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Banished to Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 486: Xi Yang's decision, armor and the start of the contest

Chapter 486: Xi Yang's decision, armor and the start of the contest

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Xi Yang smiled at the young man who has great ability, but seldom shows it.

He saw with his own eyes how many miracles the man had made, how he comforted and treated those dirty and sick people, how he led them to clean their bodies, clean their excrement, clean their clothes and beds. In the end, he went and managed to send all the survivors to the safer peninsula.

This man has done a lot, but he has not publicized his achievements to the outside world. He seems to always hold the attitude that "You must help yourself if you want to stand up, and others will help you if you work hard." He didn't use his own distinctive banner to call on the Hornless-men to stand by him. He even gave the Hornless-men valuable prescriptions easily, instead of keeping as a tool to buy people's hearts or make greater profits.

Xi Yang thinks that things can't go on like this. As the Hornless-men, he hopes that the Hornless-men here can seize the opportunity. If they miss it, they won't know what they missed.

Xi Yang also has unspeakable selfish intentions. He has ambition, but as the Hornless-man without much force and status, he can only suppress it. If he does not get adventurous, he may only be a small leader of the Hornless-men all his life.

But now, the adventures he's looking forward to have arrived. He finally waited for such a powerful messenger and his warrior. They also intended to help the Hornless-men to stand on their own, and to support him in some degree. Yes, he felt that the two people were not interested in leading the local Hornless-men. They seemed to be looking for leaders to lead the local Hornless men consciously or unconsciously.

So what should he do? What's the point of always grabbing their attention from Hou Shi? His ability is not to be shown around Mo Da-Ren. His ability should be outside, facing the Hornless-men.

He thought: he has to do something, and the time has come.

Xi Yang and Yan Mo asked for a lot of drugs, some for trauma, some for cold and fever, and then when it was dark, he went out.

Hou Shi eyes turned, he also followed him out.

Xi Yang didn't refuse Hou Shi following him. Sometimes it's more convenient for two people to act together. Moreover, with Hou Shi's character, the man is born cunning, so he doesn't need him to teach them.

Yan Mo guessed the meaning of Xi Yang actions more or less. He didn't stop it. He also appreciated the initiative of Xi Yang. Some people often succeed by seizing some opportunities, even risking for it.

What Xi Yang is going to do, if not, is likely to affect himself, and the anger of the crowd is likely to be vented on him. After all, many people know that he is with them. Here we need the wit and eloquence of Xi Yang. It really depends on his own performance in helping out and managing to stand out.

Before Xi Yang left, Yan Mo stopped him and found a set of bone armor from the space and handed it to him. "This is a new bone armor made from the bone armor I obtained from the bone armor warriors, it is not the divine bone armor. But I have carefully sculpted the divine bone armor and made some major changes to this set of bone armor in this period of time. Now only such a set has been changed, this is just for you to use. With it, at least your safety will be guaranteed."

Xi Yang was surprised and knelt to thank him.

Yan Mo is used to these people kneeling. He is too lazy to correct them. When Xi Yang took over the bone armor, he said: "When you wear the bone armor, remember to drop some blood here, and then it will recognize you as its master. It's useless for others to take it because it won’t work for them. In addition, when this set of bone armor is not activated at ordinary times, it will only fit like a suit of clothes. If you put a layer of slightly wider clothes on the outside, others will not see it."

For this change, Yan Mo is very self-satisfied. Before he came to the west, he and Zan-Bu proposed similar changes, while Zan-Bu further made this possible through his rich knowledge of bone sculpting, and Yan Mo constantly made this possible through practice.

Zan-Bu sometimes wakes up in the Soul Sea and thinks about bone sculpting knowledge when he has nothing to do. In addition, Yan Mo's future from another world gave a lot of knowledge and information that Zan-Bu can't think of for the time being when he talked with him, which makes Zan-Bu more open-minded and generate many new ideas on how to use bone objects. However, he only has soul and many ideas can only be thought but can't be verified.

However, Yan Mo has many things to do and emphasizes mainly on medicine. Even though Zan-Bu has taught him a lot, he has rarely verified Zan-Bu theories in practice. That's probably the biggest reason Zan-Bu wanted Yan Mo to quickly find a successor for Bone Inheritance - what's the most painful thing for any researcher? To not see your theories not being tested?

Yan Mo went on to introduce the function of bone armor: “It does not activate at ordinary times, but it also has the function of protecting your body. It can withstand the blow of weapons below 5th rank, just like water and fire. But if the person or weapon attacking you is too powerful, you must activate it. After activating it, it will become a whole bone armor covering your whole body. This bone armor is between 8th rank and 9th rank, that is to say, you don't need to worry about the attacks below the same level. In addition to its protection, its left arm will turn into a bone blade, which can be used in close combat. The right arm can spray poisonous water, which can corrode most things, including living things. This is for long range attacks."

