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Banished to Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 471: beating Yuan Zhan

Chapter 471: beating Yuan Zhan

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Yuan Zhan's words are so arrogant that many people in the four yuan kingdoms are eager to try them.

"You're the demon warriors? Our request of Zuoshangyuan Abyss people is simple, as long as you can beat me!” Said a strong young man behind Zuoshangyuan Abyss’s Lord.

Zuoshangyuan Abyss Kingdom's Lord turned his head slowly as his neck got stuck.

Zuoshangyuan Abyss Kingdom's great witch and Zuoshangyuan Abyss demon warriors are both very complicated.

Other people look at the funny face.

Yan Mo: a typical example of a newborn calf who is not afraid of a tiger? At first glance, he can see the young man and the Zuoshangyuan Abyss's Lord are related by blood. They look very similar.

However, the development of the facts tells Yan Mo that this kid is not a fool, but a fool with a hole in his mind!

Because that kid's next sentence is: “I'm the second best in the four yuan kingdoms on magic ability and strength. Only my father can be the first. If you can win our father and son duo, you can you against the demon warriors of other abysses."

Everyone: "Ha ha!"

It's a pity that Zuoshangyuan Abyss’s Lord is calm and steady, but his son is a troublesome person who causes troubles everywhere. However, this boy is mixed up, but his force is very strong! His words may be a little exaggerated, but the younger generation really lets him fight for the invincibleness of the four yuan kingdoms. If not, Zuoshangyuan Abyss’s Lord can't give up to teach him. If he wanted to train him to be the leader of the demon warriors of Zuoshangyuan Abyss people, he won't do it if he has a clear mind.

The strong young man pointed to Yuan Zhan's nose and asked proudly, "Do you dare to fight?"

"Zuoshangyuan Abyss Kingdom's Lord, are you sure this is your condition?" Yuan Zhan wanted to make himself smile more amiable, but his fierce face with tribal tattoos has all negative effects. No one can see the real feelings under that face except Yan Mo.

For example, the youth and the four yuan kingdoms, all think Yuan Zhan's smile is ironic.

Zuoshangyuan Abyss Kingdom's Lord sighed in his heart, but he was a little angry. He said: "Defeat me, and you will meet our requirements. However, our great witch will assist in the battle, so yours can also join us. "

The boy jumped up: “Father! I'll do it, witch. You help me. I promise to beat these two people to the bottom!”

"Shut up!" yelled Zuoshangyuan Abyss’s Lord and the Great Witch at the same time.

Yuan Zhan's lips are slightly crooked. “It's better for you to join us. It's not only your father and son, but also how many people you Zuoshangyuan Abyss you have brought together. Besides, I don't need to deal with you and involve Mo Da-Ren. In addition, to deal with you, we don't need the help of Mo Da-Ren, just me alone. As long as you can defeat me, I will not only give up commanding you, but also do three things for you Zuoshangyuan Abyss without violating the will of the Ancestor God. "

The Ancestors Above! This guy is more arrogant than them!

It's a shameless thing that Zuoshangyuan Abyss’s Lord doesn't have the concept of group beating at all. Hearing Yuan Zhan's boast, he immediately said, "OK! Since you want to challenge us, come on. "

Other three abysses: Hey, Zuoshangyuan Abyss’s Lord you are too cunning. Can so many people fight one and still not win? Had they known that the outsider, the Hornless-men, was so stupid, they would also raise this condition.

Let's get out of the open so that they can compete.

Only the Sea Witch Hai Zhu and Yan Mo stood still.

When Zuoshangyuan Abyss’s Lord led his son and two leaders of the demon warriors out, he specifically asked Yuan Zhan, "You really don't need the witch to help you fight?"

Yuan Zhan sneered: "You are not worthy of my, Mo Da-Ren."

The strong young man bared his teeth and rushed out first! He hasn't seen anyone more arrogant than him for a long time. He must beat this man to tears!

