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Banished to Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 478: Bone Sculptor test

Chapter 478: Bone Sculptor test

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With this domino, the attitude of the middle-aged Horn-man has changed.

Although he did not understand the meaning of Buhua noble son giving him this domino, the role of the domino was clear: to protect the Hornless-men from other people.

The range of injury free protection can be widen by thought. In a large way, it can be used as a death free card. In a small way, it can be used to certify the Bone Sculptor. Are you not allowed to have a kind of injury on you?

Although according to the regulations, even if there is such a domino, it is reasonable to allow only one licensee to enter the test, but it depends on the owner of the domino.

The middle-aged Horn-man looked at Yan Mo over and over again. You didn't know how many unspeakable guesses had turned around in their heads. On the surface, he didn't hesitate much. He quickly returned the domino to Yan Mo and said, “According to the regulations, a noble can only guarantee one person to test, but our Bone Sculptor association is willing to give chance for those who sincerely want to learn from us, the Horn-people, based on the importance of talents, culture and technology of smart race an opportunity, you three can go in together, but the cost of test certification needs to be doubled. If you don't have so many bone coins, follow the rules. "

The middle-aged Horn-man indicated that if Xing Liu took his dominoes and the Buhua noble son's one, they would be able to pay two people according to the normal payment.

But at this time, how could Xing Liu and Yan Mo take out another bone plate to explode their identity? Xing Liu received Yan Mo's eye sign and immediately said, “It's best to test together with three people. I'm willing to pay them double the fee."

Looking at Xing Liu, the middle-aged Horn-man wondered why the Buhua son would give the dominoes to this man's slaves rather than to him. If the noble son values the slave, he can come here. Does the White-Horn have a special identity of the Black–Horn man?

Seeing that Xing Liu didn't want to take out his identity card again, the middle-aged Horn-man immediately mended his brain.

The cost of Bone Sculptor test certification is from low to high according to the level. The cost of 1st rank to 3rd rank is the cheapest, only 500 bone coins. A thousand bone coins are needed from the 4th rank to the 6th rank. From 6th rank to 9th rank, we need 10000. There is no charge for more than 10th rank.

The test cost is very high, but the higher the Bone Sculptor level is, the more you earn. People who want to be a Bone Sculptor don't care about this test cost. Similarly, if you want to be a strong Bone Sculptor, the upfront cost is huge.

For this reason, most of the Horn-people who can become Bone Sculptor come from or are supported by nobles. Other poor or ordinary people are not easy to follow the Bone Sculptor road unless they are lucky or have great talent.

The Hornless-people are the same, let alone the Horn-people. Most of the Hornless-people Bone Sculptor will be good apprentices and assistants for decades when they follow the Hornless-people Bone Teacher. After they start to create their own works, most of them will be handed over to their Masters. The lucky ones can redeem themselves. The unlucky ones, even if they are promoted to a 3rd rank Bone Sculptor, can only continue to do free work for their Masters.

Fei Zhang and Si Tu belong to the latter. They were forced to escape into the Demon Abyss because they couldn't stand the exploitation of Horn-Masters.

Fortunately, the Bone Sculptor Association doesn't care about the resentment of Bone Sculptor. Even though Fei Zhang and Si map are wanted by their Master family, their Bone Sculptor dominoes have not been cancelled or added with any special information.

The middle-aged Horn-man, after receiving 4000 bone coins from two people, he let them enter the right door.

Yan Mo went to the left because he didn't have any grades, so he had to start with the first rank.

Xing Liu moved outside after paying the bone coins.

The people in the line behind couldn't wait to enter the gate, and they glared at Xing Liu.

The people in line didn't think Xing Liu's face was pleasing. This guy not only guaranteed three of the Hornless-men, but also took such a long time! But why does he guarantee three?

Yuan Zhan saw him and asked him in a low voice, "Why did it take so long?"

The Bone Sculptor association has a shielding effect, and he can't hear and see what's going on inside.

Xing Liu subconsciously wiped his sweat and whispered the story.

And inside the Bone Sculptor Association.

Yan Mo walked into the left door, which is a hall.

There is an old man in the hall who was cutting bones.

Yan Mo guesses in his mind how likely it is that the other party is a Master level Bone Sculptor or a high-ranking person such as the president of the association.

“I'm just an ordinary 6th rank Bone Sculptor. Don't dream I’m that high." The old man joked, raised his head and wondered, "A hornless man? Oh, rarity!”

"Hello." Yan Mo is polite.

