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Banished to Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 484: The persecution of the Hornless-men and the 10th rank bone treasure

Chapter 484: The persecution of the Hornless-men and the 10th rank bone treasure

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The handsome Bone Sculptor didn't continue to ask Yan Mo. It's not that he is good at talking, but he doesn't think it's necessary to deal with a slave of the Horn-men.

As for the bone objects above 9th rank, although he is curious, it can be seen that the appearance is not very beautiful, which is totally inconsistent with the current aesthetic concept of the Horn-people, especially with him. He likes all beautiful things. At the first glance, he is likely to be curious about the purpose of the appliance which is just practical.

To know the purpose of this bone object, he just needs to wait for another two days.

“I'm Hou Pu. You go back and tell your Master my name. Tell him that I appreciate his hard work. If you want to, you are welcome to visit my house."

Hou Pu didn't ask for him to give his full name or where he lived. Yan Mo thought: the other side probably felt that saying his name represented everything.

According to the rules, Hou Pu asked Yan Mo if he would like to live in the unified residence arranged by the contest.

“If you don't live in, do I have to leave bone object here?" Yan Mo asked.

Hope smiled, "No need for that. Now testing bone objects has further improved the function, and it will record all the tested ones. You can take the bone object away, and you do not have to live in the same residence. When you arrive at the contest, you only need to bring the bone object that passed the preliminary test. "

After careful consideration, Yan Mo decides not to change his residence. The unified residence arranged by the contest sounded good, but there are bound to be many people with mixed eyes. Their every move will be observed by the eyes of the interested people. It's better to stay in the temple and be comfortable free. Besides, he was not relieved to be separated from Xing Liu and others.

When they left, they didn't notice that many people in the hall looked at them with complicated eyes. The hornless people who used to laugh at him and the people he knew all shut their mouths.

For the next two days, everything looked smooth.

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan also visited the other two cities in the past two days. If they didn't have enough time, they would like to visit the King’s City at the top of the mountain, but they all said they were shopping in the Xuanyu city.

However, on the night before the contest, they went back to the temple very early, because they didn't know what would happen in the contest. They didn't dare to ask for help. They both planned to have a rest early in the evening and take good care of themselves.

However, just after they entered the courtyard, they heard the cry of Hey from Jiu Feng.

Jiu Feng became a bird and landed on top of Yan Mo's head, happily shouting: “Mo Mo, I'll show you something good. He is fun and in your room!"

Compared with the excitement of Jiu Feng, Xing Liu and Cang Qi, who also spoke in the courtyard, it didn't look very good.

Yan Mo didn't pay attention to the look of Xing Liu and others. Hearing the call of Jiu Feng, he felt a heart shake and felt something bad. He immediately stepped up to his room.

As soon as the door opened, Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan just saw the "Thing" coming out of the room, and Yan Mo turned around and closed the door.

Jiu Feng shouted Hey! Hey! Shouts and flew to the head of the little White-Horn boy. He used his hooked mouth to peck his small sharp horn.

The little White-Horn boy child sat on the ground and let Jiu Feng “Bully" him.

Yan Mo took a look at the corner of his eye, "Jiu Feng, you? How did you bring this child back?”

Yan Mo's inner voice: honey, I told you at the beginning, just watch them to see if they have any strange behavior. For the moment, don't disturb them. Why did you steal the child back?

Jiu Feng jumped down and turned into a toddler before landing. He grabbed Yan Mo's thigh and looked up. “Because he didn't want to stay there, he wanted to go out and play, so I took him out to play."

After all, the little White-Horn boy man was a child. Seeing that the little bird he got along with these days turned into a much smaller baby in a flash, his eyes immediately widened, but he soon restrained his expression.

Yan Mo only talked to Jiu Feng, but he doesn't see the change of the look of the little White-Horn boy. However, Yuan Zhan sees every move of the little White-Horn boy child in his eyes.

Wu Guo suddenly groaned, “Another demon!"

Because Yan Mo often called him the little demon, he also learned the word.

The buds on Du-du's head moved. It seems that he wanted to see the new kid outside.

But Wu Guo immediately knocked him down and shouted at him: "Sleep! Don't move. "

Du-du yawned and went to sleep again.

The two fathers smiled.

Yan Mo returned to his senses and rubbed the head of Jiu Feng with a headache. "Did anyone see it when you brought him out?"

"No! How can those two legged monsters see me? A gust of wind has left them confused.” As soon as Jiu Feng is excited, he is still used to saying two legged monsters sayings.

