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Banished to Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 468: Friends of the Demon Abyss, calm down!

Chapter 468: Friends of the Demon Abyss, calm down!

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The Demon Abyss is a peninsula, connected with the mainland on one side, surrounded by water on three sides, covering a large area. Seen from the air, its overall shape is a bit like the human skull, not only the outline, but also the black holes of two eyes, nostrils and mouth.

The whole peninsula is shrouded in fog. You can't see what is there on the island. Only those black holes are very obvious. You always feel a sense of terror that you will be sucked in after a long look from the air.

Yan Mo manipulated the bone bird to fly around the peninsula. In the refraction of light, the fog occasionally gives off a trace of splendor, which makes him more afraid to land easily, especially when his vision is unclear.

Finally, Yan Mo manipulated the bone bird to descend a hundred meters outside the fog surrounding the peninsula, and Yuan Zhan followed him to his side.

Two people came out of the bone bird. The others were still hiding in the bone bird for safety.

Xi Yang, Qi Hong Zi, Qi Mei and HouShi also followed.

"This is the Demon Abyss?" Yuan Zhan asked Yan Mo.

Yan Mo nodded, “If you follow the map, it should be."

Yuan Zhan looked up at the thick fog not far away. "What's wrong with the fog?"

“If the Hornless-men really live on that peninsula, I think that fog is probably the biggest obstacle to the Horn-men's entry."

"Someone's around us." Yuan Zhan said in a low, motionless voice.

“I feel it, too. Someone is peeping at us."

"The demon of Demon Abyss?"

"Ha! I'll see if I try.” Yan Mo turned his head and told Hou Shi, “Let's everyone come out and have a rest. While it's not dark, let's see if there's any food around. We'll have a rest here tonight."

"Yes." HouShideliberately run into Xi Yang and went back to deliver the order.

Xi Yang's face has not changed, and he is calm and unafraid. He was in an awkward situation, but he never gave up hope this time. He firmly believed that MoDa-Ren and Zhan Da would have something useful for him to do in the future, which also required him to take the initiative.

"Da-Ren, I'll lead the team around the neighborhood," Qi Mei said to Yuan Zhan

Yuan Zhan nodded, “If you see anything, please remember to warn."

Qi Mei called a 20 member team to look around the neighborhood, while Qi Hong Zi took three people to follow Yan Mo.

Today, the nearly 1000 people team has been clearly separated from the camp, which was formed spontaneously without the intervention of Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo.

The three villagers of Wadi village, the Huoguo village and the Qianshan village, together with the nearby refugees, formed a small collective. This small collective is the most brainless followers to Yan Mo, and they will do whatever Yan Mo said. Their respect for Yan Mo has reached an unshakable level when they increasingly see his various miracles. They can hardly bear any disrespect for Yan Mo Even if it's just a little complaint, they will feel unbearable and will reprimand any unbeliever. Among them, HouShi is the most faithful follower.

The old village witch of the Qiyu village is a very wise man. He is very decisive and willing. After confirming that Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan are the tool he can rely on, he handed over all the force of the Qiyu village. And the wisest thing about him is that before everyone realized it, he sent Qi Hong Zi and some of his favorite youths to Yan Mo as guards. Then made Qi Mei take five hundred young and strong people to listen to Yuan Zhan's instructions, and even let the whole village change its name with Yuan Zhan as chief.

It is clear that the Qiyu village is the latecomer, and the number of people they have is also the largest and strongest group in this team, but now they seem to have the same look that says we were originally the subordinates of Mo Da-Ren and Zhan Da-Ren. This look almost killed Hou Shi -- he always thought that the village where Mo Da-Ren came first should be his own!

Yan Mo also admired the sacrifice of Qi Yu old village witch. The old village witch's behavior can be said to be a desperate crazy investor behavior. If it wins, it's easy to yell in laughter, if it loses, then it really finito over.

In fact, this kind of thing was not uncommon in ancient times. When a big tribe met with something or someone stronger, the leader of the family took a fancy to someone's ability, and then the whole tribe made a bet. It was only a future. But some people have a good eye, while some investors are a little unlucky.

Qi Yu old village witch's vision is not clear, but his luck is an obvious point on.

Yan Mo smiled, others are loyal to him, and he will take the responsibility naturally.

“Always think I've been reformed by The Guide..."

"What did you say?" Yuan Zhan turned around.

Yan Mo rubbed his nose, "Nothing, I just sigh that I was only responsible for my work before, and now I am responsible for people, Mmmh, a big progress?"

