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Banished to Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 476: the luxurious Xuanyu City

Chapter 476: the luxurious Xuanyu City

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The interior buildings of the Xuanyu city are very luxurious. The houses are all built with black stones, and the ground is paved with black stones. There are street lamps on the side of the road, and the houses are very neat. It seems that they have been specifically planned.

This is not the focus of Yan Mo and others' eyes. The focus is that everything in the Xuanyu city is within the reach of their eyes. From the street lamp poles on both sides of the road, the decoration on the edge of the house, to the carved image, they are all made of a kind of glittering metal. And the roofs of their houses were shining with silver, and the sun was shining brightly!

Yan Mo's eyelids twitched, looking at both sides of the road and murmuring: "Well, I actually saw a city made real gold and silver as building materials, very good, very good."

Yuan Zhan and Jiu Feng: what do you mean?

Yuan Zhan: “Is this metal that shines?"

"Yes, the yellow is gold, and the white is silver.” But the Horn-people may not call it that Yan Mo finally recovered from the shock and clapped his hands to remind everyone: "Don't stare at it. We need to find a place to settle down first."

It's a pity last night's good chance. The White-Horn teenager, Qia Di, had a good impression on them. Yan Mo wanted to make friends with him, and then make him tell him about the city. But the Red-Horn teenager jumped out and stabbed him. He had nothing left.

However, Yan Mo is not totally confused. He has the dominoes given to him by the Black-Horn youth named Buhua, which is why he chose to enter the Xuanyu city instead of the Luolan city with less prejudice to the Hornless-men.

But he didn't intend to use the domino at will until there was no real problem that could not be solved. The Lord of the Mingyue City can exchange the bone token for a piece of land where thousands of people can live. The importance of the bone token can be imagined, and the identity of Buhua can also be guessed to be definitely not similar to the ordinary Horn-people.

He has to think about how to make the best use of this domino.

Everyone was thinking about where to settle down, and someone had come to meet them.

Just now, Yan Mo and others were all attracted by the infrastructure materials of the Xuanyu city. When the man came to greet them with a smile on his face, they found that there were many such people gathered at the intersection of the city gate.

Those people have the Hornless-men, as well as the Horn-people in the group. However, the Hornless-men dare not come with a large team of people. For example, the Hornless-man guide come to them. Maybe it's because they have more Hornless-men and only one Hornless-man leading the team?

"How do you do, Young Master? Do you have a place to stay in the Xuanyu city?" the Hornless-man greeted with a warm smile. “My name is Ge-Da. I'm here to meet you with the order of the city officer. If you want to go anywhere, I can lead the way. If you are not familiar with the Xuanyu City, I can introduce and lead the way for the small ones. Only thirty bone coins a day."

Thirty bone coins are nothing, but Hou Shi can't help but mutter: “It's so much, it's so expensive!" he used to live in the Wuqian City, and only after a day's hard work can he get five to eight bone coins as pay.

Ge-Da heard Hou Shi's murmur at the tip of his ear, and a trace of contempt flashed in his eyes. However, he had no less smile on his face, he was just looking at Xing Liu.

There are not many bone coinson Xing Liu's body. Yan Mo pretends to be a housekeeper and goes to say, “Is it Ge-Da? Then I'll bother you today. We want to find a place where we can live for a period of time first. Do you have any recommended places with moderate price, safety and cleanness?”

"Yes!" as soon as Ge-Da saw the completion of the business, he immediately cheered up. "You can rest assured that Ge-Da is familiar with the situation in the city. If you want to find a suitable place, you can find me. Please come with me. "

Ge-Da was leading the way while talking with Yan Mo, maybe because Yan Mo and he are the same Hornless-men, and the surrounding atmosphere of Yan Mo is easy to make people feel calm about it. Ge-Da looked relaxed and has no constraint to speak in front of Xing Liu.

People who can serve as guide reception at the gate of the city are generally more able to speak than ordinary people. In order to show that they are familiar with the city, Ge-Da has never stopped introducing various things about the city. Yan Mo wanted to know the situation in the city, so he deliberately led him to speak, praised him twice from time to time, or looked at Ge-Da with a small look of admiration.

Ge-Da just felt comfortable all over. Seeing Yan Mo was more pleasant. Later, he even patted Yan Mo on the shoulder and said: “Brother Yan, I think you're good. I won't ask to be paid for the introduction fee for your accommodation."

If he took people to hotels and other places, they must give him a certain commission. The more expensive the place to go, the more bone coins he can get.

Yan Mo went to thank him with a smile.

