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Banished to Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 479: Petty thieves and coercion

Chapter 479: Petty thieves and coercion

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Every time there is a bone objects contest in the King’s City, there will be all kinds of strange things, but none of them is more surprising than what happened in the Xuanyu city yesterday.

It's said that a little child, the Hornless-boy, who is a little higher than the knee of an adult male with horns. Yesterday, that child strolled in the most bustling market in the Xuanyu City, without an adult following him.

Don't mention the small child of the Hornless-men. Such a small child, even the Horn-men's, is likely to have an accident if he is alone or unsupervised, so the toddler won't have an accident.

According to a reliable witness, when the toddler was squatting in front of a stall in the market looking at the children's toys, two of the Hornless-men came to take him away, pretending that the child was their own, but just was they wanted to take the child away, they were scratched all over their faces and bled all over!

The child is smart enough to shout “Liars!" and then he yelled some strange words, such as “This Mountain God is also not something you can touch, you are not Mo Mo!" and "You don't have the smell of a big bird, you want to pretend to be my father!" and so on.

Originally, the child was very perceptible. As he shouted, more people paid attention to him. The stall owner is the Horn-man. Seeing the child is cute, he didn't drive him away because he was the Hornless-boy. Seeing that he didn't recognize that the two hornless adults were his family members, he also called the people of the city guards.

The two Hornless-men saw a lot of people paying attention to it. The stall owner also called the people of City Guards office so the adults began to panic. He said that the child was naughty, and he wanted to forcibly carry the child away. As a result, he was scratched so badly!

At that time, the onlookers also thought: how powerful can a child's claws be? Even if his face is scratched, how come it is not easy for two fully grown adults to take away a child?

Who knows that after those two Hornless-men were scratched their faces, they even cried out with blood all over their faces that they were blinded.

When the people around noticed the mistake, the little toddler was gone.

Just like this, of course, it can't be a legend just told to amuse people.

“It was yesterday that the child did several big things!" Ge-Da shook his head and peeped at the little toddler nestling in his arms tightly around Yan Mo's neck.

Yan Mo didn't know what happened to Jiu Feng when he went out alone yesterday, but he was very excited when he came back last night. He even brought back some bone coin bags and bone objects.

Yan Mo asked him where his things came from. He said they were all gifted by others.

Although Yan Mo felt strange, he didn't ask too much. Although he is small, Jiu Feng is smart with the inheritance and memory. He is the only one who bullies others when he goes out. How can he suffer from bullies? So far, the biggest loss that Jiu Feng has suffered is not being able to beat Yu Wu. But since then, he seems to have learned how to distinguish the enemy's ability. If the strength value of the other side exceeds his, he will leave himself a chance to escape and not provoke the other side.

"Oh? What did the child do?” Yan Mo smiled, as if he didn't realize that the legendary child was the baby in his arms.

Ge-Da looked at Yan Mo and sighed, "Do you remember that I told you yesterday not to take too young children out of the house?"


"There's a reason."

Yan Mo looked at his hesitation and asked patiently, "What's the reason?"

There was no other outsider in obviously yard, but Ge-Da still looked around and said in a slightly lower voice: "Some nobles, they like...Well, they like to eat the meat of young animals, which also includes our children of the Hornless-men. Some nobles also like it very much, saying that it is tender and fragrant than other young animals. Didn't you notice yesterday that there weren't any Hornless children on the road?”

Xing Liu was shocked: "The Horn-people actually eat people?"

Ge-Da felt a little weird and quickly made a gesture, "Da-Ren, your voice should be smaller. Everyone in the city knows about it, but no one dares to say it out loud."

Yan Mo pulled Xing Liu for a while. Xing Liu reflected on the fact that he is still the image of the Horn-people at this time. He was angry and stuffy at the moment.

Ge-Da was embarrassed and made up a sentence: "Not all the Horn-people are like this, don't you think you can't stand it? If you go to the market in the next city, you can see some people who can't support children or are lazy. They live by giving birth to children and selling them. Those people... Oh!”

"So the two Hornless-men who wanted to take the baby away yesterday were trying to sell the child as livestock and food?" Yan Mo's tone was still mild, but everyone here could feel his gloomy tone.

Ge-Da nodded, "Most likely. In general, for the sake of saving face, the noble family won't let the slaves of their own family do it. They are all interested in the Hornless-men who do such immoral things specially. "

With a smile on his lips, Yan Mo unconsciously tapped Jiu Feng on the back and asked, "What happened then?"

Jiu Feng wanted to say that he knew that Yan Mo gently covered his lips.

