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Banished to Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 477: Registration and certification of Bone Sculptor

Chapter 477: Registration and certification of Bone Sculptor

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On the same day, Yan Mo and his party didn't go anywhere, so they had a good rest in the courtyard.

After having enough food and drink, bathing and changing clothes, and having a good sleep, everyone looked much more energetic the next day than yesterday.

"Da-Ren, what are we going to do when we go in?" asked Xing Liu instead of the Four Yuan Kingdoms Bone Sculptors.

Yan Mo took back his hand to tease Jiu Feng, turned back and said with a smile: “First of all, I need to go to the Bone Sculptor Association in the city to get a primary rank Bone Sculptor identity. Second, sign up for the bone objects contest. "

It's OK to participate in the bone objects contest as long as he has the apprenticeship qualification of Bone Sculptor. Unfortunately, although he was favored by Master Yi Fan before, he didn't get the apprenticeship domino in time. Now he can only get another one.

"Witch Mo, why are you in the bone objects contest? Can't you get the identity of Master level Bone Sculptor directly in any association?” Hou Shi has deep confidence in Yan Mo, and thinks that as long as Mo Da-Ren wanted to do it, he can do it. In his opinion, Master level Bone Sculptor is rare, but when Mo Da-Ren tries, he can get it.

The others looked at Hou Shi in silence.

Yan Mo understood Hou Shi's idea and replied earnestly, “Because participating in the bone objects contest is a shortcut to obtain the identity of a Master level Bone Sculptor."

"Why is it a shortcut to participate in the bone objects contest?" Hou Shi grabbed his head and wondered.

Yan Mo chuckled.

The request of the Lord of the Youshangyuan Abyss is to bring back a Master level Bone Sculptor recognized by the Horn-people. At this time, it's too late to start training one, so he is the only one to go fight.

Yan Mo is confident that if he went to join the Bone Sculptor certification, he should be able to get the advanced Bone Sculptor certification as long as there is no accident.

But the problem is that if there an accident.

Even if he really has the ability of advanced Bone Sculptor or even Master level Bone Sculptor, but for political reasons, the Horn-people probably won't admit his ability. Not only won't they admit it, but it's normal development to try to seize the secret of bone sculpting and kill him.

So he can't take the test all the way up, if he does that how can the Horn-people recognize his ability, or even poison him, at least not in the short term?

In a comprehensive consideration, the bone objects contest has become a shortcut for customs clearance.

Obviously, the Youshangyuan Abyss Lord also considered this problem. Knowing that the Hornless-men want to have a Master level Bone Sculptor, it's impossible to rely on the normal path, so they want to take advantage of this bone objects contest.

Yan Mo looked at Xi Yang, who thinks it's a test of himself, and answered: “Because according to the normal way, the Hornless-people can reach to the bottom of the low-level Bone Sculptor and that is their end. If there is an intermediate level Bone Sculptor's Hornless-people, it doesn't matter how the high-level people look at it, the Horn-people sculptor won't be willing to let him stay alive. At that time, there is no need for high-level hands involvement, only those who can't stand to see the Hornless-men who are smarter than them, the low intermediate level Bone Sculptor will kill the Hornless-man. "

“But who is Mo Da-Ren? How could he be secretly harmed by the Horn-people?” Hou Shi and Xi Yang didn't deal with each other, and apparently retorted in order to refute.

Xi Yang said, "Witch Mo is very powerful, but our goal is to get the Master level Bone Sculptor certification. Even if Mo Da-Ren can walk all the way to the top of the Horn-people and let those Master level Bone Sculptors test his bone sculpting ability, but if they don't admit it, our goal can't be achieved. So if we want to achieve our goal, we must create a form that the Horn-people can't sneer at and can't deny it, and participating in the bone objects contest is the best way at the present. "

HouShi wanted to argue.

Xi Yang simply said: "Bone objects contest is not strict with identity authentication, as long as Mo Da-Ren pretends that he is replacing the Horn-people Master to participate in the bone objects contest, he is likely to be able to go to the end, and if Mo Da -Ren can go to the end to win the first place, and then reveal that he is the identity of the bones refiner, and his identity as the Hornless man will also attract great attention. At that time Mo Da-Ren can use words again.

The Bone-Sculptors will try to test his bones in front of everyone, and then he will get the name of the Bone-Sculpting Master. Even if the Horn-people were unwilling, they could not publicly deny Mo Da-Ren's ability to refine bones in front of the facts. And as long as Mo Da-Ren can get the Horn-people's Bone-Sculpting Master certification, our goal is reached, and even if they want to persecute us, we can withdraw at any time."

Xi Yang said that and HouShi has been convinced, but Xi Yang added a sentence at the end: "Do you understand?"

HouShi felt that his intelligence was scorned and he almost jumped up.

