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Banished to Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 473: Great deception or true messenger?

Chapter 473: Great deception or true messenger?

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After the Zuoshangyuan and Youshangyuan Abyss had their turns, the Zhongyuan and Xiayuan Abysses also put forward their conditions respectively.

After seeing the strength of Yuan Zhan and Jiu Feng, no one in the two abysses is foolish enough to say that they want to compete with them. They all put forward what they find difficult to achieve and what they need very much.

Xiayuan Abyss people asked two people to bring at least 3000 women of the Hornless-men to them in one year.

According to Yan Mo, the number of the Hornless-men on the peninsula is large, and they are extremely short of women.

It seems that this condition is not difficult, but it is very difficult to achieve it, especially in the absence of large-scale vehicles and escorts. However, Yan Mo had intended to fool some of the hard to survive Hornless-men here in the future, and make them compete with the Horn-men as a base camp of the Hornless-men, so the conditions of the abyss became easy to shallow

The people of Zhongyuan Abyss discussed with each other for a while, and finally proposed that they should provide them with more than 3000 bone weapons of 6th rank in a year.

After listening to the lion's big opening of Zhongyuan Abyss, the other three abysses all regretted it. What Xiayuan Abyss people asked was that they needed the best. How did the three others abysses feel the loss, especially Zuoshangyuan Abyss people, when they were beaten, they didn't get any benefits!

"Three thousand 6th rank bone objects?" Yan Mo laughed. "Even the Horn-people's standard army is hard to find three thousand warriors with bone weapons above 6th rank, right? If 6th rank bone weapons are really so easy to make...” He will have had already matched all the Jiu Yuan, OK!

Zhongyuan's Bone Sculptor blushed a little, but he didn't want to give up this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. “If you can't do it, don't try to rule our four yuan kingdoms completely."

"You think we want to rule you? If it wasn't for Mo Da-Ren to see you being abused so pitifully by the Horn-people and want to help you, we wouldn't care about your business!” Yuan Zhan pulled rank on the spot. If he didn't pull rank, he would have to be cruel enough. Then he let out his angered high rank warrior pressure, which could almost make the children cry.

The four yuan kingdoms didn't cry, but they all felt like they had soft legs. Even the most snappish Youshangyuan Lord thought that this man was a little annoying.

“If you don't want to rule us and don’t want to be our chief, why do you..."

“For the nearly one thousand of the Hornless-men, there are more of our peers who are oppressed, bullied and exploited by the Horn-men." Yan Mo held down Yuan Zhan and took a step towards everyone.

"The prestige of the Demon Abyss. When we came to this continent, we heard the Horn-people often mention it. If they cuss anyone, they will say that they will make the person go to the Demon Abyss when they die. I used to think that the Demon Abyss was one of the worlds that the Horn-people went to after their death. Later, I rescued some of the Horn-people and realized that this was probably the land where the Horn-people the demon warriors led them to live. "

Yan Mo smiled at himself, "The land where the Hornless-men live is actually called the Demon Abyss by the Horn-people, and the blood warrior who awakens the blood ability became the demon warrior. So many intelligent races are just the materials and exploitation objects used by the Horn-people to refine the bone objects, and there are many gods in the world, yet almost everyone worship the God of the Horn-people, don't you think that's ridiculous?”

People of the four yuan kingdoms: not only ridiculous, but hateful!

"You're not from here? Where are you from?” Chen Ke, the Lord of Xiayuan Abyss people, asked after the key point.

"You say the world has more than one God? Have you seen other gods?” Asked Zuoshangyuan Abyss people.

“And what do you mean by awakening God's blood ability?" Zhongyuan Abyss people followed.

Yan Mo replied one by one, "We are not really from this continent. We come from far away. As for where we are from, you will know later."

It's a pity that Hou Shi is not here, otherwise he will definitely add: our Mo Da-Ren and Chief Zhan are from the divine kingdom!

“As for other gods, it doesn't matter whether I have seen them or not. It doesn't matter whether you believe in them or not. What's important is that even if there is only one God in the world who is above all, he will not only love one race or group. If so, why should he let other races awaken their wisdom and not others?"

The people of the four yuan kingdoms are surprised and silent. It’s the first time that they have heard such a statement. It's very new concept, but it's also true that it hit their hearts.

