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Arena (Web Novel) - Chapter 168 – Territory (Part 1)

Chapter 168 – Territory (Part 1)

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At first, the rake eagles were intrigued by the changes in their bodies.

They experimented, using their diamond hard talons to break rocks.

I gave an order to the rake eagles and trained them on tactics on how to use the rake wind skill.

It was too simple to call it a strategy though.

While moving in a single line, one bird at a time aimed at the target and used rake wind.

Pu pup u pup u pung – !

Entry level 5 rake wind wasn’t quite powerful enough to break a boulder.

But as the 10 of them took turns to do it, the large boulder couldn’t withstand it and ended up shattering.

Cool down was just 1 minute.

When the 10 of them took turns and attacked, their cool down had reset by the time their turn came again.

Then, until the target was completely shattered, they could endlessly throw this skill out.

Of course, this tactic only worked when there was just one target.

‘When there are multiple enemies, having all ten attack at once would be better.’

We had to kill as many as possible in quick succession so they would scatter and suffer mental damage.

So I also separately trained them on strategies on how to deal with a group of enemies.

The rake eagles flew in a wedge formation and attacked with rake wind all together.

Pu pup u pu pu pung-!

10 blasts of rake winds dug through the earth.

Then the rake eagles would rush in together with their talons outstretched and grab one to two targets and lift them in the air…

After the long distance attack, a pattern of engaging in close combat.

Groups that weren’t that strong like the red apes or lycanthropes could be taken down with this tactical strategy. The eagles could probably take on and kill a group of 30 or more.


I suddenly got a good idea.

While I was busying with the exam, what if I sent the rake eagles off to hunt?

Hang an item bag worth 100 karma on their neck and have them gather majeong?

What an easy money making scheme this would be. Let them gather majeong by hunting monsters that they could easily defeat.

No, actually, making money isn’t a problem. I had millions so I had no real need to hunt for majeong?

But here in the real world, agencies from various countries were doing everything in their power to get their hands on majeong.

Even the Korean Arena Research Agency needed a lot of time to ranch animals to try to gain a lot of majeong.

Until the ranch can get fully up and running I think it might be a good idea to use this method to farm more majeong. Of course I would have to charge a fair price when I sell it.

The eagles had a rather fast speed and good vision and could find monsters with ease, they would be better than an examinee when it came to hunting for majeong.

And while they do, if I need the rake eagles right away, I had this skill.

-Call (synthesis skill): Can summon your animal(s) no matter where it is.

*condition: the animal must regard the user as its owner.

A skill where I could summon them no matter where they were!

I could have them gather majeong and when I need them, I would just use the call skill.

I told this idea to Cha Ji-hye.

We were now like a married couple and we would consult each other with any kind of issue.

Of course it’s usually me asking for her opinion, but she’s smart so she always gives me a good reply.

“That’s a good idea.”

Cha Ji-hye nodded her head and agreed.

“Especially giving the rake eagles an item bag.”


“Not only as a tool to hold the majeong they gather but it can have many other uses. It would be good for exchanging objects with people far away or, on a larger scale, in the case of war it’s a very safe and fast supply route.”


Cha Ji-hye!

She had ideas I haven’t even thought of.

Cha Ji-hye was right.

I didn’t know much about war, but I’ve heard the most important thing to the army is the supply route.

They needed consistent provisions and supplies because the army can’t make an impractical march.

The reason Napoleon couldn’t conquer Russia was due to a supply issue, and on the other hand, the reason the Mongol army in the time of Genghis successfully fought for months was because they carried their field rations with them.

But if I were to use the rake eagles for supplies, even if the army was stuck in the backwoods, they could quickly be resupplied.

Because the eagles could fly through the sky they could carry food and bring them in the item bag.

If I gave them item backpacks, they could carry even more.

if I call them after the delivery is made, they’ll return immediately which would cut the entire trip time in half.

This will be more ridiculous than some quick motorcycle delivery service.

If eventually we go to war with the Aman kingdom I had the feeling that this will be very useful.

“We won’t need a separate troop division to provide provisions so we could have all of the soldiers be combat personnel.”


“Transport routes in Arena aren’t as good as ours in the real world. That makes it possible to function only if over 2/3 of the soldiers are quartermaster corps. If we don’t have a need for a separate quartermasters corps, it’s the same as saying the soldiers increase by 3-fold.

I felt more confident of myself after hearing her.

I only had 250 karma left.

First I bought two 100-karma item bags.

When we go to Arena, I’ll give these to the eagles to store majeong or make deliveries.

If need be, we can use Cha Ji-hye’s item bag too.

‘Thinking about the rake eagle’s delivery method.’

I thought carefully.

For instance, let’s say I gave them an order to pick up something from Odin, the baron in Wolfenbrooke.

First, I would send the eagle.

Then the eagle would arrive to pick up the package from Odin, then I would use the call skill to bring it back.

Delivery complete.

I could contact Odin through the radio to see whether the eagle had arrived and received the package.

But if the other person doesn’t have a radio?

Then I can’t use the call skill.