"Then you brought him back. Did anyone see him?"

“Mo Mo, I'm smart. I'm not stupid enough to be caught. But when he entered the temple, Xiu Ling saw him. "

Yan Mo laughed and praised him, "Yes, you are the smartest. Xing Liu, I'll take care of it. "

Upon hearing this, Yuan Zhan immediately turned around and pushed the door out.

Yan Mo grabbed Jiu Feng's paw and walked to the White-Horn child. He knelt down and looked at him in line. "Hello, I'm Yan Mo. What's your name?"

Jiu Feng: "His name is Sumen. He pretends to not talk, but it’s just that he doesn't talk to anyone but me!"

The little White-Horn boy: “... “

Yan Mo chuckled.

After a long time, the child still couldn't help it. Two words came out of his mouth: "Traitor!"

Yan Mo laughed, reached out and rubbed the heads of the two children. “Get up, don't sit on the ground. Even in summer, the ground is very cold."

Yan Mo picked up the two children and took them to the bed.

The little White-Horn boy is cute and doesn't struggle when he was picked up.

One adult, two children, three people sitting in a triangle.

"Sumen, can I call you that?" Yan Mo, who has raised his own son, is very good with children.

Sumen nodded.

"Well, do you want to go back? If you want to go back, I can ask Jiu Feng to take you back. "

Sumen didn't nod or shake her head, but looked at Yan Mo with wide eyes.

Yan Mo looked at the little White-Horn boy on his head and thinks about the origin of the child. He always felt that he is hit by fate, but he still needs to observe the child for a while.

Although the child looked younger, he should be nine years old. Most nine year olds have developed their own personality and have their own introductory world outlook. And not all children are naive and kind, he can't tell from this one, only from getting along slowly will he find out.

“I know you, he always talks about you, Mo Mo like this, Mo Mo like that." The little White-Horn boy suddenly said this and closed his mouth again.

Yan Mo felt a little weird. Is this child jealous?

"Do you want to stay and play with Jiu Feng?"

The little White-Horn boy looked at Jiu Feng, who rolled over and hugged him, reached out his claws and pinches his face.

The little White-Horn boy was stunned and pinched it back. Although the little bird was gone, it was also fun to hold the fat baby?

The two little guys pinched each other. From time to time, Jiu Feng gave out a duck like funny laugh. The little White-Horn boy was very heavy and at last, they just rolled into a pile.

Uncle Mo Da-Ren, who was completely ignored: "..."

The little White-Horn boy was not unable to communicate, but apparently refused to communicate with him. Yan Mo thought about it and patted two children, "You play first, and I’ll get you something to eat."

Since the child doesn't want to talk, he will wait.

Just as Yan Mo put food and water on the table, there was a quarrel outside.

Yan Mo wondered how Yuan Zhan failed to deal with them. He put down the food and asked Jiu Feng to enjoy it with the child. Then he pushed the door and looked out.

Seeing Yan Mo coming out, Cang Qi's spear head was immediately aimed at him and shouted angrily, “It's all you! Look at what you've done!”

"What's the matter?" Yan Mo turned to Yuan Zhan.

Yuan Zhan is about to explain that Xing Liu has already snatched the lead. "Two Da-Ren, you've been wandering around the city these two days. Haven't you heard about the expulsion of the Hornless-men in the next city and the arrest of the children of the Hornless-men?"

Yan Mo didn't really pay attention to the Xuanyu City, "can you tell me more about it? I didn't pay much attention. "

Cang Qi snorted coldly and said: "Do you remember to flatter those horned nobles? It's disgusting. I thought you really thought about the Hornless-men. In fact, you are the same as those Hornless-men!”

Yan Mo was admonished inexplicably and didn't care about Cang Qi. He just looked at Xing Liu.

Xing Liu said the reason, “Because of the demon child. It's said that one of the horned nobles who was robbed by the magic boy died. Now the city is looking for the magic boy everywhere. The City Lord and the guards suspected that the demon child was hidden in the next city and forced the people in the next city to hand over the demon child. If not, they would evict ten families of the Hornless-men from the city every day and say they have to leave their children. Now, this situation has lasted for three days, and the hornless people in the next city are in a mess."

Yan Mo felt funny. At the beginning, the beast that was eaten as food turned into a monster, and Jiu Feng was also named as the demon child.

It's funny, but the method of the City Lord is very poisonous and effective. If Jiu Feng is really hiding in the lower city, he will either be forced to jump out or be reported.

