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Banished to Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 464: Departing for the Demon Abyss

Chapter 464: Departing for the Demon Abyss

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Yan Mo took out a rag that was a little shabby but well kept.

"This is?" Qi Hong Zi thought the rag was familiar.

Yan Mo smiled, "This is the map provided by the Qi Yu witch showing the Demon Abyss."

"What?" Qi Hong Zi was shocked. He didn't know that his old village witch had such a secret.

Since Yan Mo said it, he didn't intend to hide it. He also discussed it with the old village witch. The old village witch agreed that he would go anyway. What else would he be afraid of?

“For so many years, because the Qiyu village has always had the warriors who have awakened to the blood abilities, that is, what the demon warriors are called in the Horn-people's mouths, they have been guarded and persecuted by the Wuqian city. Every generation of the Qiyu village witches will find ways to send the warriors who have awakened to the power of the blood ability away from the village, hoping that they can live in the distance. One year, a man who had been out for more than ten years came back from the demon warriors place. When he came back, he was full of injuries. He took out this map and said it was a map to the territory called the Demon Abyss. Before he could explain anything else, he returned to the Mother God's arms."

Yan Mo sighed, "Qi Yu old witch was only a disciple of the former generation of village witches. They saved this map for two generations. If he wasn't forced too hard by the Wuqian City impending massacre, he would not take out this map. After all, no one knows whether this map is true or not, what kind of dangerous things will happen on the way, or what the situation is in the Demon Abyss."

Are we going to the Demon Abyss? They didn't ask, but they all thought that.

"The Demon Abyss is just a goal. What is your purpose? Just want to find a shelter to live like in the past, or hope that no one can bully you and be your own Master again? "Yuan Zhan glanced coldly at the crowd and said, “Even if you go to the White-Horn clans' territory, even if the White-Horn clans are willing to take you in, you are still the slaves of the Horn-people. If you just want to be slaves and live in peace, Mo and I will send you to the Mingyue city."

People became quite into contemplating, they are very afraid of Yuan Zhan, but Yuan Zhan's words often hit directly their hearts.

Yan Mo said in a timely voice: “I chose to go to the Demon Abyss because the Horn-people were afraid of the Demon Abyss, and by listening to their voice, there seems to be a lot of the Hornless-people demon warriors there. If that's true, maybe it's not really the Demon Abyss, but just a territory occupied and ruled by the Hornless-people and the Horn-people call it that way because it’s a place they failed to en-capture."

The village witch Hou Nu can't help but ask carefully: “If it is really ruled by the demon warrior of the Hornless-men, will they accept us?"

“I don't know." “But don't worry, when we get to the Demon Abyss, A-Zhan and I won't just stop caring about you. If the Demon Abyss is not suitable for you to live in, we will take you away and look for the land suitable for your generation to live in. I don't believe that such a large continent will not have a place where no one can visit. "

When they heard this, they were relieved, and their faces were all smiles.

“I've been listening to the cussing of the Horn-people saying that they will go to the Demon Abyss when they die. I've wanted to see them for a long time," Hou Shi said while screaming.

"You wanted to go there long ago? Change to a month ago, just for being afraid that others will curse you saying you should end up in that place, you will jump up and fight with those people desperately.” the village witch Hou Nu shook his head and smiled.

HouShi wiped his nose and smiled.

Everyone laughed together.

It was so decided that they didn't spend the night, so we started in good order marching that afternoon.

Everyone's heart has its own thoughts, but no matter who left the ancestral land where they lived for generations, their heart is not easy to suffer.

What they couldn't put down was the remains of their ancestors. Yan Mo helped them solve this problem by running several villages and taking all the bones of their ancestors into the space.

Every village saw that Mo Da-Ren had solved the most difficult problem for all. They were very happy. As long as their ancestors were still around them, they were not afraid to go anywhere.

Because Yan Mo's move greatly reduced the pain of people's departure from their hometown, and few people were really sad when they started leaving.

The road ahead is not clear, but everyone has borne a hope for a better life in the future.

Yan Mo counted the people's heads. This time, there were 467 people who started with them. There were still people in the nearby villages who chose to stay. These people would enter the mountains under the guidance of some old hunters to avoid the pursuit of the Horn-people.

