“You’re a tough bastard. All those zombies that took years to collect, you’ve destroyed them all.”

“If that took you years to achieve, what a pitiful waste of your life that was.”

At my response, the young dark magician smiled.

“Don’t be disappointed. Did you think that was all?”

The young man took something out of his cloak.

It was a round marble shining with a white light.

“Do you know what this is?”


I couldn’t hold back my curiosity.

‘What is that?’

That small marble took years to prepare?

And then.


A memory cross my mind in an instant.

‘Soul fragments clumped together and blown into a fake soul will assume the previous image of that person.’

The reason those bastards attacked the elves and tried to harm the Tree of Life!

“Is it a fake soul?”

“Oh, so you do know. You must have learned about it when you beat John Omento. That bastard’s disciples were a bit clumsy.”

Does that mean he’s going to use that to resurrect someone?


While I was in doubt, the young dark magician spoke out.

“It looks small, but this is the result of one high priest, my, Allan’s years of work.”

Now I know what his goal was.

As expected, he was one of the six high priests. His name was Allan.

“Although I must say it seems so wasteful to use this here when it should be added to the great work. But I guess I’ll have to use it. Examinee Kim Hyun-ho, you are too dangerous to be left alone.”

At the same time that he finished talking, high priest Allan quickly recited a spell.


A kind of black passage that looked like a black hole appeared in midair.

And through that passage, two bodies appear.


I could not hide my shock.

These two corpses!

One body was an attractive young woman with softly brushed black hair. With a tall height and skin like white jade, she was a typical Asian. On her chest was a scar that looked like a stab wound.

And the other body, with long hair tied in the back and four piercings on each ear, a man with a delinquent expression.

How could I forget!

It was the body of the Heising that died at my hand!


Asked Allan.

As he says, I was extremely surprised.

Can an examinee’s body remain in Arena?

As far as I know, when an examinee dies that body ceases to exist. Kang Cheon-seong, Lee Hye-soo, Lee Jun-ho, there was nothing where their bodies had died. Even with the guider skill I couldn’t find a single body and I had thought they had disappeared.

But that wasn’t the case?

“Don’t be so surprised. Before the gods could take them I took action and preserved them, you see.”

Said Allan.

“What the gods ordain according to the truths of the universe are nature’s providences. An examinee’s body ceasing to exist…that too can be said is a providence of nature. And dark magic is what alters that providence.”

Finally, my question was answered.

It seemed that after I killed Heising, this man took his body.

And did something so that the corpse would not expire and be preserved.

Then, the fake soul Allan had, he had split into two.

And put them into Heising and the young Chinese woman examinee’s bodies.

And like a flame of life seeping into the body, the fake souls got sucked into the two bodies.


The two people opened their eyes.

“Now, I expect you to put up a good fight. I will watch from below. Since your flames are quite scary.”

Allan descended just like that, splashing into the depths of the sea.

Heising and the woman examinee came crashing down.

But then, the woman examinee extended her hand,


With the flow of some kind of energy, their two bodies flew up into the air.

‘She’s a magician!’

I could tell in the blink of an eye that the woman examinee has magic as her main skill.

And the more shocking truth.

That an undead with the orders from a dark magician could use skills they gained from the karma prizes they received in their previous life.

That was the real power of resurrected undead through fake souls.

Heising made a beeline straight towards me.

Heising, receiving support from the dark magician, was no longer at a disadvantage on the sea.

Aura fists rose from both of Heising’s fists. Then, like in his previous life, started using the exquisite attacks of fanziquan.

I was completely surprised and I shot up into the air.

The female examinee used her magic again and Heising and her come chasing after me.

Coming at me like that as a combo made it much more difficult than before!

“I’ll help!’

Shouted Cha Ji-hye as she came flying on number one.

“Target the woman! Heising is dangerous!”

“Don’t worry!”

Up in midair, entangled, we began the fight.

The rake eagles hung around our surroundings and tried to help, but there wasn’t much room for them to insert themselves.

If they got close and were hit by Heising’s aura fist, they’d be dead in an instant.

‘How will we win?’

I started to think about it hard.

There was definitely an answer.

As there had always been.

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