"Do you think Jiu Feng is the demon child?" Yan Mo looked at the people in the courtyard. They were all together. Some people who heard the quarrel came out of the room.

Only Xi Yang and Hou Shi are not there. Qi Hong Zi silently walked behind Yan Mo, and Oldman-He sat around and ate nuts.

Cang Qi choked: “Isn't it? And today I saw him bring back a White-Horn kid! What does he want to do? Want to attract the Horn-people to take us all and kill us!”

"Can you keep your voice down? Would you like to be heard by everyone?” Yan Mo's face was cold.

Cang Qi also wanted to cry. His mouth suddenly spewed mud, which made him fall to his knees and vomit.

The faces of Xing Liu and others also changed, and Fei Zhang, one of Bone Sculptor, frowned, "even if Cang Qi's voice is a little louder, there's no need to do this to him, right? Besides, he was right. Who is the White-Horn kid? Why bring it back? Does his father know? What are you going to do about the demon children outside?”

"You?" Yan Mo chuckles, and his heart is a little cold. Although he is holding the idea of using the Hornless-men to deal with the Horn-people and solve the crisis in the East Continent through the drastic way, his mind of trying to help the Hornless-men here is true, but even if these people spend some time with him, they still divide the three of them from the hornless people.

Yan Mo looked around the crowd, "even if Jiu Feng is a demon child, what did he do wrong? What are you going to do about it?”

Xing Liu wanted to talk and was held down by Fei Zhang. “It's not our intention. We don't talk about anything else. It's the Jiu Feng Da-Ren who caused the whole thing. He's so fierce. Those Hornless-men in the city have no special ability. Those children are even more innocent. I think Jiu Feng Da-Ren must have a way to solve this problem, right?”

Yan Mo took a deep look at Fei Zhang. "You are right. I will solve this problem. What other questions do you have?”

"The White-Horn child..."

"Da-Ren!" Xi Yang and Hou Shi ran from the backyard door. They ran very fast.

HouShi didn't notice the atmosphere at the scene at all. Just as Xi Yang called out Da-Ren, he closed his mouth and slowed down.

HouShi didn't say that when he saw Xi Yang, he rushed over and said: "Da-Ren, it's terrible! I don't know who said that the demon child is here. Now many of the Hornless-men come here with the people from the city guard office. When we see the situation is wrong, we run back first. What do you think we should do Da-Ren?”

What should I do? First of all look at things, then deal with the warriors!

Soon, the shrine-servant got the news.

The old shrine-servant was worried. "There are so many people coming. It seems that there are about two or three hundred people following. With the people from the city guard office, it's not easy to solve. Yan Mo, I heard that the noble son Buhua intended to recruit you? Can you ask him to come out No, just invite some officials with a little weight in his family. "

Yan Mo doesn't want to owe Buhua. It can be said that it's a fair deal, but if he asked Buhua to come out to save him, that's another thing.

"You don't have to worry about it, we will solve it." Yan Mo comforted him and went to the gate with Yuan Zhan.

The noise outside has reached into the temple.

Yan Mo asked Qi Hong Zi and Hou Shi to accompany Jiu Feng and the little White-Horn boy, and asked them not to show themselves. The rest of the group followed without knowing what the reason was.

The gate has been blocked. Two or three hundred people don't sound like much, but when they surround the gate, with the excitement of the crowd, it looked very oppressive.

The people of the City Guards station stood on the outskirts as if they were watching.

Xing Liu, who transformed from the White-Horn into a teenager, was unwilling to face the public questions and stand at the front. Yan Mo doesn't need him either.

Yan Mo stood on the steps and looked down at the people. Yuan Zhan stood steadily on his side like a mountain.

The following the Hornless-men and so on saw the suspected party coming out, and the clamor suddenly grew louder.

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan just look at them and don't talk.

The following clamor is rising again. It's all about letting them hand over the demon child.

But because Yan Mo and his man didn't talk, whatever the temple-servant wanted to say was stopped. The following Hornless-men probably found that this time they met with a stubble, and the clamor was slowly lowering down.

After a while, a young man lined up.

The man asked Yan Mo, “Are you with the demon boy? Hand over the demon boy!”

"What demon boy?" Yan Mo put a smile on his face.

“It's the demon child who hurt the horn aristocrat, made trouble in the city and stole the animals!" someone shouted behind the man.

Yan Mo sneered and looked at the Horn-people who looked like the leader of the city guard. "Then Da-Ren, you think so too. Think that demon child is my child?"

The head of Horn-people laughed, "We don't know how it is, but we just heard someone report that the demon child is hiding with you. We'll come and have a look."

