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Banished to Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 470: Signs and conditions

Chapter 470: Signs and conditions

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It's a big blow that the bone bird is gone. Soon after, all the things that showed that the hornless people have been caught with disappear, all the people are dumbfounded.

"Sea Witch Hai Zhu, what's going on?" the woman asked the leader of the demon warriors.

Everyone looked at him, too.

The Sea Witch Hai Zhu frowned. “Like everyone, I just heard the report. You ask me, who do I ask to get the answer for you? You guys, there's no need to argue now. I'm going back to investigate this matter. Goodbye. "

The Sea Witch Hai Zhu turned around and left. The woman immediately followed.

The Sea Witch Hai Zhu didn't refuse to let the woman follow. The woman's name is Ai-Sha, the leader of the demon warriors of Zhongyuan Abyssers. She is a very strong but fair person. He is worried that no one can bear witness. In order to avoid being called to be their troublemaker in the abyss, it is better to have Ai-Sha to follow him than not.

The 1st line defense line on the peninsula is made up of the warriors of the four yuan kingdoms. It is just divided into four teams, each of which is managed by the leader of each abyss, and as for who is the leader of the demon warriors as a whole, that position is set in rotation and this time the leader of the Demon warrior is the warrior leader from Xiayuan Abyss.

This time, so many of the Hornless-men came here just in time for his watch rotation. At first, people in Xiayuan Abyss thought that they were lucky enough to get more benefits before the other three abysses. Unexpectedly, they didn't get the benefits, but they were full of complaints!

Fortunately, the Hornless-men are all imprisoned in the common camp managed by the four yuan kingdoms. So many people suddenly disappear. Even Lai can't rest on the head of Xiayuan Abyssers. But people disappear during the defensive period of the abyss, and it's very difficult for them to escape the blame.

The people's sheds, cellars, caves, etc. are all in good condition. The warriors on the outside didn't hear anything. The people who came to deliver food and water to these people only knew that they were gone.

The Sea Witch Hai Zhu and his staff, Ai-Sha and others investigated for half a day and found no clues. So nearly a thousand of the Hornless-men disappeared.

The Sea Witch Hai Zhu called the person in charge of interrogating the Hornless-men: "Hou Rui, did you ask anything?"

Hou Rui nodded and shook his head. "Their language is a little different from ours, probably because they come from afar. I asked a few people what they meant. It seems that they really came to join us, the Demon Abyss. But because of the difficulty of communication, I haven't had time to ask about the others things. "

The Sea Witch Hai Zhu understood that the demon warriors, who has a good ear, didn't hear much because they spoke differently.

"Don't you think it's too much of a coincidence?" Ai-Sha said calmly instead of blaming.

"Do you think so?" this is the reason why of all the world he would like to take Ai-Sha to check together. As long as the common interests of Zhongyuan Abyss and all of us are not damaged, Ai-Sha will not be as troublesome as other leaders.

"You said before that these Hornless-men have two leaders? One of them is like a demon warrior, and the other is likely to be their great witch? And both of them are gone in the fog?”


“And there were two bone birds, but one was missing first?"


“And the bone bird they just left suddenly disappeared in front of so many of us. Who do you think made these disappearing Hornless-men?"

Someone exhaled.”The two Hornless-men leaders.”

Ai-Sha nodded and said heavily: "Report it to me. Those two people are probably the demon warriors, and they are the demon warriors with great magic. If they really get into the abyss and are not afraid of the fog and managed to take away so many people, I'm afraid our abyss will not be as peaceful and safe as before."

"You suspect they're the spy from the Horn-people?"

"No, I don't know. But whether they're related to the Horn-people or not, it's not a good sign. "

It's not a good omen in Ai-Sha. Not long after that, the peninsula shrouded in white fog suddenly became busy.

A large number of birds flew up to the sky and make all kinds of happy songs. They are jumping on the branches or flying in the sky as if they are greeting their king!

The trees in the whole peninsula give out more dazzling vitality, and the fish jump out of the water.

The Lord of Xiayuan Abyss suddenly appears at the edge of Xiayuan Abyss, watching the sparkling blue waves and the silver light jumping in the lake.

Zhongyuan Abyss's Lord, who lives at the bottom of the cliff, looked up and saw that all the withered vines used as climbing rope ladders had taken root again and became more greener, and there were a few buds which were growing visibly on the withered and yellow vines, so he immediately asked people to call the witch.

Zuoshangyuan Abyss Kingdom's Lord found that all the birds he raised flew into the sky without his control. After trying to communicate with one of the bird leaders, he was told "The king came", and his heart was greatly shaken. He followed the bird to the mountain forest.

