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Banished to Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 483: The Bone objects contest registration test

Chapter 483: The Bone objects contest registration test

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The Duke Modun also asked about Yan Mo. His son would not give his identity card easily, especially to the Hornless-men.

“Father, he is the Master who made that prescription."

"Oh?" said the Duke Modun with some interest, “But how did I hear that he is a 3rd rank Bone Sculptor?"

Buhua put the children's toys into the bone objects, “I used to suspect that he was a Bone Sculptor, but I didn't see his identity plate. In the beginning, I got to know him because of the bone knife..."

Buhua talked about the process of getting the bone knife and the specificity of the bone knife.

The Duke Modun said, “Is that bone knife by your side? Show me. "

"Yes, although it's low-level, it's easy to use and sharp." Buhua quickly took the bone knife out of the bone objects storage.

The Duke Modun took the bone knife and looked carefully, "This technique..."

“Is it very simple? I've shown it to Bone Sculptor in the mansion. He said that this way of sculpting bone objects has been lost, and the materials used are luxurious. It's the magic bone used in the whole bone knife, and the raw material for drawing energy magical patterns is also the blood mixed with herbs.” Buhua smiled, "The Bone Sculptor in our house was very angry. He said that he made a 3rd rank weapon out of the materials that should have been used for making bone treasure above 6th rank, which is extremely wasteful."

“Good knife!" the Duke Modun returned the bone knife to his son. “If the Hornless-men has similar materials, let him exchange them with you so as not to waste them."

"Um. I was not sure that he was a Bone Sculptor at that time. When I saw him, I saw that he looked so small. I thought there was someone else backing behind him. After all, who can learn both the drug refining and bone objects sculpting very well? How do you think...?” Buhua is also a little surprised to think of Yan Mo's age.

“It's just a 3rd rank Bone Sculptor." The Duke Modun didn't care much. He was more concerned about Yan Mo's healing and drug refining ability. "When you contact him, see if he has any other prescriptions. If so, try to buy them together with those magic bone and herbs materials."

Buhua originally wanted to say that according to the information he got, Yan Mo got the perfect score in the first 3rd rank test, but he was a layman after all. It's nothing to think that only the lowest 3rd rank got the perfect score, and then he just turned what he wanted to sat into a word: "Yes."

The Duke Modun looked at the baby who is almost packed up. He turned around and looked at the baby who is still lying at the window. He went to pick him up and handed him to the eldest son. "Take care of him."

"Don't worry, father."

“In addition, if the Hornless-man can accept the deal it’s for the best, if he can't, then kill him. I don't want him to be used by others." The Duke Modun is plain, he was saying that killing people is like saying eating, "remember, the Hornless-men are not as stupid as most horned nobles who are blinded by their eyes think. If they are used well, they will be no less than a force of horn men army. You've done a good job of trying to get rid of the people who are infected with the plague. "

"Thank you father." Although Buhua has been able to manage little affairs, he is still very happy to be praised by her father.

That night, Jiu Feng flew back to Yan Mo, whispered to him for a while, and then flew out again.

The next day, Buhua Modun said hello to a number of people and others, saying that the newly promoted Bone Sculptor Yan Mo was the one he was looking after.

Although Liana and Karee were unwilling, they did not come to look for trouble with Yan Mo.

And the process of Yan Mo signing up for the bone objects contest was also very smooth on the whole.

Things seem to be moving in a good direction

Bone objects contest is divided into categories, mainly including living appliances and weapons. These two items are registered and compared according to the level.

The registration office is in the Bone Sculptor Association, but the entrance is not the same place as the previous test of the identity test of Bone Sculptor, it is just on the back. There are more people queuing here.

In order to speed up the pace, the Bone Sculptor Association sent 20 Bone Sculptors, and opened 20 windows according to categories and levels.

Yan Mo looked at the whole hall and the twenty windows in front of it, and the crowd of people waiting in line to sign up. It felt like the ticket hall vendor of the railway station.

No matter what level of Bone Sculptor you are here, you have to line up. Of course, most of the advanced Bone Sculptors don't come to line up on their own. They are usually leaving the queuing to their own disciples.

