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Badge in Azure (Web Novel) - Chapter 747: Emotional entanglement (Part 1)

Chapter 747: Emotional entanglement (Part 1)

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Lex leaned against Saleen’s body as she opened the list. Using the illumination from the moonlight, the two people flipped the pages of the list. There was a faint fragrance, it was not known whether it was given off by the greenery or Lex’s body, causing Saleen to be a little enthralled.

The list itself was made from magic paper and the names and quantity of the presents were written in gold ink.

The first items on the list were gemstones. Ojarvis had really spent a fortune on the presents, the first line caused Saleen to snap out of his thoughts.

“Ice Island Rock – twelve standard units, two-hundred pieces.”

Saleen owned Ice Island Rocks, but his rocks were only about the size of four standard units and he had less than ten pieces. This gem, the purest on Myers mainland, would provide the best effect when used no matter the profession, grade, or equipment.

Even if it was a few thousand years ago, the Ice Island Rock was already a special produce from Myers mainland. One could not find it on other planes. The Grukos imperial family gifted two-hundred pieces of Ice Island Rock in one go, such a quantity would be sufficient for a grade-9 sorcerer to last for their whole life.

Up next was chlorite. Saleen greatly needed such a rock which could contain divinity, as he would spread the goddess’ religion in the future. He had to use this rock to act as tools for the goddess’ envoys. Almost all of the chlorite veins had been fully extracted by now. At the moment, the chlorite rocks which appeared occasionally were created by grade-9 sorcerers using biotite. The price of this gemstone was even higher than that of the Ice Island Rock, as the Holy See was clamping down on it. The moment the Holy See discovered the existence of this rock, it would either snatch or purchase it. The Holy See wanted to store all of it in the Holy City of the Glorious Plains.

Down the list were some pure spars, heavy spars, sapphires, rubies, Youlian Rock, seabed jade, cordierite, blue cone stone, fluorite, nepheline, rutile, hornblende, tremolite, diopside, obsidian, amethyst, black crystal, and smoky quartz…

Saleen was bedazzled, all the crystals he knew of were included in this list.

Lex sighed gently, Saleen did not know why she was in a bad mood despite reviewing so many resources. Hesitating for a moment, he asked, “Lex, why did you sigh?”

“Ojarvis has requested help from the family. As emperor, he has three chances to ask for help. Only three chances in a lifetime.” Lex did not feel happy. Borne with an inferior body, Ojarvis could ask the elders in the family to help extend his lifespan. Ojarvis had exhausted one chance to gift Lex a large amount of resources.

“This brother of mine doesn’t even know how long can he live for.”

Saleen immediately gained understanding, “Even though Ojarvis is the emperor, it is impossible for him to retrieve so many high level equipment and materials.” Saleen asked, “I thought your brother didn’t interact with you in the past?”

“After Father died, Uncle took over control of the military and taxes, so I became his avenue of solace.” Lex leaned back tiredly, she was helpless in regard to this matter. She could not interfere with Holy Rock City. People in the family would only stand up to support her if her brother died. Would Lex really wish for her brother to die?

Saleen was rendered speechless. He once envied Lex very much, but at the moment, the both of them were in the same boat. Their parents had died and they had to support their own countries.

“Saleen, if I didn’t have such a status, will you treat me like how you treat Sika?” Lex asked softly.

Saleen was alerted, as though a lightning flashed in his brain, all his past experiences with Lex came flooding back. Subconsciously, Saleen replied, “You, are a very good person…”

“Very good?” Lex could not stifle her laughter, that was not even a proper answer.

Fortunately, Saleen immediately came to his senses. Putting the list away in the devil ring, he tugged at Lex’s hand, then said, “You are a viscountess. When I met you, you were already holding this status, it will not change. To us small mages, you are high in the sky. No matter how intimate you are with others, everyone is very clear that some things will never change.”

“Hasn’t it changed already?” Lex raised her head slightly, staring into Saleen’s eyes.

“Lex, you don’t realize how outstanding you are, when most people look at you, they feel ashamed of themselves. I have been working so hard and chasing so desperately, and finally, I am not looking at your back anymore. When I was young I only wanted to fill my stomach, whereas you were already thinking of establishing a kingdom of mages. I don’t want to admire you like what others are doing. It shouldn’t be admiration, it should be love.”

“Are those your heartfelt words?”

“In the name of a mage.”

“In the name of a mage…” Lex’s smile became warmer and she leaned in even closer to Saleen. Saleen already owned a kingdom and this was the first time Lex felt she could depend on someone after her father’s death.

“Lex, give Narnia to me.”

“Hmm?” Lex was startled, as she immediately understood the meaning of the word.