Youshangyuan Abyss’s Lord was standing at the edge of the volcano mountain mouth, looking at the volcano lake, which was full of blue water but now full of bubbles. His eyebrows are locked on that scene. Next to him, witch with complicated patterns on his faces danced strangely in the crater.

At the same time, a man who lived in a cave at the bottom of the highest cliff near the sea on the outer edge of the peninsula, no one could see his age, was covered with strange patterns, and only had a cloth skirt around his lower body opened his eyes.

Looking at the clear and windless sea outside the cave, the man murmured: "Here....came at last.”

The Lords of the four yuan kingdoms can't sit any longer. What's the matter with these visions? Is it related to other lords?

The four quickly delivered the news and met, but the result surprised them.

"Not you?"

"Not me!"

“And not you?"

“It has absolutely nothing to do with me."

Many of the people below can't understand what the four lords are talking about, but all the great witches’ faces have changed their colors.

“Let’s go meet the Sea Witch Hai Zhu Da-Ren! Go now!”

To see that one? All the people present are a little flustered.

"Every abyss is to be ready for sacrifice." The Lord of the four yuan kingdoms respectively gave instructions to their great witches.

The four witches nodded.

The crowd was horrified.

On the other hand, Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan just want to make a sign. They mean to let the people on the peninsula feel that they have no intention to come here and went on to give a little mythological color. However, after Yan Mo asked Jiu Feng for help and made a wish with his wishes, the development of things broke away from their “Little action" at the beginning and began to go in a direction they couldn't imagine.

In the late evening, the Lords of the four yuan kingdoms, the witch of the four yuan kingdoms and many important figures all appeared at the highest point of the peninsula and the cliff edge near the sea.

The four great witches put on their masked, set up sacrificial platforms at the edge of the cliff, cut the throats of the sacrificial animals, and the four lords threw them down the cliff together.

Later, the four witches sang loudly on the top of the cliff. They each played with different instruments, some with drums, some with bells, and two with a voice that could not be understood.

Four kinds of musical instruments and the singing of four great witches caused a strange rhythm in the sea wind. The rhythm became faster and faster, as if calling for something.

Below, the sea water violently tumbled and hit the cliff vigorously. In this dangerous situation, a figure climbed up the cliff like an ape.

The figure turned to the top of the cliff and stopped. The staff made of huge fish bone was on the ground. The sea wind blew his ragged cloth skirt, revealing his extremely thin and dark body.

"The Sea Witch Hai Zhu!" everyone knelt down, including the four Lords.

Four great witches also retreated to the crowd and knelt down.

The Sea Witch Hai Zhu, as he is called, faced the turbulent sea with his back to the crowd, and lets the sea wind blow his body.

For a long time, no one stood up or spoke.

All of a sudden, the Sea Witch Hai Zhu raised his staff and shouted a few strange roars at the sea.


The surging wave calmed down, as if a pair of invisible big hands had flattened the water.

The fierce sea wind is still sweeping, but the water nearby is as calm as a mirror.

The sea birds in the sky were wailing and circling, which seems to indicate something to all.

The Sea Witch Hai Zhu raised a hand, aims at a flying seabird in the sky and made a hand motion as if he caught it. The seabird fell down and is caught in the palm of its hand.

"Click." The Sea Witch Hai Zhu twists the head of the seabird and draws its blood from the neck of the dead seabird to his mouth.

After a while, the Sea Witch Hai Zhu threw away the seabird, which slowly turned around and flew off.

The Sea Witch Hai Zhu's head and face are covered with distorted and different shades of blue paint. There is no hair on the head and face. His eyes are also blue. From light to deep shade of blue, the whites of the eyes are light blue. The outer part of his eyes is the icy blue of the sea water, and the center of his eyes is the darkest blue. Only a stained with blood and water, his lips purples were abnormal.

"Come on, why don't you come out?" the Sea Witch Hai Zhu's voice was extremely hoarse, as if it hadn't spoken for a long time.

The kneeling people were confused and looked at each other.

The Sea Witch Hai Zhu gave an eerie sneer and waved to the kneeling crowd.

A teenager was pushed out and stumbled in front of the crowd.

The Sea Witch Hai Zhu's palms are stretched forward.

The young man covered his neck with a pair of invisible hands, which seemed to lift him up.

The teenager's body just floated to the Sea Witch Hai Zhu.

The Sea Witch Hai Zhu sniffed the young man's neck, crooked his head, opened his mouth, and took a bite!

Young people's eyes went wide! The body struggles subconsciously, but soon they tries to calm his fears and relax himself as much as possible.

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan, who came with us all the way, didn't expect such a development. It's too late to stop it.

Yuan Zhan didn't know the custom of the other party and didn't want to rescue people immediately. But Yan Mo was forced to play the role of savior because of The Guide.


