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Arena (Web Novel) - Chapter 173 – Unexpected Change (Part 1)

Chapter 173 – Unexpected Change (Part 1)

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It was right when master Aprit couldn’t contain his suspicion.

Dana full-out went into action.

First, he poured out dark magic power like crazy and the dark magic power that was already tied up with the other high priests became more knotted up making the process to untangle the magic more complicated.


“What is this?”

The high priests were flustered at the unexpected change.

-You son of a bitch, are you crazy?

Aprit’s fuming telepathy was sent.

Due to the stamp of subordination he could get rid of Dana’s dark magic circle at any time. Except right now was an exception.

That’s because if he got rid of Dana’s dark magic circle at this moment, there was no way to tell how much more it’ll complicate the dark magic powers that were already twisted up together.

That was Dana’s first calculation.

In this situation, Dana opened his other wing that he had hidden all this time.

He put his hands together and clasped them as he recited a spell.

Their dark magic powers were tangled up with each other so they couldn’t use it but he was reciting a spell.

What’s worse, it wasn’t dark magic.


The high priests, especially his master Aprit, couldn’t hide their shock.

His disciple that he had kept such a close eye on all this time was an ordinary magician rather than a dark one?

It’s not possible.

How could there be two kinds of energy in one body?

And how did he, the great Aprit, not know it all this time?

Dana had thoroughly hid his mana. He had hidden it so well that none of the high priests here caught on.

All that preparation allowed Dana to reach this moment.

-Didn’t I tell you? That I’m a much better magician than you.

With a word of congeniality Dana displayed his magic prowess.

“Light to Erase Darkness!”

The bane of dark magic burst forth.


A bright light that caused the dark magic to cower radiated and spread in all directions.



“The light!”

The dark magic powers were already tangled due to the ceremony so, due to the light Dana made, they became even more difficult to untangle.

“Stamp of subordination!”

Aprit was left with no choice. For Dana, that could use ordinary magic, he could not let him keep his dark magic as well.


This time, Dana faltered.

As the seal activated, the dark magic circle began to crack.

It couldn’t be helped.

Dana gave up his dark magic circle. In order to not be internally injured by the destruction of the circle, he had expel all of his dark magic power.

All the dark magic power he had gathered all this time leaked out of him.

It was disappointing but there was no time for regrets.

Due to his spell lighting up the darkness, everyone was blinded and couldn’t see in front of them!

Dana immediately made a fireball and threw it at Aprit.

As the warm energy approached Aprit, he was startled. He forcefully moved the dark magic power that was tangled up with the other high priests and created a protective shield.

Kwa lu lu lung!


The last-minute protective coat he made barely managed to block the explosion. For the price of forcefully using the dark magic power, there was a sudden pain like his insides were being tied up and twisted.

And then……



The blade of a knife dug into his stomach.

A surprise attack. Dana, who had come close, had stabbed him with a dagger he had hidden in his cloak.

-Farewell, master.

“You…… you son of a…… how did you fool me…. And two energies……!”

-Things that are impossible for you are possible for examinees.

“Ex, exam……!”

Dana twisted and pulled out the dagger.

With his blood gushing out, Aprit fell to the floor.

Dana used flying magic and shot up into the air.

“Stop him!”

“First hurry and control the dark magic power!”

“We have to protect the Sultan!”

The high priests opened the doors of the hexagon room and shouted.

Lee Chang-wee and few other men heard the ruckus and came inside.

A blood red- magic circle, a stone coffin, marbles, high priest Aprit collapsed on the floor. They were stupefied by the shocking scene in the room.

Just what were they doing? What happened in the room? They couldn’t get a grasp on the situation.

“Block that bastard!”

Screamed one high priest.

One man responded promptly.

It was Lee Chang-wee.

In a flash he gathered his aura and jumped, in an instant he overtook Dana’s flight magic.

Having reached up top, Lee Chang-wee stretched his right hand to the sky.


A sword appeared in his right hand.

“Mana protection, 5 layers.”

Dana summoned five layers of protection magic.

With all his might, Lee Chang-wee thrust down with his blade that had been imbued with aura.


A loud explosive sound rang out.

From the aftershocks of the crash, Dana was forced back down, and Lee Chang-wee was pushed up.

In that moment, Lee Chang-wee stepped off the wall and switched directions to do gown.

As the distance closed between them, Lee Chang-wee saw Dana.

The white mask, from the collision moments ago, had broken and flew off somewhere.

“Dana Litalin?”

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Lee Chang-wee of China.”


Lee Chang-wee was flabbergasted.

He didn’t think there was a person closer to the root of the exam’s problem than him.

But here he was, an American examinee dressed as a high priest. He felt like he had been stabbed in the back.

But his shock lasted only just for a moment. Lee Chang-wee and Dana both sprang into action.

At Lee Chang-wee swinging his aura blade, Dana used protection magic and restriction magic at the same time.

He was using two magic spells at once but without actually chanting. It really showed off the abilities and dignity of someone ranked 1st in the world.