In a word, Yan Mo understood the plan of City Guards.

The city guards must know that he is the patron of the son of Buhua, but they dare not resist the order of the City Lord. Neither side can be offended, so what can they do?

If today's gathering of the Hornless-men forces them this gathering has no input of the City Guards office, Yan Mo doesn't believe it at all.

80% of the people in the city guard's office want the Hornless-men to force the demon child out by themselves, during which they will never do anything.

In this way, in the future, if the noble son Buhua questioned, they could say that they didn't harass Yan Mo and others, and the demon child would be forced out or jump out and turn himself in. That's all the choice of the Hornless-men. They just follow the masses.

On the other side of the City Lord's mansion, as long as they can catch the demon child, it's not important that the task is completed.

Yan Mo will no longer take care of them if the City Guards cannot be used.

The young man looked at Yan Mo and ignored them. He probably felt ignored and insulted. He said his request again with a blue face.

Yan Mo turned to look at each other, "Who told you that my child is the demon child?"

"You don't care who told us! Quickly hand over the demon boy to Da-Rens of City Guards office, and let them take him back to show the nobles. If he is not, he will send him back to you!” Said the young man impatiently.

If it was before, Yan Mo didn't mind taking Jiu Feng for a turn, and then using his willpower to make the other party not recognize Jiu Feng. But now he can be 100% sure that there is someone behind this, maybe the rejected Bone Sculptors or, maybe the political enemy of the Duke Modun. But no matter who he is, if he took Jiu Feng, unless they expose their strength, Jiu Feng will not come back alive.

“I will not hand over my children. If the nobles want to have a test, let them come here." Yan Mo raised his eyebrows. “I say you are also interesting. The City Lord's government ordered you to expel you and leave your children if you don't hand over the demon child. You didn't resist the tyrant who forced you to do things, but came to us for trouble. Do you think we are much easier to bully than the City Lord?"

At the same time, the Hornless-men took a breath of anger. Yan Mo's statement is absolutely treacherous in the Xuanyu city. He even accused the City Lord of being a tyrant in front of so many people and accused him of his practices.

Who doesn't know that the City Lord is bullying, but who dares to say it? Even if he doesn't become a City Lord next year, he is still one of the great nobles. How dare these little Hornless-men offend such great noble?

But it's good for everyone to understand these words, and it's ugly to say them.

However, Yan Mo pulled down this layer of cover.

"You, you! How dare you! You connive at the children's murders. Now you dare to say that the City Lord is wrong. You... I blame you! If it wasn't for your demon child, how could the City Lord give such an order?” The man behind the young man spoke again. He didn't know whether he wanted to flatter the City Lord or was afraid. He simply put all the faults on Yan Mo's head.

"Yeah, it's all your fault! If you don't let the demon children come, how can we be involved?”

"Yes! All the City Lord actions are forced by them! As long as we hand over the demon child, our days will return and our children will come back!”

"Hand over the demon child!"

"Hand over the demon child!" shouted two or three hundred people in unison.

"Drive them away!"

"Catch them! Give them to the Lord's mansion!”

"Run in and get them! Find the demon boy!”

"Run, fight them!"

Two or three hundred people began to rush forward with red eyes and thick necks. They wanted to rush into the temple because of the large number of people.

The temple-servant was in a great hurry and shouted, "Calm down! Calm down, everyone!”

Yan Mo looked coldly at the crowd that was about to rush up. He turned his hand over and gave Yuan Zhan another bone object. “Let them calm down."

Yuan Zhan took over bone objects, turned his head, understands, and immediately grins his lips, showing his white teeth, "I get you."

Yuan Zhan held up the bone object like a cylinder and aimed them at the two or three hundred people under the steps, and made a move to press the switch.


The thick water dragon spewed out of the bone objects to the crowd.

Yuan Zhan grabbed bone object and swung. Wherever he swung, the water dragon rushed there.

“Ah ah! They have bone weapons!”

"Heavens! Help me!”


The people of the City Guards office saw that the situation was no longer under their control. Just when they wanted to make a move, the water dragon suddenly grew larger and rushed to the crowd like a wave.

Hula, the crowd was completely dispersed, was pushed down.

The people who wants the City Guards office to fight are stunned. They didn't tell them that this team has such a powerful bone treasure in their hands! What are they going to do now?

Yuan Zhan put away bone object and put it into his arms. This is his special use in the future. Well, he will try his best to use all the abilities of this "10th rank bone treasure" in the future!

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