"Of course, some people will say that God, like people, will have preferences and unfair practices. Well, I don't deny that, because no one has seen God, and no one knows his temperament. But if there is an eccentric God, there must be a God who does things fairly, specializes in rules of duty, criminal law and rewards. Just as you all manage your own territory, if the chief and the witch are all biased towards someone, and some people do wrong without punishment, can everyone watch as this continues?”

Yan Mo suddenly saw the faces of all the people and said: “If the Horn-people have their God, why can't we have our own God? Why can't other animals have their animal gods? There is also the sea, so the deep and wide sea will not be ruled by other god of the sea?”

“If there are so many gods, if there are gods in the Hornless-men, why don't they come to help us when others oppress and bully us?" asked the female demon warrior Ai-Sha with doubts

Yan Mo replied steadily, “If someone in your abyss is bullied by others, will you let the abyss leader and the great witch come to his rescue every time? For example, a woman is beaten by her own man, or a child is beaten by other children."

"This... Yuan Lords and the Great Witches are so busy, such a small thing... "

"You've said that, such a small thing." Yan Mo added in the last four words, "That’s just like you, the great lords and the great witch, they can't ask all the little things in the territory, and the gods can't see who can they help or who is in trouble. Besides, how do you know that God doesn't help you? If you don't have any help, how can any of you have people who awaken the power of blood ability? Where does the witches’ witchcraft come from?”

Right! People in the four yuan kingdoms were fooled into nodding.

The Sea Witch Hai Zhu, standing on one side, was also thoughtful about this.

“In addition, help can be divided into worthwhile, unworthy and one that comes sooner or later."

"What do you mean?" they don't understand. Ai-Sha's beautiful and deep eyes stare at Yan Mo, waiting for him to explain more.

Yuan Zhan took the little Feng in his arms and stepped forward. His arm was attached to the arm of Yan Mo.

After a fight, Jiu Feng was fed a pile of food by Yan Mo. Now, he is sleeping in Yuan Zhan's arms. A little fat paw is still on the nursery bag.

Yuan Zhan has a pocket on his chest and one in his arms. The image is a little funny, but no one dares to laugh at him.

Yan Mo turned his head and smiled at Yuan Zhan, then faces the four yuan kingdoms gawked: “First, sooner or later. The Horn-people's wisdom was opened earlier than the Hornless-people. Although they are evil, they also bring many benefits. At least the bone objects were invented by the Horn-people, and the language and cloth you are talking about now are probably inherited from the Horn-people. The Horn-people despise the Hornless-men because when they came here, the Hornless-men were still very ignorant. In the eyes of the Horn-people, the Hornless-men were just like livestock. "

"Then one day, these livestock gradually awaken their wisdom, and they want to fight for freedom and power from their owners. They want to learn everything the owners know, and they don't want to work for their owners for nothing, and they don't want to be killed at will. What do you think the owners will do?"

Many people in the four yuan kingdoms were puzzled. They understand what Yan Mo means. It's really awful to be called livestock, but it's true.

“Are you helping the Horn-people to talk against us? You say we are livestock!”

"So you think you are?" Yan Mo didn't want to talk to the kid with a hole in his head. “For example, the war beast and the livestock you raised if one day they not only escaped, but also hurt you, and they were crying to rob your territory and rations. Would you like them or kill them? And if there is a God, do you think God would help you or those animals?”

Ai-Sha: “Ah!” She understood. But she was still a little unclear, so she asked instead of everyone: “But if the awakened animals do not want to hurt their owners, they just want to live in another world freely, just want to stop being exploited and oppressed by their original owners, will God not help them?"

It's finally the point he wanted to expand on! Yan Mo slowed down, added soul power, praised the woman and said: "You asked a good question. But there are two aspects to look at. One is that the awakened livestock has no idea of resistance at all, and they are willing to be slaves honestly. Although they complain and hate at ordinary times, and other is that they call themselves resistance. They still dislike other people causing troubles and even sell the other of their kind for benefits. Are you willing to spend your energy and time to help such a person get freedom?”

Ai-Sha and others shook their heads. They even thought with deep feeling that there are many of the Hornless-men in this continent who would betray other Hornless men for benefits, just like Yan Mo said, if not, they would not be forced to guard only the Demon Abyss.

