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Banished to Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 480: One by one solved

Chapter 480: One by one solved

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The injured animal is like a wolf, like a fox, like a wolf. Only after asking The Guide did I know that this animal is called a Wolf-fox. It has a large, beautiful and smooth tail. It has no peculiar smell of the fox. Its meat is also tender and fragrant compared with that of the wolf. Its flesh and blood also has a good effect of clearing the kidney and benefiting the internal energy. However, its claws and teeth are poisonous, which can be made into the toxic miasma and then ejected. Its bones, claws and teeth, as well as the poison gland capsule are all belong to good bone sculpting material.

In Yan Mo's words, this is a very economic species. If it wasn't for Jiu Feng to introduce him as a semi intelligent creature, he would take the wolf-fox back to the East for breeding.

Wolf-fox can't speak human language, but can express specific meaning by howling. Although it's not very coherent, Yan Mo has no barrier to communicate with him.

Wolf-fox timidly asked: “Are you a big bird, too?"

"No, I am human."

The Wolf-fox shrunk.

“Mo Mo won't hurt you. You should listen to him because I will eat you if you don't listen to him!"

The Wolf-fox shrank in fear.

Yan Mo can't laugh or cry. He took Jiu Feng aside, told him to bask in the sun with two fruits, knelt down, and slows down his voice to Wolf-fox: "Don't be afraid, let me see your wound."

The Wolf fox stared at Yan Mo for a long time. I don't know if he felt the kindness released by Yan Mo. His body gradually relaxed and his soft abdomen was exposed on his side.

The little guy's abdomen has something like a hole opened by an arrow. The arrow was pulled out, and the hair of the wound is dirty with blood and mud.

Yan Mo looked at the wound gently and found that such a serious injury can lead to death only by bleeding, but the little guy has persisted to the present, and has run with Jiu Feng for a while and fought.

If you change the normal people may doubt the constitution of Wolf-fox, but Yan Mo first noticed the sludge covering the wound.

Yan Mo sniffed the mud on his finger, and asked Wolf-fox, "Did you rub it yourself?"

The Wolf-fox sobbed softly.

“From the wound, did you run for a while with an arrow, and then found a way to get out the arrow by yourself, and then use this mud to stop bleeding and heal the wound?"

Wolf-fox cried in surprise. If it wasn't for the bloodstain in his escape, the arrow made him lose a lot of physical strength, and finally he was tired after bleeding, he only rested after making sure he would not be caught by the Horn-people.

After Yan Mo got to know the situation, he first comforted the Wolf-fox not to be afraid, then gave him a detailed examination, and then arranged a small operation for him.

On the other hand, with two fruits, Jiu Feng left the Wolf-fox issue behind.

Yuan Zhan saw that the sun was good, so he took off the pouch, opened the lid and let his two sons bask in the sun.

Jiu Feng sat on the ground, pulled the pouch and put them on his legs.

Wu Guo shouts and threatened Jiu Feng to let him down.

Jiu Feng always felt that he heard something, but he could not hear it clearly when he looked around.

Wu Guo is so angry that he and Du-du are still in the process of growing. Soul power can only be connected with the two dads who give blood essence. Even if soul power is strong, Jiu Feng cannot hear his protest.

Du-du, who turned his elbow outwards, also likes Jiu Feng very much. Every time Jiu Feng lowers his head to kiss him and touch him, he giggles happily, which makes Wu Guo, his self-styled elder brother, angry!

“Little Traitor!"

Du-du smiled softly. He likes Brother Wu Guo and Brother Jiu Feng, though he thinks he is the older brother. The child has a memory. He remembers that he is four and a half years old, and then he has been with Wu Guo for so many years. He doesn't know how many years have passed, but he thinks he should be very older now, right?

He would call two younger brothers “Brothers", but he felt that his younger brothers seemed to like him very much. The elder brother should let his younger brother have the pass to scream and shout at him, it's said on TV!

Wu Guo was even angrier when he heard Du-du's laughter. He jumped up and hit Jiu Feng on the chin.

Jiu Feng was stunned, and suddenly he laughed like a duck. He poked Wu Guo: "one more time, one more time!"