Ge-Da said with satisfaction: "You haven't come to our Xuanyu city. You don't know that there are many gateways in our city, and we can't find the place to stay. In addition to those acquaintances who know each other in the city can live directly in the family homes of their friends, there are only three kinds of houses for foreign guests. "

"What are the three?" Yan Mo asked curiously, making a rural look

Ge-Da put on his lips and pointed up his fingers: “First, there are VIP pavilions provided by nobles for people with status. It's said that such hotels don't even charge guests for accommodation. But if you don't have enough identity, you will only insult yourself when you go. If you spread the word, it will be difficult to meet people when you work in the city. But if you can stay in there, the higher the status of the host of the hotel, the higher your status will be."

"Then what is the status?"

Ge-Da carefully looked back at Xing Liu, turned his head and lowered his voice: “It must be the master aristocrats of all places, the kind with the identity of the King City and the master aristocratic brand. The warrior must be a divine bone warrior, and the Bone Sculptor must be at least 8th rank or above. "

I see. They don't seem to go to these places. Yan Mo nodded. "What about the second?"

"The second is the ordinary hotel. But the hotel is also divided into different levels, which one is good or not to live in or not, which one cost less bone money but lives comfortably, the stranger doesn't asked anything at all. Even if the two hotels are close together, you can see that they are almost the same, but there is a big difference after you go in! However, if you want to stay in this kind of hotel for a long time, it is not cost-effective and convenient no matter how cheap it is. You're going to be in the King’s City for a while, aren't you?”


"So the place I'm taking you to is the third one. It's a house that can be rented to the local people who live for a long or short period of time. But the third is also the most difficult to find.” Ge-Da kept his mouth shut.

“Brother Ge-Da, don't let me worry you. Our young Master can't live well. He will beat me up when he goes back." Yan Mo smiled bitterly.

Ge-Da patted him with understanding and sympathy, "Well, I'll tell you the truth, I'm taking you to the lower city, which is also the place where the Hornless-men live the most. But don't look at the lower city and feel it’s lower, there are many good places. Generally speaking, those who live in the Horn-people hotels most often don't even want to have a look. They deserve to be killed by the middle and upper city people!”

Yan Mo smiled reassuringly, "Our young Master is kind to the Hornless-men. He doesn't reject living in the Hornless-men, as long as it's clean and safe."

"You can rest assured that the place I am looking for is safe! It is clean!” Ge-Da clapped his chest.

Although Ge-Da said so, Yan Mo made a gesture with his back to Yuan Zhan to help him be more careful about the place. Who knows whether Ge-Da is a good person or a bad person?

However, contrary to Yan Mo's expectation, the place where Ge-Da took them to rest their feet was really clean and safe, even without boasting they could see that it was not an ordinary house.

Ge-Da smiled smugly, "How's is it, isn't it good?"

"Very well, thank you, Ge-Da brothers. But isn't this the temple?” Yan Mo stood in the courtyard and looked around at the buildings with obvious temple features.

Ge-Da smiled, and the old Horn-people in the temple-servant suit, who left behind to talk to Xing Liu, come up and say with a gentle smile, "Son, this is not a temple, it's just a shrine."

The word temple is one of the closest expressions that Yan Mo found after understanding the other's language.

Ge-Da then said: "There are many shrines like this in the city, which are convenient for everyone to pray, find the temple-servant for medical treatment and so on. I heard that your Mingyue City temples are not many more than ours?”

"Yes, it is." Yan Mo smiled shyly and kept his voice down like a whisper: “In fact, we didn't come out of the Mingyue City, but lived in a small town near the Mingyue City. We also have shrines there, but the temple-servant always tells us that it's a temple. "

The old temple-servant and Ge-Da laughed knowingly together. The old temple-servant also sighed: "Some of the temple-servant will bully some honest people who have not seen the world. A small shrine can be called a temple, and it's really gobbledygook!"

Yan Mo didn't answer.

The old temple-servant also said that even though he led the people through the courtyard to a quiet small courtyard.

The small courtyard inherits the overall architectural style of the Xuanyu city. It is full of pompous and showy. It is based on black stone. There are a lot of gold and silver.

"During this period, there were many people in the city, but few people came to find a resting house in the next city. You were very lucky to meet Ge-Da with the blessing of Pan'a God. From now on, you can live here. There are various facilities in the yard, such as kitchen, toilet room, etc. there is a corner door behind. You can go in and out directly from the corner door. After you go out, you can go to the city market. You can buy anything you want. If you want to go to the city center market, you can walk closer from the front. If there's anything else you don't understand, come to me and I'll try to help you. "

"Thank you, the temple-servant Da-Ren." Yan Mo put his right fist on his left chest to express his thanks.