"You are not willing to do anything, so how can God do anything for you?" Yan Mo said, "The second person is the one who is striving for a new world, and even to compete for the same status as the original master. They are no longer wanting to be treated like livestock, but just as human beings as the Horn-people. For such people, the gods will not only help them, but they will not allow the Horn-people to deliberately suppress their freedom, or even suppress them, so that they can continue to be slaves. "

“I don't understand why the gods won't help us?" Ai-Sha asked

"Don't you understand? I said, the gods will not help you, but they will still not help the Horn-people. "

“But they have a God!" cried the pit father.

Yan Mo smiled mysteriously: "Have you seen the God Pan'a they say? When the Horn-people say there is a God, why do you believe it? Then, if I said that my warriors and I were the messenger sent by our Ancestor God to save the Hornless-men, would you also believe that?”

The crowd was confused again.

At this time, the Sea Witch Hai Zhu suddenly said: "This Mo Da-Ren means that if you believe that there are gods in the world, all we have now is Gods helping us, and that includes them sending someone who will lead us to fight against the Horn-people and win the position of the hornless people in the future. But if you don't believe that there are gods in this world, then the Pan'a God is the same he is just made up by the Horn-people themselves. They are more powerful than us, but they just became intelligent before us. And it's not hard for us to defeat them, as long as we have accumulated experience, wisdom and force, and awakened more of the demon warriors."

Everyone understands. Looked at Yan Mo's eyes and felt they were seeing monsters.

Why does this person know so much?

Think about the five miracles on the peninsula together. Is that God's messenger or a great deception?

Because the witches, because the demon warriors, the Hornless-men of the four yuan kingdoms, do not believe that there are no gods in the world, even if they have never seen them.

Ai-Sha murmured: “I understand. I fully understand that God is just. He may not be merciful, because he treats all of us the same. He will help us, but we should seize it and strive for it ourselves. If the Horn-people really have God's protection, then we, the Horn-people, must also have our God to protect us. When we fight with the Horn-people, our God is the same as the Horn-people. Ha ha! Oh, I see! God means that he will give us opportunities, but everything depends on us looking for said opportunity, right?”

"Yes!" Yan Mo immediately appreciated the female warrior. In this era, her understanding is so good!

"Then are you God's messenger? Are you God's sent help to the Hornless-men?” Ai-Sha's eyes are bright.

The god sent messenger is strict but still smiles

“Ahhh." The little Feng snored a little, turned over, woke up, rubbed his eyes, and immediately asked Yan Mo to hold him.

Yan Mo picked him up.

Jiu Feng's baby rubbed against his face. The little guy didn't wake up completely.

Yan Mo's eyes suddenly become soft and incomparable. With his deliberate soul power, other people feel very approachable when they look at him subconsciously. For this reason, obviously little Feng looked adorable, but it's more Yan Mo who is adorable.

Can Cang Luan look at Jiu Feng's baby face with complicated eyes? Can people who can make the king of birds and beasts be so close to them be ordinary people? There are so many demon warriors in their abyss, but which one can reach the level of that demon warrior?

"Then, we need weapons very much. What can we do without weapons to resist the Horn-people in the future? You're right? Three thousand 6th rank bone weapons if it's hard, then three thousand 3rd rank bone weapons, plus one 8th rank bone weapon, can this be done?” Zhongyuan Abyss’s Lord coughed for several times, actively reduced the conditions - he was a little shaky about the real identities of Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan, if the two were really...

The Ancestor, he dare not think!

In fact, he wanted to add a bone weapon of more than 10th rank, but he is afraid that his demands are too high. The two people will think he is greedy.

"Yes." An 8th rank bone weapon is nothing to him, as long as there are suitable materials and time, it can always be refined. As for the 3000 3rd rank bones, he had intended to equip these Hornless-men with standard weapons, including bone armor, so as to increase their threat and safety, so it was also a passing thing right?

As for the quantity, he can't refine it alone, but can't he and Yuan Zhan rob the Horn-people?

At this point, the two sides managed to reach an agreement.

Especially the people of the four yuan kingdoms are fooled and brainwashed by Yan Mo, and then look at the two people and one bird. They always feel that they are shrouded in a mysterious aura, while Yan Mo is more trustworthy and reliable.

To meet the three remaining requirements, the two must leave the Demon Abyss. Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo gave the thousands of refugees to the Sea Witch Hai Zhu. The Sea Witch Hai Zhu didn't want to take care of the matter, but in Yan Mo's respect, he took over the little troubling issue.