“It's said that the child smelled good. He is tenderer than the average child of the Hornless-men. Those who have that mind wanted to catch him and sell him for a good price. In addition, the two Hornless-men in front wanted revenge, and they also found people to catch him. But the child, as if he did know someone was going to catch him, ran into the restaurant to buy meat. He also pointed out that the living things he had just sent in should not die.” Ge-Da continues to steal the little Feng.

Jiu Feng looked at him with a face of "I am Immortal".

Ge-Da shrank and continued with a disguised voice: “I heard that the shop owner was going to drive him away, but a few of the Horn-people who went in to eat saw the little boy playing, and they deliberately teased him. They bought the living ferocious beast that the little boy said he wanted from the shop owner, and told the little boy he can take him back as long as he was not killed by the ferocious beast."

Yuan Zhan's eyes flashed.

Xing Liu almost jumped up. "That kid is a little older. How can they do such a cruel thing! These..."

"Young Master!" Yan Mo raised his voice slightly.

Xing Liu could not bear it easily, but the expression on his face was extremely indignant. If the little child was not Jiu Feng, but the ordinary child of the Hornless-people, how could he survive from the mouth of a violent beast?

Ge-Da is more and more fond of Xing Liu, and felt that Yan Mo and others are luckier. He has such a kind-hearted Master, which makes him more courageous. "Yes, they are cruel. But no one thought the following will happen... the released ferocious beast not only did not dare to attack the little boy, but also was kicked by the little boy. He also called the animal "useless, stupid, how can you be caught" and so on. Later... "

Ge-Da's face became strange. "The little boy was going to take the beast away. Those Horn-people don't want to leave him. The little boy even directed the ferocious beast to attack the Horn-people. At first, those Horn-people could not deal with the ferocious beast, but somehow they could not get close to the ferocious beast and the child. According to later rumors, the Horn-people always felt like they were wrapped in a strong wind during the fight. In the end, the Horn-people didn't leave with the child. The ferocious beast also left with the child. When the child left. Well, I heard that he robbed all the Horn-people, even the shopkeeper money was clean out."

Jiu Feng smiled smugly, and Yan Mo's eyelids jumped down. He has no choice but to squint at someone who was the bad example.

Yuan Zhan, the so called robber addictive was the bad example, the bad example raised his eyebrows and gave a positive look to Jiu Feng: Yes, well done!

Jiu Feng is proud: "Hey! Hey!" he has known bone coins are good things after spending these days in the western continent.

Ge-Da sighed again, “Later, the child took the ferocious beast and continued to roam around the city, he beat back three waves of people who wanted to catch him, and whenever he had a chance, he robbed bone objects, yuan-crystal and bone coin bags from people, and finally wounded a Horn-man of the city guard house who went to catch him and the ferocious beast. Although all these things were done by a child, what he did was beyond the tolerance of the Horn-people, especially those Horn-people who were robbed and the later wounded Horn-man, who were not ordinary people. After a night, it came out an order, and now a lot of people want to catch the child. "

Xing Liu and others looked at the little Feng in Yan Mo's arms, and almost everyone confirmed who Ge-Da was talking about.

Yan Mo looked at Ge-Da, "You tell me this, shouldn't you just tell me the news? What do you want to say, say it. "

Ge-Da was very embarrassed. He said it intermittently, “I, I can't come back. Please understand."

"Of course."

“In addition, the City Guards office will definitely ask us the people who lead the way, even if there are other people who also take their children into the city, but the people who take a child of the Hornless-people into the city recently are probably only you. Even if I don't say it, they will find this place here sooner or later, and I can't not tell the lie." Ge-Da smiled bitterly.

Yan Mo nodded, "Don't worry, we won't implicate you."

"No, I mean, it's not safe for you to live here. Although this is a shrine and the temple-servant Zhong He is very good, but the city guard office and some nobles want to arrest people. The shrine temple-servant may not be able to protect you." Ge-Da finally said what he wanted to say. He didn't want these strangers to get involved in the temple-servant, even if they looked good.

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan look at each other, and Yan Mo asked in harmony, "So do you have any other recommendations?"

Ge-Da sincerely thought for the passer-by: “Find a way to join the larger aristocracy, or escape to the White-Horn's the Luolan city. If I can't Hand over... "

Ge-Da can't say anymore.

"There's no need to leave. This is a temple. Even if the City Lord wanted to arrest people here, he has to ask me if I agree with him."

Everyone turned to look at the gate of the yard.

The old man in the old temple-servant robe walked into the courtyard door and said, “I've heard the rumor. First of all, I'd like to make sure if the demon child they talked is you?"

"Demon boy?" Yan Mo stood up with Jiu Feng and saluted the old man.

In reply to the temple-servant, “It's the Hornless-men who awakened the ability of the demon warriors from childhood. We have a saying for this, the demon child."

Yan Mo shook his head and said sincerely: “It's not him. I don't know who Ge-Da said the child is, but I'm sure it's not our child."

