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Arena (Web Novel) - Chapter 180 – Revival (Part 3)

Chapter 180 – Revival (Part 3)

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“Hurry and kill me. Before this cannot be undone.”

At those words the Sultan, and the five high priests too, couldn’t hide their embarrassment.

This was the mission they devoted their entire lives to.

The destiny of the Aman Kingdom that took hundreds of years to fulfill.

“That…we cannot do that! My dear ancestor, is there no other way?!”

Screamed Sultan Saloc. The guilt that his haste had ruined the great ancestor’s body made him feel like puking blood.

“I need to be complete.”

Said Kajad with an expression of futility as if he had given up.

“I need to never grow old or die, or even desire anything, only reigning with heart and soul, an immortal ruler until the end of time. I was going to cease humanity’s wars and troubles forever and bring lasting peace.”

“I, I know that, ancestor! We came all this way believing in only that.”

“Ancestral majesty!”

“Ancestral majesty!”

The high priests kowtowed and cried out.

Kajad said.

“But for me now this deficient body is no good. A dangerous desire is left. Like this, there is no meaning to my revival. Hurry and kill me. No, I’ll do it with my own hand.”

As he said so, Kajad raised his right hand.


Dark magic gathered in his hand.

“Ah, no, don’t!”

Cried Sultan Saloc. The high priests too didn’t know what to do and worried.

Kajad tried to take that hand to his head. But then.


The hand stopped midway.

A hush fell over.

The crying Sultan Saloc and the high priests stood there dumbfounded as they stared at Kajad.


Kajad’s low (toned) monologue.

With shaking eyes, Kajad looked dark magic densely concentrated in his hand.

He put away the dark magic and stared at his hand.

“The heat in this hand…… the warm blood that flows in this hand……”


With a blank face Sultan Saloc looked to his hundred years old ancestor.

“How noble is it to be alive? When I was alive before and had it all this was the one thing I didn’t have! This precious thing, how could I throw it away easily?”

“An-ancestor majesty?!”

The high priests were confused.

Only then did they all realize that it had all gone seriously awry.

Kajad chuckled and smiled.

“Yes, I am alive so I must live. What can I do that it is not perfect? What is there really in this world that is perfect anyway?”

“Ancestor majesty, but what you just said a while ago……”

Then Kajad recoiled.

As if he had awoken from hypnosis, his eyes returned clear and his smiling expression froze firmly.

“Damn it, I am already falling prey to desire! Hurry up and kill me! Quickly!”

“Please, please forgive my disrespect!”

The eldest high priest who had understood best the seriousness of the situation used all his might to bring up dark magic power and began to recite a spell.

“Glory of flames,

Ablaze on dancing scorching heat,

Heap of ashes’ wreckage!”

Hwa lu lu lu lu luk-!

From both of the old high priests hands a black flame, like it had crept out of hell, poured forth.

“Wha, what!”

Sultan Saloc who still had regrets to give up the great work, screamed in surprise.

As if to say he didn’t need to see more, the high priest grit his teeth and stretched out his hands toward Kajad.

“Please forgive me-!!”

Hwa lu lu lu lu!!

A black flame enveloped Kajad like a wave.

Unguarded, Kajad calmly accepted the black flames.


The black flame approached closer and was about to turn his body into a pile of ash when.


Kajad opened his mouth wide.

Surprisingly, the black flames were sucked into his mouth.

Having sucked up all of the black flames, with eyes like fire, Kajad stared at the high priest.

“How dare you try to kill me?!”

“An, ancestor majesty……!”

“I’ll return the favor. Kuhaak!!”

Hwa lu lu lu!

From Kajad’s lips burst out black flames and headed for the high priest.


The high priest hurriedly set up defense magic. The black flames were blocked by the defense magic.

But the black flames became stronger and stronger. It blustered up more and more and in the end it broke through the defense and engulfed the high priest.


With death throes and screams the old high priest became a pile of ashes.

That wasn’t all.

Kajad stretched out his hand towards the remaining ash.

From the remains, light particles began to appear and they gathered into Kajad’s outstretched hand.

The dead high priest’s soul that had been left behind, his soul fragments.

The amount of soul fragments that the high priest left behind didn’t amount to much.

After the soul fragment powder landed in Kajad’s hand, he ate them and licked his hand clean.

“Kuhuhuhu, how delicious. How sweet it tastes!”

Sultan Saloc, struck still with terror, stared at the scene.

Like a beast that had discovered the taste of blood, Kajad looked to the other high priests.

“An, ancestor majesty……!”

“He has gone mad!”

“We have to stop him!”

Each high priest started summoning up their dark magic.

Then, Kajad’s new form moved quickly.


In the blink of an eye Kajad appeared close to one high priest and threw out his fist. Hit with a punch, surprisingly, the high priests face exploded entirely.

In his fist, red blood together mixed with dark magic surged.


Kajad continued to throw punches.

One high priest opened a space to a different dimension and from within, tons of undead monsters poured out.