During the attack, the young man's body turned into a human beast, his body muscles were high and bulging, his hands became sharp claws, his sharp teeth protruded out of his lips, his legs became thicker and longer, and his feet became sharp claws!

Yan Mo: Werewolf? No, it's not a werewolf. The boy has a human shape. His face hasn't changed much, and his body hair hasn't grown. He just became a more combat aggressive form.

Yuan Zhan stood still. He wanted to see what these people's abilities are and how powerful they are.

Others thought he didn't respond in time, and some people couldn't help laughing, but four yuan lords and the sea watch and others didn't think it was so simple

Zuoshangyuan Abyss Kingdom's Lord didn't trust his son and didn't want to give Yuan Zhan a chance to fight back. He raised his arm and pressed his two fingers in the middle of his left hand.

"Yo --!" a large number of seabirds suddenly concentrated on this cliff, and within a short time, thick black clouds formed in the sky.

Seabirds are flying at breakneck speed towards Yuan Zhan.

The young man seemed reckless, but he was very cunning in the battle. As soon as he saw that his father was cooperating with him, he immediately changed the battle route, used seabirds to block Yuan Zhan vision towards him, and then he attacked.

Originally, he was most suitable for the jungle attack, as long as in the dense forest, few people can follow his speed.

At this time, if Zhongyuan Abyss's Lord can cooperate with him, the combat effect will be the best. But the demon warriors of Zhongyuan Abyss are not weak, especially their great ability!

The young man's body suddenly disappeared, and the sea birds became blurry.

Look at Zuoshangyuan Abyss’s Lord and the two demon warriors he brought out, and their great witches have all disappeared from the original place.

Yuan Zhan was still standing still. His opponent disappeared. He didn't even move his eyebrow. His expression is even more relaxed than before.

Yan Mo has been staring at each other's great witches. Zuoshangyuan Abyss Kingdom's Lord asked not to forget to add their great witches when fighting. The young man also mentioned that their great witches' ability can help them fight very well. When he saw that the great witch reached out and falsely pointed to several Zuoshangyuan Abyss people, While Yan Mo was still thinking about the abilities of the other side. Then all these people could not see him, so the ability of the great witch was to help others to be invisible?

"The Ancestor God Above, sacrificing with my energy. May my senses not be deceived. Please let the truth appear before my eyes for ten minutes."

Yan Mo's whisper just fell, and the invisible Zuoshangyuan Abyss people immediately reappeared in his eyes.

Yuan Zhan was surrounded!

Two of the demon warriors, one with long arms, thin wings behind him looked like a praying mantis, and the other with twisted body looked like a snake.

Is this a group of birds of a feather? Zuoshangyuan Abyss Kingdom's fighters don't know how many can do it, but what he saw now can is that their ability is to deform the bodies and they are all good at sneaking attack!

Three yuan Lords came together to talk.

“If you encounter such invisible coordinated attack, can you win?" the leader of Zhongyuan Abyss asked the leader of Xiayuan Abyss.

The leader of the abyss shook his head. "Unless I kill Yin Wu in the beginning, it will be very troublesome to slap them of the upper hand."

The Lord of Zhongyuan Abyss praised: “People in Zuoshangyuan Abyssers are good at sneaking attacks. As long as they are close to you will be finished."

"Especially when you Zhongyuan Abyssers cooperate with them. Those birds are the ears and eyes of Cang Luan. Anyone who wanted to get close to the other abyss or Zuoshangyuan Abyss will be will be noticed in advance by him that this ability is really very useful. Thanks to him, the Horn-people army has never been able to get close to us in secret. Even if he can, the jungle controlled by your Zhongyuan Abyss, plus Zuoshangyuan Abyss, can make the Horn-people armyloss huge."

"We are just one of the lines of defense, and you kill a lot of the Horn-people every time you go down from the abyss. But Zuoshangyuan Abyss’s warriors are the perfect scouts and killers. The Lord of Zhongyuan Abyss does not disguise his friendship with Zuoshangyuan Abyss’s Lord at all.