Yan Mo has no idea how to stop the fight between Hou Shi and Xi Yang. He believes in Xi Yang's ability. This person often "has" "Hou Shi" and definitely has his plans.

Ge-Da deliberately came after breakfast. Yesterday, Yan Mo made an appointment with him and asked him to lead the way to the Bone-Sculptor Association today.

Ge-Da also brought his eldest son, who was responsible for bringing Yan Mo to the Bone-Sculptor Association, and his eldest son to lead others to get them around the city.

"Your master has actually produced two the Hornless people Bone-Sculptors, which is really not easy. Your master is really good for you." Ge-Da turned enviously to look at the two Bone-Sculptor, whispering to Yan Mo.

Yan Mo smiled.

Ge-Da added, "Do they want to certify for the 4th rank Bone Sculptor?" then he was excited, “If one of them can become the 4th rank Bone Sculptor, its equivalent to stepping into the list of intermediate level Bone Sculptor. I heard that up to now, no such Hornless-men can become an intermediate level Bone Sculptor."

“I don't know if they can. Let them try anyway." This test is also a real one. Two 3rd rank Bone Sculptors have been studying for many years in the abyss, and they all think that they should be able to go further. This time, they come out with the idea that if they can get the identity of 4th rank Bone Sculptor, their respect will be better.

"The certification fee is not cheap. Your host is willing to pay it." Ge-Da doesn't look down on the people, but Xing Liu doesn't look like a rich aristocrat, rather like what they call a little bit wealthy country horn youth.

"What's that place?" Yuan Zhan suddenly points to a building with guards on guard.

Ge-Da said "Oh," it's the City Guards station. They are responsible for all the public security affairs in the city. You'd better stay away from the warriors in line wearing bone armor in the future. They are probably the people in the city guard office. The people in the city guard office are most disgusted with the Hornless-men and think that we will pollute the roads in the city. "

Ge-Da looked at the little Feng, who was sitting on Yuan Zhan's shoulder and holding his head, and shook his head disapprovingly? Shouldn’t such a small child stay at home?”

"What? I think the Xuanyu city is much safer than our city.” Yan Mo recognized that the other side had something

"You'll know later," Ge-Da said vaguely. He would not say what happened now.

Yan Mo looked around at passers-by, and suspects that Ge-Da may be afraid of something?

Ge-Da would not say that Yan Mo and others did not force him.

Chatting all the way, because the Hornless-men in the city are not allowed to use any riding animals, it took us more than an hour to walk to the Bone Sculptor Association in the center of the Xuanyu city.

Yesterday, he didn't pay much attention to it. Today, they slowed down and watch the scenery of the Xuanyu city with the meaning of sightseeing.

"The town of the Horn-people is well built." Yuan Zhan is close to Yan Mo whispered

"Yes, a very beautiful city." Yan Mo sighed.

“It's not just beautiful, she's powerful in strength and defense."

Should the Xuanyu city be one of the three sub cities of the King’s City? Bone sculpting has been brought into full play here.

Street lamps, vehicles on the street, flying bone objects in the sky, and large-scale turrets on the wall make the city look like a magic city in the legend.

However, the orderly order of the city, the sewers on both sides of the road, the broad trunk road that can parallel walk six carriages, the road is divided into two-way roads for pedestrians and vehicles, as well as the bone garbage cans that can actively pick up and swallow the dirty on the roadside, all of which show that the civilization of the city has surpassed the modern in some aspects.

"Those bins are good." Yan Mo looked at the bins with his greedy eyes, and especially wanted to hold one back to have a good analysis.

"Half of the city guards are not alive." Yuan Zhan's eyes are obviously different from Yan Mo's, "There is still a lot of space underground in the city, and I suspect that there may be a large number of bone warriors or powerful weapons hidden in the underground."

Yuan Zhan was going to have a good look sometime.

Xing Liu and two Bone Sculptors have been staring at each other for a long time, and they have been dazzled all the way. When Ge-Da said that they arrived to the Bone Sculptor association, they just regained their minds, and when they saw the shape of the Bone Sculptor Association, they became stunned again.

Yan Mo also felt a surprise.

Yuan Zhan looked up with the little Feng sitting on his shoulder. The little Feng's eyes are wide and round.

No one expected that the shape of the Bone Sculptor association would be a skeleton bird larger than two football fields.

The bone bird is in the shape of a bird spreading wings. Its head is high and its height is no less than 200 meters by visual inspection. One leg, leg bone is as strong as a pillar. There are actually three pairs of wing bones, which are divided into three layers.

Ge-Da is proud, "This is our Bone Sculptor association!"

"What a Master level Bone bird.” Yan Mo looked sideways at the little Feng and asked if he knew him.

The little Feng looked at it for a while and was disgusted with the tunnel: "The ugly bird has only one foot and three pairs of wings."