But Kajad approached him, his two strong arms roughly ripped apart and shook off the monsters, and he grabbed the high priest’s neck and ripped it from his body.

“Ayyy, what a bother. Just die!”

Together with a roar, he raised up dark magic.

With the dark magic stretching and surging out, it turned into three lines like rope and overcame the only 3 remaining high priests.




The dark magic ropes entered the mouths of the three high priests.

The high priests connected to the dark magic ropes vomited out the dark magic within their bodies.

No matter how much they tried to resist, it was useless.


“My, my dark magic……”


As all their dark magic was forcefully pulled out, the high priests, now just skin and bones, collapsed onto the floor.

“I appreciate your work thus far. You have my thanks.”

Kajad said as he approached them and stepped on their necks.

Ooh du duk! Bbajik! Kwa ji jik!

The high priests died from crushed necks.

Kajad once again gathered the soul fragments and swallowed them up voraciously.

“It is delicious. Very delicious. Life is indeed a precious thing.”

Kajad looked to the sole survivor, Sultan Saloc.

Having met his gaze, Sultan Saloc recoiled with fright.

“Hahaha, my descendent, Saloc Pun Aman. Only you are left.”


“Don’t worry. Did you really think I’d kill you?”

“Then, then……”

“Now we need to begin our work!”

“Do you mean the Great Work?”

Sultan Saloc’s face lit up. Even though he has the side effect of desire for souls, he could still remember his original goal.

“Of course, the Great Work! We must fulfill it! I will rule over all that is living.”

Kajad Pun Aman smiled like a madman as he said so.

Sultan Saloc felt a suspicious nervousness but now he couldn’t turn back.

The two of them came out of the hexagon room.

Seeing two people they had never seen before come out of the room, the people who had been guarding it look confused.

And then.

Suddenly Kajad raised his hand to the left.

Sultan Saloc thought Kajad might kill all the men here and eat their soul fragments and his heart slumped.

All the men here are corrupt examinees. To kill them so easily even though they still had a lot of use left.

Thankfully, Kajad’s hand wasn’t aimed at the men.


A strand of dark magic from his hand shot out like an arrow and hit some round marble hidden in a corner of the ceiling.

The marble plummeted to the floor and cracked a bit.

“An, ancestor, what is……?”

“It is a Marble of the Abyss. This is the ordinary magic version of the Eye of the Abyss.”

The Eye of the Abyss was a dark magic that let one see in the dark.

The Marble of the Abyss was a magic that had changed the Eye of the Abyss into ordinary magic.

Different from the Eye of the Abyss, this magic requires a marble but depending on the user’s level, it has the advantage of being maintained from a distance.

“Are you saying an ordinary magician was monitoring this place?”


Kajad went towards it and picked up the cracked Marble of the Abyss.

Staring right into the broken marble, Kajad smirked.

“Hoo, it is the man that endangered the stone coffin and magic square while I was asleep.”

Having read all the records, he even knew about the attack on the ceremony that happened not too long ago.

“That, that traitor, you mean?”


Sultan Saloc recalled Dana Litalin and felt a chill.

It had not even occurred to him that after that attack that he was monitoring this place this entire time

“The magic hasn’t ended. Even now he is watching us.”

“Then, then……!”

Ignoring the surprised Sultan Saloc, Kajad spoke to the marble.

“And how are you?”

The marble showed no reaction.

Kajad said again.

“I am Kajad Pun Aman. You see me, don’t you? You now know I have resurrected so you’ve reaped a lot from this monitoring.”

Kajad smiled and said.

“But oh dear, what to do? Because through this I am seeing you too. Are you a bit flustered now? You are in an area close to the Brown Mountain. As I recall that is by where the elves live. Are the elves still there? Ah right, the elves grow those Trees of Life, I really desire them….”


The marble shattered on its own into a million pieces.

The user of the Marble of the Abyss has ended the magic.

He threw the shattered pieces to the floor and Kajad said.

“He must be very flustered. Anyway, thanks to that son of a bitch I’ve remember something good.”

“What is that?”

Asked Sultan Saloc.

“The elves. Those bastards grow Trees of Life. Such delicious life force. Those trees hold tons of it. I have to eat and consume them all.”

Sultan Saloc was completely surprised.

Not because of his plan to attack the elves.

But because, like a crazy person, saliva dripped from Kajad’s lips.

It seemed that he could not control his appetite at all.

He felt he now understood why, when Kajad Pun Aman was in his right mind, he told them to kill him.

“Spread the news. From now on, elves are slaves for humans. They cannot be treated equal to humans. Catch them all and use them as slaves, and the Trees of Life…I’ll take those.”

“But, um, ancestor. Right now, due to the war, we are in conflict with every nation on the continent. At this point, why is there a need to turn the elves into enemies too……”

“Shut up.”


“I am the greatest ruler in the history of mankind. You just have to do as I say without questioning me. Understood?”

“Yes, yes……”

His reason was paralyzed to greed.

The resurrected Kajad Pun Aman, as he said while he was in his right mind, had become a monster.

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