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Banished to Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 482: The secrets of the Duke’s mansion.

Chapter 482: The secrets of the Duke’s mansion.

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This is the melodramatic story of the Horn-people.

The Duke Modun was also very adventurous when he was young. After he became a duke, he would occasionally lead his bodyguards to take on some tasks in the name of bravery during the holiday. Moreover, he thought that a man should not just stay in a corner and be lazy because he has everything. Looking around helps to increase his insight, courage and wisdom.

Buhua also ran around with his father when he was young. When he grew up, he formed a team of young people for himself.

Ten years ago, the Duke Modun was in a coma due to head injury during the mission, and lost all of his team. When he woke up, he found that a daughter from the White-Horn saved him. But somehow the awakened Modun lost his memory, and all the close objects around him were missing.

When Modun lost his memory and didn't know his identity, he got to know Ba Li, the daughter of the White-Horn aristocrat. Because of the intentional interaction of the other side, Modun had a certain favor for Ba Li. But Modun always felt that he should have a partner back a home and has not been very close to Ba Li.

It needs to be said that the Horn-people are similar to wolf beasts in their attitudes towards partners. Most people have only one partner in their life and are extremely loyal to their partners.

Although Modun lost his memory, his soul may be engraved with his partner, so even if Ba Li was very good to him, he still did not develop further for her. Soon Modun recovered from the injury and asked Ba Li for his personal belongings at that time.

Ba Li took part of it, but bone objects, the most important storage, was not returned to him. At that time, Modun couldn't remember whether he had any storage bone objects and didn't continue to ask for them. Unexpectedly, the night before he was leaving, he suddenly got estrus and took Ba Li, who came to his room to say goodbye.

Afterwards, Modun promised Ba Li and his father that he would marry with Ba Li if he did not have a partner, and if he did, he would try to make up for Ba Li. By then Modun had begun to suspect Ba Li's family had other plans for him.

Ba Li's father asked Modun to go to the temple immediately to make an oath. Modun first refused and then agreed, but after arriving at the temple, he asked the White-Horn witch in the temple for help, saying that he lost his memory and might have been drugged or confused by witchcraft.

The White-Horn witch ignored Ba Li's father's request for Modun to marry with his daughter, but helped Modun to search for his memory. Later, with the help of a Red-Horn witch who came out to travel, he found that Modun's memory loss was indeed related to witchcraft.

Although the Red-Horn witch can't help Modun recover all his memory, it was enough for Modun to remember his identity and contact his subordinates.

After Modun got in touch with his subordinates, he found Ba Li's house, the Hornless-people witch they secretly used, and the bone objects necklace hidden by Ba Li.

It's now clear that Ba Li ran into the injured Modun when he was out, and he took him home. When Ba Li's father recognized Modun for his nobility, he thought it was a great chance to turn over their lives. He discussed with his daughter, used the Hornless-people witch and herbal medicine to make Modun lose his memory, then searched all the items that could prove his identity, and tempted Modun to have a relationship with Ba Li. It's better to swear marriage in the temple.

As long as Modun and Ba Li are married in front of Pan’a God, even if Modun later found that he has a partner, according to the Horn-people's law, Ba Li, as an unknown person, will be able to share Modun's property and status, or at least get a high compensation.

Unfortunately, they were still in a hurry. They drugged Modun to get estrus. The traveling Red-Horn witch found that his amnesia belonged to man-made and was no accidental. At last, the Li Family used bamboo baskets to fetch water and everything was lost, the noble family was also deprived of its noble status and expelled from the city.

Ba Li lost everything, but she refused to let Modun go. She kept crying to Modun to make shim know that she really loved him. She didn't know anything and everything was done by her father.

The more Ba Li does this, the more Modun hates her. In particular, Ba Li stopped coming to the Xuanyu city.

When Modun couldn't bear and tried to kill Ba Li completely, he found that Ba Li was pregnant. According to the pregnancy calculation, this child is probably his, and Ba Li also said so.

However, due to the importance of future generations, when the Horn-people first arrived in the western continent, they made a series of legal provisions to protect future generations, such as no abortion is allowed, because of the small population, and the extension of this law is still effective.

Although Modun didn't want the baby to be born at all, Ba Li had shouted out in front of the crowd, and some political enemies also took the opportunity to attack him using this information, so Modun had to let Ba Li give birth to the child under the supervision of the temple-servant sent to the temple.

"The child was born. After a blood test, it was determined that he was the father's child. My father left the child in accordance with the law, and gave Ba Li a large amount of compensation bone money to let her go. But then Ba Li reappeared after a few years, and then kept extorting money from my parents under the pretext of wanting to see her child.” Buhua shook his head and is extremely resentful and contemptuous of the mistress who destroyed his parents' feelings and caused his family troubles.

"Why didn't you kill her?" Yuan Zhan, who hasn't said anything, finally spoke.

When the three of them looked at him together, Buhua wryly smiled, "We would like to, but because Ba Li is so noisy, many people know her, and my father's political enemies seem to help her in secret. If we kill her, those people have an excuse to attack my father. After all, Ba Li crime is not fatal."

