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Banished to Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 467: The first two-way contact

Chapter 467: The first two-way contact

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The Jiu Yuan

Oldman He's tribesmen had just been picked up and settled down for two days.

Wu Chen was in charge of settling in these people. It's said that they can contact Oldman He, that is, Yuan Zhan. All the people of the Jiu Yuan attach great importance to these new natives.

This day Wu Chen came to see how the people settled down. The first thing he came to was the room where the head of the group was... the man named Chan.

Chan is a very cheerful person. He smiled at people first and treats people very warmly.

Wu Chen was asking him how he stayed in the place. Does tribesmen have any difficulties in their daily life? Chan suddenly uses his finger to press his eyebrow and closes his eyes.

Wu Chen subconsciously shuts up and looked at him.

About ten seconds later, Chan opened his eyes again, and the eyes turned black. "Da-Ren, I need fire. Our great witch is calling me."

“Big witch? You mean the old man who walked with our chief? "Wu Chen was excited.


"Wait!" Wu Chen made a ball of fire on the spot, but he was afraid that the fire would not last long enough. He quickly took a group of firewood and set up a small fire in the house.

By this time Chan was already sitting on the ground, his dark eyes looking at the fire.

Wu Chen is very calm. Even if he is in a hurry, he just waited until Chan opened his mouth.

“I saw our great witch. There are many people far away from him. There are two people around him. One is a very tall and strong man, the other is a young man with a strange bird on his head."

"Does the strange bird have a human face?" Wu Chen asked, suppressing his excitement.

Chan looked for a long time. “It's too far away. I can't see it clearly, but the bird is strange. Ah, it's bigger. Yes, it has a human face!"

"That's Jiu Feng!" Wu Chen asked about the facial features of the two people around Oldman-He. After listening to Chan's description, he was sure that the tall man must be their chief, but another brave young man made him confused.

According to Chan's description, the young man, no matter his height or appearance, has grown a tall body, but it's not like their young man, Priest Da-Ren. But if the young man is not Shifu, who is it then? Will Jiu Feng be close to other people?

"Wait, they've made a slab of huge stone. It starts... text appears... Is this the Jiu Yuan language? I don't understand it."

"Can you describe it as it is?"

Chanstareed at the fire and nodded.

Wu Chen gave him a bone dagger to draw on the ground.

The bone dagger is very sharp. Although Chan made no effort, he can easily leave a white scratch on the ground.

Wu Chen looked askew. Chan's writing is not standard, but according to the gourd ladle, we can see the likeness of the characters. Wu Chen read the words that Chan portrayed slowly as he watched: "Zhan, Mo... All right. "

“Great! Chief, they found Shifu! "Wu Chen cried excitedly again. He could not help but rush out to tell the good news to others.

“By the way, can we also be seen there?"

Chan nodded.

"Then I'll write something about it, you wait!" Wu Chen was full of questions. He didn't know which one to mention first. He would like to ask when the two will come back.

Chan paused for a moment, then suddenly said, "They've changed their words."

"What is it?" Wu Chen asked quickly.

Chan starts to use the bone dagger to depict on the ground again.

Half an hour later, Chan tried his best and he was tired. Wu Chen arranged for someone to take care of him and rushed to the meeting hall immediately. He wanted to tell everyone the news he had just received.

It's said that the Chief and Priest Da-Ren have been heard back from so that all the people who can come to the hall in time have come.

Zheng saw that people were almost there, and immediately said to Wu Chen, "You tell everyone the news."

The Curse Witch Zhou Wu sat in a chair, keeping his eyes closed.

“Okay.” Wu Chen stood up and faced the people: "Through the Huoxin clan, it is now determined that chief Da-Ren has found Priest Da-Ren!"

[1]Huoxin means Fire Letter

"That's great!" cheered all the people in the hall.

Ye Xing can't sit and he jumped up. "What else? Shifu, did they explain anything else? Did they say when they would be back? "

"They said, don't worry, I'm not going to say it now?" Wu Chen was helpless. "They changed these words with the slate: Be safe, don't watch, deal with the Bone Sculpting People, won't come back for a while, contact with fire when something important happens."

Shen-Gu pondered, "This means that they have really arrived at the site of the Bone Sculpting People, and they are also working against them?"

“Probably, otherwise, as the chief said, they can't not come back." Zheng and the Curse Witch Zhou Wu have learned the words from Wu Chen first, so they are calmer than the others in the conference hall.

