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Banished to Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 481: The transaction with noble son Buhua

Chapter 481: The transaction with noble son Buhua

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Although he is curious about the story behind the woman, Yan Mo doesn't care about the woman's life and he she doesn't seem to have any disease. He doesn't think that two Hornless-men can care about one Horn-woman, and the horned women will appreciate them. Besides, this girl was just, was thrown out from the Duke Modun mansion. He would only add unnecessary troubles to himself if he intervened in the case of unclear right and wrong.

The process of visiting Buhua was not as difficult as he thought, but rather smooth.

When he handed the bone token to the guard at the door, the guard only glanced at them and entered the door with the bone token. Two minutes later, he came out and said to them: I have informed them of their requests and they asked for you to wait for a while.

Yan Mo speculates that there should be a bone object in the door, which is similar to Bone Sculptor Association's bone objects.

The two were allowed to enter the gate, and a servant from the Horn-people came out to lead the way and set them up in a small hall closest to the gate.

Yan Mo stood at the window and looked out. The courtyard is not big, and the whole place is more like a magnified porch. The distinguished guests may be brought into inside. The Hornless-men like them can only wait here.

Jiu Feng is bored. He wanted to fly to play.

"You can go out, but don't make any trouble. No one will be able to see you for an hour. If anyone finds you out, leave as fast as you can and don't get caught. "

“Hey! I know!” The energetic Jiu Feng flew out of the window.

After a quarter of an hour, another horned servant came and told them with a shelf, "Your Highness, the Noble Son Buhua, has agreed to meet you." What an honor you have.

“Lead the way." Yan Mo waved and didn't care about the other side's attitude.

Yuan Zhan stood beside the servant.

For the first time, the servant could not only stand up straight when he saw the Hornless-men enter the Duke's mansion, but also dare to speak to him in a superior voice, he was almost stunned.

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan just looked at him and said nothing.

The servant was very unhappy, but he thought that noble son had been waiting for the two people in the reception hall. After all, he did not dare to delay. He just noted down the faces of the two people, and then turned away cold.

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan kept up.

There are several ways for Yan Mo to make servants like him, but that's based on mutual respect or what he wanted to get or find out from them. This time, they came to the Duke Modun mansion. Although they will ask Buhua to do something for them, they didn't come to ask Buhua to do something for free, but they wanted to do a deal.

Since it's a fair deal, there's no need for anyone to be inferior. At this time, a small servant will put on a peacock pride for them, and they will flatter only themselves, which will be look down upon.

On the whole, he traded the prescription for the bone card, but he didn't get much benefit from the bone card. On the contrary, according to the news he heard, Buhua used the prescription to gain great benefit for the Modun family. Is this why his father, the Duke Modun, became the only candidate of the next chief? The prescription played a great role in the scheme of things.

If Buhua is a Taoist or a wise successor, he should never treat his subordinates or even slaves with the same attitude as his Master when he hears the two people's request for an interview. Of course, it's also possible for this person to forget about them when they get benefits, or have other conspiracy ideas for them.

But all of these they need to meet Buhua to know, and Buhua's character and conduct will also be an important factor for Yan Mo to judge whether to continue to cooperate with the other person. If this person is not suitable, he will not be forced to cater to him because of this person's identity. It is not difficult for them to change a partner, just a little more time.

As soon as the servant took them to the place, he saw that their son had come to the door of the living room to greet him.

“I knew it was you as soon as I saw the dominoes, but how did you make it here? How can you get to the King’s City so soon? I thought you were going to the Mingyue City.” Buhua smiled and came forward. This man seems to have no change except to dress more luxuriously. His words makes people feel good.

"Er, who are you?" Buhua stopped and looked at Yan Mo with confused eyes.

Yan Mo suddenly touched his face and said seriously, "This is my real face."

Buhua smiled. “I never thought you'd grow up a few years if we didn't see each other in a month."

"Why? Did you think I'm the brother?" Yan Mo smiled.

Buhua, “I was just about to ask."

The two laughed at each other.

Yuan Zhan looked like the atmosphere between the two is so good that he turned his mouth. Fake, keep faking!

“I heard that the King’s City has bone objects contest. I want to take part in it, so I came directly." Yan Mo didn't cover it up either, and said the purpose of his trip directly.

“Bone objects contest?" Buhua looked down and saw Yan Mo's 3rd rank Bone Sculptor card hanging on his waist. He was surprised. "Do you not only know drug medicine, but also a Bone Sculpting?"

Yan Mo smiled, “My job is to be a healing witch. As for why I become a Bone Sculptor and why I want to participate in the bone objects contest, it's because of a commission."

Buhua wanted to listen to the details, and then he said with a smile, “Look at me! The door is not a place to talk. Please come in."

The servant opened his mouth slightly to see that his highness noble son personally welcomed the two Hornless-men into the reception hall. His heart was shocked. He wanted to give the two Hornless-men some color, but now he thought it was necessary for him to change his attitude towards the two Hornless-men a little.

Not to mention how shocked the servants and guards at the door were, but also in the reception hall.