The two figures suddenly appeared between the people and the Sea Witch Hai Zhu, which scared the kneeling people.

The Sea Witch Hai Zhu, who followed, saw the two men clearly, stared straight, and hurriedly whispered the identity of the two men to his yuan Lord.

Other people also heard that the leader of the abyss did not act rashly. The Sea Witch Hai Zhu was here and realized that even if he attacked the two could escape in a day's time.

“Gudu, Gudu." The Sea Witch Hai Zhu drank the young man's blood. After several drinks, he let go of the young man and threw him back into the crowd.

The witch who catches the young man quickly helps the young man stop bleeding and wrap up the wound. Obviously, he has done it many times.

Then another three yuan witches also launched a sacrifice, all healthy and beautiful young men and girls were brought, respectively let the Sea Witch Hai Zhu suck their blood.

“Please don't do that." Yan Mo screamed for him to stop. He saw that the Sea Witch Hai Zhu didn't hurt the life of the sacrifice, so he didn't mean to force his head out. Besides, all the four offerings looked proud. If he jumped out to stop them, maybe people would complain that he didn't let them offer themselves to the gods.

“It's our willingness." There was a voice which voice displeasure indeed.

Yan Mo, shut up. Anyway, as long as he shows his intention of stopping, The Guide will not punish him. If the blue faced demon witch hurt the lives of the four sacrifices, he may have to try to save them. Since the other party doesn't have one who is serious injured, he doesn't have to do much.

After eating, the Sea Witch Hai Zhu wiped the blood from his lips and smiled at Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan, "Come here..."

"Well, here we are." Yan Mo answers casually.

But his casual reply seemed to open a mysterious mechanism, and the blue faced demon witch suddenly said, “Birds worship, trees withered, and spring came, fish leap and water roll, without wind and waves. Do you know what these five visions mean?”

Yan Mo broke his fingers and counted. The worship of ten thousand birds is related to Jiu Feng. The dead wood and spring should come from his wish to rejuvenate the area here with vitality. The last three visions were probably created by Yuan Zhan?

"What do you mean?" Yuan Zhan asked. The tone of the people here is different from that of the people near the Wuqian City use, but with Yan Mo around, he is not afraid of not understanding.

The Sea Witch Hai Zhu took a step forward and raises a bone stick.

The kneeling crowd rose.

The Sea Witch Hai Zhu points to the crowd with a bone stick and said in a dumb way: "Zuoshangyuan Abyss’s Lord, you can control birds and sit in the tens of thousands of bird pits on the left. Zhongyuan Abyss's Lord can control plants and sit in Zhongyuan Abyssers Xiayuan. Master of the abyss, control the water and guard the abyss lake. Lord of the Youshangyuan Abyss, control the fire and guard the fire lake of the Youshangyuan Abyss. And I...... "

The Sea Witch Hai Zhu points back at himself with a bone stick. “I, the Sea Witch Hai Zhu, guard the abyss facing the sea."

Yan Mo took a look at five people's abilities and found that they are in line with the five visions that the Sea Witch Hai Zhu said before.

“I see you understand." The Sea Witch Hai Zhu chuckled, "Yes, every one of us who guards the abyss has mastered a kind of ability and can make the corresponding vision appear. But... One thing you don't understand for sure, because I don't want to be in charge of things, plus the Lords of the four yuan kingdoms doesn't agree with anyone among themselves, so the first generation of the Lord of the four yuan kingdoms and I once swore to the sea of heaven and earth a long time ago, if one day the five different phenomena I said before appeared at the same time, it would be the date of the merging of the four yuan kingdoms. "

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan: Ha ha, so good

The Sea Witch Hai Zhu is also smiling, but his smile is a lot weird because of the different blue pigments colors on his face. "Originally, we made such a vow just thinking that one day if five visions can appear at the same time, it must be that we jointly recommended or recognized aChief, because only in this way can the four yuan kingdoms and I use the ability to make visions appear at the same time. But no one thought that one day these five visions really appeared at the same time, but they were not caused by the five of us. "

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan don't know what to say. They really just want to make their appearance more mythical. They had no ambition to unify the Demon Abyss, which they can swear to their ancestors.

Yuan Zhan grabbed Yan Mo's hand and faces the Sea Witch Hai Zhu. "What's your plan?"

“Plan?" the Sea Witch Hai Zhu said hoarsely, "Since I swear, I will obey the oath naturally. I don't want to die."

Yan Mo guesses how long this man has lived. He just said that he was with the four yuan Masters of the early generation? Then didn't that mean he lived from the beginning to the present? How many years has the legend of the Demon Abyss in the Horn-people's mouth spread?