As soon as Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan were standing at the door, someone mysteriously came up to them. It was the Hornless-man, so they listened to the man's low voice and asked them, "Did you come to the line for registration instead of the Master?"

Yan Mo nodded vaguely.

The man opened his mouth and laughed, "What kind of registration do you want to do? How many levels?”

As Yan Mo looked inside the hall, he replied to the Hornless-man: “Living appliances." The man replied, "Oh, Pan'a God Above. You want to register this category. There are so many people in line at the low-level window. Don't believe? You to have a look."

Yan Mo has seen it with his good eyesight. There are signs on 20 windows with the words of the Horn-people written on them. Yan Mo has been able to recognize many of the commonly used words of the Horn-people. As far as he can see, there are more people on the low-level application windows for living appliances than other windows, and the higher the level, the less people lining.

It's time for the Hornless-man to have a look around. He didn't care so he patted Yan Mo on the shoulder. “Brother, for the sake that we are all the Hornless-people, I will take care of you. No, several people I know have been in the front row since the morning, but they are not eager to sign up. Their owners gave them plenty of time. If anyone wanted to exchange with them their location, they'd love to, as long as...” The hornless man moved his fingers and smiled indecently.

Yan Mo understood in seconds and was about to reply.

Yuan Zhan points to the window with the least number of people, "We row there."

Yan Mo looked at it, and he didn't say anything, so the Hornless-man sneered at it first and said, "Don't look at them and think nobody wants to try to arrange for them? That's the most advanced level of those who are at the 10th rank windows. Who is the real 10th rank Master and come here to line up? On the contrary, they all need the bone objects contest organizers to plead with them and invite them to come, and then they will consider taking out their works to participate. As soon as I saw you, I know that you are from outside. If you don't know the rules, you come here and sign up. Tell me how many grades you want to sign up for. I'll see if there are any brothers in the line. If so, I'll give you a preferential price Hello! Where are you going? Hello!”

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan easily got rid of the Hornless-man and go to the 10th rank registration window of living appliances.

The Hornless-man was swearing at the back and he seemed to be angry that Yan Mo and his man wasted his time and words. He pointed and poked at the back of the two people he knew nearby, as if he was laughing at the two people's incompetence, and the two people's owners didn't know where they came from or what to expect here.

Because of the thumbprint of the Hornless-men and the small number of people in the advanced level window, Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan naturally attracted a lot of attention.

“Look, the two Hornless-men!"

"Why? They went to the 10th rank window?”

“Is it that they are the servant of the great Bone Sculptor?"

"You are stupid! Does Master level Bone Sculptor need to sign up? Those two windows are just like that. "

Some people also laughed at the fact that "There's a dream that a Master lever Bone Sculptor coming again, and every bone objects contest will produce several wonderful awes, this time is no exception."

"Hey? What are you talking about? In the past years, did anyone sign up at those two windows?”

"Yes, of course, they are all wild Bone Sculptors who want to become famous with the bone objects contest. Anyway, as long as those who dare to sign up at those two windows and the Bone Sculptor in them can judge that they can reach more than 9th rank, they can participate."

"Tut, it's better to queue in the window of a 9th rank to cause attention to ourselves."

"That's not a surprise. Some Bone Sculptors have a good reputation. Look, after today, the Bone Sculptors behind them will be famous."

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan heard a lot of comments, but they didn't pay attention.

Yuan Zhan's face is expressionless. “I don't like the people here."

Yan Mo smiled. “I don't feel as simple as the people over there, do I?"

"The people in that peninsula are better than here."

"Ha ha, that's the difference between a big city and a country. What you feel now is the impact of different levels of civilization minds. "

Yuan Zhan glanced at Yan Mo, "Don't say words I don't understand. It's too difficult to understand."

"Well, what you feel uncomfortable now is that you have crossed over 7000 years from the primitive society to the advanced society. The Horn-people here and the Hornless-men who serve for the Horn-people have experienced a longer cultural accumulation than our people, that is to say, they have more life experience than us, so you will think they are very cunning and philistine, that is..."