The temple-servant looked into his eyes. "You promise?"

Yan Mo nodded and said seriously, “I promise."

The temple-servant looked at Xing Liu again. Xing Liu was led by Yan Mo. Of course, he would say what Yan Mo said. He nodded at the moment and promised: “It must not be this child."

Ge-Da doubted, but looking at the faces of several people, he wavered. Isn't that the boy?

The temple-servant suddenly smiled, "Well, since you promise it's not this kid, what I'm going to do is simple. When the City Guards office and other people come to the door, you take the kid out and show him to them. If not, you don't have to worry about anything. Just keep calm."

Yan Mo patted Jiu Feng and said with a smile, "Thank you God. Thank you so much for the help of the shrine-servant."

The shrine-servant had doubts, but he didn't ask any more questions, so he left.

Ge-Da waited for the temple-servant to go far before he asked in a hurry, “Isn't it really this kid?"

"Of course not."

“But you just..."

"We just don't want to do many things. As you said, we are the only ones who bring the children of the Hornless-men to the city, and our Young Master is still small, not a big aristocrat. If those aristocrats and city guards want to find something intentionally or scapegoats, we will not be miserable."

Ge-Da sighed, “If it's not your child..."

When Ge-Da left, Yan Mo and Jiu Feng looked up.

Jiu Feng pointed back at his nose. “Mo Mo, that kid is me."

“I know, but now is not the time to expose our strength, at least until the last round of the bone objects contest." Yan Mo nodded to his little nose and smiled.

"Then they don't know when they see me?"

"Don't worry, they don't recognize you."

That afternoon, someone found the door.

Yan Mo also thinks that these people are very efficient. When he saw the reception hall in front of him, it was one of the four people he met in the Bone Sculptor Association yesterday.

"How are you thinking about it?" the young Black-Horn asked directly when he saw him.

Yan Mo stepped in, “I remember Iyou yesterday."

The Black-Horn youth was expressionless. “I don't accept rejection. You also said you don't have a Master, so you have two ways. First, take refuge in me and become my person. Second, find someone who is more powerful than me

Yuan Zhan squints: what is being your person?

Yan Mo felt funny, “If I don't want to."

“I heard that you signed up for the bone objects contest?" the Black-Horn youth felt a little cold, turned around and looked around, and didn't see anything dazzling. He also saw Yuan Zhan, but he didn't see the tall Hornless man with his head down. He thought that the other side was just a common coolie, which was also related to Yuan Zhan's sharpness.


“First of all, I'll keep you out of the contest." The Black-Horn youth observed Yan Mo's expression.

Yan Mo didn't even get angry and even asked with a smile, "Next?"

"Second, you will die." The Black-Horn youth was afraid of Yan Mo's misunderstanding, and immediately went on to say: “It's not that I want to kill you. I'm afraid I'm the only one among the four people yesterday who really want to train you. If you follow me and I will wait for you to reach the 9th rank Bone Sculptor, if you reach it then I'll let you free. But other people won't let you get promoted. If you don't have any Masters, but you stand out in the bone objects contest, there is only one thing waiting for you death. You should know that many people don't want a hornless man leading level Bone Sculptor challenge."

Yan Mo didn't reply immediately.

The Black-Horn youth didn't have the patience to say, “I'm busy. If I didn't value you, I won't come here in person. If you refuse me again and wait for others to come, you will have to be a slave for them slaves for life, let alone freedom. Any bone objects you refine in the future will not be yours. "

“If I follow you, I will not be free until 9th rank?" Yan Mo said slowly


"Who are the bone objects I made before 9th rank going to belong to?"

The Black-Horn youth was about to say that it belongs to your Master, of course, but looking at Yan Mo's expression, he temporarily changed his way: “After deducting the refining cost, one-third of the benefit of selling bone objects will belong to you. If you want to let others know that bone objects are made by you, it's OK. It's usually difficult to sell bone objects made by the Hornless-people Bone Sculptor at a good price."

“I need to think again." Yan Mo didn't want to be a slave to anyone at all.

The Black-Horn young man frowned and said, "What else do you have to think about? Don't say you are a Hornless-man, that is, the 3rd rank Bone Sculptor of the Hornless-man. I will also accept such an invitation. Do you think a third of the benefits if small? If not... "

The Black-Horn youth shut up in time. He wanted to say, “If it's not for your convenience", but he felt a little strange when he was about to exit. When will he be so sweeting the deal to the Hornless-man? Even the Horn-people are not worthy of his solicitation. But why did he come to him again after the other side said no?

This kind of behavior would be inconceivable if it was known by people familiar with him?

Is he... No, no way! How could he take a fancy to the Hornless-man?