The Curse Witch Zhou Wu eyes were closed, many people suspect that he has fallen asleep

“Plus," Wu Chen said again, "Chief, they left time for their next contact, at 19:00 p.m. ten days from today."

Shen-Gu asked Wu Chen, "Did you tell them what happened to the Jiu Yuan and other cities?"


"What did the chief and Priest Da-Ren say?"

This is also one of the most concerned issues. Everyone looked at Wu Chen.

Wu Chen organized his language and said: "Their reply is that we, the Jiu Yuan, can give some support and send a certain number of warriors to help out."

Zheng then said: "Chief probably means to do this to let us train. Although we are deep inland, the Bone Sculpting People will not be able to fight us for a while, but if we just watch, it will not only attract hatred from other forces, but also be harmful to the development of our warriors."

"Yes." Shen-Gu nodded, “If a warrior wanted to be strong, he has to practice his abilities more in the war. I suggest that I lead the supporting team immediately.”

"We send the best scouts who are in our regiment." Meng said proudly.

“I think it's better for everyone to take turns and occupy some territory or wait for someone to ask for some materials. Although the war is cruel, it is also an opportunity for us to support them and then gain something back. If the Bone Sculpting People attack us now, do you think those forces in the cities will help us for nothing? Don't tell me any justice. If those forces in the city can attack us, they will never be more merciful than those of the Bone Sculpting People.” With a faint smile on her face, Sha Lang said something more naked truthfully than anyone else.

Zheng raised his hand. “We'll talk about that later. One more thing Wu Chen hasn't said yet. "

Seeing people's eyes focused again, Wu Chen cleared his throat and said: "The chief and Priest Da-Ren also told us a very important thing. They asked us to bring all those people and intelligent creatures who can't survive back to the Jiu Yuan when supporting other cities to deal with the Bone Sculpting People. And open recruitment to the outside world, the special reward is our training method. Of course, these should be done in private, not too obviously. "

"We really need people, territory, supplies, and a lot of them." Shen-Gu smiled.

Everyone laughed. They all like to fish in troubled water. The Bone Sculpting People come to attack. Although it's dangerous, it's not the opportunity for the rise of the Jiu Yuan?

As for fear? Anyway, they fight with the nearby forces every after a while, as well as the forces in the upper city. Isn't it the same fight with the Bone Sculpting People? Besides, even if the Bone Sculpting People can reach the inland, they have to wait until they have solved the forces in the coastal areas.

As long as the Bone Sculpting People are not stupid, they will certainly not give the people of the eastern continent a chance to surround them, that is to say, 90% of them will stabilize their ties, the next part will stabilize the first part, and take the way of cannibalism to invade the whole eastern continent, this was said by Curse Witch Zhou Wu.

After all, the purpose of the Bone Sculpting People is not just to be a boss, even if their purpose is to completely enslave or even enslave the intelligent races in the east continent, which is not a problem that can be solved easily by comparing with the forces in the cities. And they obviously want to use all the intelligent creatures in the eastern continent as slaves and materials, which is an irreconcilable contradiction. If the intelligent creatures in the eastern continent do not want to fall into the same fate as livestock, they can only fight with them to the end.

In this way, the forces in the coastal areas or in the territory favored by the Bone Sculpting People will be very unlucky. If they really stand firm, it will be difficult to completely eliminate them in the future, but it will also give other forces some time to react.

"The chief and Priest Da-Ren went to the western continent occupied by the Bone Sculpting People. They were just two people. How to deal with the bone sculpting tribesmen?"

Meng chuckled, “I said Lao mu, don't worry about it! I don't worry about either of them. The two of them, together with Jiu Feng, can absolutely turn the Bone Sculpting People upside down. Even if they can't be eliminated, self-protection will be OK. Besides, you don't know how divine our Priest Da-Ren is. Chief, as long as they find Priest Da-Ren, what else can they worry about? "

Shen-Gu thought, "The Priest is in my hand, I have the world."

People squinted at each other: "..."

Shen-Gu said seriously, "This is what chief Da-Ren said."

