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Banished to Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 465: Cultivation and transfer of Wu Guo and Du-du

Chapter 465: Cultivation and transfer of Wu Guo and Du-du

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The next day they ran into Xi Yang and others as planned.

When Xi Yang and others saw a huge bone bird falling from the sky, they were all scared and started to flee around until Xi Yang saw Hou Shi and others come out of the bone bird proudly and arrogantly.


"We're going to the Demon Abyss to find the other Hornless-men." The village witch Hou Nu came down and answers.

"You... yesterday..."

"Witch Mo led us to defeat the Horn-people!" Hou Shi said excitedly and proudly

“This is really...” Xi Yang smiled bitterly and regretted his behavior of taking people away yesterday. He didn't do anything wrong consciously, but what's the difference between the behavior of taking people away with the enemy and betrayal? In the future, even if he continues to follow MoDa-Ren, he is afraid his position in Mo Da-Ren's heart will be much lower than before.

Xi Yang looked up at the bone bird and asked, "This is the bone treasure provided by Mo Da-Ren?"

Hou Nu pated Hou Shi open and nodded: "Yes."

Xi Yang wanted to ask why Mo Da-Ren didn't come out to see him, but in a second he thought, who is he? Why would he let Mo Da-Ren come out to see him? Before, Mo Da-Ren thought highly of him, but when he took people away at the last moment, what qualification does he have to ask the other party to continue to value himself?

Obviously knows this clearly, but he can't help but want to have a little glimmer of hope, man!

"You're going to the Demon Abyss? Why? "Xi Yang asked, clearing up his mind. Are they really from the Demon Abyss?

Hou Nu told the story that Qi Yu old village witch provided a map, and said: "No one knows how the Demon Abyss is or whether it is suitable for our life, but Mo Da-Ren said that if it is not suitable, they will take us away to another place. Are you going with us?"

Xi Yang was a little jealous and excited about Hou Nu and others, and asked with a little expectation, "Did Mo Da-Ren ask you to ask me?"

"Um." Hou Nu smiled. "Da-Ren saw you in the sky and saw you had a hard time. There is just a little place in the bone bird. Da-Ren said that if you have any place you want to go, he can take you there by the way."

By the way? Xi Yang was disappointed, but he didn't want to give up the chance. At the end of the day, he didn't know where to go. He just followed suit and migrated to the White-Horn clan site. No one knew what he would encounter during the migration.

Today, if he can continue to follow Mo Da-Ren and his warrior, first of all, safety will be guaranteed. Previously, he didn't believe that Mo Da-Ren could protect them under the Horn-people army attack, but this time, he told himself that if there were any more dangerous things, he would never take his own people to leave first. Secondly, it's easier to find a piece of land to build a village life without going to the Demon Abyss.

When people learned that the bone bird belonged to Mo Da-Ren, not the Horn-people, and that Mo Da-Ren promised to take them for a ride, almost all of them cried with joy.

Xi Yang and others went to the bone bird manipulated by Yuan Zhan. Xi Yang was eager to see Mo Da-Ren, but he didn't even see his face, so he couldn't mention the mystery in his heart, but he could only bury the mystery and wait for the opportunity.

The meeting opportunity waiting for Xi Yang did not come in a short time.

Every time the bone bird falls to rest, the guardian warriors always came to the side of MoDa-Ren at the first step he makes. Sometimes they are alone, sometimes they gather some people to say something, but they never have Xi Yang among them.

Several times, Xi Yang tried to come forward to see Mo Da-Ren, but failed to find a good time.

Yan Mo has a headache. He's deliberately hanging out Xi Yang, but he's really upset these two days. He doesn't have time to care about other things.

Wu Guo woke up.

This fruit wakes up when it wakes up, but when it wakes up, it makes a noise to come out.

Yan Mo had been eager for this fruit to leave his body, but he found it was not so easy.

"You said let me prepare out two Shuiyanmu fruits to make your body?"