"Well, are you a civilian or a slave of some noble?" the old man asked with a smile.

"Civilian." Yan Mo couldn't help but ask, "How did you know what I was thinking just now?" does this man have the ability to spy on other people's ideas?

The old man heard the words and laughed, “Because many people will hold this dream and think that they can make progress smoothly if they flatter me. It's true that there have been Master level Bone Sculptors and even the high priest pretending to be testers and receptionists for a while before, but the probability is as low as whether you can become a Master level Bone Sculptor. Come here, kid. Tell me your name, race, age, gender, family, etc. and when it's passed, put a drop of blood on the bone plate. Then this will be your Bone Sculptor card. "

Yan Mo went to the old man and saw him pick up a bone plate and a bone pen with a strange shape.

"Yan Mo, the Hornless-man, age 22 years old, male sex, no family."

“Is there a teacher to teach you?"


"Would you like to add his name?"

Yan Mo shook his head. "The Horn-man who taught me didn't tell me his name."

The old man face made a clear expression.

The old man picked up a bone stick and pointed it at the wall. “Are you here to test 1st rank? Go, just get in that door."

The wall retreated and a huge clam shell appeared, with its mouth open.

Yan Mo felt a sense of familiarity. He remembered that similar clam shells appeared in Bone Inheritance, and they also appeared in low-level teaching.

"Thank you." Yan Mo nodded to the old man and walked into the clam shell with a big mouth.

As soon as you enter the clamshell, the space immediately changes and a small white room appears.

There is a table in the middle of the room with some bones and other things on it.

“For the 1st rank test, identify the ten bones on the table and say what they do. You can watch it and touch it for 10 minutes. Start now!”

The voice falls, a bone on the table floats.

Yan Mo, out of caution, reached for the bone and looked at it. He has confidence in his Bone Sculpting knowledge, but the animals in the West and the East are different, so it's funny to lose for that.

Unfortunately, he didn't recognize the first bone. At the end of the ten bones, he only recognized three of them, and as many as seven of them he cheated knowing their names by asking The Guide.

Yan Mo can't help but smile at this. It's just like a professional, who graduated from a primary school decades ago, if you ask him to recite Chinese pinyin. Although it's the foundation of his language, there are not many people who can recite it completely.

But the test didn't end there. The bones on the table sank and disappeared. Ten common herbs appeared. The voice sounded again, and he was also asked to identify the ten herbs and respectively say their main role in bone sculpting.

For herbs, Yan Mo is obviously more confident. Even if there are herbs unique to the western continent, he has a Guide in his hand, which is just as easy to pass.

Within twenty-five minutes of the whole test, Yan Mo came out of the clamshell, and the old man smiled at him on the spot and said, "Yes, your foundation is very solid. Although there are only ten bones and ten herbs, none of them can be identified at once. You have learned the basics so well and will have a bright future. If you were the Horn-man, I would really like to recommend you to my boss."

Yan Mo smiled shyly - thanks for the Guide. At this time, he didn't know how hard the praise of the old man was for the Horn-people.

"Your 1st rank pass is very easy. Do you want to test 2nd rank?" the old man asked.

"Well, I don't have that many bone coins." Yan Mo has, but as the Hornless-men, his bone coins must not be rich.

The old man smiled, “I asked you because you don't need to pay the bone coin for the 2nd rank test now. Don't thank me. It's not the preferential treatment I gave you, but one of the provisions of the Bone Sculptor Association. If every 1st rank test result can reach perfection, the next 1st rank test doesn't need to pay anything to be tested. This is also a kind of incentive and reward for talents”

"Then can I do it in the future..."

"Yes, but why do you have to pay for two more procedure? It won't be long.” There are few people who come to the King’s City to test the low-level Bone Sculptor, and people in this city will deliberately avoid this period of time. The old man is obviously a little idle.

Yan Mo thought about it. 1st rank Bone Sculptor is too low. Maybe 3rd rank is just right? Since he doesn't want to hand in any more bone coins, he decided to continue to test them.

Generally speaking, the degree and process of testing are almost the same as those in Bone Inheritance, but the content has changed slightly and become more characteristic today.

Yan Mo has excellent skills. He can cheat using the Guide with unknown herbs and bones. The 2nd and 3rd rank exams are very easy.

During the 3rd rank test, he thought about whether to make some mistakes on purpose. Later, he thought that he was a man who wanted to strive for the identity of a Master level Bone Sculptor in the bone objects contest. Now it's unnecessary to make such low-level mistakes on purpose. Maybe it's more suitable for his future goals to keep a perfect test record?