“I have many powerful mages under me, but very few people are like Narnia. In the future, I will keep mounting campaigns, so I will not return to Metatrin City very frequently. No one else is more suitable to handle the government affairs. I want to be with you in peace, so I have to get rid of the Cloudflow Empire first!”

“Saleen, it is not so simple!” Lex could not help but interrupt Saleen’s speech. Cloudflow might have more than a hundred experts, while their troops numbered in the millions, not to mention the auxiliary soldiers. A country with a population of over three-hundred-million was too difficult to conquer.

“We have Sregl Island. Once you marry me, Teacher will support you too.” Saleen clutched Lex’s hand tightly, then said, “I will expand Daliang City, in the future, it will contain at least twelve grade-9 magical towers. This place will be like Holy Rock City, an indestructible city.”

“We have to endure the wedding in April first.” Lex’s voice became softer, it got a little sweet.

“We still have five months, it will be enough to renovate Daliang City. You need to have confidence. By then, no matter how many Cloudflow people are there, I will make sure they regret coming here.”

Lex turned her head over, edging very close to Saleen. Saleen was still the same Saleen, even his tone remained the same. His azure eyes were now brimming with much more unwavering determination.



“I am reluctant to give up the three cities, for those three cities, I have specially flown over to you to ask for so much resources. You should understand where I am coming from.”

“Then I shall announce that I will station troops over there. If your uncle wants it, I will seize all of Phoenix.”

Lex smiled even more charmingly and said, “Saleen, you finally know what you should do and what you should fight for. I will have peace of mind marrying you.”

“Lex, from the moment I laid my eyes on you, I already harbored such a fantasy. Can you tell me when you started being fond of me?”

“No one can know the answer, even a mage can’t deduce the timing. From the beginning, you were never really lovable.”

“Are you angry at me for being so calculative with you?”

“Why should I be? Mages are like that. There are plenty of people who will give me benefits without any terms and conditions, but I am very clear about their motives. I don’t owe you anything, that’s why I am fond of you.”

“We don’t have to be like this anymore, we will be a family in the future,” Saleen said in a relaxed manner.

“Why not, you have many more nobles than me. We don’t have to think about the broader aspects. Later on, we still have to think about how we are going to unify the taxes and the treatment of nobles. Saleen, I will give you Narnia, please treat her well. I know that you have talent as a mage, but you are faring very poorly as a king.”

“Sika cannot do it, I don’t want her to be involved in this issue. She still needs to manage Metatrin for the time being. Once my teacher arrives, we can rest assured.”

When Saleen mentioned Sika, Lex’s body twitched and Saleen’s sharp senses felt it. Nevertheless, he had to say it. At the moment, Sika was regent of Metatrin, she was mother to Saleen’s child and was leading all the Caucasus people.

“You are worried that Narnia will not cooperate with her. Saleen, I will pen a letter to Narnia to clarify matters. Don’t worry, I like… Sika as well.”

“You like her too?”

“Her character is genuine and she doesn’t have much ambition. The things she desires are what she deserves.” Lex’s words were not totally truthful, but her depiction was not flawed.

Saleen felt helpless. Lex had a competitive character, of course she was indignant that Saleen had another women. Sika made the first move and was pregnant with Saleen’s child. Lex had no choice. Lex did not even think of marrying someone else. In a mage’s lifetime, the time used for cultivating a relationship was extremely precious. Even if time was rewound, Lex still would not have any other suitors.

Such was the life of a royal, everything was an exchange of interests. Even if Emperor Chanake sent Lex out of Holy Rock City and gave her a county, very few things would change.

At this point in time, from a small building not far away, Eleanor was heard singing.

Saleen and Lex stopped talking, as they listened to Eleanor’s singing, it was an elvish song. Neither of them understood what Eleanor sang, but they could detect a deep sadness in Eleanor’s voice.

Following Eleanor’s voice, the flowers on the trees in the courtyard began falling. The flowers from the treetops fell, blanketing the ground.

Saleen’s mind was cleared, “I have nothing to worry about, I just have to treat Lex and Sika nicely. Eleanor cannot even return home. I am her superior, but I cannot bring happiness to her. The more possessions people own, the greater their desires will be, this is absolutely the truth.”

Lex’s emotions stabilized. Eleanor’s voice possessed an unexplainable power which reverberated in her heart. “Why am I feeling depressed?” Lex had been burying her feelings very deeply, but it did not mean that she was confused. “I was the one dilly dallying, so Sika could make the first move. Sika doesn’t want any status, she only harbors pure love for Saleen. If someone has to be blamed, then it should be me because I didn’t grasp the chance. I didn’t know that my love for Saleen was so intense.”

Lex raised her head to look at the sixth story of the small building. She noticed Eleanor’s silhouette under the moonlight, there was only one shadow whose clothes fluttered in the wind.

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