Yan Mo didn't force these people to go with them. He left them some medicines, convenient and easy-to-use fire knobs and a dozen bone knives.

After kneeling and thanking, those people walked into the wild forest with tears.

Everyone stood behind Yan Mo and watched them disappear into the forest.

Yuan Zhan raised his arm and whispered, “Let's go!"

On the way, Jiu Feng returned to lead the way.

"Hey-! Mo Mo, come with me, the people who live in the underground caves are waiting for you in front."

After four corners, it was almost late. People followed Jiu Feng to climb a hill and walk along a river for a long time. Only then did they see Qi Yu old village witch and about 500 of the Qiyu village people behind him.

More than 500 of the Qiyu village people are obviously different from the people brought by the old village witch. They are more capable and look more dangerous. Maybe they live in the ground all the year round, and their eyes have changed. In the night, you can see their eyes shining, just like wild animals.

"How did you come late?" although Qi Yu believed in the ability of Mo Da-Ren and war, he did not see that people were always uneasy.

“More than half of them are women and children, so they walk slowly." Yan Mo replied casually.

"Why do you bring so much burden?" frowned a capable woman behind Qi Yu's old village witch.

Qi Yu old villagewitch immediately shouted: "Qi Mei!" hurriedly introduced the identity of the woman to Yan Mo: "Da-Ren, this is Qi Mei, also the leader of this team."

Yan Mo looked at the other side and was a little surprised that the leader of the most powerful force in the Qiyu village was a woman. The other side was about 20 and a half years old. The exposed skin was a little pale, but the muscles looked stronger and taller than him

"Hello, this is Mo." Yan Mo said hello.

Qi Mei looked at him up and down, not with contempt in his eyes, but with little respect. "You are the Mo Da-Ren in the mouth of our great witch?"

“It's me."

“Is your warrior him?" Qi Mei turned to Yuan Zhan.

Yuan Zhan is opposite to her eyes. His tall body is very threatening, especially when his face is expressionless, but Qi Mei, who is more than one head shorter than Yuan Zhan, and she did not step back.

A smile came up from Yuan Zhan's lips, “I challenge you, and how many people do you want. If you lose, listen to me later. "

Yan Mo swallowed what he wanted to say and gave Yuan Zhan full power to accept Qi Mei and others.

Qi Mei: "So if you lost?"

Yuan Zhan: "The power of your village is still yours."

“It's not fair."

"What do you want?"

Qi Mei looked at Yan Mo and points out: “If you lose, I want him to stay as our next generation of village witch."

Yuan Zhan's smile disappeared and said lightly, “I won't bet on him. If I lose, I will break my arm."


Qi Hong Zi and others were a little worried, but when they saw the old village witch shaking his head at them, they didn't say anything. If you look at Mo Da-Ren, he looked peaceful, and he is not so worried.

HouShi likes to fight and when he sees a fight he became lively. It's said that the Qiyu village people will have a competition with Yuan Zhan as soon as they come up. They will have fun. Watching Qi Mei and other people's eyes is the same as watching the dead.

Yan Mo turned around and Qi Yu old village witch arranged people to rest. The place is ready-made, just in the underground cave.

Here, Qi Mei and others are a little incredulous when they listen to Qi Hong Zi and others say Yuan Zhan's combat effectiveness in a tone of worship and fear.

"You..." Qi Hong Zi, seeing that Qi Mei didn't believe what he said, was distressed and said, "Well, I don't think Da-Ren will do anything to you. He didn't kill one of the Horn-people, just seriously injured them.”

QiMei is surprised, "Didn't kill? But the man looked like a ruthless man. "

"You can't just look at appearances." Qi Yu, the old village witch, who just came back to hear this, said something ambiguous.

It's a pity that other people don't recognize his real meaning, and they all think Yuan Zhan is a disgusting and kind person.

It's a big misunderstanding. It will make them almost look at themselves one day in the near future!

Although Qi Mei doesn't quite believe what Qi Hong Zi and others say, she always think they exaggerate too much, but she had some vigilance in mind after all, and then she deliberately looked for Yuan Zhan: “I heard that you are very powerful, we fight?"

Yuan Zhan, who was building a fire pond for his Priest Da-Ren with both hands, pated the soil in his palm and got up: "come on then."