If I went ahead and used the call skill when it hasn’t picked up the package yet, I would have to resend the eagle and start from the beginning again.

In order to avoid that happening, I was going to send two eagles.

When I estimate the time was right, I would summon one of them back with the call skill.

I would ask the summoned eagle if they got the package and if they have, I’ll call back the other one too.

And delivery complete.

I could even send an eagle to someone if I didn’t know where they were.

Because I have this skill.

-Animal tracking (synthesis skill): can order the animal to track. Familiarize them to a scent and it is possible for them to track the target’s location.

*Condition: animals must regard user as its owner.

As long as I had something of theirs to provide the eagles with a scent, I could send the eagles to go find them.

“Huh? I can just have the eagles bring Yoo Ji-soo and Cha Jin-hyuk.”

“Is that possible when you don’t know exactly where they are?”

“I have the animal tracking skill.”

When I explained to her what the animal tracking skill was, Cha Ji-hye said.

“In that case, before the exam, meet them both and talk it over with them.”


We spent a good time in Sa Geum Do and when there was only a week left to go before the start of the exams, we returned to Bucheon.

Then I contacted Yoo Ji-soo and Cha Jin-hyuk.

Coincidentally the two of them were residing in Bucheon.

In case of another TUK attack they were staying in a hotel in Bucheon. It was at a distance in case of an attack so they could ask me for immediate assistance.

Because of that, when I said to meet, they said they’d come right over.

In preparation for them coming over, Cha Ji-hye naturally began cooking. She said we had some chicken bought already and was making samgyetang and not long after, there was a delicious smell.

All of us, no matter how much we eat, didn’t get fat thanks to the physical strength buff, so she was preparing a ton of food.

‘Now that I think about it, I’m a terrible husband.

When I’m at home, other than the sparring every now and then, I’m always rolling around on the couch or go hunting for affection from Cha Ji-hye.

I don’t think I’ve ever helped her with the house chores.

Of course I do the cleaning but even then I just use Sylph go gather and throw out all the dust.

Despite that, Cha Ji-hye didn’t have a single complaint and cooked and did all the laundry!

I suddenly felt so sorry so I hurried over to Cha Ji-hye in the kitchen.

“Is there anything I can help you with?”

“There’s nothing.”

“I want to help.”

“Don’t need any.”


But it wasn’t said in a cold demeanor but rather it was interesting that she was just using her base tone.

“Please let me help.”

I asked pitifully.

Cha Ji-hye looked at me suspiciously then pointed to the dining chair.

“Then sit here please.”


I quickly sat on the table chair.

“Don’t distract me and sit there quietly.”

Then she continued cooking.



With disappointed eyes I stared at the back of Cha Ji-hye’s head.

She must’ve sensed my stare because she looked back.

“Is there a problem?”

“Why don’t you want my help?”

“A man shouldn’t be in the kitchen.”

Wow, something I haven’t even heard my mom say.

“You’re disturbing my concentration so hang out with the TV please.”

“Then should I do the laundry?”

“I’ve already done it.”

“Then massage your shoulders?”

“…… why do you have to help?”

“Cause I feel bad you do all the work alone. I feel like a bad husband.”

Then I thought I saw a small smile form on Cha Ji-hye’s lips. Having spent a long time by her side, I could tell.

“Lots of money, power, you don’t stay out late or not come home every night, don’t stir up trouble, and clean, how does that make you a bad husband?”

“Hm? I guess.”

Hearing it like that, yeah.

“Hearing that, I’m a really great husband.”

“Yes, you’re not bad so go watch TV.”


I did as I was told and went into the living room. I listen well too. I am indeed a good husband.

But as I walked out I look back and said to Cha Ji-hye.

“But did you just call me husband?”


“Aw, yes you did. You called me a good husband.”


“I’m right, you’re lying. Sylph, I’m right, right?”


The summoned Sylph nodded her head.

“See, I’m right.”

“You’re mistaken.”

I ran over to the kitchen and began trying to fish for some affection.

Mm, I don’t think I’m the best husband though either.

That evening Yoo Ji-soo and Cha Jin-hyuk came over to hang out.

It seemed to me that like they couldn’t relax until they had come into my house.

“Whoa, did you just return from war?”

I asked.

Cha Jin-hyuk frowned.

“We can’t let our guard down wherever we go, can’t be helped.”

“Whew, can we spend the night here? Ji-hye unni, I know you guys are newlyweds but just for one night, please.”

“We aren’t newlyweds.”

“Aw, you guys act just like newlyweds. Anyway, you’re saying yes then?”

“We aren’t newlyweds. And I’ll allow it.”

“Haha, see. Its Hyun-ho’s house and you approved like it’s yours.”

At those words, it looked like Cha Ji-hye got flustered and flinched.

“Actually what just happened was…”

As I tried to tease her with what happened earlier, Cha Ji-hye’s face turned red. I was going to tease but left it.

“Anyway, it’ll just be a few days trouble.”


Didn’t she say one night just a second ago?

What burden was this to newlyweds?

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