“I see what you mean." Yuan Zhan indicated that Yan Mo doesn't need to explain, "Will we be like this in the future?"

Yan Mo went to the window and looked back. "We are trying to make the Jiu Yuan better. I believe you can do it."

“It's not me, it's us."

"Yes, we have others to help."

There is no one in the window. Probably no one will come to the 10th rank window. The Bone Sculptor in the window has gone to rest for a long time.

Yan Mo looked for a circle in the window. A dog like skeleton lying on the window suddenly said, “Applicant?"

Yan Mo looked at the dog's skull. "Yes."

"Your host is Master level Bone Sculptor?"

“My Master won't let me say it."

"Well, let's just think of him as 10th rank. What's his name? Listen to the gossips. Maybe I know each other. "


"Um... It's a very old name. Is he another new Bone Sculptor hiding in the mountains and forests? What is family name? Is there a family?”


“Gee, it turned out to be a wild Bone Sculptor. Has he got his identity plate?”

"No, my Master won't show his identity until the result came out. Can I sign up with my own identity?"

"You can sign up as long as you are a Bone Sculptor. But then you have to sign up at the window corresponding to your level. Unless you take out your host's bone objects that have been certified by the Bone Sculptor association to be 10th rank.” Maybe there are many Bone Sculptors who don't want to show their heads. The person who manipulates the dog's speech is more reasonable, and explains patiently.

"No, the bone objects I'm going to compete in don't have a certification level. Can't I sign up here?” Yan Mo took off his Bone Sculptor tag and pushed it to the dog's mouth.

The dog snapped down the bone tag and quickly spit out, "A 3rd rank Bone Sculptor, for the hornless people, this level is good. All right, the Hornless-man, go to the window you should go and line up. Don't waste your time and mine. "

“Master, can you take a look at the bone objects my host wanted to compete in? He said that if you put it in a low-level Bone Sculptor, you will realize the particularity of the bone objects. "

"That's a big tone!" the dog laughed. “I'm in a good mood today. I need to change my routine Show me the bone objects you said. If it's not as good as you said, you can take your Master's bone objects and get out of the bone objects Association. This year's bone objects contest, you will not get to participate!”

Yan Mo didn't reply to this. He just took the bone objects he wanted to compete in from his pocket and gently put them beside the dog.

The dog's skull turned, as if it's looking at the odd little bone objects. "What's this?"

The Bone Sculptor, who manipulates the dog, was surprised that he could not see the bone objects at a glance?

"Wait!" the dog suddenly froze after spitting out these two words.

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan look at each other.

In less than a moment, the wooden door of the house in the window opened, and a handsome, abnormally tall man, who you could not see his age, walked into the room.

As soon as the man came in, he didn't even look at Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan. He reached for the first time and picked up the bone objects on the table.

Yan Mo was a little surprised to see the face of the Horn-people. What a coincidence! This man actually looked like Zan-Bu, but from his unresponsive hearing of the name of Zan-Bu, it seems that the family of Zan-Bu has either died out or this is a genetic coincidence.

Yan Mo thinks about the possible relationship between the other party and Zan-Bu, and pulled out a yuan-crystal and pushes it into the window, reminding: "There is one behind the bone objects..."

"Needless to say!" the tall and handsome Mr. Bone Sculptor raised his hand to stop Yan Mo's explanation. He also found the mechanism at the same time. He pushed his finger behind bone objects, and bone objects grew, showing the location of inlaid yuan-crystals at the back.

Then Bone Sculptor took a piece of advanced level yuan-crystal about the same size as the inlay position from his body and pressed it on bone objects.

Yan Mo silently put away the yuan-crystal he took out. In this period, he has changed the energy excitation mode of this bone object, so that the yuan-crystal from this continent here can also be used.

It may be difficult for other Bone Sculptors to change the way of energy acceptance on the sculpted bone objects, but Yan Mo is particularly sensitive to energy because of his blood and personal ability. Sometimes he encounters places that cannot be modified, and the surrounding energy can even actively show him the way they want to be aligned.

If you want to use it, there will be an on and off switch, which can greatly reduce the waste of yuan-crystal. The Bone Sculptor is looking for the switch over and over.