“It's not a real body, it just needs this medium, just like well protective layer? When you eat the fruit, you should know that in addition to providing energy, the fruit also has a great effect on improving soul power and protecting soul. Du-du and I absorbed those two fruits and get a lot of energy and soul protection in a short time. You can use that nursery bag to cultivate us outside of you."

"Just put you in the pouch?"

"Well, then remember to provide us with a drop of blood essence of yours and Zhan Da every day. Remember to give it every day. If you don't give it one day, then double it later."

He knew it wasn't that easy! "How long will it take?"

Wu Guo replied in a dubious way: "Due to the different blood essence energy and cultivation time of the cultivators, my inheritance and memory tell me that the former guy who became a human took about ten years from Fruit to a human."

"You said A-Zhan and I would have to give you blood essence every day for more than ten years?"

"Well, maybe you won't be so long. Didn't I say that the situation is different and the time is different? The one who came before me didn't have a parenting bag, nor did absorb so much energy of you and Da Zhan in your body as I do? "

"How long will it take?"

Wu Guo was impatient, “I don't know! If we can be human, we will be human. Don't you want me to go out with Du-du? If that's the case, it's OK, but you're not enough for me and Du-du. You remember to let Zhan Da sleep you every day. The more times you sleep, the better. Make sure he has to shoot a lot of... "

"Shut up!" Yan Mo shouted, pressing his temple.

Yuan Zhan turned to look at him. "What? Is Wu Guo asking you for trouble again?"

Yan Mo gave him a nasty look.

Wu Guo said, “Daddy Mo, if you are embarrassed to say it, I will tell Dad Zhan. Zhan Da, I'll tell you... "

Yuan Zhan looked and listened carefully.

"Shut up!" Yan Mo knelt and he knew how happy Yuan Zhan is going to be once he hears Wu Guo's request, and he will definitely choose to let Wu Guo and Du-du stay in his body instead of using a nursery bag if it’s sxx and shooting all day.

In fact, it's not a burden for the two to stay in his body for cultivation, but it's unbearable to sleep with Zhan more times every day. He can accept sleeping with Yuan Zhan now, but that's on the premise that he can enjoy it too. If it's like doing something which felt like a task, it's not OK!

And at the end of the cultivation, the two always come out. If they grow up directly in his body, do they want him to have a big belly like a woman and give birth to them like a woman? Even get a C-section!

The most terrible thing is what if they want to stay in his stomach for more than ten years? He doesn't want to be a pregnant man with a big stomach who has been pregnant for more than ten years. Think about the hardships and sufferings of those pregnant women in the tenth month. He is afraid that only the daily bladder pressure can make him want to commit suicide!

But it's not for Wu Guo to be so obedient.

Yuan Zhan still listened, and then looked at Yan Mo with a smile. His right hand naturally held his waist, and his fingers gently stroked his waist and his eyes twinkled. "Tonight? You can rest assured that I will definitely get rid of the persistent problem, from once or twice a night to one night... "

Yan Mo slapped his mouth and rolled his eyes. "You and your son are enough trouble for me!"

Yuan Zhan smiled with eyes bent, grabbed the hand that covered his mouth, and took back the right of freedom speech: “I also think you should take good care of it. I didn't know that my stuff was good for you before. I will remember it later today, and I will... Uh!”

Yan Mo pulled back his hand and said, “I should have used a needle to shut you up!"

Yuan Zhan reluctantly pulled out the wooden needle that was stabbed on one of his acupoints. "Your wooden needle is getting better and better. I didn't notice you just shot it."

"Want to continue to try how powerful my wooden needle is?" Yan Mo squinted at the man.

Yuan Zhan raised his hands and said with a very reluctant and painful expression, "OK, just use the parenting bag and blood essence like Wu Guo said."

"That's settled. Let those two little things come out tonight."

"Or tomorrow morning?"

“Get out of my space!" Yan Mo cursed, “I'm not in the mood tonight!"

Yuan Zhan smiled even worse. He'll make his Priest Da-Ren get in a mood.