“Are you jealous of other people's wings?" Yuan Zhan mercilessly tore him down.

Jiu Feng is annoyed. Grabbing Yuan Zhan’s hair and did a lot of pulling.

“If you pull my hair again, you won't sit on my shoulder!" Yuan Zhan is not afraid of pain, but naughty children still have to learn a lesson.

Jiu Feng is just satisfied with this neck ride. How can he give up? He will not pull it again after pulling it twice. But he was not happy to be threatened. He even covered Yuan Zhan's eyes with two small claws.

Yuan Zhan's eyes are covered, so he walked steadily.

According to Ge-Da, the Bone Sculptor association is one of the symbols in the Xuanyu city. There are many visitors, especially when there are so many outsiders in the city.

Yan Mo and his party didn't make eye contact with these tourists until they wanted to enter the Bone Sculptor Association.

“Look, the Hornless-people Bone Sculptor." They were noticed.

People who want to enter the Bone Sculptor association need to line up. Maybe all the coming Bone Sculptors want to take this opportunity to show up in the King’s City. There are many more people in line than before.

Some of these people are just standing by the way, some of them think that the name of the Kings City certification is more pleasant to hear, and some of them have a general fluke mentality, that is, if they are lucky enough, maybe they will have the chance to be looked at by some Advanced Bone Sculptor or Master level Bone Sculptor, if they are, their life will be immediately become different.

Although it's as rare as being hit by a meteor in such a lucky event, people are more motivated by hope.

Because the Hornless-men can't sign up by themselves, and they need to be guaranteed by the Horn-men, Xing Liu and two Bone Sculptors and Yan Mo lined up together. Yuan Zhan and Jiu Feng are on the side.

Ge-Da still needs to do business. It's impossible to stay here with them all the time. Besides, he can't enter the Bone Sculptor Association. It's useless to stay. He said something that needs his attention and left first.

"Oh, there are two. Although there are only 3rd rank, is this the most advanced level in the Hornless-people Bone Sculptor?" another said highly.

"The White-Horn clan just likes to mess around and teach these things. Unexpectedly, a family has trained two Hornless-people Bone Sculptors. Gee, where are the countrymen from? They don't know the rules!”

"There are three. Although the young one has no dominoes, he is obviously following the queue."

Some people were surprised: "The three Hornless-men who want to certify Bone Sculptor are all slaves of the White-Horn teenager? What does he mean by this? So many of the Hornless-people Bone Sculptor? Does the City Lord know about his family?”

"Come on, that's the White-Horn clan person. But why didn't the White-Horn and his slaves go to the Luolan city and had come to our Xuanyu city?”

“Maybe he has been to the Luolan city before, and this time he wanted to see other cities."

Little attention has been paid to the fact that Xing Liu turned into the White-Horn teenager was leading slaves into the Xuanyu city. At this time, the cities are always mixed with other clan men. The more different the cities are, the more they want to see.

Some people also pay attention to Jiu Feng sitting on Yuan Zhan's shoulder. They don't know whether it’s because they see him as cute or for other reasons.

Xing Liu and the Bone Sculptors Fei Zhang and Si Tu are very upset. Too many people have seen them.

The Horn-people in line wanted to talk to Xing Liu. As a result, Xing Liu couldn't answer in the right way. They didn't have the heart to talk to him anymore.

Xing Liu was relieved to see that the people in front of him no longer spoke to him. God knows that he is probably the most nervous of all, for fear that someone will see his disguise.

Yan Mo is always talking and laughing with Jiu Feng and Yuan Zhan.

The three Hornless-men who want to certify the Bone Sculptor are too compelling because there are only three of them in the whole team.

Yan Mo is also worried about encountering the Horn-people who are jumping in line or provoking. As a result, I don't know whether the Xuanyu city is very good at public security or whether no one wanted to lose face in public. After less than half an hour, it was their turn.

Yuan Zhan and Jiu Feng cannot enter without authentication.

After entering, you can only see a porch, which is quite spacious. There is a table in the middle. Behind the table, there is a Horn-people middle-aged man.

Yan Mo saw two doors on both sides of the porch. Those who want to sign up for it will enter behind those two doors.

"You want to certify as a Bone Sculptor?" the middle-aged man asked Xing Liu.

"No, not me. I'm here to guarantee our Bone Sculptor.” Xing Liu weaved language channels according to the situation Ge-Da introduced to them.

"Your family?" the middle-aged man looked up and saw the three Hornless-men in front of him.

"These three Hornless-men belong to your family?" the middle-aged man was surprised and a little unhappy.

"Yes." Xing Liu nods nervously.

"Do you know the regulations of our Xuanyu City Bone Sculptor association?"

"What rules?"

