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Banished to Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 487: A happy bone objects contest

Chapter 487: A happy bone objects contest

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Yan Mo should be one of the most careless people among the competitors. I don't know how many competitors there are in total and there was no special preparation. He just sat in the audience like an outsider, laughing and cheering with everyone.

The first person on the stage didn't know if he was too nervous. He took bone object into the arena and was still for a long time. After being reminded by the host of the contest, he remembered to show his bone object to everyone, and then began to demonstrate.

In order to be fair, the presenter will not introduce the bone objects, not even the level. All presentations and introductions are made by the presenter himself.

Yan Mo thought that the audience behind the fourth floor would not be able to see. Unexpectedly, the vision of the Horn-people was obviously much better than that of the Hornless-men. He had heard the voices coming from behind, and many people were guessing what the bone object were for.

“Pat." The man's bone object fell to the ground. The man rushed to pick them up, but he didn't pick it up.

The scene was astounded, then burst into laughter.

Yan Mo saw that the man's hands were shaking, his face turned red like a monkey's xss, and he saw the Black-Horn man was in his early twenties.

The laughter grew louder and louder. There were whistles and cheers familiar to Yan Mo.

Yan Mo saw that the Black-Horn youth was about to cry, but in the end, although the youth didn't cry, he picked up his own bone object and demonstrated them in a mess. He didn't even introduce them, so he just demonstrated there.

Yan Mo, as the future man in the era of information explosion, knew what the youth had done as soon as he saw the appearance of bone object popping up. He made an automatic umbrella.

But the young man just opened and them he quickly put it away. He took two steps with his umbrella. There was no introduction. He didn't stay for five minutes. He probably felt that the demonstration was almost finished. He put away bone object and ran.

There was another silence in the field, and then more laughter began.

"You guys!" the host's voice rang out, and the voice exceeded the laughter of the crowd. Yan Mo thought that the Horn-people might have made bone objects that can amplify the voice.

“God bless you, its sunny today..."

The audience excitedly sang to each other: “It's so hot! It's going to rain!”

The invisible host: “I think Pan'a God will hear your prayers, but when it's going to rain, and you're going to ask for something else."

Audience: "Hahaha!"

Yan Mo:…… He seems to understand what the bone objects contest with the most participants is, it is in fact, a five-year national entertainment of the Horn-people, right?

Host: "Well, our first contestant has finished the demonstration. Here is the voting time. But before the first voting, I have to explain it again as in previous years, so that some first participants who don't know the rules don't think they can take advantage of it."

The host then said: “First of all, I will explain how to use the voting bone. When I say for everyone to lift the voting bone, please lift your voting bone to aim at the bone vote collecting screen. Have you seen it?"

The audience smiled and replied, "Yes!" someone was urging him to hurry up.

The host is very calm and unaffected by the audience: "When you press the button of the voting bone, the energy bombs with a little soul power will be thrown from the voting bone to the bone collecting screen. And everyone's soul power is very special. The Pan’a God has told us in fact that there is no identical soul force in the world. So no matter how many voting bones you have or how many times you press the same bone object button, the bone screen will only record one vote at a time, and other votes with the same soul power will not be calculated. So, everyone, don't try to help the contestants cheat. "

The audience laughed again. As they all know, there was such cheating when the voting bone came out. But in the end, they were told that it was cheaper than the one sold by the Bone Sculptor Association, and many more voting devices were sold.

Yan Mo: Awesome! He was also thinking about how to prevent cheating. As a result, people had taken this into consideration when designing and refining voting bones and collecting bone screens. Remember soul power with bone object? This function is good. He has to remember that so he can take advantage of all aspects of this place and apply it to the Jiu Yuan in the future.

At this time, the host's voice suddenly increased: "Now, everyone, if you want to vote for the bone object of the presenter just now, you can raise your voting bone!"

"Shua!" almost in unison, all the people who wanted to vote raised their arms.

Yan Mo and others looked around and learned how to lift the voting bone.

Host: "Voting time is only 10 seconds, please press your voting bone button in 10 seconds! Ten, nine... "

As an attempt, Yan Mo did feel that the umbrella was very useful in real life, so he also raised the voting bone to aim at the screen and pressed the button.

The spectacle appeared, which may be one of the highlights of the contest?