Wu Guo was so pissed off. Du-du smiled happily. Oh, my brothers are so cute!

Yuan Zhan the other father touches his chin. Why does the soft Du-du seem more powerful? Is this his delusion?

Later facts will tell him that this is not his illusion. The weakest Du-du among three perfectly inherits his father Mo's insidious intelligence and his father Zhan's ruthlessness. Then he brings his own silliness and cute attributes to charm and fool the world and some grown things!

Of course, this is another story belonging to the three little ones. I won't mention it here.

Besides, Yan Mo is not a veterinarian, but it doesn't take much effort to treat Wolf-fox with his current skills.

There was only a little incident in the middle. As the Black-Horn youth said, one of the other three horned Bone Sculptors who wanted to recruit him yesterday came to him.

Here came the Horn-woman, who is full of passionate feelings. She also brought four guards.

The temple-servant seemed to know her, and they talked for a while.

When Yan Mo heard the news, the beautiful woman looked him up and down, smiled in front of the temple-servant and said, “I hear you still have a child?"

Yan Mo looked at the temple-servant and shook his head, saying it's not what he said. In order to remind Yan Mo, he specifically said, “Liana heard that you have a little trouble and wanted to help you."

Yan was silent.

Beautiful Bone Sculptor Liana was still smiling, but she said "Take that kid up and show me."

"He's asleep." Yan Mo replied lightly, as if he didn't pay attention to an advanced Bone Sculptor.

Liana raised her head and seemed to be surprised at Yan Mo's attitude. Four guards behind her kept murmuring in silence. No one came out to scold Yan Mo's attitude.

Yan Mo dare not look down on the beauty Bone Sculptor. He is either confident in himself or extremely strict.

"You look like a smart man. If we don't speak in secrets, the little White-Horn boy would dare to take some of the Hornless-men to the King’s City alone. If it's not for him, it's you who have problems with the Horn-men. I guess you probably have the demon warriors, right?"

Liana did not wait for Yan Mo's answer, but quickly raised her slender fingers. "Don't lie to me, that little toddler has been known on as a demon child. How could you not have the demon warriors if you have a demon child? But I'm not here to catch you and receive your reward. I want to ask you again if you are willing to swear to be loyal to me all your life."

Yan Mo said, "Da-Ren, are you mistaken? I've heard about the little toddler, but it's not our child. If you don't believe it, I can bring the child out to them for recognition when the people from the City Guards office come. "

Liana's smile changed into a sneer. "What if it's not? How many children of the same age have been arrested by City Guards office and those nobles since yesterday? Do you know? You say your child is not, and you have to wait for the city guard to take him back to inquire carefully before you can confirm. And that’s if your child can come back... "

Liana didn't finish, but everyone understood what she said.

The shrine-servant frowned and looked at Liana disapprovingly.

Liana's expression remained unchanged, because it was just a child of the Hornless-men.

Yan Mo heard that many innocent children of the Hornless-men were involved, and his heart was particularly uncomfortable. Naturally, his voice also came out, "Da-Ren, are you threatening me?"

"Threat?" Liana sneered. “If it's not for your value, you don't deserve to be threatened! I asked you for the last time, are you willing to be loyal to me all your life?”

"What if I want to, what if I don't want to?" Yan Mo laughed.

Liana is surprised that Yan Mo can still laugh at this time, thinking whether this person should be scared to be silly, but she still replies proudly: “If you want, my Dunpu family will give you and your children shelter, and my people will naturally explain the situation there. As for those nobles, they dare not trouble my Dunpu family! If you don't want to... "

Liana stroked her long hair. "You don't want to talk about it for a while, but no one can protect your child, even if he is not the demon child. The temple and the King’s City have always thought of killing the demon children and the demon warriors by mistake. Am I right, shrine-servant?”

The shrine-servant sighed, but did not refute Liana's statement.

“I see. I'll think it over. Please give me another day. Don't worry, I'm going to take part in the bone objects contest, and I won't run away.” Yan Mo looked down and smiled away, as if he was forced to give in?