Yuan Zhan doesn't quite understand what he's lamenting for, but the change of Yan Mo is obvious to him day by day. In the past, he always felt that he couldn't catch this man and keep him, but now he thinks that this man would not abandon him easily Right?

Yan Mo looked at him for a while, and suddenly a sneer came out of his nose. He grabbed his hand and broke it off. He poked his ring finger in his left hand, "One drop a day."

Yuan Zhan looked at him doubtfully, looked at the expressionless indifference of the people in front of him, and then looked at his eyes, which seemed to despise him. Slowly, he seemed to understand something, and a big smile opened at the corner of his mouth. In turn, he tightly held Yan Mo's hand, "Yes, a drop every day."

Yan Mo hem and haw, opened a little pocket, so that his two sons can bask in the sun. Because of these two requirements, they would have a rest at noon every day.

Seeing the patrol, hunting and the close following behind Mo Da-Ren, Xi Yang took the initiative to arrange people to pick up firewood and build a fire pond nearby.

Although the people of Wadi village and the Qiyu village are most trusted by those two people, they are just farmers who are close to savages. They may be honest and loyal enough, but they have to rely on the city people who come out of the Wuqian city and are used to complex orders and various kinds of work to do trivial things.

This is Xi Yang's self-confidence, and it is also his dependence to stand by Yan Mo again.

The third camp of this team is under his covert control. Most of these people fled from the Wuqian City, or the Hornless-men who rushed to the east for help when they heard from a distant village near the Wuqian city.

These people didn't rely on him, and Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan didn't specifically gather them up. Seeing that all the people in the villages were in their own groups, the people in the city were in panic. Xi Yang just said a little, and these people immediately stood around him.

These people are more difficult to manage than the villagers, but they all have some life skills that the villagers don't have. Some people are used to serving the nobility with horns. They are very clear about how to make a person's life more comfortable and convenient.

Xi Yang tried to ask these people to take the initiative to serve Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan. HouShi can't get along with him, mainly for this reason. He doesn't like that the city people of Xi Yang always come to Mo Da-Ren and Zhan Da and do the serving even better than the villagers, but they are all clumsy, not to mention serving the good people, and often do wrong things.

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan both feel the competition, but none of them is going to interfere before the big fight, which also shows them the leadership and work ability of Xi Yang and Hou Shi. After all, if the Hornless-men want to stand up on this continent, they have to rely on themselves.

So before Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo had ordered, the general shape of the camp had been built.

Because of the presence of bone birds, they don't need to build tents at night, and the camp is built quickly.

Xi Yang also sent people find a clean source of fresh water, which has been pumped back to be boiled.

"Da-Ren, let's have a shade here." Xi Yang reaches for a sign.

Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo naturally follow. The resting place prepared by Xi Yang is just under a big tree. The ground has been carefully cleaned and covered with large pieces of cloth and straw mats. There is a stream not far away, which is really shady compared with other places.

How could Hou Shi not have thought of it when he saw his anger slapping his head! He has seen Xi Yang do it so many times!

The village witch Hou Nu looked at him like that and shook his head and sighed. Stupid Hou Shi, how can you compete with him for this? It's better to join the hunting team and hunt and find food honestly. These are their advantages.

Just after they sat down, some girls had already sent them cloth towels soaked in hot water, and others stood behind them and fanned them from the left.

Yan Mo refused at first, but every time they refused, the young girls and teenagers who served them showed a pitiful expression of crying and being abandoned. Some people knelt on the ground and couldn't help apologizing to them, and asked in fear if they didn't do well enough. Later, Yan Mo didn't care about them and left them alone.

Yuan Zhan doesn't care about this at all, but seeing Xi Yang serve Yan Mo so attentively also makes him eye-catching. He likes his Priest Da-Ren to be well served. It's better to let him not worry about trifles at all, which is obviously well done by Xi Yang.

Yan Mo only felt that his painstaking efforts to create the image of sharing weal and woe with the local people had been completely broken. What's the point of wearing cloth clothes and grass shoes when Xi Yang asked such people to serve him?

“Fan blowers, we don't need it. Yuan Zhan and I are not afraid of heat and cold." Yan Mo smiled and thanked the two girls behind him, asking them to help others or rest.

The two girls were very nervous, and Xi Yang nodded to them. The two girls hurriedly bowed to Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan.

Xi Yang sat down in the open space in front of the cloth mat and said with a smile, "They used to be servants in the City Lord's office. They always told me they wanted to serve you twoDa-Ren."