The reception hall is about one hundred square meters, but at present, there is only a delicate and gorgeous mat in the middle. In the middle of the mat, there is a low table, surrounded by three wooden chairs with backs.

Buhua asked two people to sit down, and the two long legs are casually folded on the footless wooden chair.

Yan Mo sat at will, bending one leg and stretching one leg under the low table. Yuan Zhan is more comfortable, however he does, neither of them seems to have a sense of restraint.

Buhua looked at both of them and looked at them higher. He specially chose this kind of hospitality method for close friends to get along with, one is to hope the atmosphere can be more relaxed, the other is to see the attitude of the two people.

Buhua is very satisfied with the casual and relaxed but not rude performance of the two people. If they are not highly confident and educated people it will look wrong, and people with high status sit in this seat together, they will generally look very cramped. Don't say they are comfortable, I'm afraid they will suffer more seating on these seats than in ordinary seats.

The maid came and knelt on the mat to pour water for the three.

"This is the small hall where I meet my friends. You can do as you like. You don't have to pay attention to etiquette." Buhua chuckled, “I've already had dinner arranged, just a few of us, plus Dan-dun. Dan-dun, you've met one of my friends who fell ill last time. Dan-dun always wanted to thank you, but he never had a chance."

Yan Mo took a glass of water and took a sip. “I heard that the plague has been completely controlled?"

Buhua nodded, "Thanks for the prescriptions you provided. The nobles and the temples all over the place worked together to suppress the plague. I don't think you know that when I just gave the prescription to the drug refiner and the temple for development, there were signs of pestilence everywhere in major cities across the mainland. At that time, the chiefs and kings of the three ethnic groups, as well as the temple, the priest, were very eager to find a solution. Luckily! In addition to the Hornless-men, we also sent people to try our best to cure them, but we didn't charge them bone coins."

It seems that this one didn't erase the credit of his prescription. Yan Mo heard Buhua's words and had some confidence in the result of the transaction. "The prescription is useful, and I'm very happy. Your highness, last time you said that you could exchange prescriptions for a piece of land near the Mingyue City, but those people couldn't go that far. Later, we settled down in a deep forest. "

"Do you want me to speak to the nobility of the nearby town so that they won’t harass you there?"

"Thank you very much, but it's not necessary. The mountains and forests are so inaccessible that those people are not afraid. They just want to live a good life there and don't want to contact with the outside world anymore. If they are really found out later, then it will be the time."

Buhua expressed his understanding that many of the Hornless-men were unwilling to be ruled and oppressed by the Horn-men and migrated from their original ancestral land to deeper mountains. However, no matter how powerful the Horn-men were, they could not occupy every place. There are many places in this continent that they have not even set foot on.

"What do you want me to do for you this time? If it is something I can do, I will try my best to help you.” Buhua said sincerely.

Yan Mo expressed his thanks and apologized: “I didn't want to trade that prescription for anything, and I didn't want to disturb your highness when I came to the King’s City this time. But... "

Yan Mo sighed gently and took off the Bone Sculptor card and put it on the table. “I said before that I was entrusted to do something. If I want to complete this thing, I must obtain the identity of Bone Sculptor and take part in the bone objects contest to win a certain place. But I didn't expect that the King’s City would be so exclusive of the Horn-people Bone Sculptor. Moreover, to become a Bone Sculptor, I need to have a noble guarantee. Therefore, I have to use the bone card you gave me. "

Buhua smiled, “It's nothing. If you come to me in advance, I can ask someone to take you there directly. There's no need to verify your dominoes."

As for the news that Yan Mo got soon after he took out his domino, there is no need to say more at this time.

Yan Mo also saw from Buhua's attitude that he should have known about his coming to the Xuanyu city yesterday, but he also understood that he did not break this point.

“After you become a Bone Sculptor, does anyone want to attract you to work for them?" Buhua saw Yan Mo's smile and was embarrassed to pretend to be stupid all the time and simply said what he knew. “If you are troubled, I can show the outside world that you have been loyal to me."

"No". Yan Mo shook his head. “I need to participate in the bone objects contest as an independent and free person, which is why I came to your highness this time. I hope you can show the outside world that I am protected by you and guarantee that I will not be unfairly encountered in the bone objects contest. As for where I can go from there, it depends on myself. "

Buhua didn't reply to Yan Mo's request immediately, but remained silent for a while.

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan are not in a hurry either. Yuan Zhan also reaches for the special fruits on the table and peels them for Yan Mo to eat.

Yan Mo tasted the sweet fruit and looked at the interior of the living room to determine the civilization level of the Horn-people.

If you ignore the value of gold, silver and gemstones as basic building materials, after all, the Horn-people's values are all on bone objects.

If you only look at bone objects, first of all, the living room is still cool in the hot summer, which should not be because they are sitting on the ground.

Yan Mo felt the cool wind, looked up, and saw the skeleton of an animal hanging in the middle of the roof. Looking carefully, he could see the cold air coming out of the mouth of the skeleton. Well, he also saw the invisible Little Feng. He was flying around the skeleton, as if enjoying the cold air?