Yan Mo then introduced the related performance and specific usage of bone knife and poison water, as well as the activation method of bone armor, and finally said: “It's a pity that this set of bone armor will consume yuan-crystal after being urged, because your soul power is still weak, even now it will take a long time to start cultivating, so I focused on the yuan-crystal. This is an 8th rank yuan-crystal and it can support you at about six corners under the same attack. The more severe the attack is, the more energy consumption will be. You need to control this. This here is a scale to remind you of the consumption of yuan-crystal. Well, I'll think about the consumption and other functions, and I'll help you upgrade it later. "

Xi Yang thinks this is enough! He's going crazy! He never thought of such an unexpected joy. He thought that it would be too dazzling to go out in a suit of bone armor. He thought that it would be better to get a bone knife than to give him this set of bone armor from Mo Da-Ren. But now he doesn't think so. He is so happy to die.

The envious eyes of Hou Shi and Qi Hong Zi were burning red, but they said nothing.

Yan Mo didn't forget the two of them. He turned with casual smile and said: "You two will the same have them, but you have to wait a few days. First use the original bone knife and bone armor."

"Thanks Da-Ren!" Hou Shi and Qi Hong Zi grinned.

That night, Fei Zhang and Xing Liu asked to the two leaders. Qi Hong Zi said the two Da-Ren had rested and didn't let them in.

Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo had a good night's rest. Because he was worried about what happened in the middle of the night, Yan Mo asked Jiu Feng to sleep in his room with the little White-Horn boy and the witch-crafting. Yuan Zhan was upset about this, but he didn't say anything.

In the middle of the night, Yuan Zhan had a dream that he and Mo were being followed by four or five or six children all day long, from those who had to be held in their arms to those who were trying to climb from the ground, to those who could walk, run and jump, to those who could fly, around them every day, chattering, noisy, crying and rolling, every night!

In the morning, Yuan Zhan woke up scared!

When he opened his eyes, he saw a clay bed widened and enlarged specially by him. Jiu Feng was sleeping on Yan Mo lap. The little White-Horn boy slept calmly, but he was also close to Jiu Feng. It seemed that they liked to be near Yan Mo very much, hey, even when you just look beside his neck the Demon Wolf -ox was sleeping there. Look at the baby bag held in Yan Mo's arms

Yuan Zhan felt a chilling shiver in the hot day. This is just in the west, and when they get back home, there's a naughty Xiao Hei with the same fighting and following power.

Wu Guo, Du-du, Jiu Feng, Xiao Hei, the White-Horn child

God! Ancestor God! Think of a way to let these brats children grow up to adulthood in one day! Chief Yuan Zhan groaned bitterly. As soon as he thinks of the “Quality" life as he had dreamed in the future, he would like to take Yan Mo and run far.

Yan Mo woke up to see Yuan Zhan's tangled expression and he misunderstood, touches his buuttocks especiallyerotiically, and gave him a very irresponsible promise casually: "When the matter is solved, we will find a place for bed fight for 300 rounds. We can fight as long as you want!”

Yuan Zhan:“……” Fxck, flirting with me in front of the kids, believe it or not, I'll do the bed fight with you directly in front of these kids?

Yan Mo looked up and smiled: "Oh, is that hard? It's nice to be young."

Yuan Zhan thinks that this is a deliberate provocation. Since the other side is intentional and he doesn't want to bear it, let's have a fight. Just think of it and do it. He grabbed the man's arm at once, and then got into the ground.

Yan Mo didn't finish pronouncing an “Ah?" word, and he had disappeared with Yuan Zhan.

The little White-Horn boy looked up at the ground where the two disappeared, and Jiu Feng poked him, explaining with a familiar look: "They're going to mate, so that we can have a brother later. You see, the fruit in that bag is from their mating."

The little White-Horn boy was surprised and when he turned he saw that Jiu Feng had pulled the pouch and opened it to him. Aren’t these fruits? How could it be a child? Although the fruits looked like a miniature child.

Jiu Feng reached out his little hand and poked the little buds on the top of the two fruits. “Look!"

Wu Guo jumped up angrily and wanted to crash into Jiu Feng’s face, but he crashes into his arms.

Jiu Feng thought that this fruit liked him very much. He was so happy that he pecked at it several times.

Wu Guo “...” If Guo-Guo can change color, he will be black. Wu Guo roared loudly, but the people who can hear are not in front of him. Who he wanted to hear, the stinky bird can't hear him at all!

The little White-Horn boy picked up another fruit, touched it, and suddenly said to Jiu Feng, "Your fruit is angry, he wanted to beat you."

When Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan were playing, the place where the Xuanyu city held the bone objects contest was already crowded with people, and there were sharp horns all over the place. At this time, there were still people coming here.

It's not long since Yuan Zhan came out from the ground with a face full of satisfied expression on his face.

Yan Mo patted his face, slowly ignored the curious eyes of two children and one beast, and asked the little White-Horn boy, "We are going to participate in the bone objects contest. What do you say? Will you stay at home or come with us?”

Little White-Horn boy still doesn't believe Yan Mo very much and doesn't want to talk very much.

