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Banished to Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 469: into the Demon Abyss

Chapter 469: into the Demon Abyss

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In the middle of the day, when the sun was shining in the sky, there was a white mist on the ground.

Yan Mo'snose felt the white fog before his eyes. It was very light, but he still smelt it.

Yuan Zhan pulled his chest pocket in the first time, ending the sun time of the two fruits.

"Is it toxic?" Yuan Zhan asked in a low voice.

Yan Mo, “It's not poison, it's just sleeping fog."

They looked at each other, made a decision in a second, pretending not to notice.

After the two of them, it was the village witches who noticed that there was something wrong with the white fog, but at that time they had little power to stand up.

"No!" Qi Mei and others also responded. Several of the demon warriors rushed out of the white fog area immediately, but they were not far away, and were forced back by bows and arrows.

The white fog suddenly accelerated and became thick.

“Putong." The first man fell.

Soon, there was a fall in the camp.

Several of the demon warriors wanted to attack, but they couldn't find the enemy at all. The white fog became thicker and thicker, which not only blocked their sight, but also made them unable to support any longer.

Yuan Zhan didn't save them even when he saw them fall. These people shouldn't have been trapped in the white fog so simply. They mainly had too little experience. They were flustered at the sight of tribesmen falling down.

Qi Yu's old village witch is still insisting. He turned his head to Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo's direction, but in the middle of the turn, he fainted with his eyes closed.

The white fog quickly covered the whole camp, even two bone birds.

“They are down!" someone whispered excitedly in the dark.

“And the two?"

“They have fainted, too."

"Very good! Niu Dan, you lead people to get them all back. Don't lock them up. Separate them. Hou Rui, you're in charge of getting some people to torture and see what they're doing.” Like the leader of the people respectively issued instructions, and finally to a half hundred old people respectfully said: "Teng Lao, do you see those two bone birds?"

“Give it to me." The old voice is confident and proud.

The figures flash in the white fog. It seems that these people have something in their hands hat controlled the fog. Soon the dense white fog was inhaled into those things.

The white fog disappeared in the camp, leaving only the comatose crowd.

All the people who were lying in ambush appeared together and rushed into the camp to catch people.

They have prepared wooden carts. The wheels and body of the carts are all made of wood. It's not fast on the road, but it's more convenient to load a large number of goods and people.

These people, they looked like corpses, the coming people threw the comatose people on the wooden cart to accumulate. The whole process is quite rough, the throwing was only a little gentle when meeting women and children.

“Many are young women." Some people drool.

"Don't do anything! Take people back first!” Shouted the leader.

“I didn't do anything, I said."

“Hey? What about the two?” The leader was surprised.

“I saw them sitting faintly on the ground just now." Another man ran over disbelieving and said, "Really, I really saw them fainting, their heads resting on each other, and their arms powerless."

"Did you really see it? So where are they?” Asked the drooling man.

“I can't be wrong about this distance!" roared the well sighted demon warriors.

“Bad! Head, one of the two bone birds is missing!” Another came to report the bad news.

"So big bone bird disappeared, you didn't even see one person move?" the leader couldn't believe it.

“It was so foggy just now..."

“Are you trying to blame me for that?" said one of the demon warriors, who has a good eye.

"Well, don't make any noise!" the leader had a headache. "You two, and you, three of you, follow me to check around. Others follow Niu Dan and take people back! You are responsible for protecting Teng Lao. "


The leader took people to circle nearby and found no one, so he had to take people back. And no one noticed that two bees hidden in the hair of Hou Shi and Qi Yu old village witch and followed the peninsula.

At this time, all the comatose people in the camp have been transported away, leaving only one huge bone bird and the ugly Teng Lao and others standing in front of the bone bird.

“It's possible that the two men manipulated a bone bird to run away. It's a pity that none of us can see how they ran, and there's no sign of bone birds in the sky.” The leader looked at only one bone bird and said heartily.

“People and bone birds were in front of you. You can also allow people take the bone bird to run away. I'll see how you can explain it to the Yuan Lord!" Teng Lao sneered.

"Teng Lao, can you control this bony bird?" the leader was not soft to fall to ridicule. He didn't seem to pay attention to the ugly face of Teng Lao and asked deliberately.

Teng Lao glared at him, then turned to look at the bone bird.

His assistant, who was still a disciple, instead of him replied unhappily, “It's not so easy to figure out how to operate with such a little time."

"Can't you open either?"

“I didn't say that, Master Teng needs time!" the talking disciple was even more unhappy.

"How long will it take? This bone bird is too conspicuous being left outside, and the two leading men are missing. If they come back and take this bone bird, it would be a pity.” The leader was more worried that the two disappeared people would turn to revenge.

