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Banished to Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 466: How difficult it is to raise a son

Chapter 466: How difficult it is to raise a son

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Yan Mo finally woke up after a night's rest.

Yuan Zhan has been infusing him with energy all night long, and seeing him open his eyes, he was relieved.

“My God!” Yan Mo sat up with the support of Yuan Zhan and cussed several swearing words.

"How are you?" Yuan Zhan asked, kneeling on one knee and supporting his back.

“Fortunately, it feels just that there's something missing inside the body." Yan Mo tried to stand up.

Yuan Zhan stood up with him. "Do you still hurt?"

"Well, I can bear it."

Yuan Zhan looked patient.

When Yan Mo saw him like that, he had to turn around and comfort him, “I'm ok, really. The two boys are gone. I feel much more relaxed."

“In the future, you will lack a strong defense."

"Ha! I don't need him now.” Yan Mo moved slowly.

Yuan Zhan walked slowly, holding him half by half. "You look..."

"Huh?" Yan Mo raised his face.

“It's like you have grown up a little bit." Yuan Zhan roughly compared Yan Mo's height again, “I feel that you have grown a lot taller."

"Oh? How much taller? "Yan Mo is happy, he was trying to straighten his back and compare his height with Yuan Zhan.

Although it's nice to have green onions and tender face, its low self-esteem to be shorter than to be woman. Now it's an unexpected happy event to grow tall overnight.

Yuan Zhan rubbed Yan Mo's head with his chin. His Priest Da-Ren really grew a lot this night, he had now reached to his chin.

“I've long said I'm just growing slowly!" Yan Mo is satisfied with his new height, which is about 180 now?

“It seems that Wu Guo has also inhibited in your growth to some extent." Yuan Zhan thinks that the grown-up Priest Da-Ren is also very cute. The original simple and honest youth has grown up. Maybe the most influential changed is the temperament. Now Yan Mo looked like the same person, but he is more patient and has a more vigorous outline than before.

"Of course, if he stays in me, he will absorb my nutrients. I feel like I'm going to grow taller and taller now.” When people are happy, they feel refreshed. Yan Mo has walked a few steps, slowly and steadily. His spirit is also good.

“Go, look at those two little things! Did you see them? Have they changed since they came out?" Yan Mo changed his direction and went to look for the pouch Yuan Zhan left on the ground.

Yuan Zhan followed him. “I didn't watch it. I was looking after you this night."

“I think it's OK. Wu Guo would have yelled if something happened." Yan Mo picked up the pouch.

Two bratty children are finally born! That's strange!

As soon as the nursery bag was picked up, Wu Guo began to shout: "You even threw us aside for one night! Are there any parents like you who are this irresponsible? I'm afraid you didn't want to worry about us after you gave birth to us, did you! You are abusive!"

Yan Mo: “......”

Yuan Zhan held his forehead, and he heard the roar of his eldest son.

“I can tell you, don't think it's OK to give birth to us. The cultivation that follows is the most important. You must do this and that..." Wu Guo crackled and spoke, he was like turning on the machine and shutting down the guns, he didn't give the new two dads a chance to interrupt.

After hearing what Wu Guo said, Yan Mo felt the darkness on his head!

Daring to give birth to them is just the beginning? According to his eldest son, he and Yuan Zhan still have to be busy if they want him and Du-du to become human beings.

Yan Mo thought that two children can be put into the nursery bag and thrown into the space, as long as they take out a drop of blood essence every day. But in fact....

Wu Guo shouted: "You must take us with you every day! Every day, every moment! Blood essence just gives us flesh and blood connection so that we can inherit your blood and become human beings. But how much energy can blood essence have? You've got to carry a pouch close to your body every day so that we can draw energy from you through the pouch. The biggest function of this pouch is this!"

So the pouch is like a woman's womb. It protects and transports nutrients, right? Yan Mo was speechless. He said that how could The Guide give him a nursery bag so kindly? It was the tough work waiting for him!