Colorful and abundant energy light points rush to a huge bone screen over the north of the site. When these energy spots hit the bone screen, the bone screen exploded like a large group of fireworks, giving off dazzling luster.

The children all screamed and cheered at the scene.

All of these energy spots are ejected from the voting bone's voting apparatus. They are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, purple, white, black and various colors.

Yan Mo looked at these beautiful energy spots like fireworks and thinks: are these colors the color of human soul?

He saw the color of the energy light that he emitted, which was a colorful ball of various colors.

Yan Mo smile, is his soul so complicated?

Looking around Yuan Zhan, he just looked around and didn't notice the color of the energy light spots of people around him.

Yuan Zhan waved his voting bone to say he didn't vote.

The Jiu Feng kid was so happy that he couldn't help laughing. He even pushed the voting bone button a lot to see the energy light. The energy spot he emitted is a very beautiful light blue, just like the color of the clearest sky.

The little White-Horn boy was very serious, and he clung to the voting bone stupidly he didn’t know if he voted.

Jiu Feng also wanted to rob his voting bone and was slapped by the White-Horn child.

When the host's last "one" was just off, the little White-Horn boy couldn't help but hold up the voting period and press on the bone screen.

The rich white light, like milk, soon hit the bone screen, and together with other lights, it made a beautiful big fireworks.

The little White-Horn boy's mouth was slightly bent. The outside world is so interesting.

At the same time, a location in the temple of the Luolan city next to the Xuanyu city.

The only remaining three eyed witch of the White-Horn clans now is now the great witch, Alain, who suddenly opened his eyes from the meditation.

Later, he not only opened his eyes, but also stood up from the futon.

The nearby temple-servant was surprised that the Great Witch Alain went to sit in silence for a long time every day in order to pray to God for the future of the White-Horn clans. Today is clearly not the same because he suddenly stopped meditating.

“Great witch?"

Alan stretched out his hand and supported himself with the help of the temple-servant. He was very old, but for the White-Horn clan, he had to support himself before the next three eyed witch appeared.

“Let's go to the chief, and the next generation of the great witch appeared!" Alain voice was hoarse, a little shaky with excitement, but his words were clear.

The temple-servant's hand shook, and the spirit of the whole person changed, and his voice rose involuntarily: "The Great Witch, really? The next generation of witches?!"

“Go! Hurry to call the clan chief! I can feel that the next generation witch is not far away from us. We must find him quickly!”

Because of this great good news, the whole temple seems to be alive, and when the chief arrives with the fastest speed, the first order is to let all the people who know it shut up!

"This is a great thing! Why didn’t you say it? Because the number of great witches has decreased, and the next generation of great witches has not appeared, the clan tribesmen have been in a panic for a long time. There are also rumors outside that our White-Horn clan have been abandoned by Pan’a God.” The White -Horn clan elder roared in the temple waving a scepter.

"Yes, if you can say it, let us all know that the next generation of the White-Horn clan witch will emerge. Not only will those rumors break without breaking, but most importantly, our people will settle down." The temple-servant, at the highest level, did not understand why the chief had issued a ban.

The White-Horn clans look up at the Great Witch Alain.

The Great Witch Alain sighed and said, "Nine years ago, one day, I felt the birth of the next generation of witches in the dark, but when I wanted to look for the direction of the child again, I found that I had lost the remote sensing of the child."

"Nine years ago? The witch was born nine years ago? Why...” The elder wanted to ask. When he stared the Great Witch Alain, he raises his hand and shuts up.

The Great Witch Alain, “Because I'm not sure if the child was alive or dead, and I don't know if God really abandoned us. I only know that I can't feel the child. If I told you then, where are you going to find him? Let the people hope and end up in disappoint, is it even more impossible to settle people’s hearts after such a disappointment? Now I feel the same scent, the more obvious and active fluctuation of soul power!”

"The same?" the elder and the higher the temple-servant grabbed the key words.

"Yes, the same." The Great Witch Alain nodded.

The White-Horn clan didn't speak until this time: “For this reason, I have a conjecture with the great witch that the next generation of great witches may not have been born in the White-Horn clan territory, but in the other two clans. But at the beginning, when the Great Witch lost the remote sensing of the next generation of the Great Witch, it was felt after nine years. That only shows one thing. Someone hid our next generation of the Great Witch, and isolated the remote sensing of the Great Witch to the next generation of the Great Witch by nefarious means. If they can do this and hide a three eyed the Great Witch for nine years, and not let the outside world know anything about it. Do you think that kind of a person would be ordinary person?”

