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Banished to Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 474: On the road

Chapter 474: On the road

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When Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan set off, in addition to the four people they had with them, they also followed several small tails.

These are the silly kids that were really forced into the trip - two 3rd rank Bone Sculptors, plus four young men and women.

Originally, the Four Yuan Kingdoms sent at least two people to follow the two men for various reasons, including those who explicitly said that it was to monitor the process the process and those who said they would go out. Zuoshangyuan Abyss Kingdom's Lord Cang Luan, the full-time pit father and son, also quarreled for him to follow, and the boy Cang Qi was directly thrown into the Xiayuan Abyss Lake by Yuan Zhan.

According to Yuan Zhan, it means a person goes, but not without the best, but Yan Mo thinks that in the future, the Demon Abyss will take on the arduous task of competing with the Horn-people for a lifetime. Instead of passively accepting various attacks in the future, and then understanding the Horn-people methods through these attacks, it's better to go out to contact their enemies at the earliest, so as to avoid these lifelong live danger for the Hornless-men in the abyss so instead of watching the world and building cars behind closed doors.

However, he and Yuan Zhan are not interested in being babysitters. Naturally, it is impossible for the Four Yuan Kingdoms to say that they should take as many people as they want. After a bit of bargaining, Yan Mo allowed the Four Yuan Kingdoms to send one man and two women each, and at most two Bone Sculptors for learning purposes.

It is said that for these two Bone Sculptors, the Bone Sculptors of the Four Yuan Kingdoms almost broke their heads fighting for who gets to go. The two finally decided, not only the one with the highest level of Bone Sculptors in the Four Yuan Kingdoms, but also the one who had been to the Horn-people city and learned to refine the bone objects with the Horn-people. Regardless of their temper, the two people have one common advantage: Tolerance.

The four teenagers are the best of the young generation of the demon warriors promoted by the Four Yuan Kingdoms. Others want to go out and have a look, but no one can compete with the four. Cang Qi, the son of Cang Luan, fought all over and he was Zuoshangyuan Abyss’s young strongest fighter, he climbed out of Xiayuan Abyss Lake, and still had the cheek to keep up with the leaving men. Other people could hardly help him out. Yuan Zhan doesn't care about this kid anymore.

“Again, these people will come out with us. First, we are not responsible for their safety; second, we are not responsible for all life and death and injuries situation they encounter; third, they must obey the orders given by me and Mo Da-Ren. If they can't do the above three points, then they will stay. If you make trouble for me on the way, one word: KILL!” Yuan Zhan looked coldly and ruthlessly at the seeing off person of the Four Yuan Kingdoms.

The Four Yuan Kingdoms were all salivating. Cang Luan stood up and said, "Of course, they will obey your orders. If one of them doesn't listen, you and Mo Da-Ren can do whatever you want."

Cang Luan gritted his teeth. He is most worried about his stupid son. He is afraid that he will be killed as an example. But he has been beaten twice and just thrown into the lake. He still wanted to follow him when he climbed out. So the father really can't help it.

At the end of the explanation, a group of twelve people flew up into the sky on the bone bird.

Yan Mo wanted to go to the depths of the Horn-people the King’s City, near the center of the hinterland of the western continent. The nearest route is to go straight from the Demon Abyss to the northeast. However, in order to defend against the demons from the Demon Abyss, there is a small army camp set by the Horn-people about 100 kilometers away from the Demon Abyss to the hinterland of the mainland.

And this will be the first Horn-people territory they will avoid.

Among the four young men and women, one boy named Lan Xi has a very good eyesight. He was responsible for lying down at the side hole and observing. Jiu Feng, who's scouting outside, will also remind him.

"Two Da-Rens, we are about to reach the warning range of the Horn-people camp." Xi Yang at the connection came to report.

“I see." Yan Mo stood at the bird's head and prayed: "Sacrifice my energy. The bone bird will remain invisible for half an hour."