"That's right." The Curse Witch Zhou Wu gave a strange laugh and opened his eyes: “Mo is my disciple. I as his Shifu doesn't worry about anything, you worry about a non-sense! Now what you have to do is to work together to guard the Jiu Yuan. At the same time, the suggestions of Shen-Gu and Sha Lang are also very good. We should not only guard, but also seize more territory and manpower! You don't have to worry about the people here when you go out. I'll watch the Jiu Yuan naturally. You're welcome to use those 9th rank and 10th rank warrior. Use them in the fight. If they don't want to go to the fight, you'll come to me. "

The Jiu Yuan leader's voice: the Curse Witch Zhou Wu Da-Ren is mighty!

Besides Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo.

Get in touch with the Jiu Yuan, and made sure to keep in touch with them from time to time in the future. Both of them were relieved.

“It seems that the Bone Sculpting People are advancing much more slowly than I thought." Yan Mo seems to be thinking.

"The Bone Sculpting People are powerful, and the forces in the cities are not weak. If they can take most of the leaders of the Nine Cities down or even control them at the Nine Great Cities Challenge party, it may be easier to attack and occupy the eastern continent, but they probably didn't expect that they would have you and me there to foil their plan.” Yuan Zhan said he was proud, but he did have the capital to be proud, and the plot of the Bone Sculpting People at the meeting of the Nine Cities didn’t destroy them completely.

“I was worried about whether they would retaliate against the Jiu Yuan..." Yan Mo's mind is divided into two parts. He always felt that he is going to catch something. There must be a more effective way to deal with the Bone Sculpting People. It's faster than them to cultivate a force here. What is it?

Yuan Zhan shook his head and patted his back. "What they want is the whole East continent, not a small the Jiu Yuan. Even if they are angry, they can't risk going deep into the inland just to get back at the Jiu Yuan."

“I'm just worried that the Bone Sculpting People will use the means of dealing with Kong Cheng-Air City to deal with the Jiu Yuan."

"There must be something inside the control of Kongcheng-Air City needed by the Bone Sculpting People, and the Bone Sculpting People must have spent a long time on Kongcheng-Air City, otherwise they would not only control a Kongcheng-Air City first."

“But as long as they control any important leader of the Jiu Yuan, such as Zheng, such as Shen-Gu, or even Wu Chen, they..."

“Is it foolish of them to do that near Curse Witch Zhou Wu? He is so powerful. Don't underestimate the high priests. Do you remember the upper level cities controlled by the Bone Sculpting People at the Party of the Nine Cities? How many of the controlled are the priest? How many are real City Lords or main powers who were controlled? "

"You mean?"

Yuan Zhan sneered, "The Bone Sculpting People don't have the ability to enslave people. Even if they do, they just rely on bone objects. How many people can bone objects enslave at a time? I think they can only use surprise to enslave or beat someone down, and then use the enslavement bone to control them. But how can an important person be surrounded by no one to guard them? And the Bone Sculpting People have a special goal. If they don't want to disturb the intelligent race in the East, they can only use the local people to do things in the beginning. But how high is it possible for them to control an expert in the first place? "

"So they took a long time, because they could only control one or several people first, and then through these people to contact more powerful ones slowly, just one by one." Yan Mo understood. He felt that Yuan Zhan was better than him in conspiracy theories. You see, he didn't teach him much. This man can roughly infer the means of the Bone Sculpting People to control the upper level of the cities.

"Yes, and it's not easy for them to cross the sea. There are few who can come first. They don't dare to show their leaders first if they want to protect their lives. They can only penetrate slowly. And the fact that Kongcheng-Air City leadership was completely controlled. It is likely that the people the Bone Sculpting People first contact were the people of Kongcheng-Air City. "

Yan Mo clapped his hands: “And the enslavement bone is not easy to make, especially the enslavement bone, which can be used to control the powerful soul, it cannot be made in a hurry. In addition, the lack of materials in the western continent and other problems may greatly limit the number of enslavement bones made. I remember Zan-Bu said that even in their time, the Bone Sculpting People were all over the world, and they seldom produced the enslavement bone, of course, they probably didn't need it very much at that time. In any case, the Bone Sculpting People use the enslavement bone controller to control people who they think are worth it, which makes their progress slower. "

"So that’s why I said you didn't have to worry about the Jiu Yuan." Yuan Zhan concluded, "The Jiu Yuan must be very alert to strangers now. Whether the Bone Sculpting People venture into the Jiu Yuan territory by themselves or they find other experts, the Jiu Yuan won't be careless. As long as the Jiu Yuan is on guard, it's very difficult for them to control someone and influence the Jiu Yuan. If someone is under control, unless the Bone Sculpting People can control more than three heads of the five regiments, the Curse Witch Zhou Wu and those 10th rank Masters at one time, it will not be easy for several people to make trouble in the Jiu Yuan. "

“If they lurk?"

