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Arena (Web Novel) - Chapter 161 – Free for All Fight (Part 2)

Chapter 161 – Free for All Fight (Part 2)

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Together with a loud noise, the Nielson R8 fired.

When the HE bullet it hit the aura protective shield, it created an enormous explosion.


From the impact, the aura protective shield tore wide open. The effects of the explosion went through that opening and enveloped the sword-wielding man.


He was screaming as his body was thrown back.

Without hesitation I finished him off with the double guns.

Ta ta ta ta tang!

“Kuack! Kuk!”

The bullets consecutively hit their target.

The man’s sword fell as he was sprawled on the floor.

The man with the spear shouted something as he raced towards me.

After putting all the aura into the spear, he threw it.



My monster rifle Neilson R8 fired again.

The spear-wielding man blocked it with his square shield but due to the impressive detonation of the HE, he was flung backwards along with his shield.

Thanks to Kasa having increased the explosiveness, his defense position was broken and I followed a serenade of bullets.

Ta ta ta ta t ang!

“Kuack! Kuk!”

He screamed as he fell.

Since I was able to get rid of them in just an instant, the others looked flustered.

They gave up on entering the house and instead decided to attack me together.

They spread out wide and after surrounding me, they began to attack together.

Red lines appeared from all over as foresight was activated.

I immediately flew up into the air and then fired my double guns in all directions.

Among the assailants, the one that seemed to be the magician made a large fireball and threw it at me.

Ta ta ta tang – kwa lu lu lung!

I shot at it with both guns and it didn’t make it far before it exploded.

As the red flames were spreading all over the place, I had Kasa put them out. At the same time, I attacked the magician with the Nielson R8.



A low grunting noise.

He had seen the muzzle aimed at him and must have dodged it. But it seemed like it still hit his left shoulder because he was dripping blood.

‘He might be worthy of a fight after all?’

I was fighting a group alone and it was just too easy.

It was actually more of a fight against just Heising.

‘Having so many skills comes in handy like this.’

The arrow attacks from the arrow man were moot because of my foresight skill.

And with the powerful gun shot, I got rid of the man that specialized in defense as well.

I had no idea how handy all the skills I’ve worked on so far would come in a big fight like this.

“Divine Protection of the Wind! Divine Protection of Fire!”

I used the two skills consecutively and increased my offense even more.

I expanded my whirlwind by adding flames to it. A large pillar of flames filled the terrace.

Hwa lu lu lu luk!



The surprised men jump onto the rooftop to escape.

With them taking a step back I thought the fight might have a momentary lull.

But just then, there was an unexpected turn of events.

Kwajik! Shoo kaak!



From the men who escaped onto the rooftop, screams rang out. They were met with someone’s sudden attack.

‘Has help from the Korean Arena Research Agency already arrived?’

That thought momentarily crossed my mind. But I looked through Sylph and that wasn’t the case.

It was none other than Marie and Cha Ji-hye.

Those two women didn’t just stay in the house. They went through the window on the opposite side to the rooftop for an ambush.

Such outstanding strategy! I’m sure it came from Cha Ji-hye’s brilliant mind.

Cha Ji-hye was dealing with one man. And Marie, the assassin, was utilizing her ambushing skills well and succeeded in slitting another’s throat.

It was a satisfying sight to see Marie’s scary side since she’s always bubbly and smiling like an idiot.

I thought her figure disappeared into the darkness but then she suddenly appeared right in the opponents face and swung her daggers.


The man looked like a boxer and he expertly moved back but like a snake, Marie stuck to him and swiped with her dagger.

And at the same time, with her other hand, she threw a knife.

The man saw the knife coming at him and avoided it but right then, Marie stuck close to him and sliced him with her dagger.



Regrettably the dagger barely scratched the man’s elbow.

But, as if to say that was enough for her, Marie took a step back.


And then, as if something was strange, the man looked at his elbow. As if there was something wrong with it.

‘It’s poison.’

I could surmise that easily.

There is nothing as good as poison to an assassin.

Being single-handedly beat, the men’s’ expressions didn’t look good.

Then they conversed amongst themselves before picking up the three corpses retreating.

I had sylph scout the surrounding area to see if any enemies stayed behind.

Thankfully, all the enemies were gone.

“Is it over?”


Asked Cha Jin-hyuk and Yoo Ji-soo as they came out onto the terrace.

I nodded my head.

“They’ve all retreated. There is no enemy nearby.”

“Already? When there were 13 of them? Wow, you really got a lot stronger.”

Said Yoo Ji-soo as she looked at me with admiration.

Honestly, I was very lucky.

No, I actually realized I’m a much strong fighter than I thought I was.

All the countless skills I’ve gotten was because of the skill synthesis!

All of them were used effectively and they made all the earlier attacks pretty much useless.

Not long after that, from the western sky, a helicopter approached. Maybe it was using magic because it made no sound.

The helicopter landed on the building rooftop and from inside, 4 men and women got out.

“Are you Mr. Kim Hyun-ho?”

A young woman in black combat gear asked as she approached.

She was a pretty woman with hair dyed a dark brown and permed in waves.

The black combat gear that stuck to her skin showed off her voluptuous figure without hiding anything.

