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Banished to Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 472: Fake fight or demonstration?

Chapter 472: Fake fight or demonstration?

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Cang Luan was ecstatic.

Jiu Feng asked him, “But what would you do for me?”

Cang Luan: "Huh? Sacrifice?”

“I don't eat two legged monsters, do you have any other delicious things?" Jiu Feng began to bargain. Mo Mo said that he shouldn’t do anything for free.

Yan Mo listened down below and his face expressed his satisfaction.

Yuan Zhan... Expressionless face: the one with wings is such a bastard!

Cang Luan was careful: "What do you want?"

Jiu Feng thought, “Is there a 10th rank yuan-crystal?"

Cang Luan:“…… No. He hasn't even heard of 10th rank!

“Hey! How poor you are.” The young Master Jiu Feng is not interested in yuan-crystal, but Mo Mo likes it.

It's worthy of Kunpeng's reputation. It's hard enough to ask for them to listen to you!” I have only one 8th rank yuan-crystal," said Cang Luan

"Only one?"

Cang Luan nodded and he wanted to cry without tears: does the face of Kunpeng's huge show deep dislike for him?

“Bring it."

“I didn’t come with it now."

"Then go back and get it." The young Master Jiu Feng said he doesn't work without pay.

Cang Luan can't help but turn around and let his servant go back to get yuan-crystal as fast as possible. For the first time, he met such a man-made demon bird. It's not surprising that Kunpeng, who is said to belong to intelligent creatures, is so smart.

Cang Luan would like to ask if he could ask Kunpeng to deal with the Hornless-people demon warriors first. See...

"Hey -!Mo Mo, come to eat fish!” The young Master Jiu Feng was very happy. He not only continued to beat Da Zhan once a day, but also made an 8th rank yuan-crystal from it.

Jiu Feng, who is so happy, just wanted to be praised and praised by his Mo Mo family!

“Mo Mo, catch it!" naughty Jiu Feng threw the super big fish which was on its last breathe in front of Yan Mo.

“Bang!" the big fish fell down and swallowed his last breath.

Yan Mo took a step back and opened his mouth to get a protective cover, but his speaking speed is obviously not fast enough, and he still hasn't escaped the dust after all.

Cang Luan and the audience: what a pity! I wish you could hit him more accurately.

Yan Mo's face is plastered with heavy silence and he thought: No, I must increase the speed of willpower, or he will not be able to be prepared for a surprise attack.

Cang Luan also thought: is this the beginning of war? But the goal seems to be wrong. Cang Luan is trying to remind Jiu Feng of who to attack...

The young Master Jiu Feng quickly became smaller and flew to the top of Yan Mo's head.

Yan Mo hates that he just finished catching the fish. He reaches for him to calm him down.

Jiu Feng jumped and grabbed Yan Mo's short hair.

Cang Luan was confused: why does Kunpeng become so small? And why did it attack the young witch? And is that really an attack? Why do they look more like chicks playing with adults?

At this time, all the spectators were rubbing their eyes as hard as they could: Ancestor God Above, so the big bird was gone!

After being reminded by Cang Luan, they found that the huge human face bird turned into a fist sized bird “Attacking" the young witch?

Cang Luan and everyone's voice: Uncle Bird, you have such a huge body with natural weapons that are practical. Why attack with such a small body?

Yuan Zhan coughed and smiled. He asked Cang Luan, “Are you still fighting?"

Cang Luan said firmly: "Of course! We haven't won yet. "

Yuan Zhan's expression is subtle. "Do you want this human face bird to attack me?"

Cang Luan's heart was already troubled, but at this time he put all his hopes on the legendary king of birds and beasts. He could only gnash his teeth and nod: "Yes!"

After getting a little treatment and a little relief, his son, who specializes in showing off his bad mouth, yelled with rage to almost furious: "Why, are you afraid? My father will beat you! The huge magic bird summoned by my father will surely kill you!”

Jiu Feng, who is playing with Yan Mo, looked up, "Hey! I'm not a magic bird. I'm Mountain God Da-Ren!”

Cang Luan understood it as. Shut up your son now!

Yuan Zhan said, "Well, if you insist. So now?”

In the latter sentence, Yuan Zhan asked Jiu Feng.

The smaller Jiu Feng flew up and spits out a wind blade at Yuan Zhan, shouting: "Yuan-crystal hasn't arrived yet, I haven't eaten fish yet, and I'll fight with you when I'm full!"

Yuan Zhan smiled and nodded, "OK."

And Cang Luan no good, no bad!

So the rest of the day is the intermission?

Cang Luan looked at the great man's face Kunpeng flying to the super big fish with his eyebrows twitching. "Shua Shua" he cut the fish, cut its skin, and pulled out its internal organs.

But this is not the end.

The smaller man, Kunpeng, graciously and Shua shuashua, cut off several large plates of thin and tender fish, which were all provided by the young bird, and then offered to the young witch?

Cang Luan can't understand.

He only saw Kunpeng and the "enemy" of the four yuan kingdoms, who he thought were his own big help, act as a family, and begin to share the super big fish without knowing its name.