"Who do you think you are? Want another day to think about it? To tell you the truth, the people of the City Guards office are outside now. If you don't promise to be loyal to me now, they will come in later and arrest people.” Liana seemed to be out of patience.

Yan Mo replied in a dignified way: "The 9th rank Bone Sculptor who claimed to be Karee had also come, and he promised to give me a day to think about it. If I promise you now, he may not vent his anger on you, but to me, that Da-Ren will not be merciful. Don't you want the newly loyal Bone Sculptor to become a corpse in a few days?”

As soon as Liana heard the name of the Black-Horn youth, she pouted her red lips and murmured like a child, "That guy!"

The middle city shrine-servant, who hasn't left all of a sudden, chimed in at this time: “Liana, don't force one of the Hornless-man. Just give him another day. He always has to arrange his family and persuade his current Master."

"Didn't he say he didn't have a Master?" Liana saw that the shrine-servant gave her a step back, and she went down with the trend. After all, no matter how powerful her family is, it's not good to offend a genius who is destined to be a great Bone Sculptor in the future, especially that day if there was a temple witch as a gentleman backing him.

“Although Master Xing is not my Master, my family and I are being taken good care of by them. For this reason, I had an agreement with his father that I would consider allegiance to Master Xing first when I became a Bone Sculptor." Yan Mo gives a plausible explanation.

"Hum!" Liana pointed to Yan Mo's nose, “I'll come back at this time tomorrow. You'd better give me a clear answer!" and then, unhappily, she turned to take the guard away.

"Da-Ren, the people at the gate of the guard house..." Yan Mo called Liana. If someone can help him, why bother talking to them.

Liana looked back and stares at him fiercely. "You are so smart that you want to use me!"

“Liana." The temple-servant called Sheng Liana helplessly and quickly walked to her side and whispered something to her.

Yan Mo's ear power makes him understand clearly. The temple-servant is trying to persuade Liana: if you want for him to accept working for you, you must give them some benefits. Now you can get rid of the people in the city guard office. It's just a chore for you, but for the Hornless-man, he will be grateful and so on.

After hearing this, Liana once again tooted her lips like a little girl, but she didn't refuse the opinion of the temple-servant. She said to Yan Mo, “I will make the people outside the door leave, but only for one day."

"Thank you Da-Ren." Yan Mo doesn't mind bending over Liana at this time.

Liana left, and by the way, she took away the people who came to the city's guard house for trouble. The temple in the middle city restored the former peace again.

After thanking the shrine-servant, Yan Mo went back to the courtyard.

What the temple-servant wanted to say is to stop talking.

In Jiu Feng’s room in the courtyard.

The internal organs of the Wolf-fox are also a little injured, and he still need to rest for some time after suturing.

Yan Mo asked if anyone saw Jiu Feng when he returned with the Wolf-fox. Jiu Feng is sure that no one saw him.

Yan Mo believed in the observational ability of Jiu Feng, so he didn't transfer the Wolf-fox to another place, so he let him live in Jiu Feng's room. The wild animal was healthy. The medicine he uses is also good. After the medicine is stimulated, within two days, the wolf-fox should be able to move.

The Wolf fox licked Yan Mo's finger to thank him.

“Are your family all like you?" Yan Mo asked.

“Some." Wolf fox replied, paused, he shyly changed his words: "Very few, my family, our elder said. There used to be a lot of us.”

“A lot before? How long ago?”

Wolf fox thought for a moment, “A long time ago, when there was no the Horn-people."

Yan Mo speculated. He thought: maybe before the Horn-people came to the western continent, it should have been a living place composed of multiple intelligent races, but no race has developed to the point of hegemony or a specific civilization spread, maybe there is a sign, but when the Horn-people came, these intelligent races were devastated and many killed.

The Horn-people were originally forced to leave the eastern continent by various ethnic groups. According to this lesson, some people should have wanted to get along well with other ethnic groups, but more likely, they will implement extermination of other semi intelligent creatures to protect themselves. Is this the nature of a warlike and domineering intellectual race?