Because they don't know what will happen when Wu Guo and Du-du come out. For the sake of safety, Yan Mo entered his own space.

Jiu Feng, who had been sleeping in Yan Mo's arms, fell out. Before he fell to the ground, his little wings fluttered up: "Hey! Where is Mo-Mo? Why is Mo Mo missing again?"

Yuan Zhan, who stayed outside, let Jiu Feng fly to his head and pick his hair with his little claws. Because he was ready in his heart, his expression did not change, but he had some complaints about his inability to follow Yan Mo.

Since they are in the same abandoned party, Yuan Zhan forgives Jiu Feng's for making a nest on his head.

Other people have been secretly paying attention to the two people. They can't understand what they say together, but this doesn't prevent them from continuing to eavesdrop.

So they didn't miss the scene when Yan Mo suddenly disappeared.

A lot of people make a low voice of surprise.

Qi Yu old village witch, depending on his age, knocked one by one with his bone stick and scolded: “Look at you one by one! That's the messenger Da-Ren. He must have been recalled by the Ancestor God. Don't even watch it. Be careful of raising the gods' anger!"

Others are a little scared, but can't help but want to see.

Yan Mo entered the space and found that Jiu Feng is gone - he has been used to the fact that Jiu Feng is always sleeping in his arms, and he is used to the warmth in his chest. Once it disappears, he can feel it immediately.

Wu Guo suddenly said: “In fact, as long as you agree, Dad Zhan can come in. If Jiu Feng is willing to form a symbiotic blood contract with you, he can come in too.

Yan Mo raised his eyebrows. He was not surprised that Yuan Zhan could enter his space. He was surprised that Wu Guo knew about it: "Do you know that I have this space?"

“I don't know it. But when you come in, I know you're in charge of this space here. "


“I'm in your body. I'm connected with you by blood. There's no one closer to you than me and Du-du. Even Dad Zhan is not as good as close relative. Plus with my inheritance, so as soon as I come in, I can feel the hidden laws and rules here. "

"How can you feel the laws and rules?"

"That's because the rules here are simple, and I'm your direct blood relative. And, of course, my inheritance memory.” Wu Guo is not without a proud tone.

Yan Mo was silent for a while and smiled. This time, he really felt the fact that "He will have two sons".

In this world, children with blood ties nourish themselves with the flesh and blood of their bodies

“I can't go back there." Yan Mo spoke low in voice

“Father Mo, what are you talking about?"

Yan Mo touched his stomach and joked: “I'm saying that with you two, I can't live like this anymore. I have to earn a lot of money for diapers and milk for you."

"Diapers? Milk?" Wu Guo was shocked, “What is that?”

Yan Mo chuckled, "OK, I'll wait for you to come out later. Now, what do I do? By the way, why doesn't Du-du talk? "

“I put his soul to sleep so that he won't get hurt when I'm separated from him."

Yan Mo is easy to listen to Wu Guo, but he can vaguely guess that Wu Guo has done a lot of preparation to separate Du-du soul from him completely and safely, and it must not be simple.

Yan Mo didn't say thank you, because since Wu Guo regards Du-du as a real brother, he doesn't have to thank the other for one child as a father. It's between the two children. If he really thanks him, it's akin to treat Wu Guo as an outsider.

But praise is necessary!

"Wu Guo, you're so good! You've done something I can't do. Du-du will be very glad to have you as a good brother. "

"Of course!" if Wu Guo has a tail, it would already be waggling in the sky.

"Okay, honey, tell me what to do next?" Yan Mo smiles and pats his belly.

"Very simply, you take two of the Shuiyanmu fruits and put them in the pouch."

Yan Mo did.

“I'm going to come out completely. You may have some pain. Well, it will hurt, but you have to hold back.”Don't hurt me - Wu Guo didn't say it, maybe he didn't care to say it, maybe he wanted to test Yan Mo's real feelings for him?

The Fruit of Witchcraft is not really invincible in the world. When he chooses to move his nest, just like the tree, the moment when the root moves out is also his weakest moment. If Yan Mo wanted to completely get rid of him, he will not have much resistance as long as he works against him at that moment.