Although Kunpeng's face looked angry and protective when the hornless wars joined, it did not prevent the young witch from giving fish to him.

He also saw with his own eyes that the warrior touched the Kunpeng on his human face, which made the smaller Kunpeng peck at him constantly.

My God! What's wrong? Is this person Kunpeng really just passing by?

His son still asked him with a puzzled face: “Father, why does the magic bird you summon give their food to our enemies?"

Cang Luan:“…… Shut up!”

The Sea Witch Hai Zhu suddenly made a weird chuckle. Cang Luan looked at him and hoped that he could say something, but the Sea Witch Hai Zhu said nothing.

People in the other three abysses have seen something wrong. The human face giant bird that will become smaller will not have had come with those two people, right?

Jiu Feng is very trustworthy. People in Cang Luan just brought yuan-crystal to him, and Cang Luan just gave yuan-crystal to him, so he quickly threw yuan-crystal to Yan Mo and expanded his body and wings and flew Yuan Zhan.

Yan Mo smiled and puts away the yuan-crystal. This attribute free yuan-crystal is only the size of an orange, but it's also an 8th rank. Jiu Feng did a good job in this business!

Cang Luan felt that he has lost half of his life: Why did Kunpeng give yuan-crystal to the young witch? So they are actually together, right? Can a legendary king of birds and beasts join hands with other people to cheat people?

Unfortunately, he didn't have time to expose the conspiracy of the three.

Because when Jiu Feng fanned blow flew to Yuan Zhan, Yuan Zhan took advantage of the wind and first appears in front of Cang Luan, grabbing his neck and throwing him into the sea.

No one expected the change.

“Father!" cried the young Cang Qi

Zuoshangyuan Abyss people and other people also rushed to the edge of the cliff. Without saying a word, the leader of Xiayuan abyss flew down the cliff and dived into the sea to save Cang Luan.

At the same time, Jiu Feng has launched 80% of his the strength to fight with Yuan Zhan.

Jiu Feng didn't deliberately reduce his size, and Yuan Zhan also slightly let go. The battle with Zuoshangyuan Abyss people before was not even a warm-up for him, he just got a little more serious with Jiu Feng.

There was a strong wind blowing violently on the cliff. Several Zuoshangyuan Abyss people people who rushed to the edge of the cliff almost fell off the cliff.

At the time of danger, Yan Mo is about to rescue people. Then the Sea Witch Hai Zhu pointed his hands at them, grabbed them in the air and threw them back to the crowd.

At this time, there was no one standing on the cliff. Everyone was retreating.

The strength released by Jiu Feng makes the people of the four yuan kingdoms look around, and the people of Zuoshangyuan Abyss people are excited and flustered. The leader of Xiayuan Abyss who went to the sea to save people hasn't appeared yet.

Cang Luan was not comatose or drowned. He was imprisoned by a water ball, floating in the waves, barely able to see the battle over him.

“Floom! Floom!" Jiu Feng spits out the wind blades.

The blade of wind like a sickle spinning to Yuan Zhan.

Yuan Zhan's figure flickered and dodges easily.

The young Master Jiu Feng got angry and increased the output.

Well, there's no one standing on the cliff top anymore. Even the Sea Witch Hai Zhu and Yan Mo didn't stand on the hardtop. They all avoided the winds.

"Hoo --!" Jiu Feng gave a strong wing blow.

Yuan Zhan was blown to the sea by the strong wind.

Jiu Feng took the opportunity to fly up and blow more winds, Yuan Zhan simply stood on the sea water to manipulate the waves and play with the little bastard.

"Whoosh!" the sea billows and the waves which rose were huge.

The huge human face Kunpeng in the sky blew the waters back and set off a storm, a tall man standing on the sea water changed the oncoming sea water into water arrows, waves and other attacks to the flying Kunpeng.

The leader of the abyss who is looking for someone to save people in the sea is miserable. He can't find Cang Luan. He can say that the nearby sea water is even a little out of his control. Now he even struggles to keep himself from being swallowed by the moving sea water. What does that mean? It means that the man standing on the sea can control the water much more easier than him!

Without Yan Mo's intervention, the land made a dark day and long fight until two of them fainted and set off a tsunami.

The Sea Witch Hai Zhu changed color, and he opened his mouth and shouted to the crowd, “Move back! Quick!”

The people of the four yuan kingdoms are also afraid. The waves are as high that they cover the sun, and they are getting higher and higher. The sea avalanche that is about to be released and that moment frightens the people of the four yuan kingdoms turned to each other and run away.

This is a natural disaster, human can’t stop it!

The Sea Witch Hai Zhu stood in the strong wind and turned to Yan Mo and shouted hoarsely, "Can you stop them?"

Yan Mo scolded the two fighters in his heart, and his face was still calm. "Can't you?"

The Sea Witch Hai Zhu said, “I can't."

“All right." Yan Mo flew up to the sky and adds soul power to the voice and yells at the two players: "Jiu Feng! A-Zhan! You two have enough! Calm those waves and the fight is over!”