“I will not separate these people, nor let them join the four yuan kingdoms, just on the forehead becauserespect me, so I will assign to them a large piece of land, with forests and water, is enough for tens of thousands of people to live. If you bring the Hornless-men again later, you can also put them there, but I only guarantee that other people will not force them, and living is still necessary on their own means. "

"That's good. I'll arrange managers among them, and you the Sea Witch Hai Zhu Da-Ren doesn't have to worry about that. Similarly, I will not let them disturb the Sea Witch Hai Zhu Da-Ren, nor will I casually conflict with other the four yuan kingdoms. "

“If they live here, they must abide by the common rules."

"No problem!"

“I won't show up after that. When you come back again, no, when you plan to leave after the event, come to the bottom of this cliff to find me. I have something to confirm with you.” The Sea Witch Hai Zhu didn't wait for Yan Mo to answer, but turned around and left. He is going to find the Lords of the four yuan kingdoms and the witches to finalize the matter today.

The Lords of the four yuan kingdoms and the witches look at the opening talk of the Sea Witch Hai Zhu. How can they disagree? Besides, they need people. Although the new 1000 people can't be assigned to the four yuan kingdoms, are they afraid of them running away as long as they are here?

Although Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan are curious about the requirements of the Sea Witch Hai Zhu, they are temporarily put to the back of their heads to see if they have no explanation. In short, the other side is not malicious, even if there is malicious intent, they are not afraid.

It's said that Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo are going to leave the Demon Abyss. Qi Hong Zi, HouShi and others all say they want to follow. QiMei directly said that there are too many 500 people, so she took a team to follow.

Yan Mo refused, "We are going to enter the Horn-people city, too many people are inconvenient for that."

"Da-Ren, please take me with you. I am not particularly familiar with the Horn-people city, but I grew up in the Wuqian city since I was a child, and I have inquired about and understood many of those cities.” Xi Yang came out of the crowd.

The others pierced him with nail holes. But who said that people really have an advantage over them!

Yan Mo actually wanted Xi Yang to take over these people. Xi Yang signaled whether he can talk to one side.

Yan Mo made a mental barrier cover to let him talk.

Xi Yang whispered a few words to the crowd.

After Yan Mo listened, he raised his eyebrows, looked at Yuan Zhan, and agreed to go with Xi Yang.

All the nail holes from HouShi and others have become knife holes. They all look like they would like to make some holes in Xi Yang head.

"Da-Ren, you need to take Xi Yang with you. I can do anything he can!" shouted Hou Shi

Qi Hong Zi said calmly, “I'm the guard of Da-Ren. I have to follow him, even if I have to pretend to be a slave."

"The Hornless-men with the Hornless-men slaves? Are you afraid that we are not attractive enough attention?” Yan Mo smiled helplessly." OK, Witch Qi Yu, Witch Hou Nu, and Ban Yue you will be responsible for managing and caring for the people left behind. "

Ban Yue is Xi Yang's later married wife. In Xi Yang's words, she is a very capable person who has helped him a lot. However, his family managed to bring all the people out of the city without losing their lives. More than half of this was due to Ban Yue's contributions.

If Xi Yang is a good manager, then Ban Yue is a very good logistics personnel.

Yan Mo decided to believe in Xi Yang's recommendation, because Xi Yang said that Ban Yue is not only able, but also a way to solve the contradiction between urban people and villagers.

On the same day, Yuan Zhan took the people to find a piece of land that was quite livable, and was thinking about whether to build a house for them when a large group of people came from the four yuan kingdoms.

These people are very enthusiastic, especially for those young men and women who obviously haven't been accompanied, they are very attentive, and they take the initiative to help them build greenhouses, houses and so on.

Yuan Zhan doesn't show off his ability as soon as he hears that someone is willing to be coolie and do the hard work. Mo of his family said that they can’t make everything appear too easy because then it will stop being so special.

Nine days later, seeing that everyone was settled in, Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo contacted the Jiu Yuan through Oldman-He again. The next day, they left the Demon Abyss.

They only wanted to take Oldman-He and Xi Yang, but Hou Shi and Qi Hong Zi stuck to them almost like plasters. Yuan Zhan was annoyed. He waved his hands and took them with him.

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