“I don't know which rural place you are from, but our Xuanyu City stipulates that a Horn-people can only guarantee that a Horn-people became a Bone Sculptor, and he must be a Horn person aristocrat. Are you an aristocrat?" the middle-aged man's eyes were very disdainful.

Xing Liu swallowed and held up his chest: "of course I am a noble!"

"Oh?" the middle-aged man looked up and down at Xing Liu with a sarcastic smile. "Where are you from? Who is your father? How noble is your family? Where is your father or your governing fiefdom? Why don't you have the status of nobility on you?”

Xing Liu wanted to wipe sweat on his forehead. He didn't expect that the guarantee inquiry would be so strict. He stammered back and said: “I, I come from the town near the Mingyue City, my father is..."

Yan Mo saw Xing Liu getting more and more nervous, his lips slightly opened, and said softly, “I wish Xing Liu a smooth passage."

Xing Liu said, “My father's name is Xing. We are the last baronet in the Mingyue City. Our fiefdom is just outside the Mingyue City, which was granted to us by the Mingyue City a long time ago."

The middle-aged man knocked on the table with a bone pen, "Then show me your identification. Again, you can only guarantee one entree. You should figure out who you want to guarantee first!”

"Well, I'll think about it." Xing Liu took out a bone card. His back was wet. This domino is taken from a person after they defeated the Horn-people who attacked them.

According to Fei Zhang, a low-level Bone Sculptor who has lived around the Horn-people city and Bone Sculptor for many years, the bone plate represents the identity of a baron's son.

Yan Mo suddenly felt a shudder in his heart. Then he grabbed Xing Liu's hand. “Young Master, have you forgotten the Master's order?"

Xing Liu doesn't know, so he looked at him.

The middle aged Horn-man looked at him.

Yan Mo presses Xing Liu's hand with one hand, and took out the bone plate that Buhua gave him at the beginning from his bosom with the other hand, and handed it to the middle-aged man, saying lightly: "This is our guarantee. If you have any questions, you can go to the City Lord of this domino. "

The middle-aged didn't like Yan Mo's attitude. He thought that Yan Mo was too disrespectful to him. He didn't want to take the dominoes, but he wanted to drive him out. But when he was about to open his mouth, he glanced at the domino more or less. His eyes nearly popped for it was amazing. He thought he was seeing it wrong and watched carefully.

Xing Liu puffed up and put away his domino.

The middle-aged man watched the domino, looked at Yan Mo in doubt and surprise, and then looked at Xing Liu.

Yan Mo gave him a kind smile this time.

The unhappiness of the middle-aged disappeared a little, "You wait."

As he said that, the middle-aged man put the dominoes into a bone object like a frog on the table.

The frog's mouth is wide open, and the bone tag was placed in its mouth.

A second later, light and shadow appeared above the bone frog. Light and shadow were like a person. Not only that, but also it spoke!

"The origin of the domino is from the Black-Horn clan Dukedom Modun family. The original owner of the dominoes, the noble son Buhua Modun. The bone token given to, a teenager, the Hornless-men. The domino effect protects the Hornless-men from being hurt by others. "

The middle-aged man's face changes when he hears about the Modun family. As long as it's the Horn-people, who doesn't know that Modun is the noblest patriarchal family besides the current patriarchal family?

The oldest son of the Duke Modun, who can be called the noble son, is not like everyone else.

As we all know, the Duke Modun is also the most powerful competitor of the next generation of the Black Horn Clan, if it goes well the Duke will be the Lord of the Kings City which is like the leader of the Horn-people.

Look at the image in the light and shadow displayed by the bone frog. Although it's a bit fuzzy, it looked like the hornless youth in front of him, but the people in the image look bit younger.

The middle-aged man was shocked, and so was Yan Mo.

It turned out that there is so much information in this domino that it can be read out with tools? The bone can see the picture of the given!

This is an advanced and practical anti-theft and loss prevention technology.

At the same time, Xing Liu and two Bone Sculptors are also sweating in the dark. Xing Liu is shouting luck. If he just took out the captured bone token, wouldn't their identity be exposed immediately?

There is so much information in this domino, maybe it can also leave the last words and scenes of the original owner demise. If that's the case, they would not come out alive!

Good, so far so good!

In fact, Xing Liu is worried too much, and the dominoes are classified into different levels. Not all dominoes can record information such as pictures. For example, the dominoes of nobles under the Viscount title can contain at most an identity information, such as who is the beneficiary and the function or reason of giving, and even the function of displaying images is not available.

But even if the bone plate in his hand can only indicate the identity information, it is enough to expose them. At least the place names, people names, especially the clan they say will be different from the information contained in the bone plate.

Yan Mo also shouted luck in his heart. Fortunately, he prayed for it first, otherwise he would not feel that something will go wrong, and then manage to stop Xing Liu in time.

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