Teng Lao made a decision: “Find someone to carry the bone bird back."

This is also the plan of the leader. When he hears the words, he whistles.

More people came out this time, bone bird so huge, who knows how many people are needed to lift it?

Yan Mo saw that they were sticks and ropes. A large group of people surrounded the bony bird, fearing that the bony bird would be damaged, he manipulated the bone birds to become lighter.

These people don't know how the bone birds should weight. They are very happy to see that bone bird was not as heavy as they thought. One by one, they cheerfully carry the bone bird to the peninsula shrouded in white fog, shouting their victories chants.

The leader saw that the bone bird was carried away smoothly, and a smile appeared on his face. Although he doesn't know what these Hornless-men are doing here, they will make gains if they can get this flying bone bird!

"Trojan horse." Yan Mo sat in the head of a bone bird and smiled.

"What?" Yuan Zhan didn't understand.

Yan Mo explained: “It’s like if Horn-people came to attack the Demon Abyss, if they left one or several flying bone objects like us, and then filled the bone objects with warriors, and then the Horn-people brought the bone objects into their old nest, and the Horn-people came out of the bone objects Ha ha!”

"Has anyone done this before? Used a Trojan horse?” Yuan Zhan responded quickly.

"Yes. There was a tribe called Troy that had been tricked, so this strategy is called Trojan horse.”

"They didn't fight the Hornless-people, but they brought us in." Yuan Zhan has written down this allusion. May I have a try?

"Yes." Yan Mo exclaimed, it can't be said that people at this time are very deceitful, but only that wealth and high technology change people's hearts. This is the same as in his previous life, if he found an unmanned spacecraft on the earth's periphery, he would surely think of ways to get it back to the earth, even if he knew that there would be danger in it.

He knew these people were so easy to cheat. No, he should have known that they paid so much attention to flying bone objects, so they didn't need to let people show up and take risks if someone came to take it. They just put people inside the bone bird to create a false image of a bird falling accident. Maybe these people of the Demon Abyss would carry them in without using the white fog.

However, things have been done so far, and Yan Mo has also determined that the white fog can only cause coma, and Yuan Zhan has not felt the malice of the other party. If you enter the Demon Abyss in this way, you may feel more relieved.

As Yan Mo guessed, there is no white fog in the peninsula, but because the sky is covered with daily white fog, the island environment is not particularly bright, and the humidity is heavy.

There are many trees in the island. You can see the roads that have been repaired. In some places, you can also see the buildings that look like villages.

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan can feel that the terrain is going up. Yan Mo bought the Demon Abyss map from The Guide with SCUM VALUE. After careful reading, he shared it with Yuan Zhan through spiritual connection.

Yuan Zhan "Saw" a map suddenly appeared in his mind, and was stunned for a while. This feeling is a little different from that Yan Mo used to make him understand the local people. Now it is more direct and intuitive.

Yan Mo is also trying. Seeing Yuan Zhan's success, he smiled, “Before, you could enter the space with me and that prove that your spiritual power has been connected with me for a long time."

“Soul power? Do you mean our souls are entwined?”

"What do you mean?" Yan Mo didn't bother to argue with him. It was convenient anyway. "Can you read the map? This color and figure represents mountains, this represents water. As shown in the figure, the Demon Abyss is relatively high in altitude, with a steep slope from the mainland to the sea. It has the lowest chin position and the highest forehead position. Its mouth is a lake. The black holes in its nostrils and eyes are likely to be broken cliffs or huge caves. It may also be a crater, which can only be seen from the sky."

The two men analyzed the terrain of the Demon Abyss all the way. The strong men outside were carrying bone bird and shouting the bugle for a long time before they stopped.

There was a voice outside: “Is that the bone bird? As expected, it’s huge. Let's put it here first. Teng Lao needs some time to think about how to manipulate it. "

"Wait." A woman's voice sounded, "This bone bird should belong to the whole Demon Abyss. Although the huge size is not easy to transport, it cannot only be handed over to you the Xiayuan Abyss people to use it. Our Zhongyuan Abyss and Zuoshangyuan Abyss, and the Bone Sculptors in the Youshangyuan Abyss, will arrive soon. I think it's better for you to wait, all of you agree?”

As soon as the woman's voice fell, someone retorted, which soon led to a quarrel between the woman and others.

Inside the Bone bird.

Yan Mo: “It seems that the Demon Abyss is not a complete force."

Yuan Shan nodded, "Xiayuan, Zhongyuan, Zuoshangyuan, Youshangyuan, they have at least four independent cities."

“And there is a certain degree of competition between them."