The Black-Horn youth forced himself to drive this absurd idea out of his mind, and spoke to Yan Mo with some intentional indifference: “I'm sure that the other three will send someone to come to you later, and you'd better think about how to reply them."

Yan Mo thought of the faces of the other three yesterday, full of coercion and arrogance. He believed that the Black-Horn youth said that if he didn't give the other three a clear answer today, if he were to not tell them who he had joined, he would not get have a peaceful life after that, and there was a great possibility that he would be enslaved without being killed.

Yan Mo regretted it. If he knew it would be so. He would have left after he certified a 1st rank Bone Sculptor yesterday. But who knows that there are so many other danger to certifications?

When the Black-Horn youth left, Yuan Zhan smiled at him, “Going with him?"

Yan Mo rolled his eyes. "These guys want me to work for them all my life! Including the Black-Horn youth who is not a good thing. When I reach to 9th rank, only then he will give me freedom. If I follow the general upgrade speed of the Hornless-men from another, I will not be able to step into the advanced level until I die. If there is no Bone Inheritance, it is a dream to even think about the 4th rank! He said that it is impossible for him or his Master to teach more advanced bone sculpting knowledge without suppressing me."

Yuan Zhan showed his white teeth, "You are my priest, I offer you a kingdom and myself."

"Don't be a jerk! Toothache. "

Yuan Zhan doesn't feel like he's full of himself. He really thinks so, and he will give more to Yan Mo, as long as he can do it, "What are you going to do later?"

"The trouble is that if I don't join them, they won't let me participate in the bone objects contest. If I go straight to the Bone Sculptor Association, I'm afraid I'll be taken away when I get to the advanced level. "

"Do you have an idea?" Yuan Zhan knows him well. If Yan Mo is really upset, it will not be such an expression.

Yan Mo stopped. “I'm going to see his highness." Buhua's identity, he told Yuan Zhan after he came out of the Bone Sculptor Association.

"Can you make sure that when the other person knows your ability and he will still be harmless to you? Don't forget, he is the Horn-people, and according to what we heard, his father is probably the future chief of the Black-Horn clan."

“I know, but I want to meet this man. I don't know his identity in front of me. Now that I know it, I have to make good contact with him."

Yuan Zhan suddenly understood what he meant, "Why don't you go find the White-Horn person?"

Yan Mo shook his head. “According to the value of force, the White-Horn-people may not like fighting because of their non-violence nature. In addition, they lost important heritage, which makes them become the weak side between the three races. We have no time to wait for them to stand up for themselves. The Red-Horns who are belligerent and extremely, they discriminate against the Hornless-men and they must not be our choice, so the attitude of the Black-Horn in the middle is very important. Besides, it's said that the next round of the throne will be the Black-Horn's turn. If we can influence them, it will play a little role. "

"What if it doesn't affect the other party?"

Yan Mo turned to see Yuan Zhan, "Do you remember some stories I told you on the way?" he can't tell them explicitly, because it will become an excuse for The Guide to punish him.

Yuan Zhan's idea of Priest Da-Ren coincides with his gloomy smile. People who don’t get along shouldn’t be able to live together?

Wu Guo rolled in the nursery bag and called in two Da-Ren's heads: "What's the story? I want to hear it too!”

Another smaller voice came out: "Dad, I want to listen to the story."

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan are stunned. It's not surprising that Wu Guo can speak and eavesdrop. Du-du can also communicate with soul force?

Yan Mo was ecstatic, about to say something.

“Mo-Mo!” Jiu Feng came running, hugged Yan Mo's thigh and looked up.

"What's the matter?" Yan Mo bowed his head and rubbed the head melon of the little doll, naturally smiling in his eyes.

"There's a fool injured. Can you help him?"

"Who? Where is he?”

"Come with me!" Jiu Feng let go and turned to run.

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan keep up.

Wu Guo is still mumbling: "Tell me the story quickly. And that stupid bird calls someone stupid hah it’s that ironic. He's the most stupid!”

Du-du groaned softly, "Wu Wu, don't scold Brother Jiu Feng."

Wu Guo didn't know which dead spot he was stabbed in. He became furious and immediately shouted: "What brother! I'm your brother! Brother!”

Yan Mo held his head. He can almost imagine how busy his life will be when these two are born.

Yuan Zhan smiled at the same time. Dad is looking forward to his eldest son being born so he can teach him how to fight with Jiu Feng.

He looked at Little Feng now. He was sorry that he made plans to beat him up, OK? It's just that Jiu Feng's little chick is so annoying that he refuses to sleep alone at night. He has to drill his quilt and Yan Mo's! Yuan Zhan has endured sxx less life for a long time!

Wu Guo said: he also endured that stupid bird for a long time, and it even dared to touch him and his brother several times a day! How dare it kiss them!

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