Yuan Zhan, "Why don't you lock her up? Did someone come to look at her?”

Buhua, "We've tried, but someone will help her escape. She seems to have someone to protect her secretly. That's why she sometimes sneaks into my house."

"The White-Horn clan people?" Yan Mo suddenly asked.

Buhua shook his head. “I don't know. Without clear evidence, we have nothing to say. "

Yan Mo grabbed the water glass and played with it. After a while, he jokingly said, “Is it the Red-Horn clans who helped Ba Li in secret?"

Buhua is stunned and smiled, "Why do you think so?"

Yan Mo shrugged. “I just think the Red-Horn witch who traveled appeared in time to involve himself. What's more, don't you think Ba Li and his father's actions contradict each other?”

"Oh? What do you mean?”

Yan Mo put up his fingers. “First, they are too impatient. They give medicine to let the Duke Modun have a relationship with Ba Li. The Duke Modun is not stupid. How can he not detect it? Second, the Duke Modun has said afterwards that he will try his best to compensate Ba Li. As long as Ba Li and her father are not too stupid, they should not go to the temple to ask for marriage, but accept the Duke Modun's compensation. After all, Ba Li's father just wanted to restore his past status and glory, right?”

Buhua doesn't speak and looked dignified. They didn't think of these problems, but as the involved parties, many things are not as clear as those from the onlookers. As the saying goes, this is the situation that the person in charge is obsessed with and can’t see the bigger picture.

Yan Mo can point out that it's just that he stood outside the three ethnic groups and came from the era of information connection otherwise conspiracy theories.

Yan Mo is not sure whether his guess is right or not, but as long as he can add a little more gap to the horned three, why not?

"Third, since Ba Li's father can think of using the Hornless-men witch and herbs to make Modun lose his memory, why is he so stupid that he has to make Modun go to the temple? Doesn't he worry about Modun asking for help from the temple? And if the temple priest can recognize Modun, no one else in the temple can’t?”

“Fourth, the Red-Horn witch, who pointed out that Modun's amnesia was intentional, came too coincidentally. I don't believe in coincidences. I only believe that everything that happens in the world is traceable and that all accidents are the result of inevitable accumulation of certain events."

“Fifthly, you have also said that someone is helping Ba Li in secret, otherwise Ba Li will not live to the present, nor will she be able to give birth to a child. Who is your father? As a duke, he can't even get rid of a weak woman without any background? So who is helping her? In fact, it's easy to infer that whoever gets the most benefits is the person who secretly helped Ba Li, and more likely that he is the biggest pusher behind all things. "

Dan-dun looked at Yan Mo and speculated that he didn't take him seriously at all at the beginning. He laughed all the time and listened to it, but at last his smile was put away after he heard the points.

Yan Mo concluded: "You can think about what happened to the Duke Modun ten years ago? What changes had taken place in the political situation of your Horn-people? What was your father's attitude towards the White-Horn after Ba Li disappeared and reappeared a few years ago? And if what happened afterwards that would affect his judgment?”

Buhua's face had changed completely. He stood up with a shudder and sat down slowly.

Dan-dun pushed the water glass to him.

Buhua grabbed it and swallowed it.

“If you have something to do, we can leave first. A-Zhan and I live in the temple in the lower city, where the temple-servant is called temple-servant Zhong He. "

Buhua looked up, took out a new bone card and pushed it to Yan Mo. "Take this first. If I'm not around, at least I can help you solve some small problems."

"Thank you so much." Yan Mo is most concerned about another thing. He doesn't care how ugly people look. “By the way, is that child the White-Horn or the Black-Horn? Does he had no horn or is it two horns?”

This question is very impolite, but Buhua is not in the mood to laugh with Yan Mo at this time, and replies casually: "The child is the White-Horn. We don't have impure horns even if we're mixed. We can either inherit our father or our mother horns. "

"So it’s like that."

The four barely spoke for a while. Buhua couldn't sit still. Yan Mo waved him to leave.

Although Buhua was eager to see his father, he and Dan-dun personally sent Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan out of the Duke's palace.

By this time, it was dark, but there were street lights and bright moon on the road. The sight was relatively clear. Some people who came back late naturally saw Buhua noble son and his friends personally sent two of the Hornless-men out of the house.

At the door, Ba Li, who was lying on the ground crying, was no longer there. Yan Mo looked up at the moon and smiled.

Yuan Zhan grabbed his hand. “Are those things you analyzed true?"

Yan Mo looked down and smiled cunningly. "Who knows? Everything is possible. And some things only depend on how you think and from which angle."

Yuan Zhan seemed to understand something and hit him with his shoulder.

They laughed together and walked slowly forward.

After walking for a while, Yan Mo clapped his head with his empty hand, "What about Jiu Feng?"

At the same time, the Xuanyu City Lord's residence.

"Da-Ren, this is the hornless lamb from today."

Housekeeper like the Horn-man waved, the servant at the door pushed open the door, and the waiting servant carried a row of cages into the hall.