Yan Mo's roar was heard by many people. All the people who heard were indignant and nearly cussing: sure enough, the young witch and Kunpeng came together! While cussing at the birds, these people did not forget to move back.

At a glance, these heads won't turn back.

The high, wide, mountain like waves retreated as fast as they could!

“Boom! Crash!” Although the waves recede, they are still powerful enough. The receding waves hit the cliff with a lot of smaller waves.

“Pa!" Cang Luan and the rescuer who had a hard time finding his friend were smashed on the cliff wall by these waves.

Yuan Zhan came up and fished up Cang Luan and the Lord of the Xiayuan abyss, who had fainted in the water.

Seeing the danger receding, the people of the four yuan kingdoms looked at the sea watch changing direction, and then hurriedly turned around and ran back to the top of the cliff.

Yuan Zhan threw the two Yuan Lords to them and walked to Yan Mo.

The four yuan kingdoms looked at the giant Da-Ren Kunpeng in the sky who is still chasing someone with the blade of the wind, and looked at someone who doesn't care about the attack from behind

Who loses and who wins?

Zhongyuan Abyss people witch, who is good at healing, has begun to check the injuries of Cang Luan and Xiayuan Abyss people Lord.

Just then, the giant bird in the sky made a shriek and rushed to the crowd.

The crowd was so noisy that the remaining two yuan lords and the four yuan kingdoms the demon warriors were ready to fight at the same time. No one knows if the bird is still under the control of Cang Luan, if not what if it attacks them in turn?

Everyone is nervous. The witch of Zhongyuan Abyss hurriedly woke up Cang Luan. Cang Luan sprayed two mouthfuls of sea water and woke up at the same time as the Master of the Xiayuan Abyss.

“Lord Zuoshangyuan! That magic bird is coming at us!”

Cang Luan looked up, the Kunpeng of huge human face has flown to their head, and Cang Luan’s eyes shrink. Is the Kunpeng of human face going to attack them in turn?

“Great Human-face Kunpeng, we have..." Cang Luan didn't finish questioning, but the fact told the four yuan kingdoms that they too much.

As soon as it flew to their heads, the huge bird bodies became smaller again, so many people have poor eyesight that they almost can't find it.

Actually, the body of Jiu Feng is much bigger than that of the previous bird, but the original bird suddenly became a three feathered head milky toddler with small wings on its back. Everyone was blind for a while, all right?

With good eyesight, they can see that the human face bird turned into a baby with small wings fluttering over the tall warrior and bumped into the young man who was suspected to be a witch.

Hey! Had a good fight! Mo Mo, where's my fish?”

Yan Mo bowed his head. The rest of the big fish had been washed away by the strong wind or the big water for a long time. He poked at the little guy, "Who told you to fight with A-Zhan so fiercely? The fish is gone."

“Ah? Then I'll catch another one and fight. I'm hungry. "

"Wait a moment!" Yan Mo hugged the little Feng and said helplessly, "You've got to solve the problem first."

Jiu Feng said that he did not understand: What did he cause?

At this time, Yuan Zhan has also come to Yan Mo and pulled the little guy's little wings. It's hard to praise him: "Yes, you are better than last time."

The little Feng was just about to hold up his small chest proudly, but suddenly he was shrunken again. His head fell into Yan Mo's arms and he cried sadly, “Mo Mo, I can't beat him..."

Yan Mo rubbed his hair head with three golden feathers and comforted him, saying, "When you grow up, you can beat him."

The little Feng quickly came back to life full of blood. "Yes, I will defeat him when I grow up!"

Yuan Zhan haha: "Waiting for you!"

The little Feng stretches out his claws and Yuan Zhan showed that The Ink Murder is going to manicure him.

Cang Luan was helped up by his men. He can't speak to Yan Mo for a long time.

The Sea Witch Hai Zhu is like an outsider. It seems that as long as the person of the four yuan kingdoms does not encounter fatal danger, he will not take action.

Yuan Zhan looked at Cang Luan's expression, which was so complicated that he rarely moved mercifully and said, “It's over. Have I fulfilled your Zuoshangyuan Abyss’s conditions?"

"No! That big bird sided with you clearly!” Cang Qi youth jumped out again.

Cang Luan didn't indulge him this time. He slapped him back.

“Father!” Young man can't believe it.

Cang Luan closed his eyes. He saw all the fighting between the warrior and Kunpeng. Later, the strength of the two was beyond the scope of ordinary people. Even if they were fake fighting, they also showed some of their strength. What's more, just a few moments ago Chen Ke, the Lord of Xiayuan Abyss people, also said in his ear that the warrior's ability to control water is far greater than him.

With that warrior's ability, if he wanted to hurt people, their Zuoshangyuan Abyss people people are not likely going to survive a single attack of those mountain high waves. Just now, he also resented that the other side was too cruel to his son and his subordinates. But now, he just beat them up. They didn't really hurt their lives, including those whose wings were torn and whose bones were broken. As long as they are well kept for a while, they can recover.

"We, Zuoshangyuan Abyss, lost. We, Zuoshangyuan Abyss, admit that you have fulfilled our requirements."

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