Of course, to accept him and make him a complete slave requires the right way, and he will not tell others this way!

However, his Daddy Mo was born with a special life, and there were many secrets he didn't know. If he knew how to accept him, he was not surprised.

Yan Mo thought that with a baby bag, he would not feel the pain of a woman giving birth to a child. Even though Wu Guo said that he would feel some pain when he came out, he thought that the pain was at most the same as a knife on his body. How could he have never thought that it would be like this!

“I... Fxck! Wu Guo, you little bastard, this is what you said a little painful? "Yan Mo didn't stop. He lay on the ground in pain, and his body began to twitch.

Wu Guo also didn't expect that his uprooting behavior would make his “Mother" suffer so much. Seeing Yan Mo's pain, his lips were all bitten and his fingernails were all going to dig into the ground, he was a little flustered. "You have to let Dad Zhan in, hurry up!"

“Let him what’s the use of him coming in?" Yan Mo simply wanted to praise himself for being able to remain conscious in such pain.

“Let him give you energy! Let him absorb the yuan-crystals and supply the energy to you, so that I can absorb them more easily.” Wu Guo was in a hurry. He has found that the energy in Yan Mo's body is depleting by a lot. If it goes on like this, He is afraid he will not manage to come out yet. His Daddy Mo will be sucked to death!

Yan Mo also felt that he could not support him. He called Yuan Zhan in his heart.

Yuan Zhan, who is outside, suddenly felt that someone is calling himself. The voice is far and still near.

“Mo?" Yuan Zhan stood up.

Jiu Feng followed.

“A-Zhan…… Come on, come on... "

"Where we comingin to? Mo, what's the matter with you? "Yuan Zhan was worried, and he recognized Yan Mo's pain.

Jiu Feng: "Hey! Mo Mo is calling you? What happened to him? Why can't I hear him? "

"Jiu Feng, you wait outside." Yuan Zhan doesn't know where to look for Yan Mo, he was only calling him in his heart.

A hand suddenly appeared.

Yuan Zhan recognized the hand and grabbed it subconsciously.

Then Yuan Zhan just felt a flash in front of his eyes and appeared in a completely different place.

He doesn't care about his surroundings. He knelt down and wanted to pick up Yan Mo, who is lying at his feet.

"Don't move me.” Yan Mo gasped and held Yuan Zhan tightly.

"You..." Yuan Zhan carefully picked up his upper body, grabbed his other hand one by one, and felt extremely sad!

His fingernails of the priest's hands were all cracked, and the ground was covered with bloodstains from his scratching.

Yan Mo's body suddenly hooked up, as if something in the body is about to rush out!


"What?" Yuan Zhan didn't hear it clearly. He hurriedly reached Yan Mo's ear. "What did you say?"

Wu Guo screams: "Dad Zhan, energy! Just like you gave me before! "

Yuan Zhan understood. Just about to ask Yan Mo for 9th rank yuan-crystal, he saw a two fist soil property yuan-crystal trickling in front of him.

Yuan Zhan grabbed the primary crystal and absorbed it quickly.

Wu Guo can't bear it anymore. Once the root pulling starts, he can't stop. Otherwise, the root will be absorbed by the Soul Returning Tree that has been assimilated in Yan Mo body.

Yan Mo's belly suddenly sprang out of a thick vine.

The vine began to spread out. When it reached a certain extent, its head slowly cracked and its main branch was divided into two parts.

Two vines quickly head into the nursery bag, respectively entering a jade doll like Shuiyanmu fruit.

After Yuan Zhan absorbed some energy, she began to transmit her energy to Yan Mo through her skin.

Yan Mo's pain was slightly slow, and he opened his eyes to see the assimilation process of Wu Guo and Du-du with Shuiyanmu fruit.

So small a fruit, so thick long vines entered it, but the small fruit looked like it had endless space in it, the vines are all "Devoured".

The fruit hasn't grown big, it's still so small, and it hasn't changed its shape at all.