The elder and the higher the temple-servant understood, and immediately a conspiracy theory arose. The elder's face was dark, and he pounded the scepter and shouted: "Those bastards! The Black-Horn and the Red-Horn are both evil hearted. If we hadn't sacrificed so many people and taken out all the life-saving bone objects that they could use to survive, our great witch used his soul power and body sacrifice to forge a bone boat that could cross the distant sea. If he didn’t do that there would be none of them!”

The chief raised his finger. “It's no use to say that now. The point is that some people hide our great witch, and in their mind is nothing more than to control our clan through the next generation of great witches."

The temple-servant suddenly said, “I don't understand why the other side has hidden the next generation of great witches for nine years, but now it has exposed him again?"

When the chief and the Great Witch Alain looked at each other, the Great Witch Alain said, “I think that our next generation of great witches has escaped from the prison he was in."

“Ah!" everyone screamed.

The elder was in a hurry. "What can I do? The next generation of the Great Witch is only nine years old. He is a child. Does he know that he should escape to the Luolan city? Great Witch, do you know where he is now? Let's send someone to pick him up!”

“We will certain to send someone to pick him up, but this matter can't be spread out for the time being. We are looking for the child, and the prisoners must be looking for him as well. If they can't know the whereabouts of the child, they will think of starting observing from our side, so we are going to send people to find the next generation of witches, but we can only send the most trustworthy ones, and we can't spread the news out at all. "

The White-Horn clan the Luolan city's upper level fluctuations and plans are unknown to the little White-Horn boy and Yan Mo.

Yan Mo also thought that the other side had a way to find the little White-Horn boy, so he added the blessing of "Hope that the real identity of the little White-Horn boy will not be found" when he was using the will power exertion.

But he obviously didn't expect that the voting bone using the soul power would expose the soul power of the little White-Horn boy. He could hide the appearance of the child and let everyone ignore Sumen, but the active exposure of the little White-Horn boy soul was beyond his control.

Fortunately, at present, only the Great Witch Alain can remotely sense the soul fluctuation of Sumen because of his identity as a great Witch of the same race. In addition, a group of people who are looking for little guys are not so lucky in the tracking quest. They never thought that the child would escape from the Xuanyu city, and immediately after "The enemy caught" Sumen, and together they would go to see where the most people gathered and the horn-people most lively bone objects contest.

Let's talk about the bone objects contest.

After ten seconds, the host raised his voice: "Stop! At the end of the vote, let's see how many votes the first presenter got for his bone object?”

It's reasonable to say that the man was the first to show up just now, and because of the tension, his performance was too bad, and the number of votes would not be good.

But the final statistics tell everyone that the number of votes is not only good, but also very high!

Host: "Ha ha, 4675 votes! We can seat 10000 people in this arena, and now the first bone object get nearly half of the votes! But how many people on the spot know what bone object is used for?”

There was laughter from the audience. Obviously no one cared about the use of bone objects. Everyone came here to watch the game just for fun.

This is probably the practice of each bone objects contest. Although the first person to appear doesn't seem to be very cost-effective, there are still many children in the atmosphere. Just for the fun of it, everyone will press the voting bone. For example, Young Master Jiu Feng and 90% of the people don't know what the bone object is used for. He just looked at the flashing light spray and pressed it many times. Anyway, he only still recorded as one vote on the bone screen.

After that, the second and third presentations were all normal. There were introductions, actions, and explanations, but they were dry and caused a few cheers. The number of votes of bone objects of these two people is not high. Even if children are enthusiastic to participate, their votes are not more than 2000.

The fourth one is not as good as the first one. When he heard everyone's laughter and noise, he grabbed his bone object and ran away.

"Hahaha!" the audience laughed happily, but fortunately no one threw things into the venue.

It was only when the fifth came on that Yan Mo opened his eyes.

Only saw this one to go on stage, first he did was he turned over ten times or so in a row, provoked the scene atmosphere to raise its attention greatly, cheers came ring unceasingly.