"Um." I’m going to have a good dinner.

This one, Yan Mo didn't go to watch because he already knew the result.

In the light of the fire in the fire pool, he began to compare the map provided by The Guide with the simple map in his hand.

At present, the SCUM VALUE required for The Guide to provide maps has been increased fivefold, but the advantage is that there is no penalty.

He simply spent 100000 SCUM VALUE to get all the maps of the western continent.

The map left on the rags is very simple, with only simple mountains, rivers, and a dozen places.

Yan Mo found the Wuqian city first. On the rags, the Wuqian city and the Demon Abyss are the two ends respectively. The Wuqian city is in the west, the Demon Abyss is in the south, and both are close to the coastline.

Yan Mo fingers trailed up the land line, passing through the Mingyue City, the Chiyuan city and other cities on the way. In the center of the intersection of the Wuqian city to the East and the Demon Abyss to the north, there were the words "The King’s City" written. But the peculiar thing is that the King’s City seems to occupy a small area, surrounded by three sub cities, namely the Luolan City, the Shentu city and the Xuanyu city.

Just as he called up The Guide map to find the best route, Yuan Zhan came back.

“Finished?" Yan Mo looked up and smiles.

"Um." Yuan Zhan sat next to him.

Qi Mei came here with the wounds and was silent for a while to personally deliver the barbecue and water.

Yuan Zhan took over, Qi Mei knelt on one knee and falls back.

"How is it?" Yan Mo points his chin in the direction of Qi Mei's retreat.

“Most of them are good enough to make do with. As for this woman her ability is good, her strength is strong, and she is very effective in the battlefield. The main thing is that she has a clear mind. Although she is a general commander in the battle, she is brave and fearless, but she can also advance as soon as possible, retreat as soon as possible. If she is well adjusted, she will be better than Sha Lang.”

“It's up to you to adjust the combat effectiveness of the Hornless-men. I'm responsible for providing weapons, armor, and so on. In the future, you will arrange the distribution of spoils."

“Good. The captured weapons and bone armor will be given to me later. First, I will arm the warriors of the Qiyu village. Their combat effectiveness is much better than that of other people."

"Not all of them. Those who followed us before are the most loyal. If they are weak, you will be responsible for teaching them. "

Yuan Zhan smiled silently, tore off a piece of shredded meat and put it into Yan Mo's mouth, "Don't worry, I know how to do it. Without comparison and competition, how can we be strong and fast?"

Yan Mo chewed the shredded meat and showed Yuan Zhan the ragged map. “It's not very accurate, but the general direction is right. I asked the Ancestor God that the best way to get from the Wuqian city to the Demon Abyss is to walk through the major cities. But there are so many of us, it's hard to be undetected and unnoticed when we pass."

"Your decision?"

"We fly along the sea without going to major cities or places with many people. I have two bony birds. You and I can operate one respectively. Jiu Feng can help us explore the road in front. This will be the fastest and safest way. "

"Your plan?"

“If the Demon Abyss is really the territory of the Hornless-people demon warriors, and they can accept other Hornless-peoples in a friendly way, then we will send the Hornless-people there, help them to establish their political power, see what they need, and try to help them to establish a city. For example, if they are short of manpower, we can use bone birds to transport the oppressed Hornless-men for them. If they don't have enough weapons, I can teach them to refine bone objects and metal. "

Yuan Zhan tore at the barbecue and said after a while, "Your bone bird is made by the Horn-people, isn't it?"


"You said it was bone objects a long time ago. Since the Bone Sculpting People can refine bone birds flying in the sky a long time ago, do you think they have a way to deal with them now? "

"So we need to avoid human eyes."

Yuan Zhan threw away the bone. "We have to be ready to be attacked. There is no place to escape in the sky. What's more, on the ground, it sfine, but in the air, my combat effectiveness will be reduced by more than half. "

“I will use my will power to try to get us there safely."

"The journey is too long. How many times do you need to exert your willpower every day?"

"Jiu Feng will help us to investigate the safe passage. I will use willpower again in case of enemy situation or danger. If it doesn't work, we'll land. "

"What about those people who Xi Yang took?"

“We will meet them tomorrow. Xi Yang does a good job as people manager. It's a pity to give him up. "

"Now that you've thought about it, let’s do it."

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