Hwi li li lik-

The protection magic held back the aura blade once then after, a rope made of mana tried to wrap around Lee Chang-wee.

Lee Chang-wee again stepped on the wall and switched directions.

He succeeded in dodging past the mana rope.

These midair acrobatics had to be seen to be believed.. Lee Chang-wee sure was no ordinary person.

Dana kept using his mana rope while descending.

In that state, with one hand still maneuvering the mana rope, the other hand stretched out below.

From the hand pointed to the ground another mana rope came out.

“Block him!”

“He’s aiming for the high priests!”

The men were protecting the high priests who were still trying to sort out the dark magic power.

But the mana rope wasn’t aiming for them.

Hwi li lik!

The mana rope gathered up all the soul marbles that were fallen on top of the magic circle and brought them to Dana.

“No! Stop him!”

“That traitor!”

The high priests were all shouting. As they were finally able to sort out their dark magic powers, they started preparing to cast dark magic spells.

Above, Lee Chang-wee was surging up his aura blade, pressing down towards him.

The fake soul marbles reached Dana’s hand.


The high priests’ dark magic began.

Someone opened a gate and flying undead monsters poured out from within.

Someone else summoned flames of hell and tried to light Dan on fire.

One priest even raised the murdered Aprit into an undead and made him use magic. Despite being turned into an undead, Aprit originally possessed a huge amount of magic power and was extremely dangerous.

Lee Chang-wee was aiming a deathblow to Dana’s throat.

Through this, Lee Chang-wee was planning on getting an additional prize from the high priests. More than anything, what Dana was doing now had to be related to the final mission of the exams so there was no way he could just let him go.

‘Is it death or is it life. What did I decide? Tell me, angel.’

In the end, Dana turned placed his bet and went all in.

-Dual circle (special skill): two kinds of energies that do not mix so you can carry both at the same time. Absorb the target energy internally and it will be saved.

*Selected energy: mana

This was key to how he was Aprit’s disciple all that time and acted as a high priest.

It was also the key to how he calmly accepted Aprit’s stamp of subordination.

Now that the stamp of subordination was used and he had lost his dark magic, his last option was to use mana.


Dana absorbed the fake soul marbles. And then……

*Selected energy: mana, life force


Now it was time to test out what kind of result will come from this synergy.

Threats to his life coming were pouring in from all directions.

Dana was holing hand mana in one hand and life force in the other. Then he combined the two.


As he did an incredible light filled the hexagon shaped room.

‘This is!’

Dana himself was surprised. It was a far bigger reaction than he anticipated.

‘Then this is!’

Dana, feeling confident, used magic after combining the two energies.

“Light to erase the darkness!”

He displayed the extremely strong power that was showing off the power of mana and life force.

The powerful light turned the high priests’ dark magic into nothing.

Aprit, who had been raised into an undead, returned to a corpse and fell to the floor.

That wasn’t all.


A red light radiated from the magic circle and stone coffin.

The red light became a round net and protected the magic circle and the stone coffin.

“Pr, protection measures were activated!”

“It, it’s that powerful……!”

The root of necromancy, Sultan Kajad’s protective measures had activated and blocked off the light Dana made.

Seeing this, Dana felt sure.

‘This is the perfect rival of dark magic!’

The combination of mana and life force had a fatal effect on dark magic.

To the point that the protective measures that never turned on for the past hundreds of years had been activated!

The high priests’ attack was neutralized in an instant, now the only problem was Lee Chang-wee.


Lee Chang-wee was dropping down and perpendicularly swinging his aura blade.



Dana disappeared and reappeared above Lee Chang-wee’s head.

“Like a fucking rat!”

Lee Chang-wee spun in a half circle and swung his aura blade upwards.

But Dana used protection magic and flight magic at the same time.

Leaving just his protection magic behind, Dana flew up.


The aura blade struck the protection net causing a loud explosion.

Astonishment could be seen on Lee Chang-wee’s face. The protection magic only had one layer but its hardness was different than the one from earlier.

Dana kept flying.

50 meters, 100 meters, 150 meters……

“Your majesty!”

“Supreme priest!”

The high priests shouted.

In the end, he had reached the Sultan’s throne that was sitting 200 meters up.

He met eyes with Sultan Saloc.

Dana took out a dagger from within his clock and threw it.


The dagger passed through Sultan Saloc’s body and pinged off the wall behind him.

Dana smiled.

“How nice to see you. I knew that would happen.”

“Impertinent bastard.”

Scolded Sultan Saloc with an expression as if nothing had happened.

Dana’s smiling face didn’t change.


“You bastard……!”

Sultan Saloc’s face turned purple with rage.

Dana left Sultan Saloc’s greeting behind and continued up.


Just like that he went through the ceiling and escaped to out through the palace dome.

Dana Litalin had won his bet.


Sultan Saloc’s screams of rage rang out.

The remaining three high priests, along with the men gathered there too, didn’t know what to do.


All Lee Chang-wee could do too was swear.

That an examinee like him was masquerading behind the scenes as a high priest had played him made him feel dirty and used.

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