In this way, the development of the intelligent race in the western continent cannot go on, but it is a big step backward in the development. Some semi intelligent races that could have developed into intelligent races are directly treated as beasts. Only the Hornless-men are kept as slaves because of their convenient appearance or poor control. Maybe so are the Horn-people's beasts and the war beasts.

Of course, some of these intelligent races may retreat into a natural danger less places like the Hornless-men in the Demon Abyss, and compete with the Horn-people for the final survival place by virtue of the natural environment and the whole nation's strength.

“Is your home nearby?" Yan Mo had an idea in his mind. Now he has contact with the wolf-fox, his communication became clearer.

"No, I ran out to play.” Wolf fox is very sorry.

Well, it seems that he met a mischievous or rebellious escapee. “And where is your home?"

Wolf fox didn't answer. He was full of good feelings for the Hornless-man who healed himself, but the clan residence, he couldn't tell anyone, even if he didn't know what to say but he knew that some things should not be said.

“It doesn't matter if you don't want to say it. You should stay and take good care of your injuries first, and then we can talk about it later." Yan Mo smiled and touched the wolf-fox's head. Before leaving, he specially pacified him. After the injury, he told he could come and go freely in here without worrying about anything.

The priest Yan Mo's real idea: let Jiu Feng spy at him from the sky at that time, he is not afraid to know where his family is hiding.

“Let's go. It's not early. We have to go to the Duke Modun mansion before the sun sets." Yan Mo is busy with Wolf-fox, and started the next step unhurriedly.

Yuan Zhan wanted to take back the pouch, but Jiu Feng doesn't want to let the two fruits leave him.

"They need a lot of energy every day, you're not enough." Yuan Zhan didn't appease Jiu Feng with that kind heart and directly threw out the facts.

Jiu Feng knows the facts and doesn't bother much with it. He is just used to doing the opposite thing with Yuan Zhan.

Yan Mo told Jiu Feng, “In the future, you must follow me and A-Zhan when you are human. As the saying goes, two fists are invincible and four hands are invincible. Besides, the Horn-people are powerful. They also have aircrafts. You don't have to suffer from them."

Jiu Feng wanted to say that he was not afraid of them, but Yan Mo added, “I will worry."

Jiu Feng swooped into Yan Mo's arms. He likes Mo Mo most!

Yan Mo picked up Jiu Feng and rubbed his little face. His heart was soft. He didn't tell him a lot about the Hornless-men's children who were affected by him. He plans to solve this problem by himself and Yuan Zhan. Whoever told him to treat Jiu Feng as a son?

Jiu Feng also rubs him back.

Yuan Zhan hum.

Yan Mo hummed. In the beginning, Jiu Feng probably kept him as a pet, while he regarded Jiu Feng as a beast. Now, it's possible that Jiu Feng has changed his attitude towards him to that of a chick, that is to say, he has been regarded Yan Mo as a father, and he has long regarded Jiu Feng as his son from the pet.

Three little children's status is in his heart now, if there is no difference, it is deceitful, but he really regards three as his own flesh and blood, as the treasure of his heart, flesh and soul, and he can't bear anyone who gets hurt... even a little hurt.

There are people in ambush at the front and back doors of the temple. Whether the Black-Horn youth Karee or the beauty Bone Sculptor Liana they both have arranged people to guard Yan Mo to prevent the future slaves they wanted from escaping.

The other two Bone Sculptors, who are also interested in Yan Mo's solicitation, looked down on the Hornless-people. They think that even if Yan Mo's test score is perfect, it's only the first one to the third rank. If it's a 6th rank, his score is still perfect, how can they not join in the fight, but 3rd rank, and they didn't even continue to check, so they gave up.

With two competitors missing, Karee and Liana are happy. The two of them, especially Karee, did not show his family backing behind him, which was the time when they needed to recruit useful people to heighten themselves. The Horn-people know how difficult it is to attract a good Bone Sculptor to their own, let alone to make them loyal to themselves or even to be slaves all their lives. Only to the Hornless-men can they be so deceitful.

Karee's family knows his own business. Because he has made several perfect results in his own test, he knows how hard it is to get such results. The other two think it's just the lowest 3rd rank. Even if it's perfect, it doesn't matter. But how can he not understand that the more junior, he is, the more difficult he is to get perfect results? It involves all aspects of basic knowledge, even some animals and plants are not produced in this continent.