Judging by her broad shoulders and well-toned thighs, she was, without a doubt, a combat examinee.

“Yes, have you come from the research agency?”

“Yes. It is an honor to meet a world ranker.”

“Oh please. Thank you for coming.”

“Don’t mention it. We’re all working on mobilization pay for this anyway. But where is the enemy?”

“Thankfully they’ve all retreated.”

“Really? Didn’t you say it was about 13 people or so?”

“Yes, among them 3 died and the rest ran away.”

“Aw, what a pity. If they were corrupt examinees, it would have been a good opportunity to get some karma. Did you get anything out of it?”

“Hm, hold on, let me see. Summon board.”

I summoned my board and took a look.

-Name: Kim Hyun-ho

-Class: 43

-Karma: +1,300

-Mission: rest until the next exam.

-Time limit: 84 days 12 hours

After raising my spirit summons to superior level 4 and animal training to master, I had 300 karma left.

But after getting rid of those two just now, it was only at 1,300 karma.

Despite having killed two people, I only got 1,000 karma.

“Disappointing. It hadn’t been long since they became corrupt examinees.”

“Really? Then they weren’t from China or Columbia or from Africa where the corrupt bastards operate freely.”

“They were from the British TUK.”


The woman was completely surprised.

I gave her a short explanation of Yoo Ji-soo’s team situation.

“It seems England is divulging their true motives now too. What is money?”

She was mumbling like so when she must have suddenly recalled something because she clapped as she asked me.

“Oh, did I introduce myself?”


“Hoho, I’m such a scatter brain.”

She cheerfully introduced herself.

This woman with strong thighs who exudes health was Choi Chi-hoo.

This year she is 34 and thus 4 years older than me and she became an examinee after dying in a car accident.

Did she say she was a judo athlete before?

“My body was originally quite rough. Thanks to the physical strength buff, my body figure is a bit more womanly now.”

Hmm, she even says things about stuff I wasn’t even curious about. She’s very cheerful.

“What do you mean, you’re beautiful.”

“Hohoho, thanks for the empty compliment anyway. No matter how hard I try these horse thighs won’t go anywhere. Well, I’m thankful for this much too anyway.”

Now that I think of it, Cha Ji-hye is a physical buff superior level 1 and her thighs aren’t as thick as this woman.

No matter how much the physical strength buff changes your body, it wouldn’t change the original figure you were born with.

“Anyway, the fight is over and the rest have fled, I’ll go report it to the research agency.”

“Okay, sure.”

While Choi Chi-hoo made a call, we introduced each other to Choi Chi-hoo’s group.

They were all members that were clearing exams in Choi Chi-hoo’s team, 24th turn exam veterans.

A little while later, Choi Chi-hoo, who had been talking on the phone, handed it over to me.

“It’s the chief and they would like to talk to you.”


I took the cellphone.


-Mr. Kim hyun-ho, I am chief Im Chul-ho. I’m glad to hear you are safe.

The new chief of the Korean Arena Research Agency, Im Chul-ho, was the new replacement right after Kim Joong-tae was expelled from the position. From what I’ve heard he’s from the Jinseong group side of things.

Not long ago we met concerning the Big Rat ranch problem.

“Yes, we were very lucky. Anyway, the opponents were TUK examinees and they attacked the Yoo Ji-soo team that were part of the Korean Arena Research Agency not too long ago.”

-I didn’t know that England would do such a thing. They probably went after Yoo Ji-soo’s team because they aren’t managed by us, thinking there would be no repercussions.”

“But today, they attacked them even though they were with me.”

-You are the same, Mr. Kim Hyun-ho.

“Excuse me?”

-It may be forward of me to say but you too, Mr. Kim hyun-ho, are not managed by any organization or agency. You have an intimate relationship with the Nordic exam Group but that doesn’t necessarily mean that if you were attacked, there would be someone with the loyalty who would exact revenge on your behalf.

“……. That is true.”

-Of course, you have collaborated in a business with us so we’ll do our best to guarantee your safety. But this business is carried out in secret so there’s no way that England would know about that.

In the end, they had decided that if they killed me, there would be no consequences.

Formally I was contracted with Jinseong Group, but Jinseong group purchases majeong from examinees and provide aid towards that, but they don’t participate beyond that capacity.

-So the TUK, which is backed by the royal family and noble houses of England, planned to take this opportunity to get rid of a recently exceptional attacker such as you Kim Hyun-ho, and permanently maintain their foot in the Arena business.

“What is an attacker?”

-People like you, who are pushing to clear the exams, are called that.

“I see. Then not only England, but agencies from other countries may try this too.”

-Yes. The investors in the Arena business will do anything in order to increase their investment earnings.

“If the majeong harvesting through the ranch is a success, would that be enough to convince them?”

I said it a low voice while using Sylph to not let the question be heard by the others.

-Yes, but actually I have something to tell you about the Big Rat ranch.

“Is there a problem?”

-Yes, many of them.

“Are the Big Rats dying or something?”

-Not exactly, no. I think it best if you see for yourself.

What could it be?

I decided to head with the group to the Korean Arena Research Agency right away.

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