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Ascending, Do Not Disturb (Web Novel)


You think too much, cultivation is not like this…

When Kong Hou steps on the path to cultivation, she learns that all xianxia stories are full of lies.

A relaxed cultivation story.

Kong Hou: a traditional musical instrument like a harp. The female protagonist’s name.

125 • 2019-12-05 10:25:23


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 128: Mockery2020-04-03
Chapter 127: Pearl2020-04-02
Chapter 126: Obsession2020-03-27
Chapter 125: Fate2020-03-26
Chapter 124: Making Money2020-03-20
Chapter 123: Hug2020-03-20
Chapter 122: Honored Guests2020-03-14
Chapter 121: Adorable2020-03-12
Chapter 120: True Love?2020-03-06
Chapter 119: Beastification2020-03-05
Chapter 118: Female Yao2020-03-05
Chapter 117: Many Years2020-03-05
Chapter 116: Exposed2020-03-05
Chapter 115: Misunderstanding2020-02-21
Chapter 114: Secret2020-02-15
Chapter 113: All Not As Good2020-02-14
Chapter 112: Try2020-02-07
Chapter 111: Cover One’s Chest2020-02-06
Chapter 110: Dragon and Phoenix, Yin and Yang2020-01-31
Chapter 109: Happiness2020-01-30
Chapter 108: Accepting People2020-01-24
Chapter 107: Collaborate2020-01-24
Chapter 106: Shame2020-01-24
Chapter 105: Keep Me Company2020-01-16
Chapter 104: Wrong Position2020-01-10
Chapter 103: Steal?2020-01-09
Chapter 102: Fault2020-01-06
Chapter 101: No2020-01-01
Chapter 100: Returning Home2019-12-27
Chapter 99: So Special2019-12-26
Chapter 98: Inhibition2019-12-20
Chapter 97: Not Angry2019-12-20
Chapter 96: Joint Interment2019-12-13
Chapter 95: He Did Not Lie To You2019-12-13
Chapter 94: Cost2019-12-08
Chapter 93: Rebirth2019-12-05
Chapter 92: No Karma With The Buddha2019-12-05
Chapter 91: Finding Joy in Hardship2019-12-05
Chapter 90: Pretty Please2019-12-05
Chapter 89: No Apology2019-12-05
Chapter 88: Evil Cultivator2019-12-05
Chapter 87: Have You Been Well?2019-12-05
Chapter 86: Immortal2019-12-05
Chapter 85: Prayer2019-12-05
Chapter 84: Parasite2019-12-05
Chapter 83: Offering Tea2019-12-05
Chapter 82: Deranged2019-12-05
Chapter 81: Illusion2019-12-05
Chapter 80: Resolved2019-12-05
Chapter 79: Sword Wound2019-12-05
Chapter 78: Wither2019-12-05
Chapter 77: Limelight2019-12-05
Chapter 76: Threat2019-12-05
Chapter 75: Treasure Chest2019-12-05
Chapter 74: Manor2019-12-05
Chapter 73: Gentle and Powerful2019-12-05
Chapter 72: Fog2019-12-05
Chapter 71: Universal Paired Cultivation2019-12-05
Chapter 70: Practice Makes Perfect2019-12-05
Chapter 69: Slip Of The Hand2019-12-05
Chapter 68: Xu Feng2019-12-05
Chapter 67: Paying A Visit2019-12-05
Chapter 66: Square Head2019-12-05
Chapter 65: Invitation2019-12-05
Chapter 64: Secret Realm2019-12-05
Chapter 63: Great-Grandmother2019-12-05
Chapter 62: Misunderstanding2019-12-05
Chapter 61: Informant2019-12-05
Chapter 60: Boundary2019-12-05
Chapter 59: Feng City2019-12-05
Chapter 58: Keeping One’s Word2019-12-05
Chapter 57: Demon2019-12-05
Chapter 56: Misfortune2019-12-05
Chapter 55: Flying Palace2019-12-05
Chapter 54: Salted Fish2019-12-05
Chapter 53: The Best2019-12-05
Chapter 52: Hundred Flowers Ball2019-12-05
Chapter 51: My Friend2019-12-05
Chapter 50: Visit2019-12-05
Chapter 49: Assassination2019-12-05
Chapter 48: Yan City2019-12-05
Chapter 47: Mind Activation Stage2019-12-05
Chapter 46: Dream Ordeal2019-12-05
Chapter 45: Calm2019-12-05
Chapter 44: Returning Gift2019-12-05
Chapter 43: Medicine2019-12-05
Chapter 42: Will Not Save2019-12-05
Chapter 41: Gift Giving2019-12-05
Chapter 40: Get Famous Early2019-12-05
Chapter 39: Flying Message Seal2019-12-05
Chapter 38: To Ask For Guidance2019-12-05
Chapter 37: Nonsense2019-12-05
Chapter 36: Trance2019-12-05
Chapter 35: Love and Hate2019-12-05
Chapter 34: Jealousy?2019-12-05
Chapter 33: Forest2019-12-05
Chapter 32: Tree House2019-12-05
Chapter 31: Gift2019-12-05
Chapter 30: Minor Problem2019-12-05
Chapter 29: Culprit2019-12-05