Yuan Zhan, looking out at the bird's eye, turned his head. "Can you shorten the time of exerting your willpower?"

“At last, there has been some progress." Yan Mo can't see the color of satisfaction on his face. He spent almost all his nine days on how to shorten the time of willpower exertion. Although he got some tips, he didn't make much progress.

"Don't push yourself too hard. Sometimes you accumulate too much energy. Some of the hardest things in front will need it." Yuan Zhan uses her own experience.

Yan Mo shook his head. “It has nothing to do with the accumulation of energy, but I haven't adapted to do things with the combination of soul power and my own ability, so I need a lot of speech assistance. And the true technique of expressing and praying can do everything the performer wanted in one word. "

“It means that when you spit out a word, you have thought about all the things you want to do in your mind, and put all the power and things you want to do into that word?" Yuan Zhan guessed.

“It's almost the same thing like that, but it's not about a word, its most about a pronunciation. Voice is still needed to act as a medium to express my ability.” When Yan Mo said that, he suddenly thought of the talismans in the previous legends. Did those talismans have the power to block some power, and then let the power burst out by stimulating, lighting or tearing up the talismans?

And the ability is to seal energy in their own body, and then through various means.


Sound, sound wave, line...

Talisman, drawing, line...

Body, meridians, lines...

Lines, energy flow...

It seems that no matter which kind of energy flow there has to be an energy line, electric energy has circuit diagram, Qigong has line of meridians, magnetic field has magnetic field, they all follow some rules, so that these natural energy can be gathered, operated or erupted.

Rules, graphics, modules

“I see! I know how to do it!” Yan Mo opened his brain door and jumped up excitedly. He jumped up like a child and hugged Yuan Zhan. “I've been thinking about a pathway in front of me. I'm always thinking about how to use the shortest time to concentrate the things I want to do on one word. In fact, I can seal some common and often needed wishes into one word in advance, as for the scope of use time and power that can be put in the sealed word when I need to use it."

Yuan Zhan held him back, looked at the rosy cheeks of the young man in his arms, and licked his lips.

Yan Mo slapped Yuan Zhan on the shoulder, still exclaiming, "Oops! Why didn't I think of it earlier? It's just like when I’m making bone objects. I can also make common spells in advance. Then store the spells needed in my own Soul Sea and take them out when necessary, is it not going to solve the problem of casting time?”

Yuan Zhan looked down and nibbles at his face.

Yan Mo was stunned. Within a second, he took the initiative to tiptoe around the man's neck, biting his lips back and kissing him back.

"Hey, animal, do you remember what you said in my space?" he said

Yuan Zhan, trying to chase the tip of Priest Da-Ren's tongue, his hands began to slide.

Mo Da-Ren the priest violently knocked him down!

“Mo Da-Ren, Chief, we are flying over the warning camp of the Horn-people. They haven't found us yet." The report of Xi Yang came from the connection again.

After a while, Xi Yang heard the voice of Mo Da-Ren from the bird's head: “Know it."

What happened to Xi Yang afterwards, the voice of Mo Da-Ren sounded labored? Then, as if he was thinking of something, he lowered his head slightly red, scratched his forehead, and walked away from the junction.

Five days later, the Horn-people territory began to become dense, and there were many more Horn-people using flying bone objects in the sky. Yan Mo gave up stealth, landed bone bird, and all of them changed to riding beast.

The Demon Abyss riding animal looked like a descendant of some kind of dinosaur. It's called a ground animal. It has a strong body, strong limbs, flat back, long neck, sharp face, ugly face and beautiful tail.

Yan Mo specifically asked if this mount would attract the attention of the Horn-people, and the people of the Four Yuan Kingdoms promised never. Because the ground animals are widely distributed in the western continent, they are common herbivores, and most of them are mild moored in character. With the advantages of strong energy, stable walking and good endurance, many of the Horn-people and the Hornless-men will raise them as livestock.