"Whoops --!" Yan Mo Meng raised his head and screamed, and his neck was full of blue tendons!

Yuan Zhan tore Yan Mo's belly clothes, and saw that Mo's navel was opened wide, and there were thick vines in it. At first, the vine was only one, but at the back, there were thorny roots, and the thicker the back, the longer the roots.

"Wu Guo!" yelled Yuan Zhan.

Wu Guo was so scared that the vine shook.

“Ah! Fxck! "Yan Mo shouted.

Yuan Zhan doesn't dare to roar at Wu Guo anymore, but hates this situation in his heart. He vowed that when Wu Guo came out, he would beat the ass of this little bastard!

On Yan Mo's forehead and body, a lot of sweat rolled down. His body is losing weight rapidly and his face is even wrinkled.

Yuan Zhan is so anxious that he slightly increasesed the energy output and was afraid of hurting Yan Mo.

Yan Mo was so painful that he couldn't cry out. He was wet with sweat.

Yuan Zhan asked him to hold on to his hand. He was so hard that he almost pinched it off - if it was a normal person, it would have been broken!

"Don't bite your mouth, bite me, bite me!" Yuan Zhan didn't know that he was crying. He could not move his hands, so he took the initiative to extend his face to Yan Mo's mouth and let him bite.

Yan Mo's mind has been blurred.

Yuan Zhan cried out in a broken voice: "Wu Guo, hurry up, I beg you, hurry up! Don't torture your Father Mo anymore! "

Wu Guo wanted to cry, he wanted to cry, but he's really too busy. He not only wanted to pull out his roots smoothly, but also controls to split himself. Is that like tearing himself apart? The main thing is that he not only manipulates himself to enter the child soul fruit, but also manipulates the root with Du-du to integrate with the child soul fruit smoothly.

This process can't go wrong at all!

He didn't want to have problems with himself or with Du-du when it comes time to be born. For Yan Mo, Du-du is the soul of his son who died before, but for Wu Guo, no matter who their parents are, Du-du is the same brother born with him!

Yuan Zhan regretted it. He thought that Mo would never leave him if he had a child as Mo. but if he wanted the child but it made life for Mo so painful, he would rather follow his Priest Da-Ren and pester him to old later than have him give birth to his own child.

"Nursery bag on your back..." Yan Mo opened his eyes and gave a weak scolding, his voice blurring.

“Good! My back, give it to me! "Yuan Zhan is listening Yan Mo now, saying what is what.

“ Your xss... "

“Good! Do whatever you like! "

"Hum..." Yan Mo'spain reply is just grunting.

"Dad Zhan!" Wu Guo screamed.

Yuan Zhan recovered his mind and cooperatively infuses the maximum energy he can gather into Yan Mo in the fastest but gentlest way.

Wu Guo pulled out the last root.

Yan Mo let out a long scream. At last, he felt that his body was empty, and he was mentally relaxed, so he passed out.

Wu Guo's last whisker pulled out Yan Mo's navel.

Yan Mo's navel closed, leaving only red marks.

Wu Guo's self-split was at the end!

“Pa!" the last root is separated.

The two vines quickly and completely burrowed into the baby fruits.

"Dad Zhan, don't forget to give us some blood essence. We need the fingertip blood of the ring finger of the left hand! As long as you rest today, you and Daddy Mo will give us drops from tomorrow. Don't forget!"

Yuan Zhan didn't want to talk to him, but he was afraid that he would continue to scream in his head, so he had to reply angrily, “I know!"

Yuan Zhan held up Yan Mo, who was in a coma, and held him tightly in his arms. His cheek gently rubs onto his cheek.

“Mo……” Poor Yuan Zhan is such a strong and ruthless man. He was wet with sweat and wet to his hair. His hands are shaking uncontrollably. His face is white like a ghost. It's sad and solemn to look at the state of the man in his arms.

If you change someone you don't know the issue, that person would think it's Yuan Zhan who gave birth to the fruit, not Yan Mo.

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