“It's a cold snow beast. It lives in a very cold places. It can spit out cold air and ice and snow. After refining, it has a very good cooling effect." Buhua notices Yan Mo's eyes and explains with a smile.

“It's really good." Yan Mo thought to himself, it seems that the Horn-people are using bone objects to all aspects of life. There are cold snow animals, and presumably there are bone objects that work in winter. If you look at some decorations in the house and the water bottles and cups on the table, you can also use bone objects to make them in luxury, which is probably what the aristocrats have.

Buhua unconsciously nodded his knee. “Look, we're talking about now. I don't know the names of you and your warriors."

“My name is Mo, and my warrior’s Zhan."

"Then I'll call you Mo Da-Ren like the Hornless-men."


Buhua laughed. "You're not afraid at all. God Pan’a, you are the first Hornless to come to me and talk to me like this. Are you really not going to join me? With your ability of drug refining, even if you are just a low-level Bone Sculptor, I can make you live a good life. Even I can let my father give you a fiefdom. You can let your tribesmen live there without any sacrifice, as long as you become my Sculptor."

“I hope that it can wait until I finish the bone objects contest. Before that, I have to keep my identity of freedom and independence." Yan Mo didn't say anything to make things to go wrong for the sake of doing well in the future.

"Can I ask who entrusted you?" Buhua also doubted whether Yan Mo came from the Demon Abyss, but he had contact with the people of the Demon Abyss. People there would not talk to the Horn-people so peacefully, let alone take the initiative to give the Horn-people the prescription for treating the plague.

As for the rumors that the plague was voluntarily released by the Demon Abyss and Yan Mo, he did not believe it. Based on his understanding of the demon of the Demon Abyss, if they can control the plague, they will surely spread the plague to the Horn-people city, not to mention not hand over the treatment prescription.

“I think you've already guessed that the Horn-people taught me how to sculpt bone objects, and one of the things he asked me to do was to make me a recognized Bone Sculptor and participate in the bone objects contest. Only by fulfilling these two requirements can I say what his final directive is. "

This makes Buhua more amenable. Look, the Hornless-men, who can achieve all the perfect results in a primary test, are also taught by our Horn-men.

In Buhua's mind, the Horn-man is likely to be a cranky Master. He may think that it's nothing for him to teach a Horn-people. It's the ability to teach a Horn-people advanced Bone Sculptor. And he will ask Mo to participate in the bone objects contest. Maybe he wanted to show some of his works? But he didn't want to participate, so he just sent out a Hornless-men to achieve the amazing goal?

Buhua thinks he's figured it out, and Yan Mo doesn't say anything. He still attaches great importance to Yan Mo's drug refining ability. He didn't have time before. This time, Yan Mo took the initiative to send himself to the door. Of course, he hopes to keep this person.

With these ideas in mind, Buhua finally made a promise: "Since you didn't use my promise to exchange the land near the Mingyue City, my promise still exists. Later, I will announce to the outside world that you are the disciple of a Master who doesn't want to be named, and the Master has a good relationship with my Modun family. Therefore, during your time in the Xuanyu City, I, Buhua Modun, will give you shelter."

There are restrictions on protection, but they are sufficient at present. Yan Mo offered Buhua a drink of water.

Buhua doesn't know why, but Yan Mo drank all the water in the bone cup and put the cup higher it up for him. He thinks it's some kind of etiquette of the other family and smiled and does it again.

After finishing the business, the atmosphere between the three is more relaxed.

Buhua is introducing some anecdotes from the bone objects contest of the past year to the two people, and Dan-dun who got the news arrived.

Dan-dun and Buhua are so close that they don't need a servant to guide them and communicate. When he came in, he joked, “I heard that woman has slipped into your house again? I said that you should take good care of the servants in your mansion, and don't let anyone sneak into the mansion."

Buhua hears the words and raises his hand. "You come quickly. Haven't you always wanted to see the Hornless-people Mo Da-Ren who was treating us? He's here now."

Dan-dun looked at Yan Mo.

Yan Mo smiled and nodded to him.

Dan-dun was surprised: "This is it?"

Buhua, "This is the real face of this Mo Da-Ren."

Dan-dun suddenly realized, “Although he is still young, he looked much better than the youth before. How could such a young person be a drug refiner?”

Yan Mo smiled, but didn't speak.

After a friendly talk, Dan-dun took the seat and briefly introduced his identity.

Yan Mo knew that this young man was actually the second son of the seventh great witch in the Xuanyu City Temple, the great witch Kun Ting Dan-dun, whose full name was Zuo Ye Dan-dun.

Just as a servant said the dinner was ready, the four moved to the restaurant of Buhua's residence for dinner.

On the way, Dan-dun once again mentioned the White-Horn woman who had been driven out. Look at his tone and open-minded attitude, the woman seemed not to be a scandal to the Duke's mansion, at least there seemed to be no place beyond the Duke's mansion.

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan had been curious about the story behind the woman for a long time. They listened to it and asked for two sentences.

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