The old man shook his hand and said kindly, "Call me the shrine-servant, or call me servant. Don't call me Da-Ren."

When the old man left, Ge-Da stayed. Other people were very satisfied with the temporary site. They opened the door and looked at the room. There were all kinds of basic furniture and clean bedding on the bed. Even Yuan Zhan and Jiu Feng thought it was good.

Yuan Zhan took Jiu Feng to settle him first. After he came out, he said that Jiu Feng has gone to sleep, but in fact, he has become a little bird and went flying out of the window. Now he is full of energy, so he plans to explore the new site.

Ge-Da complained, "How's is it, isn't it good?"

Yan Mo nodded sincerely, "Thank you very much. How much bone money does it take to rent here?”

Ge-Da shook his hand. "The temple-servant won't ask for your bone coins. If you really want to give them, just throw some into the alms box when you leave. City center shrine-servant people are very good. For us, the temple is the largest one in the lower city, just like for the Horn-people. But here is the most frequent place for us Hornless-men. You can go to the shrine-servant for any trouble in the future. What he said just now is not to be rude to you. After you have lived here for a long time, you will know that it is the different between the temple-servant Da-Ren who really serves God. "

Yan Mo took out a small bag of bone coins and put it into Ge-Da's hand, which was far more than 30 bone coins.

Ge-Da was a little surprised. He took the bag into his hand and could feel no less than 100 pieces by weight alone. Even if he took Yan Mo and others to other expensive hotels, he would not get more reward plus his day's salary.

Yan Mo smiled, “Brother Ge-Da, if you don't hurry to leave, you can stay and tell us about the city, OK? Especially about the bone objects contest."

"Of course I'll explain to you! Thirty bone coin is the price of a day, it's really not so much.” Ge-Da was reluctant to return the coin bag.

Yan Mo didn't answer, “If it wasn't for you, Ge-Da brother, we couldn't find such a good place to live, would you like to stay, or are you in a hurry?"

Ge-Da just laughed and put the bone coin bag away.

Under Yan Mo's insinuation, Xing Liu simply put down all the shelves, confessed that he was a Horn-people in the countryside, said that he was full of yearning for the Kings City but didn't understand it at all, so Ge-Da also said some common sense content.

It's rare for Ge-Da to see the Horn-people respect him so much. With the pride of three-thirds of the city people, Ge-Da is even more speechless.

Xi Yang found the kitchen and brought out the boiled water for everyone.

Ge-Da was given a seat by Xing Liu and happily sat down, but he only dared to sit on the stool with half his butt.

In the introduction of Ge-Da, Yan Mo has a clear understanding of the overall situation of the Horn-people.

For example, the common king of the Horn-people is an elected person from three clans all together. In fact, the three clan chiefs took turns to sit in the Kings manor for ten years. During this period, if the king is unpopular or has made any major mistakes, it is likely that he will be forcibly pulled down and replaced by other members of the same currently ruling clan until the other two are satisfied.

The only special place is the high priest, where the priest can sit in the position until death. Before the death of the high priest, they usually get the omen, and then cultivate the next generation of the selected high priest.

Each generation of the high priest is appointed by the Pan'a God, and the candidates are generally from the three cities witches. If Pan'a is not satisfied with the three cities witches, the temple will call all the Horn-people witches on the mainland to the King’s City for sacrifice and pray for Pan'a to appoint the next generation the high priest. Since ancient times, only twice, the high priest has been selected from the Witches of other cities not within the Kings city.

"Young Master, I think you should know who the king is now even if you live in a remote place?" Ge-Da took a drink with a water glass.

Xing Liu: "Yeah." About these common sense, the warriors of the abyss have gone out to inquire about it deliberately. Before he came out, he memorized it by repetition.

"Then you should know that this year is the last year of the Red Horn clan chief King Nier's reign, and this year's bone objects contest will be so demanding and so many people will come here. It's also related to the next king's choice. Everyone wants to know who the next chief of the Black-Horn clan is earlier."

Yan Mo didn't understand it before he turned his head. "The next king is going to come from the Black-Horn clan, and the one who can sit on the throne must be their clan leader, so what we care about is who will be the next clan leader of the Black-Horn clan? Is it not the son of the current chief?”