Among the four teenagers, there is a big boy with deformation ability, named Xing Liu. The boy was transformed into a White-Horn clan teenager, and at the same time, he changed into the Horn-people clothes that the Four Yuan Kingdoms asked him to bring out with him

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan are wronged for a while. They all changed into slaves' clothes together with others, and became slaves like the Hornless-people on the surface for the young man.

The White-Horn youth, who looked like a little aristocrat, traveling with a group of slaves, is something which is common in the Horn-people.

In order to put on a better image, except Xing Liu, Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan, two Bone Sculptors and older Oldman He, all the others rode animals when they were close to the Horn-people territory, while their beasts were responsible for carrying running luggage.

There were not too many problems along the way, except for some small troubles.

One of the sweet little troubles: During the night break, Jiu Feng often turned into a milk toddler to tuck himself into Yan Mo's arms and sleep. He likes to step on Yuan Zhan's face with one foot and keep him away from Yan Mo.

Yan Mo felt funny and a little worried. What if Jiu Feng suddenly became a baby when he entered the Horn-people's city? His little wings and the three golden feathers on his head are not ordinary children.

"Jiu Feng, do you have a way to put your wings and feathers away?"

"Not now. I need to wait to grow up a little." Jiu Feng knelt on the ground and stared at the two baby fruits in the basin.

Yan Mo watered the two baby fruits, and the buds on the top of the two fruits grew a little bit, and began to look like the green bean buds.

Taking advantage of Yan Mo's inattention, Jiu Feng reaches for the green bean sprout.

Fortunately, Yuan Zhan was wiping The Ink Murder with his hands. He grabbed Jiu Feng’s little claw.

Yan Mo smiled, grabbed Jiu Feng’s little claws and puts them in the basin to wash him, and lets him touch two baby fruits.

"Sprouts on top can't be grasped, just like the feathers on your head. These are your two brothers. Come, Jiu Feng, touch them."

Jiu Feng's paws were touching. He has been guided to touch them several times and has known the importance of how to touch them without putting too much force on it for a long time.

A baby fruit suddenly hit him lightly.

Jiu Feng's eyes immediately widened, and with an “Ah" sound, his mouth widened, “Brother moved?"

“Your brother likes you." Baba Yan smiled.

“Brother!" Jiu Feng was happy, and he smiled to pick up the baby fruit. Unexpectedly, Yuan Zhan didn't stop it, but the other fruit doesn't want to. It jumped up from the basin and hit Jiu Feng's chin severely.

“Putong!" Jiu Feng fell down on his back, his whole expression stupefied.

The wicked father bent down with a smile.

Yuan Zhan used two fingers to lift Jiu Feng up and sit down.

Jiu Feng covered his chin and stared at the baby fruit in the basin for ten seconds.

Yan Mo was trying to say something to comfort him. He looked at the small claw of Jiu Feng and grabbed the fruit that hit him later without any mistake. "Hey, it’s a slap back".

Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo are all stupid staring.

“Bad brother, I will beat you!" after living in the Jiu Yuan for such a long time, I don't know how many times he has seen the scene that big two legged monsters beat little two legged monsters. Now I have learned how to teach the troublemaker brother without a teacher.

Yan Mo can't deal with it. He smiled on Yuan Zhan's back.

The fruit struggles desperately, but it's about all the energy is used to nurture the body. Now this man has no means of attack except to protect himself. He can't get rid of those two claws and jump into the water basin until Jiu Feng finishes beating and relaxing.

“Ah ah! I'm going to kill this stupid bird! How dare he hit me! He actually...Wait! I'll go out and suck him up!” Wu Guo cried out angrily.

Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo both heard the cry from their son's soul.

Jiu Feng raised his head in disbelief. What did he seem to hear?

Wu Guo was even angrier that Jiu Feng could not hear his threat. When he saw that Jiu Feng had reached out his paw to pat Du-du, he jumped up again.