With such an idea, Yan Mo was not shy.

When the third rank test of Yan Mo was finished, the old man's eyes on the Hornless-man were different from those just now.

The Hornless-man can really get the 3rd rank at the present. But doing three tests in the same day, and all together, there is no rest and accumulation of time, the results of the next test are perfect, which is rare.

No, it should be said that in the test records of the Hornless-man, such achievements are unique. And even in the Horn-people, there are very few who ever got the perfect score.

Some people may say that it's just a low-level test. Why are so few people achieving perfect test score then?

Because of the difficulty of the examination!

To this point, the Bone Sculptor Association naturally has its own considerations.

Even if there are high and low talents, some people can stay the 3rd rank with their whole life, but some can become Master level Bone Sculptors in just over ten or twenty years. Some people may be good at bone identification, some people may be good at herbs, some people may be good at bone sculpting, some people are good at energy composition, and some people may be good at design and so on.

So in the promotion test of Bone Sculptor, the content also contains thousands of contents, and the author tries to take all aspects into consideration. In this way, as long as a person with special skills completes what he is good at, other knowledge can also pass the test.

The first to third rank test, as the foundation, seems simple, but in fact, it covered all aspects. It not only tests his experience and knowledge, but also tests his teacher's inside information and learners' absorption ability. Almost everyone who can achieve perfect results has made great achievements in the future.

The old man was a little shocked and deeply sorry for Yan Mo.

Others don't know, but people from the Bone Sculptor association all know that if the test is perfect, the test results will be passed to several advanced Bone Sculptors and even Master level Bone Sculptors at the end of the test.

This is because such talents are rare, and who doesn't want to receive a student who can be born out of blue talents?

If only he was a Horn-man. If he is the Horn-people, maybe someone will send him a message now. Have arranged for him to meet the above people?

"Do you want to continue the test?" the old man asked with a complex mood.

"No, I'm a little tired. I'm afraid I won't get any good marks in the exam." Yan Mo shook his head wearily.

The old man understood, and poured a glass of water to Yan Mo. "You sit down and rest for a while, and then drop your blood on this bone plate, and it's over."

"Thank you." The more Yan Mo contacts with the Horn-people, the more he can feel that the Horn-people are not evil. Like the Hornless-people, they have good people and bad people.

But because of different races, there is a natural estrangement. In his previous life, even if it was only from a different skin color, he could fight for decades, not to mention the battle of faith.

The Hornless-men and the Horn-people are not only different in appearance, but also different in belief. In addition to the irreconcilable resource war, it really takes a long time for these two big races to become a relative calmer around each other, as well as a particularly powerful ruling class that can take into account the fairness for all races.

Yan Mo doesn't know if he will see a family of intelligent race all over the world in his lifetime, but he hopes to work in this direction. Or would it be nice to give it to his two sons?

In such an instant, the irresponsible Father Yan set a very ambitious and great life-long goal for his two unborn sons.

Outside, a baby fruit suddenly rolled in the pouch.

Yuan Zhan felt them moving and looked down.

"What's the matter?" he asked as he touched the little fruit.

After holding it for a long time, Wu Guo came out with a word: “... cold.”

"Cold?" Yuan Zhan looked up at the big sun in the sky. If it's in the Jiu Yuan, it's really cold in winter, but it's the opposite here. It's so hot that people around him can't keep sweating.

At the same time, just as Yan Mo had just dropped blood from his fingertips on the bone plate, several people appeared in a room on the upper floor of the Bone Sculptor Association.

"Happiness in vain! I thought it was a good seedling. I stopped refining to come here and it turned out to be the Hornless-man!” A Black-Horn uncle was very upset.

The other three looked at each other. One of them had just arrived.

"What did you say?" the young looking Horn-people asked the other two.

"The test results from 1st rank to 3rd rank are perfect, which has not been met in a decade. You were the last one who has such a perfect test result." The well maintained woman lifted her long hair to the back of her ear.

“My husband has always been greedy for the disciple Hu Ai Gang, the Red-Horn witch. You know that he always thinks that we are stupid and can't learn all up to his knowledge, but this is the Hornless-man..." The other is also full of sorrow.

The beautiful woman asked the young man, "What do you mean?"