"Hum." The Lord of the Youshangyuan Abyss was disgusted to hear that the two were holding each other hands there.

Looking at the Youshangyuan Lord, the two people laughed. "Of course, the attack power of the Youshangyuan Lord is the most powerful. Even if it can be invisible, even if there are a lot of jungles, if you burn them inside the forest."

Fire can burn wood, people, animals, birds and birds, and it can also control water. Probably for this reason, from the early generation to the present, there were few times when the leader of the Youshangyuan Abyss was able to compete with other three abysses. I don't know if controlling the fire will lead to a strong fire in the body. People who can inherit the position of the Master of the Youshangyuan Abyss are usually not very good tempered. This has become a vicious circle, making the Youshangyuan Abyss more and more invisible to the other three abysses.

"Don't flatter each other! Did you find that the youth named Mo Da-Ren seems to be able to see Zuoshangyuan Abyss’s people?” The Lord of the Youshangyuan Abyss has no good airway.

The two Lord of the Zhongyuan and Xiayuan Abyss look at Yan Mo together.


"Did you find that something is wrong? His eyes are like seeing things. "

“But the power of the hidden witch who can't even be seen by us. Only when we use water to sprinkle fire can we see a trace. He can see everything without doing anything?"

"The Sea Witch Hai Zhu is not visible. Since the Sea Witch Hai Zhu can see, why can't other witches see it?”

Look! The warrior dodged all the attacks

When the three yuan kingdoms Lord got together to talk, the disguised teenager rushed to Yuan Zhan and put his right paw into his heart!

“Poof!" he cut empty air.

It's too late for a teenager to be surprised.

His companion, the mantis man, has helped mend the knife. He jumps behind Yuan Zhan and cuts his hands off his neck and waist!

Both thought they would win this time, but!

"Shua!" two long knives also cut an empty air.

Yuan Zhan's body was only sideways for a moment, and he even dodged the attack.

The young man and the mantis man don't believe in evil. Can the other side see them? No, it's impossible!

Under the ground, the snake like earthworm suddenly reached out and grabbed Yuan Zhan's ankle.

The young man and the mantis man saw Yuan Zhan was caught by his companion, grinning grimly, and they attacked again.

Seeing that Yuan Zhan's ankles have been dragged into the soil and his calves seem to be fixed, the spectators thought: Can he escape this time? But what is this man's ability? Why hasn't he done it? Are you scared? Or can't see how to fight? But this man doesn't look so stupid.

Then they saw the man's body wriggle, and he broke his feet and took a step to the side.

The boy and the mantis man almost attacked each other, and they were scared to stop just few inchesoff cutting each other.

"He broke his calf?!” Someone shouted.

"No! His height has not changed! No, why does earthworms keep holding on to those two calves? That calf, his leg that man, he, she...” There's no more human language to describe what they were thinking.

At this time, no one knows the hardships of the snake man hiding in the ground. Just now he caught Yuan Zhan's ankle and was still happy that he restrained this man, but he couldn't move after that!

He can walk freely in the soil to some extent, but now he is trapped by the soil! This must be the Ancestor God's joke! What's in his hand? Why is it as hard as a stone?

Yuan Zhan still has time to wriggle his wrists and smile at the warriors of Zuoshangyuan Abyss, “Is that all you can do? Well, make do with it, but it's not without merit. "

What happened next made most of the people on the scene mute. Many people didn't even know what it was going through.

Everyone saw that the body of Zuoshangyuan Abyss witch appeared suddenly, but the surprising thing is that he was already in a coma.

Afterwards, Zuoshangyuan Abyss’s warriors and those seabirds all became visible.

Can he deform the shape, why is he a frozen in the soil with only one hand out? A thin wing torn, arm broken and thrown to the ground? Zuoshangyuan Abyss Kingdom's Lord's son was even worse. He was beaten face to face by the outsider, the Hornless-men. He thought that the wolf's mouth was not clean. The man put a handful of earth in his mouth before he left the wolf!