"Xi Yang," Yan Mo put down his water glass and said without criticism, "You don't need to please us. What I need is your ability to handle things. Hou Shi distance himself you very much, while Wadi village and others distance the people from the Wuqian city. I hope you can solve this problem as soon as possible. "

Yan Mo looked up at the man. "Can you do that?"

Xi Yang seemed to have expected that Yan Mo would give him such a task. He smiled back and said: "Yes. Da-Ren, leave it to me. "


“Fifteen days at most."

"Very well."

When Xi Yang got up and left, Qi Mei brought people back to report: "Witch Mo, chief, there is no danger nearby, but there are few animals and food. Look at the traces left by some places. It seems that there have been several large-scale battles here. "

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan looked at each other. So the Horn-people attacked the Demon Abyss?

Yuan Zhan asked Qi Mei, "Did you detect intelligent creatures nearby?"

QiMei shook his head, and at the same time asked vigilantly, "Chief, have you found anything?"

Yuan Shan didn't answer, but said, "Watch out. It's the same rule when you rest. Warriors are on to stand on the periphery. "


When Qi Mei left, Yan Mo saw that there was no one else around, so he said to Yuan Zhan, "Two possibilities. Maybe they're waiting for us to leave. Maybe they're looking at us. They want to wait until night to launch a surprise attack. "

“It's also possible that they won't show up until we get close to the fog?" Yuan Zhan speculates.

"Well, the biggest possibility is that they see that we are all the Hornless-men, and none of them have horns, so they don't know what to do. Now they have delivered the message back and are waiting for the above management reply." Yan Mo reached for the buds on the top of the two baby fruits.

Eleven days later, the buds that used to be like a small rice bag size grew a little bit, and two tiny yellow buds were separated.

“It's true that this may be the biggest." Yuan Zhan pats Yan Mo's hand to prevent him from pulling the buds on his sons.

"They're not as delicate as you think," Yan Mo said angrily

Yuan Zhan did not look, "Touch it, and you will pull it."

“Fxck! You’re a 24 filial piety Dad!" Yan Mo couldn't believe Yuan Zhan's change. Where is the man who said angrily that he would beat his son's xss?

Yuan Zhan doesn't know what twenty-four filial piety is, but guess it may not be a good word, "Every time you pull their buds, they cry in my head."

"They?" Yan Mo didn't believe it.

Yuan Zhan nods painfully, "One is loud, the other is quiet. One howls like thunder, the other sobs.”

Yan Mo lost his mind for a moment, "Can you hear Du-du crying?" then he was furious: "Why can't I hear it? Du-du has responded. Why can't I feel it at all?"

"Who told you to bully them all the time?" Yuan Zhan laughed at Yan Mo's anger.

"You... You did that on purpose, right!? You bastard!" Yan Mo jumped up and grabbed Yuan Zhan's face and pulled it on both sides.

Yuan Zhan's head suddenly turned into sand and scattered, which scared Yan Mo.

Yuan Zhan's head recovered again. Yan Mo stared at him for a long time, and he couldn't help laughing.

Yuan Zhan, with a smile in his eyes, kissed him on the corner of his mouth, and murmured, “I can really hear the crying of the two cubs. Maybe it's related to me carrying them every day?"

Yan Mo was confused. He wanted to hear his son's voice, but he doesn't want to carry his pocket all the time.

“Let's change. I'll put the pouch by your side at night."

"... Uh huh.”

These two sticky people forget themselves, but the people around are all stupid gawking after they saw the scene of Yuan Zhan's head turning to sand, OK?

"He, he’s head is growing again!' the Hornless-men, who was hiding in the dark, repeated incoherently.

Another person rubbed his eyes, stared at the other side for a long time, and murmured, “It really grows."

"Who are these people? Why did they come here?" Said the third.

“It's not the Horn-people anyway." The second voice replied.

“But they have bone birds! That's a flying bone! And as you can see, a bone bird can hold so many people. Who can have such a bone treasure?” The fourth person said, "I suspect they are related to the Horn-people, probably the spy they sent.”

"Who would send so many spies? Also, intentionally use two large flying bone birds to let us be on guard?” The second person can't help but satirize.

"Stop fighting! Why hasn't the messenger come back? We can fight back the Horn-people. If it's the Hornless-people. We can take them in after the test. But so many the horn-people. What should we do?” The first voice asked.

“It's not up to you to worry about this kind of thing. Wait, no one is allowed to expose it in advance if there is an order on it!” The fifth person, who is also the leader of the team, strongly urged the people to be humane.