Yuan Zhan sneered, "Shall we not go back in a hurry then? As long as we go back, no matter how many people they lurks in, we'll just catch them and get rid of them! "

Yan Mo pondered for a moment. “I plan to pass on the method of releasing the enslavement bone to Shifu the Curse Witch Zhou Wu after the next contact."

"Can you pass it on?"

“As long as the powerful soul can find the key point to destroy it, even if it can't be destroyed, as long as it can block the connection between the enslavement bone and the controlled person, the enslavement bone has no effect."

Yuan Zhan suddenly said: "When sending it back, remember to tell the Curse Witch Zhou Wu not to spread the method first, but let others know that the Jiu Yuan has a solution for the enslavement bone. If someone wanted to get the release method of the enslavement bone, let them replace it with labor, land or materials! "

Yan Mo was happy, "You are not afraid of other forces to join hands and fight against the Jiu Yuan?"

Yuan Zhan smiled slyly, "That's will have to wait until they can get rid of the Bone Sculpting People first. Besides, we can set different requirements according for the friendliness of the Nine Great Cities and other intelligent races to the Jiu Yuan. For example, Mucheng-Forest City, Fengcheng-Wind City, the Snake-people and so on. We only need their support."

"You are ruthless! In this way, even some of the upper cities that huge complained about the requirements of the Jiu Yuan could not join forces to bully and attack the Jiu Yuan. A-Zhan, do you think you are getting more and more cunning these days?"

Yuan Zhan put his arm around Priest Da-Ren, bit his face, and said in a rascal way, “It's because my Priest Da-Ren who teaches well."

“Get out!" Yan Mo admitted that he is not a good man, but he is not so deceptive. If he can be so deceptive and cunning, he would not have been imprisoned, nor would he have been banished to this world after dying.

After this contact and analysis, the story of the Jiu Yuan was put down by the two men.

"We need to speed up and try to make things happen in the west before the Bone Sculpting People get a foothold in the East. In a word, make them worry about the home they left to attack others homes!"

Yan Mo just got on the bone bird, suddenly rushed down again, rushed to Yuan Zhan, excitedly said: “I think of how to deal with the Bone Sculpting People, in addition to adding enemies to their old nest, the best way is to split them!"

"How to split?" Yuan Zhan asked calmly.

“I've been thinking about how to hand over the bone to the White-Horn clan. I'm stupid. I didn't think to take advantage of such a good opportunity! But you reminded me, things can be handed in, but not in vain. If the White-Horn clans attach importance to this Bone Inheritance, coupled with their nature of not liking to fight, we may be able to use the Bone Inheritance to let them withdraw support from the Bone Sculpting People's plan to seize the eastern continent."

"What if they don't value Bone Inheritance as much as you think?"

“We then let them know the importance of this bone inheritance." Yan Mo thought of the Horn-man Buhua's appreciation of his bone knife. He thought that even though the bone sculpting technology of the Bone Sculpting People was advancing, the ancient inheritance ten thousand years ago would have its advantages. This is not retrogression, just a technical fault.

Just like his previous life, even when he was banished here, science and technology there were so advanced, and some ancient technological achievements for them were still a lot of unsolved mysteries, even with modern technology could not replicate them!

Yan Mo has a more detailed plan in mind, and was not willing to delay on the way. In the next few days, they are all on the way, except that they will drop the bone birds at noon and in the evening to have a rest, and spend the rest in the way.

On the way, they also encountered several dangers, such as the flying bone objects' of the bone sculpting tribesmen. But those bone sculpting tribesmen didn't think that the Hornless-men could use flying bone objects at all. They all thought that the Horn-men were the owners of the bone bird.

Although the Horn-people are curious, but the huge, the bone bird made them afraid of finding trouble and did not get close to them.

And it's also related to the path Yan Mo chose. They didn't get close to the city, and they kept walking along the no man's land, and met very few people. On one occasion, when flying to a cape, they met a large group of fierce seabirds, but with the help of the negotiation of Jiu Feng and the demonstration of Yuan Zhan, the seabirds soon retired back.

After 11 days of flying, they finally arrived at the Demon Abyss shown on the map.

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