The only one standing is Zuoshangyuan Abyss’s Lord.

But it seems that the man hasn't released his attack to deal with him yet?

Zuoshangyuan Abyss Kingdom's Lord thought he was calm enough. When his son was beaten to death and couldn't even scream, he could still continue to manipulate seabirds to attack Yuan Zhan.

Yuan Zhan looked at those seabirds, and he was upset.

So many lives, although they attack him actively, if they are all killed, will he be regarded as bloodthirsty by the Ancestor God? Although he now knows that as long as he and other people's behaviors are not actively ordered by Yan Mo, the Ancestor God will no longer account for Yan Mo, but it's not good to be regarded as bloodthirsty by the Ancestor God, is it? He doesn't want to be separated from the priest in the future.

By the way, what about Jiu Feng? He was in need at this time. Where did he go to find food?

Say that Jiu Feng is here, the young Master Jiu Feng is here!

Everyone's attention.

"Hey --!" a huge human face giant bird flashed from a distance, “Mo Mo, I caught a big fish! Hey? What is this about?”

Yan Mo looked up and the water falls from the sky. A huge fish is struggling under the claws of Jiu Feng. It's not dead yet.

"Heaven! What kind of bird is that?” They exclaimed.

Even the Sea Witch Hai Zhu raised his head, and then the Sea Witch Hai Zhu murmured in surprise, "Kunpeng, the Human-face?"

Zuoshangyuan Abyss Kingdom's people are all heartened. Their leader is so powerful. Look what assistant he has recruited this time! This huge bird is about the size of a small island. OK, look at its claws! Look at its sharp hooked mouth!

As soon as the bird came down, it can peck and grasp the warrior casually. Even if it is a wing smash, it can turn over the two outsiders!

Zuoshangyuan Abyss Kingdom's Lord's heart is also shaking. Others don't know what kind of bird it is. But he has been communicating with the birds all his life. How can he not know that the human giant bird is the Kunpeng bird or even the King of the Beast?

He even summoned Kunpeng? No, the Human-face Kunpeng may just be passing by. It's obvious that the previous changes of birds were caused by this giant bird. Didn't they say that? They welcomed the king!

Can he control this Kunpeng? Zuoshangyuan Abyss Kingdom's Lord's heart beat faster. If he can communicate with this Human-face Kunpeng, ask him to help him, or even let him stay by his side, why should he and the people of the four yuan kingdoms fear the Horn-people? As long as the Kunpeng people are willing to help them.

Zuoshangyuan Abyss Kingdom's Lord tried to communicate with Kunpeng. He was so engrossed that he even gave up controlling a large number of seabirds. At this time, nothing is more important than communication with Kunpeng bird, even if the battle is of great importance.

"Hey?" Jiu Feng Da-Ren saw his Mo Mo and he was about to rush down. In the middle of the rush, he suddenly heard someone talking to him.

"Who are you?" Jiu Feng Da-Ren grabbed the big fish and hovered in the sky.

“Great Human-face Kunpeng, I'm the Hornless-men, my name is Cang Luan." Cang Luan's mood is very excited. It's said that Kunpeng, the proud and incomparable person, really responded to him!

In fact, it's just Jiu Feng who is bored: "Oh, Two Legged Monster with a name, what's the matter with you calling me like this?"

“Great Human-face Kunpeng, I ask you to help me defeat my enemies, and I am willing to sacrifice to you."

"Defeat your enemy? Who?” The young Master Jiu Feng doesn't care about two legged monsters. Mo Mo said not to let him eat two legged monsters.

Cang Luan pointed to Yuan Zhan: "He! He is my enemy!”

"Hey -! You want me to beat him? Good!” The young Master Jiu Feng agreed. Beat Yuan Zhan? This is what he does every day, OK!

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