Yuan Zhan said quietly, "So you plan to respect us as the leader? Give us this peninsula?”

The crowd of the four yuan kingdoms was in a bit turbulent, and the expression of the masters of the four yuan kingdoms is calm, no one was able to see what they think.

“I don't know who you are and why you came here, but since God wanted you to be the Chief of our Demon Abyss, I will not violate it. But...” The Sea Witch Hai Zhu's eyes swept over the faces of the four Lords.

Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo didn't speak up, just looked at them.

Three sides, three points, just form an equilateral triangle.

"Wait, let me see..." The Sea Witch Hai Zhu looked up and seemed to be really trying to remember, "Yes! I remember that the first generation of the four yuan kingdoms proposed to me before they died, because the oath was made by them, and they didn't know how the abyss would develop in the future, so they begged me to let me agree that if one day someone should be come with this vision, and the four yuanlords were not satisfied, then the person who wanted to be the Master of the abyss must complete the four yuan Abyss Lords. A request from the Master of the four yuan kingdoms lords. "

When the four yuan kingdoms heard the last words of the sea watch, their face suddenly relaxed a lot.

Yuan Zhan smiled, "You mean, if we want to be the Master of this abyss and make you convinced, we must meet four requirements? You mean that?”

Sea Witch Hai Zhu looked at Yan Mo, the eyes are a little strange, “I didn't. It's not up to me to make five visions appear at the same time. All you have to do is meet the conditions of the four yuan kingdoms. What do you say?”

The Sea Witch Hai Zhu turned to the four yuan kingdoms.

The witches of the four yuan kingdoms looked at each other. At last, the witch of the Xiayuan Abyss said, "We will abide by the oath as you do, but as you said, they must also fulfill the four requirements of our four yuan kingdoms."

“And you two? Do you want to give up or challenge?” The Sea Witch Hai Zhu looked at Yan Mo again.

Yan Mo thinks it's a little weird.

Yuan Zhan's heart felt electrified and turned. He looked down and asked Yan Mo: what do you say?

Yan Mo made a direct spiritual communication: Since they want to gift us a site, why not? First, let's see what they ask for. If it's difficult to finish, let's talk about it.

Yuan Zhan knows what to do when he has the bottom line in mind. "We are here to help the Hornless-men live better, resist the invasion and suppression of the Horn-men, and build a free force that belongs to the Hornless-men alone. If you have this idea, then we can take you on. But if you only want to shrink back even a little bit, and only want to defend the Hornless-people by virtue of the staying away from evil name and live natural terrain of the Demon Abyss and the white fog, then we would rather find someone else to settle the other Horn-people. "

"What a big voice!" sneered the Lord of the Youshangyuan Abyss. "Help the Hornless-men? Against the Horn-people? Building the freedom of the Hornless-men? Who do you think you are? If you really can do it, I am willing for you to be my Lord! But can you?”

"Can you, it's not just talk about it." Yuan Zhan returned lightly.

"You're right. Can you just say it with your lips? Since you want to lead us against the Horn-people, let's finish one thing first. As long as you finish this thing, even if you finish the request of my Youshangyuan Abyss, we won't frown at what you want us to do in the future!"

Compared with the excitement of the Youshangyuan Lord, Yuan Zhan is always calm, "What's the request?"

Lord of the Youshangyuan Abyss: "We don't have a Master level Bone Sculptor in the abyss. No, let alone a Master level Bone Sculptor, even an Intermediate level Bone Sculptor. If you want to resist the Horn-people, you must understand their bone objects. If you or you can make a Hornless-men become a Master level Bone Sculptor recognized by the Horn-people, it will be useful for us. As far as we know, in another month, every five years, the bone objects competition will be held in the Kings City of the Horn-people. At that time, it will also be the best time for each Bone Sculptor to obtain the Bone Sculpting domino. And almost all Master level Bone Sculptors win the highest place in this competition, and get everyone's approval, which will get the name and bone card of the Master level Bone Sculptor. "

Yuan Zhan's expression is a little strange: “In other words, what you want us to do is to bring back a recognized Master level Bone Sculptor of the Hornless-men?"

"Yes! We must have the Bone Sculptor of the Hornless-people. Don't try to cheat us. We can recognize that. "

Yuan Zhan touched his nose and asked Yan Mo, “Are you sure?"

Yan Mo shook his head. “It's hard to say, it's a Master level Bone Sculptor level. I need some luck now."

"Well, I think you lack nothing but luck." Yuan Zhan nodded to the people of the Youshangyuan Abyssers, "OK, I'll take care of it. What else do you want from the other three abysses? Let's say it. Don't mention the things that only God can do. Otherwise, I don't mind beating you to the core!”

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