Jiu Feng had no such scruples. He rushed to Yan Mo's arms and shouted, "We're going to go, and we’re going together! I'm going to play!”

Yan Mo nodded, "OK, let's go together. I will make you invisible to others. Jiu Feng, you have to promise me that without the permission of A-Zhan and I, you can't change at will, and you have to look after Sumen, okay?”

Jiu Feng said that everything will be OK.

Sumen has never been in touch with too many outsiders since childhood, let alone going out for fun. It is said that Yan Mo is going to take him to the bone objects contest site together, and he will do something that can make others not recognize them. The child was happy, but his face is still dull. Only a pair of bright big eyes revealed his real mood.

The little Wolf-fox child said that he was not interested in the bone objects contest of human beings, and that he has almost recovered from his injury. There was a winding underground cave specially made by Yuan Zhan for him, even if he stayed, he would not be afraid to be caught again.

Finally, Yuan Zhan tied the pouch to his chest and held one hand with Yan Mo, so the group went to the bone objects contest.

When they go out, Fei Zhang, Xing Liu and other people have been waiting at the door. They were feeling awkward. They all want to see the Horn-people grand event. But if they don't have the Bone Sculptor or the Horn-people to lead them, they won't be able to enter the contest venue.

The White-Horn teenager who Xing Liu turned into could take them in as his own slaves, but after the verification of the identity card in bone objects Association few days ago, the teenager was a little afraid. He was afraid to be allowed to watch the game and they will also need to verify his identity. He was not afraid of his own accident, just afraid of implicating others.

When they saw Yan Mo, they thought he would sneer at them, but he just nodded at them and said, "Do you want to go? Then let's go together."

Qi Hong Zi and Oldman He have also followed, but Xi Yang and Hou Shi have not come back.

The temple-servant Zhong He saw them go out, guessed their destination, and smiled to wave them have a good time. He also saw the children in the arms of Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan, but the two children didn't seem to attract his attention at all.

"Are the shrine-servant not allowed to go?" Yan Mo asked casually.

The temple-servant replied with a smile: “At the beginning, I've seen it many times before. The best one is the last contest. I'll go when the last contest is held."

In fact, as Zhong He the shrine-servant said, on the first day of the contest, in addition to the crowd, the brilliance of the bone objects contest can only be said to be more general bone objects.

But this is new for Yan Mo, who came from another world, and for other people who rarely go out, this day's contest makes them dazzled and cheerful. Their mood is the same as that of any spectator, and they all put their body and mind into it. At this time, the distinction between the Horn-people and the hornless people has been completely forgotten by them.

Depending on the identity of Yan Mo as a contestant, the audience seats allocated by them are not bad. In the third row, they can see the changes of bone objects in the venue clearly and can also hear the speech of Bone Sculptor roughly. Although there are not many seats, only four seats, but a group of people do not want to separate. They just squeeze into the four seats. Fortunately, the Horn-people, because of their tall stature, have a large seat, and all the seats are platform stairs, so many people are slightly squeezed down the row but managed to sit.

As for the seats behind the fourth row, most of them are civilians who come to experience the atmosphere. Many people watched the game one day and asked them what they saw. They were in a fog.

Before the game started, the venue was already bustling. Today is a happy day for slaves, civilians and nobles. It's not necessary to keep quiet in front of nobles as usual. I don't know if it's some kind of rebellious psychology. When a nobleman entered the audience with his subordinates, the noise on the scene will suddenly increase a lot.

In the first round of selection, the three cities will be separated. The bone objects of the same nature will be assigned to the same venue, regardless of level. The bone objects' owners or designated operators will do a showcase of the bone objects contest. Only the first two runner can enter the next round.

Contestants can sit in their small rooms or go to the auditorium.

Yan Mo was sitting in the audience. In fact, most of the participants are sitting in the audience.

Before the start of the game, Yan Mo was still thinking about how to judge this kind of contest regardless of level. When the game started, he understood that it was simple, clear and rough!

In short, it's up to the audience to see if the bone objects on the court can advance to the next level.

Before the contest, a kind of voting bone object will be sold to the audience. This kind of voting bone object can be used in all aspects of the Horn-people's life, as long as it is necessary, it can be used to vote, this kind of voting bone objects can be used to vote in every voting regardless of the type, so the Horn-people almost each have one such voting bone object.

The voting is also easy to operate. There is a bone screen of huge size on site. As long as the voting bone aims the voting bone object at the bone screen, the latest data will be displayed on it.

But because only one data can be counted and displayed at a time, each vote is only for one bone object.

That is to say, after each contestant has demonstrated his own bone objects, the audience will use the voting bone to vote once. After all bone objects are displayed, the final number of votes of each bone objects will determine the champion and runner up of each contest.

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan thought it was interesting. They also bought voting bones and distributed them to the crowd. The group all watched over and over as if they were given rare toys.

Although bone objects of the same nature are not divided into sessions, the organizers of the contest decide the sequence of their presentations according to the level of bone objects. Each bone object show case is only five minutes long.

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