“Is this thing on or off?" said Bone Sculptor dissatisfied.

"Yes, as long as you push the yuan-crystal up, you can power it down when you close it." About Yan Mo.

There is no introduction to the switch in Bone Inheritance. Yan Mo is used to setting the switch. He used to add it when sculpting the bone treasure with yuan-crystal.

According to Yan Mo, the Bone Sculptor pushes the yuan-crystal, and praises: "Yes, this energy switch is ingenious. It can combine with the yuan-crystal, which can save a lot of materials."

When the switch moved, the bone objects become larger in an instant.

Then Bone Sculptor is very experienced to let go and the bone objects automatically landed, enlarge, stretched and finalized it form.

There is a large bone object in the room that the Bone Sculptor can't understand. At first glance, it looked like a big basket. The overall shape is like a “Mouth" shape.

Handsome Bone Sculptor beckoned to the skeleton of the dog. Suddenly, the skeleton of the dog stood up from the platform, jumps down and walked around bone objects for two times, and then sniffed.

The dog suddenly opened his mouth and swallowed the bone object, then stopped.

Yan Mo was shocked. The little dog's skeleton could open its mouth so big and swallow the bone object that was nth times bigger than its body size!

Yan Mo guessed that the dog might also have the ability to judge the bone objects level preliminarily, otherwise, no matter how many bone objects there are, it would be too busy to evaluate so many bone objects by normal people hands.

And the Horn-people's bone objects have developed for so many years, they must have a set of summary methods that can be used to test and verify the level of bone objects.

There is no mistake in Yan Mo's materials. Such a test bone treasure is available in every window. It is specially provided by the Bone Sculptor Association, and can only be bought from the Bone Sculptor Association, but only in different shapes.

Although there are many low-level window applicants in the hall, the speed is not slow. Generally, the Bone Sculptor in the hall only needs to do two things: ask the applicants to take out the Bone Sculptor card and put it into the bone test treasure to verify their identity, and then ask the other party to take out the bone objects and put them into the bone test dog for preliminary test, as long as they reach the registration level of the window, they will pass.

Don't worry about some large bone objects that can't be shrunk. The test bone treasure will come out of the window actively, and any bone objects can be swallowed at a time.

Like Yan Mo, bone object was first viewed by Bone Sculptor, and then tested but this happens rarely. This mainly depends on whether the bone objects can arouse the interest of testing Bone Sculptor.

Generally, the test time is not too long, generally within five minutes, and the lower the level, the less time it needs to be tested.

After Yan Mo's bone objects were swallowed, it took a little time to test from the dog shaped bone treasure, but it didn't linger too long. It took about five minutes to spit out bone objects and report the test results: bone object structural stability, 10 points.

Overall precision of bone object, 10 points.

Bone object overall aesthetics, 6 points.

Power magical pattern painting beauty, 10 points.

Power magical pattern drawing accuracy, 10 points.

Flow smoothness of energy magical pattern, 10 points.

The excitation velocity of the primary crystal, 9 points.

The stability of energy transfer after the excitation of the primary crystal, 10 minutes.

Total energy consumption, 9 points.

Bone objects function: appliance class.

Detailed classification and role: unknown.

Overall evaluation score: 84 points, with an average of 9.3 points.

Judge bone object level: above 9th rank

Advantages: very low energy consumption, special sculpting techniques, exquisite and stable magical pattern painting, and unique conception.

Disadvantages: the appearance is not beautiful enough, and the function of the bone object is unknown because there is no similar precedent bone made before.

Suggestion: it is necessary to test the correct level of the bone objects with a Master level Bone Sculptor above 10th rank.

The handsome and tall Horn-people Bone Sculptor touched the bone object spat out by the puppy and looked at Yan Mo: "Unexpectedly, there is another Master level Bone Sculptor on the wild road that is likely to reach more than a 10th rank. Hello, kid, do you know the function of this bone treasure?”

Yan Mo nodded, but his words made the handsome Bone Sculptor dissatisfied. He said: “I know, but my host said that after passing the registration test, the specific purpose of the bone treasure can only be demonstrated in the contest."

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