Then the man spoke, and his voice rang all over the audience. It seemed that this man was well prepared, and he even came with the megaphone. It should be noted here that no matter who took part in the bone objects contest, the competitors will not prepare any props for him, and all the presentations depend on the presenter themselves.

“God Pan’a, bless every friend who came here today! You guys, are you curious about what my bone objects are? For what?”

The audience shouted, "Yes!"

“Let's see." The presenter whistled, and suddenly two teenagers with horns jumped from the audience.

Two teenagers with horns were carrying a big wooden basin.

The two teenagers put the wooden basin in the center of the field, and then all of a sudden, I began to undress.

The whole scene of whistling, screaming again, the audience one by one inexplicably excited.

Yuan Zhan looked at the figures of the two teenagers and said, “It's far away."

Yan Mo smiled.

The two teenagers did not take off their clothes, but left their shorts. They took off their clothes and went around the field with them, which attracted the applause and laughter of the public. Then they put the clothes into the wooden basin with a red face and a smile.

At this time, people don't know what they are going to demonstrate.

Then the presenter took a bone objects from his body and filled the basin with water. He explained what he was doing while doing it.

The eyes of Jiu Feng and the little White-Horn boy were freakingwide. The cover of Yuan Zhan's pouch was opened, and two small buds came out of the pouch to watch too.

Next, the presenter picked up the bone objects he had taken in the first place and put them over the wooden basin.

When the switch was turned on, bone objects stretches out four legs. No, it should be said that this bone objects has become a triangular bracket, which was over the wood basin, and another bone stick is extended from the middle of the bracket to the direction of the wood basin.

"You! The best is coming! Open your eyes, please!” The presenter clicks on the middle of the frame.

The stick, which had reached into the tub, suddenly began to stir.

Audience: Why?

Yan Mo chuckled and realized: "This is a simple washing machine?"

"What is a washing machine?" one grown up and two children all looked at him.

Yan Mo points to the center of the field. "Well, it is like that, it stir up the clothes and remove the dirt with this equipment that you don't need to wash clothes by hand."

The presenter suddenly sang with the two teenagers: "Stir, stir, and stir. It's really going to be clean. It's the most convenient laundry bone objects without hammers or hands. It can also be used for mixing flour, mud and other purposes!"! With it, your life will be easy!”

Yan Mo was going to laugh and lie down. The performance of these three people is very frustrating in his eyes, but this is enough for the Horn-people now.

The whole audience is also laughing. Those who are knowledgeable know that this bone object is actually not difficult to use. What's difficult is that they can think of it. Although it is simple, but the presenter's desperate performance plus singing won applause.

"Hello, is this laundry bone objects for sale?" someone in the audience shouted.

"Sell! Sell!” The presenter is also a young man. Hearing this, he jumped up happily and replied," the starting bidding price is one thousand bone coins, and the minimum price payment is one hundred bone coins each time. The higher bidder will take it!”

“I'll give you a thousand hundred bone coins! Buy it as a play for the children, ha ha!” Someone shouted.

The voice of the host chimed in: “Five minutes. Here is the voting time. When the voting is over, two minutes of auction time can be given. I'll follow the rules!”

The audience roared with laughter, no one paid attention to him, and the voice of shouting price rang from time to time.

The host doesn't care about everyone, just counting down the voting seconds.

Laundry bone object got a good number of votes at the end of the voting, but the teenagers obviously don't care about the number of votes. They care more about how much bone money this bone object can be sold for.

At last, bone objects of laundry was auctioned off at the price of 3000 bone coins. The teenagers are happy and smiling. In fact, the cost of making bone objects is much higher than the bone coins they got, but they don't care. They are all low-level Bone Sculptors. This is the first time they sold something for bone coins with their own ideas and made bone objects, which means that their ideas are recognized when they make something that can be sold, which is the happiest thing for them.

And after today, someone will order the same bone object from them!

After the three horned teenagers jumped onto the stand again with the wooden basin, the contest in the back was "climax constantly". In order to win the favor of the audience, most of the presenters did all kinds of tricks, which was absolutely necessary. Some of the high shameful made adults cover their children's eyes.

Yan Mo also covered his face. It's over. He didn't expect to take part in a bone objects contest with wierd individuals and a bunch of group performances. He would have asked about it before he knew it. It was a mistake!

What should I do? It's said that his bone object is put in the back, he seems to have time, does he want to prepare it?

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