"Yes! And sun us, and then moon us at night. From time to time we need to be watered.” Wu Guo went on to add.

"... You said that we should carry all the bags in the future.” Yan Mo handed the pouch to Yuan Zhan with an expressionless face.

Yuan Zhan smiled and willingly ties the pouch to her chest.

The pouch looked a bit like a baby's back pocket as a whole, but the front pocket is still relatively small, which can fit two baby nuts.

Little baby fruits were fluttering, more than the previous fruit out of a little vitality, they now appeared vibrant. There is a small pit on the top of the two fruits. That is to say, there is a small sprout with the size of rice grain and the color of tender yellow in the place where the long base is.

Now I'm afraid no one who sees these two fruits will not treat them as ordinary fruits anymore.

“It just started to sprout." Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo stretched out their heads together to see the young shoots just emerging from the little baby fruit. Their faces are all disgusted with each other, but the joy in their eyes can't be concealed from anyone.

Wu Guo hum, "When the bud grows, Du-du can talk."

“Good, good." Yan Mo smiled like a silly dad.

"You're his brother. Protect your brother." Yuan Zhan reached out his finger and stroked one of the fruits. "Which one is you?"

"You touched me." The baby fruit moved a bit, "We just came out, we are still very weak, and we will take long sleep, occasionally wake up, if there is nothing to call us. Don't forget what I told you. Don't raise us only for us to end up in death, two stupid dads! "

Two stupid dads wrote down the list of punishments and chores for him together, waiting for him to become a man and they will make him settle the score.

Wu Guo Da-Ren, who didn't know anything, slept happily and rubbed another fruit before going to bed.

Both dad's hearts softened to tofu paste.

“Let’s go out." Yan Mo saw his son's relaxed expression and said that "Since then, two fruits have nothing to do with me".

This man plans to be the shopkeeper in the future except for the blood essence. He always appreciates penguin's family orientation and division of labor. One is responsible for laying eggs, the other is responsible for hatching eggs!

Yuan Zhan, a big man with a pocket on his chest, he carefully touched the bottom of his pocket. He was trying to protect the two little bastards he made with his Priest Da-Ren with difficulty. Although he wanted to beat them, he still waited for them to become human and grow up a little bit. Now, he felt that with a little effort, the two can be broken if he touches them wrong.

"Where is this?" Yuan Zhan raised his eyes and asked. He finally asked this question at leisure. He walked around and adjusted the position of his lower back pocket.

“My space. You and these two can come in, the others can't.” A brief introduction made to Yan Mo.

"Your ability has grown. I remember you told me before that your space is very small."

"Yes. My space has been growing with my energy.” Yan Mo kept telling

"Very good! In the future, when we are in danger, our children have places to hide. "

"Um." Yan Mo wondered, "What are you happy about?"

Yuan Zhan coughed and put away his unconscious smirk. “I'm glad you're OK."

"Don't lie to me! Are you glad you can come in here, but Jiu Feng can't?" You are a super vinegar jar! Yan Mo saw what the other side was thinking at a glance, and broke through his lies on the spot.

Yuan Zhan's face is not red and his heart is jumping. He said seriously, “I'm happy with many things. You just said that is one of them."

Yan Mo sneered, “Let's go. Don't let Jiu Feng wait outside."

As soon as Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan came out, they were brutally “Pulled and killed" by Jiu Feng!

"Where were you hiding? Why won't you take me with you? Hey! "The young Master Jiu Feng screamed angrily.

Yan Mo apologized, saying good things without waiting.

Jiu Feng is happy after being coaxed for two sentences. This bird toddler anger came and goes quickly, "Hey? Mo Mo, how did you suddenly grow up? "

"Did you notice?" Yan Mo smiled and squinted. "Come on, Jiu Feng Da-Ren, we show you two little babies."