"Of course not!" Ge-Da seemed to find Yan Mo's idea funny. "Who said the next chief must be the son of the current chief? Such a situation is rare in the history of the Horn-people. Basically, several big nobles compete with each other for the position. In a word, no one knows who the next clan leader will be before they are elected. There is a gambling game specially opened in the city. If you are interested, you can also participate."

Yan Mo thought, no wonder the history and civilization of the Horn-people can be maintained up to now, perhaps it is related to their electoral system. Although it is still the aristocracy that took advantage to participate, it is not the system of the royal family and the world presidents. Even the king is a once-in-a-decade round, the greatest possible thing out of it is to avoid inaction or even corruption of the country's king.

Yuan Zhan listened very carefully. The Horn-people's way of governance made a lot of inspiration and reference for him. In the future, the Jiu Yuan will surely develop greatly. However, how to develop healthily and even as long as possible requires the painstaking experience of the people in power and the people below. At this time, the development experience of fine-tuned system and other forces is very important. At least more listening about how others do can make them take less detours into establishing the best method for Jiu Yuan.

Ge-Da looked at Xing Liu strangely, this is the common sense they all know. It doesn't make sense that the Horn-people don't know about it. Even if they live in a remote place, they always have to contact the Horn-people in other towns, right?

Ge-Da couldn't figure it out. He couldn't help but hate the White-Horn teenager that Xing Liu became, but he didn't show it. He even thought that maybe because the White-Horn teenager was so stupid, the Hornless-men who served him could speak instead of him, even help him to make decisions, and there was no fear of his Master's expression on his face.

But it's also good. Ge-Da is glad for his new brother, Yan Mo. It's better to have such a Master than to have a cruel one.

Yan Mo felt that he had paid attention to it, and even there was only Xing Liu and Ge-Da sitting. He and Yuan Zhan and others all stood and talked with Ge-Da. But he didn't notice that even though he and Yuan Zhan deliberately hid themselves, once the time was long, that kind of self-confidence from the soul would wash away all the camouflage on them.

Well, that's probably the difference between a real beggar and a millionaire who plays the role of a beggar – they may be similar in shape but different in attitude.

Then Yan Mo began to ask what qualifications were needed to participate in the bone objects contest.

Ge-Da told them that the prerequisite for participating in the bone objects contest is that you must be a bone objects sculptor, at least a bone objects sculpting apprentice.

The registration place is in the central square of each city. The registration is divided into different levels. The bone objects will be checked and approved by the bone objects at all levels first. Because it's a bone objects contest, the relevant review on whether the bone objects are made by the bone objects is not strict. Of course, if you want to be promoted, you have to take the test of Bone Sculptor. If you want to cheat and pay to get it, you may not have it at all.

If the registered bone objects pass the customs, the Bone Sculptor with bone objects can stay with the bone objects in the official residence prepared by the contest. Of course, if you can rest assured, you can only leave bone objects and stay outside.

Then there is the first round of selection. Bone objects of the same nature will be assigned to the same venue, regardless of level. The owner or designated operator of bone objects will control the bone objects in the contest. Only the first two top marks can enter the next round. At this time, the three cities applicants are selected separately.

In the second round of selection, each winner of the three cities will be in the same field with the same score of the same nature, and then the champion and runner up will be determined.

In the third round of selection, only the first player of each contest field in the second round can take part in the selection. After showing their respective attributes and abilities, the final place will be determined.

“It's the bone objects contest, but it's not so serious. It's mainly a way to have fun every five years. Every contest will have various situations. More people will bid for those bone objects in every contest. Many bone objects sculptor participate in half of the contest. In order to guard against bone objects damage, you can sell your bone objects on the spot at a good price, and then you can directly withdraw from the contest" Ge-Da smiled.

“It's said that the first place in previous years is usually taken by the bone objects made by Master level Bone Sculptor is that true?" Yan Mo asked casually.

"No, you're wrong. Who is the Master level Bone Sculptor? How can he come down to compete in the low levels? It is usually at the end of the contest that will attract the attention of the Master level Bone Sculptors who are referees, and then assess him. Some people are very lucky to pass the assessment and become the new Master level Bone Sculptors. But there are only a dozen people who can do this. A dozen people sound like a lot, but for more than 7000 years, every five years, think about how few managed to pass to become Master level Bone Sculptor."

Ge-Da said: "So people who can become Master level Bone Sculptors are amazing. I don't know when we can have a Master level Bone Sculptor in the Hornless-men."

After that, he thought he was funny, "Don't need a Master level Bone Sculptor. We are all favored by God, but if we can get a Hornless Advanced level Bone Sculptor!"

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