Jiu Feng covered his nose and looked at Wu Guo like a Young Master, eyes deep and full of research.

Yuan Zhan carefully inserted The Ink Murder into the sheath, his eyes full of laughter.

"Cough, Jiu Feng, does it hurt?" Yan Mo knelt down with a smile, touches Jiu Feng's head, and tries to relieve him.

Jiu Feng suddenly clapped his hands and shouted, "Hey! I got it! This brother likes me better!”

Wu Guo: Let me die!

"Ha ha! Yes, he obviously likes you very much.” Dad Yan smiled and was relieved. He simply gave the task of bathing them in the moon and drying the two baby fruits to Jiu Feng.

Jiu Feng finished his work seriously. He squatted beside the water basin and turned over his two fruits from time to time. He touched this one and that one again. He dared not pull the mungbean sprout at the top, but he could not help but poke it with his little finger and mutter to his two younger brothers at the same time.

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan sit listening and enjoying.

Yuan Zhan turned to look at Yan Mo's smiling face. His eyes are incredibly soft against the moonlight.

After walking for more than half a month, they finally arrived near the Horn-people the King’s City.

But it was too late for them to enter the city, so they had to settle down in the temporary camp about 10 kilometers away from the King’s City with other people who were also in a hurry.

Many of the Horn-people are resting in the temporary camp.

Yan Mo and others specially chose a humble corner to settle down.

Three teenagers, including Cang Qi, were busy "Serving" the White-Horn teenager. Xi Yang helped them raise the fire pool and began to prepare late meals.

Two Bone Sculptors showed their identity cards, so that even if they were the Hornless-men, others would not easily humiliate them.

HouShi and Qi Hong Zi gathered the animals together, busily unloading their luggage and preparing fodder for them.

Oldman He sat by the fire to boil water, Yan Mo held Jiu Feng who turned into a doll and sat on the ground with his knees crossed. Yuan Zhan minimizes his sense of existence and bowed walking down into the camp crowd.

By the time Yuan Zhan came back, everyone had almost packed up and barbecued on the fire. There are two grills, one in front of Xing Liu, who transformed into the White-Horn teenager, and one in front of Yan Mo.

HouShi and Qi Hong Ziare very diligent to cooperate, one is responsible for turning the barbecue, the other is responsible for brushing the seasoning - taught and provided by Mo Da-Ren.

Yan Mo fed Jiu Feng water.

From time to time, Jiu Feng looked up and grabbed his head. He's not used to the fact that his feathers and wings are missing. He can't touch his back. He can only touch his head.

Yan Mo chuckled, “I didn't tell you. The feathers and wings are still there, but no one else can see them."

Jiu Feng raises his face, “Mo Mo, kiss."

Yan Mo couldn't help but bow his head and kiss his tall bridged nose.

“It's said that there won't be so many people around the Kings City at ordinary times. Most of the people here are going to the Kings City to watch the bone objects contest. Many of them are Bone Sculptors, but more people still want to buy bone objects and bone sculpting materials. During this time, there were nearly 24 temporary camps around the King’s City like this.” A big black shadow sat down beside him, and Yuan Zhan came back.

Yan Mo looked up. "Can you understand what they say?"

"There's a problem with my accent, but maybe after your willpower, I don't sound particularly difficult." Yuan Zhan poked the fire pool with a branch.

"That's good."

“I can understand, too." Jiu Feng was proud to show off.

"Of course, who are you? You are our most powerful and greatest Mountain God Da-Ren!" Yan Mo smiled and rubbed his little nose.

Jiu Feng was so boastful that his tail would be cocked up if he was in his bird form.

“Are you also going to the King’s City to watch the bone objects contest?" a voice like that of a big boy in a puberty voice came from their neighborhood.

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan turn their heads and looked at Xing Liu.

That's a real White-Horn clan boy. He looked about the same age as Xing Liu. He's between 16 and 18 years old. He's tall and has a pale green bone tag on his waist.

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