"What baby?" Jiu Feng is curious, squatting on Yan Mo's head and looking down.

Yan Mo opened Yuan Zhan's chest pocket to show Jiu Feng his two sons.

“Hey! Delicious fruit! "Jiu Feng was happy. “Is this for me to eat? Hey! "

Jiu Feng's hooked mouth poked his beak to the fruits but Yuan Zhan's hand back which suddenly became hard blocked him.

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan felt in a cold sweat together.

“Ancestors Above! This is not for you to eat.” Yan Mo can't cry or laugh. His son was almost eaten by the birds when he was born.

Fortunately, Wu Guo is asleep now, or he will definitely fight with Jiu Feng. Yan Mo firmly believes that Wu Guo's smart kid will have the strength to protect himself even when he is the weakest.

“Isn't it a fruit? I found it. Why can't I eat it? "Jiu Feng asked simply.

“Because they are now assimilated with Wu Guo and Du-du. They are no longer ordinary fruits. As long as they are well raised, they will become human beings, that is, my two sons." Yan Mo explained patiently.

“Mo Mo, will you nurture the Fruit of Witchcraft?”

"Thanks to your help, if you didn't find Shuiyanmu trees, they will have to wait a long time." “I really appreciate it," Yan Mo said.

“Great! But how can there be two? "Jiu Feng looked at the baby fruit in his pocket.

Yuan Zhan was afraid that he would not know how to hurt two small things, and he always used his hands to protect them.

Yan Mo smiled. "You will have two little brothers to play with you in the future. Are you happy?"

“Little brother?" Thought Jiu Feng that they didn't have wings.

"Jiu Feng, would you like to be the elder brother of my children? Protect them as you protect me? Play with them? Find them something delicious to eat? "

Jiu Feng's mind: Mo Mo's children? So Mo Mo finally gave birth to the real two legged monsters? So he has two more little two legged monsters to play with? Jie! It's amazing! Later, he will take them in his mouth and teach them how to fly! And catch wild animals. Wait they are so small. I better catch worms for them to eat!

From now on, Wu Guo, who was fed mouthful of worms as soon as he was born: His hatred is growing, you know? Don't you know what plants hate most is insects!

But at this time, no one knows what will happen in the future.

At the thought that there will be playmates or two in the future, Jiu Feng is so happy that he smiled. He also dislikes Yuan Zhan's hand which kept him from seeing clearly. He uses his claws to pull him away. He wanted to see his little two legged monsters brothers!

Yan Mo pushed Yuan Zhan's hand and lets Jiu Feng grasp the edge of his pocket to see clearly.

The more he looked at the two dolls, the more he likes them. He decides not to eat the same dolls again! Hey!

Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo, who disappeared and reappeared, found that the Hornless-men were more awed by their eyes and expressions.

Yan Mo's height and face were much higher and older than before, which made him feel more mysterious. Meanwhile, HouShi made up dozens of new legends about the future son of God, Mo Da-Ren.

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan were in a good mood. Before leaving, they asked the Oldman He check the Jiu Yuan through the fire.

Yan Mo has straw shoes woven by Wu Chen on his body, and took a pair of them to the old man for him to communicate with Wu Chen.

Wu Chen can't see the fire, but the old man can see Wu Chen and his surroundings

All of a sudden, the old man let out a cry of surprise.

"Two Da-Ren, I saw my tribesmen!" Oldman He's deeply wrinkled face smiled.

"What do you see?" Yan Mo sat down and asked.

Oldman He replied tearfully in his eyes: “I saw my tribesmen in new clothes, living in a beautiful house, with fresh fruit on the table. The Da-Ren you showed me was by their side and seemed to be talking to my tribesmen. "

"Can you get in touch with them? Let them see our tribe situation? "Yuan Zhan asked.

"Yes, Da-Ren, just a moment." Oldman He pulled out his three hairs and threw them into the fire. He closed his eyes.

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