Karee wanted to get Yan Mo, but also wanted to know where his inheritance came from. If he can get his studying materials, it's best!

Karee thought that Liana was probably thinking of the same idea as he was.

It's a pity that no matter how hard the people of Karee and Lina stare at the doors, they can't prevent a blood ability warrior who can walk freely under the ground.

Yuan Zhan took Yan Mo and Jiu Feng with him and left the temple unconsciously until he reached his destination.

They looked around and found that the walls were towering, like the laneway of some two noble houses.

This kind of laneway generally won't be used by people with short eyes. At most, people in two mansions walk when they use the side door.

"The Duke Modun house is here?" Yan Mo asked.

Yuan Zhan raised his left hand. "This is the house on the left." He confirmed the path yesterday.

Seeing that there was no one around, the two men adjusted their direction and headed south.

It's said that people from City Guards office are catching the Hornless-children like Jiu Feng everywhere. To avoid trouble, Yan Mo made Jiu Feng become a little bird and stop on his shoulder.

Jiu Feng was so happy that he crouched on Yan Mo's shoulder steadily.

"Conceal!" Yan Mo pointed to Jiu Feng and said only one word.

Yuan Zhan's side turned his head and found that the figure of Jiu Feng on Yan Mo's shoulder disappears instantly.

"Can you reduce the will power to one word?" Yuan Zhan is happy for him.

"Only some words are more special." Yan Mo is also very happy, although he only completed a few words, but the prospect is clearly good, the most important is that it can greatly improve his defense and combat ability.

"How do you do it?" Yuan Zhan asked as he walked alongside Yan Mo.

Yan Mo replied excitedly: "Soul projection. It means... "

In the process of Yan Mo's explanation, the two men went through the tunnel to the main road.

This seems to belong to the residential area of the high nobility. Most of the people walking on the road are well-dressed and rarely see people who look like the poor.

The Duke Modun mansion covered a wide area, with the gate open and covered by a similar screen wall. In front of the gate, there are two guards of the Horn-people and four bone warriors of the Horn-people standing guard.

Yan Mo saw bone warriors and his eyebrows rose. The Horn-people's use of bones guards is so extreme that they can't let go of their own tribesmen’ bones.

They were about to come forward and use their dominoes to ask for Buhua Modun. Suddenly there was a noise in the open door.

After a while, the noise grew louder.

A woman, a White-Horn woman, was carried out by two strong women by her arms. When they arrived at the gate, the two strong women threw the White-Horn woman, who looked very weak, out of the gate.

After that, people who looked like officials and housekeepers stood at the door with their hands in their hands and said coldly to the White-Horn woman who was crying: "We Modun family are not afraid of humiliation! If you dare to run here again, we will dare to jail you! If your highness didn't give the orders, do you think you could live to this day? Get out of here!”

The White-Horn woman was lying on the steps, crying and begging: “Please, I just want to see my son, I just want to see him, please..."

"Get out of here! The Modun residence doesn't have your child. If you dare to pester here again, you will be responsible for the consequences!” The housekeeper seems to hate this woman so much that he turned around and turned to the mansion. Others also cast scornful glances at the White-Horn woman, then turned and followed.

The White-Horn woman crouched on the steps and tried to climb up. She was pushed down by the guard with a bone spear.

The woman let out a painful cry, lying on the ground and crying miserably.

Many people passing by are watching the activity secretly, but no one dares to stop, and no one dares to pull or ask what happened to the woman.

Yuan Zhan is the first time to see this type of Horn-people woman, and she looked at her curiously. "She is from the White-Horn clan."

Yan Mo, "Yeah."

“Is this the Black-Horn clan bullying the White-Horn clans?"

Yan Mo wiped his face: "No, I think it's the mistress who came to the door, but the man didn't recognize her."

Yuan Zhan with a strong ability to understand, chuckled, “Maybe not so, I listened to her as if she is shouting to see the son or something."

Yan Mo's first reaction: "Mixed-blood? Interesting!”

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