The people of this team don't know yet. They are also tangled about what they have reported. Soon, the higher-level people came to visit and report back. In the evening, the higher-level people came again.

“First, wait a minute. It means to see if they pass by for a rest or if they have other plans. Keep your eyes on it. Report any changes!”

At night, a team of the demon warriors replaced the original monitors.

In the moonlight, Yan Mo took his two sons out of the nursery bag and puts some water in the basin to bathe them. HouShi and Qi Hong Zihave been curious about these two dolls for a long time. After holding the curiosity for so many days, Hou Shi finally asked: "Witch Mo, what is this? How does it look so like a baby?”

Yan Mo picked up the water with his hand and watered the two baby fruits. He raised his face and said with a smile, “Is it like that? Because this is my child. "

“Ah?!” Shouted Hou Shi and Qi Hong Zi in unison.

People around look at them.

Qi Hong Zi stared, "You say, say these two are like fruits... Well, it's your child?”

"Um." Yan Mo smiled and nods.

Yuan Zhan pointed to himself and added: “It's mine, too. I have the children with Mo."

HouShi and Qi Hong Zi: So that's how God gave birth? So what they see now is the future son of God? Oh! Ancestor God!

Two fruit bubble bath looked very cool, one also lightly hit the next fruit.

HouShi jumped up and said, “It moved!"

"Nonsense! They are the sons of God. They are alive. Of course they can move!” Qi Hong Zi was so angry that Hou Shi frightened him and shouted.

People around Shua look this way: what? Son of God?

HouShi knelt down in the water basin, looked at the two dolls and prayed with both hands: "Sons of God, please bless us to defeat the Horn-people in the future and build our town of the Hornless-people smoothly."

The two baby fruits: “......”

“I promised you instead of them." Yan Mo said, seeing that the two fruits are almost soaked in the bath, he took them out, wipes them with a soft cloth, and puts them back into the nursery bag.

HouShi clenched his fist and was excited. He immediately got up and ran to tell the people around the good news - that's how the story of the Son of God spread.

Qi Hong Zi is still relatively stable, and it was not until the successor came that he is happy to spread this in tribesmen - Mo Da-Ren finally promised to help them build a force against the Horn-people! Thank you the Sons of God, thank Mo Da-Ren, thank God!

Yuan Zhan pricked his fingertips and dropped a drop of energy rich blood essence to each of the two baby fruits. Although there is only one drop of blood, he compresses a quarter of his energy into this drop of blood, which is also a new skill he has slowly explored in so many days.

Yan Mo dripped a drop at random. He is not as careful as Yuan Zhan. If we use scientific theory to analyze it, this Shuiyanmu fruit is likely to have the ability to absorb genes and then “Metamorphosis". That is to say, this fruit uses his and Yuan Zhan's blood to turn itself into a fertilized egg. Giving blood every day is probably to accelerate the change process, but it needs energy, probably it is to say that the energy contained in the fruit itself is not enough for it to complete the process of “Metamorphosis".

However, he took the two fruits to the laboratory for test during the rest on the way. The test data told him that the fruit has its own energy and the heaven and earth energy provided by the nursery bag, which is enough for it to complete the change process.

Wu Guo will demand so much, but it's just because of its greedy nature! In short, he can eat as much as you give him. Only Yuan Zhan, a stupid father, can believe whatever Wu Guo his lamenting child said.

“My energy is only half of that of the day, so you have to guard me tonight," Yuan Zhan said

Yan Mo held the baby bag and said: "Use yuan-crystal!"

“It's a waste. It's only one night to recover." Yuan Zhan disappeared from the spot holding Yan Mo.

Other people have been used to this kind of scene for 11 days. They all have a calm face. The two Da-Ren must have returned to the divine world. Anyway, they will appear in the morning and in danger.

But the other group is not so calm.

"Did you see that? Those two disappeared! It's gone!”

"We saw, can you stop shouting?"

“I suspect that they are probably the demon warriors, too."

“I heard them say Son of God or something.” A hesitant voice with good ear force.

The leader said calmly: "You go around to find out what the Hornless-men are talking about. You'd better get their details. You, stop yelling and get the information! What's on it? It's coming back. "

"Oh!" the man looked back at the place where Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo disappeared before he left. His eyesight is the best, but he didn't see how the two disappeared, was it as if their bodies were sinking down?

There was no word in the night until noon the next day. The Demon Abyss seemed to have no intention of leaving. Even after they planned to settle down in the neighborhood, they finally made moves.

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