“I'm going to meet him. Although he is the Hornless-man, have you ever thought that just because he is the Hornless-man, how rare is it for a genius of those kind to achieve this level? You and I all have had family teaching on sculpting from young age, but even if that's also true. How many resources can the Hornless-man get to study? If he can learn this level only by himself, in the future, if any Master is willing to give him a little instruction... "

The young man's words made all the other three look pale.

At the beginning, the Black-Horn, who was full of frustration, immediately changed his tone: “It's just that our family never raised the Hornless-people Bone Sculptor. Maybe we can try it this time. First of all, don't rob me. It's just the Hornless-man... "

“I... bah!" the beautiful woman said rudely to Uncle Black-Horn, "Why would we give it to you? I also confiscated the apprentice of the Hornless-people as mine, just to find him and teach him a little more knowledge of bone sculpting. Maybe a student of the Hornless-people advanced Bone Sculptor will come out later. "

"Don't mess around. So far, there has never been the Hornless-people Bone Sculptor with intermediate level knowledge or above. How could you want to cultivate an advanced level? Don't you think there was a smart and talented the hornless people before? But why can the Hornless-men only reach 3rd rank at most over the years? Have you ever thought about it?” The uncle Black-Horn seemed to have a deep heart about giving knowledge to a Hornless man.

"Don't remind me. I know the doorway better than you do." The beautiful woman glanced at each other with infinite charm, which made uncle Black-Horn numb.

Another person also said eagerly: “Although this is a Hornless-men, I still want to show my Master that maybe he will be an assistant for the old man."

The young man raised his hand. “I haven't seen him yet. It's not interesting to argue now. At this time, all the people who should get the news got it, but only four of us came to the scene, which shows that other people are not interested in the Hornless-man. I don't think we should let it go, we'll go directly to the Hornless-man. If he has a Master, we'll buy him and see who his Master is willing to sell him to. If he doesn't have a Master, we'll see whose Sculpting Family he wants to talk to and go with. "

“It's just the Hornless-man. Do you want us to fight for him?" muttered uncle Black-Horn.

The woman and the other said it was the fairest way.

Yan Mo didn't know that he had been regarded as a peerless genius at this time. He was also a super genius who self-taught under the extreme lack of resources. If he knew, he would laugh three times.

Talent is important, but nurturing is more important.

He can have the achievement of bone objects now, the first it depends on Bone Inheritance. What is Bone Inheritance? It was accumulated all the bone sculpting knowledge of the Horn-people for thousands of years. There is a more profound and profound southern sea knowledge with automatic search function than the library.

If we only talk about the number and knowledgeable Shifus, who can match him? Of course, the seven thousand year development of the Horn-people's migration to the western continent is not considered for the time being.

As for sculpting resources, he is in the eastern land of the Horn-people, which is full of demons creatures and bones! And he's still the priest of a city. How many bones did Yuan Zhan and others bring to him in the past five years? In order to express friendship, some intelligent races specially send some bones with special abilities to him.

Needless to say, he has spent nearly 40 years learning more complicated sciences than others in front of him, and the herbal medicine from the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine has obviously helped him in bone sculpting.

If he was not too busy and focused on medical treatment and cultivation, he might have tried to add metal to bone objects and develop new bone objects.

No matter what the facts are, just as Yan Mo picked up his fresh Bone Sculptor badge, the old man said to him with a surprised and natural face: “Boy, your luck is coming. Several people want to see you."

At the same time, Jiu Feng, who was waiting outside, was the first to get impatient. It was hot. Although it was cool to sit on Yuan Zhan's neck, he sat down on sweat after a long time.

Jiu Feng climbed down Yuan Zhan's shoulder very easily, because Mo Mo said that he is not allowed to use wings where there are many people in the city.

“I'm going to play!" said Jiu Feng, standing on the ground and looking up at Yuan Zhan.

Yuan Zhan looked down. "Do you remember the way back?"


"Well, go ahead and don't get caught."

Jiu Feng hummed, he is the Great Mountain God Da-Ren with wings. How can he be caught by two legged monsters walking all over the ground? Even if they have horns, they can't fly.

Seeing Yuan Zhan, Xing Liu was so relieved to let a little hairy head toddler who seemed to be only three or four years old slipped into the crowd by himself. He couldn't understand it. He stared at Yuan Zhan for a long time.

Yuan Zhan said calmly, "You forget his other forms?"

As soon as Xing Liu heard this he slapped his forehead, he's worried about a stupid thing! It's a magic toddler that can only become a bird. And he also heard that the original shape of the bird was as big as an island.

But it's weird to see such a small toddler go shopping alone

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