“It's good for us and bad for us."

“A-Zhan, what do you think?"

Yuan Zhan knocked on his knee and pondered for a moment. “Let's leave the bone bird and take on these four forces one by one."

“And then?"

"Then it's up to you."

“Up to me?" Yan Mo was slightly surprised and turned his head. "You too?"

Yuan Zhan smiled, "Hou Shi, didn't they come to see you as the spirit of the Hornless-men sent by the Ancestor God, so you should simply sit on this identity."

"Then ask them not to shrink, but to stand up and resist the Horn-people?" Yan Mo did not immediately refuse. “Let's see the strength of the warriors in the abyss first."

"To make the Horn-people frustrated, their strength will not be very poor. Moreover, the peninsula covered a large area, and there should be a lot of the Hornless-men who live in it. "

“I'm afraid they don't have any ambition to fight the Horn-people, and it's enough for them to occupy only one peninsula."

Yuan Zhan didn't think so. "There must be four different attitudes of the four cities. Even if some people are willing to shrink, there must be some people who want to do something. Otherwise, they won't easily accept the Hornless-men who are coming from outside."

Yan Mo's brain was spinning rapidly. Gradually, a bad smile appeared on his face, “Let's go out and find Hou Shi first, then..."

Yuan Zhan laughed even more treacherously. He listened while helping his Priest Da-Ren. Within half an hour, the two men made a preliminary plan to "rob" the Demon Abyss.



"That bone bird will we leave it to them to use it?" Yuan Zhan is reluctant.

Yan Mo was more reluctant, "Of course not!"

People were still quarreling outside. At that time, the Bone Sculptor of other abyss cities arrived. They were not happy that Teng Lao of Xiayuan Abyss people first contacted bone bird. At this time, they came to hear that Xiayuan Abyss people wanted exclusive right to it. They were even angry.

All of a sudden!

"No! Where is the bone bird?” Cried the woman who first stopped the Abyss people quarreling in surprise.

Teng Lao turned his head and stares at her. The big bone bird disappears in front of so many people?!

"Who did it? Who has hidden the bony birds away?” Zuoshangyuan Abyss people Kingdom Bone Sculptor just arrived shouted at Teng Lao.

Other Bone Sculptors also looked at Teng Lao.

Teng Lao was speechless. “It's not me."

"Who else can it be if not you? You were the first one to touch the bone bird and stayed alone with it for such a long time. Maybe you already know how to operate it. Now do you put it away?”

“It's not me!" Teng Lao said angrily. “If I can put it away, why would I wait for you?"

"Well, you've finally said it. Your people are shameless. Every time you have something good, you run faster than others by relying on the distance. It's said that there are nearly a thousand people coming out this time? Is there anyone here who is not short of people? Are you going to take them all alone?”

"That is to say, you are shameless to go down into the abyss. You have collected the bone bird, and even people will not give them to us?"

"Since you've got the bone bird in the abyss, let's give the people to us. We'll give them to at least half of the young women in Zhongyuan Abyss people this time."

"Why give you half? There are few women. We Zuoshangyuan Abyss people are so young and strong that we can only live together for long. Do you know the pain?”

“Bullshit your pain! You Zuoshangyuan Abyss people men like doing things with men who doesn't know of it? Women don't want to be with you!”

“Put the nonsense back into that mouth!" Zuoshangyuan Abyss Bone Sculptor jumped up. "You look down on women most in the Youshangyuan Abyss, and women don't want to go to you most!"

"So women should come to us. We are all in need of mothers." Zhongyuan Abyss Bone Sculptor is proud at first, and then snorted coldly: "Where do you dare to choose as for where the women who come here choose to go? Ah, you dare?”

“A group of softies who only know to listen to their mothers!" sneered the Bone Sculptor of the Youshangyuan Abyss.

"You wanna dare saying this in front of our Lord!" Zhongyuan Bone-Sculptor immediately lowered his face and stared at the man

"You think I dare not? Just that woman... "

"How dare you insult our leader?!"

Well, the people of the four Yuan kingdoms don't just quarrel, they just fight directly!

The leader of the demon warriors in Xiayuan Abyss couldn't help holding his head. "Stop it! Shut up! Stop arguing! Niu Dan, what are you doing? Don't pull away the Bone Sculptors!”

This side is in a mess. Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo have followed the summoned Red Wings and Flying Thorns to Hou Shi.


So from my reading the Demon Abyss is a peninsulaland butits divided into 4 kingdoms and those are the Zhongyuan which is the middle abyss land, Xiayuan which is the lower abyss land , Zuoshangyuan and Yuoshangyuan which are the left and right upper side of the abyss land.

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