There was a low cry from the cage, but their mouths were all blocked by cloth strips, and none of them could cry loudly. These children are not very old. They look like they are all under six years old. Like frightened quails, they just cry and shake when they are in the cage. Some of them look like they have been scared.

All the people in the hall bowed their heads, only the housekeeper introduced them unhurriedly: "Recently, because there will be a bone objects contest, there are many honored guests who are also fond of eating hornless lambs from all over the world. Therefore, the sale volume of young lambs in the market is a little less."

The thin man sitting on the top frowned with one hand on the armrest.

“But I've arranged for people to buy them in the nearby towns and villages, and I've also issued a task to the Travel Association. I'm sure there will be enough lambs to come to your house in a few days. Da-Ren, which do you want to use today?”

The housekeeper then beckoned the servant to send the cages one by one to the man for selection.

Most of the hornless children in the cage are as thin as ribs, one or two are a little bit fleshy, and no child should be plump and mellow.

The skinny man looked at them all critically, leaned back at last, and asked wearily, "That's all? Hasn't the demon boy been found yet?”

The housekeeper stooped, "The city guard has already caught many back, but at present has not found that demon child."

"Um." The thin man pinched the tip of his nose with his fingers. "Then he added a task to the Hunting ranger Association. A hornless demon boy bounty changed 5000 to 10000 bone coins."


“In addition, it's my order that those Hornless-men hand over the demon children voluntarily. They don't hand them in for a day. Starting from the next city, they drive ten civilians out of the city every day and confiscate all their property. All the children under the age of seven will stay."

The housekeeper paused, "Da-Ren, if you do this, the nobles and the temple..."

The thin man sneered, “I'm going to be the chief anyway, isn't it? But as long as I am the Lord of Xuanyu City, I can give such an order. If the temple and other families have a problem, let them come to me directly. For some of the Hornless-men, they want to talk to me too?”

The housekeeper looked down. "Yes."

The skinny man swept the cage again, "You said just now that the city guards have caught a lot of hornless little ones?"


“Go and buy them, and say I want them all."

"Yes, Da-Ren."

What else is Jiu Feng doing?

Jiu Feng is teasing a child of the Horn-people.

The white horn on the top of the head of the child has a short sharp white corner and a closed third point eye in the middle of the forehead.

Yes, it's the third eyes. Even if you can't see the eyes inside, you can tell that it's not the yuan-crystal seen on the ordinary Horn-people's forehead.

It's a secret that the Buhua family didn't tell the outsiders. Even Ba Li, the mother of the child, didn't know it. Because the child was held away when she came out of her womb, she didn't even see it. Over the years, she didn't even touch the child.

The Horn-people value future generations, but what can make the Duke Modun pay attention to this degree. He also risked making his partners uncomfortable and his son uncomfortable, but he also need to keep this child around and not kill it. How can this child be nothing special?

Ba Li and her people behind the scenes don't know that this special child with a third eye is the most important reason for Ba Li to survive form not being killed.

It is reasonable to say that such a child must be reported to the temple no matter whether it is sent to the temple or not. But the Duke Modun concealed the child's situation.

Why? Probably no one else knows except the Duke Modun and his most trusted partner.

Jiu Feng stood on the edge of the window and jumped around. The child in the window reached out with bread crumbs on his hand.

But who is Jiu Feng? How can he peck bread crumbs? So he pecked the child's finger.

Instead of being afraid, the child took the opportunity to reach out and touch Jiu Feng's back feather.

Jiu Feng didn't move when he saw that he was a child. The child felt comfortable.

“My name is Sumen. Do you have a name? Shall I make one for you?”

"Hey!" No, I already have a name, Jiu Feng. What an awesome name huh!”

It's a pity that Sumen can't understand Hey! Hey's name of Jiu Feng. "You have a small face like a human, how about I call you Little Lian?" [1] Lian means face

"Hey!" what a terrible and unpleasant name! Jiu Feng pecked the child angrily again.

The child bowed his head and laughed after a while. “Lian, do you like the name? Can you stay? I... Shhhhh, someone's coming, you hide quickly!”

Jiu Feng also heard footsteps. He didn't realize that the child's sensitivity was different from his slow response, and soon flew to the beam.

The child's eyes drooped, he moved lying at the window and returning to his former silly boy pose.

Buhua and a handsome man who we can't see his age are here. From their names, we can know that the young man is the contemporary Duke Modun.

The Duke Modun saw the child lying on the window. His eyes were complicated. He turned to his son and said, “Give him a place to move. This time in the city is too chaotic, especially next year I'm afraid it's not safe for him to stay in the residence."

“Father, do you think I should arrange a place for him or you will arrange a place for him?"

"Do it, don't let me know the place."

"OK." Obviously, there was no outsider here, but what the father and son said was still like a riddle.

Determined where the child went, the father and son began to whisper something else, while the two father and son talked while personally packing for the child.

On the beam of the room, Jiu Feng listened to the conversation between his father and son without missing a word.

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