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Banished to Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 488: Yan Mo's bone object

Chapter 488: Yan Mo's bone object

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There are a lot of applicants, but there are not many who can finally get the contest venue to show to the public. During the primary selection, many unqualified ones have been screened out, such as those that have appeared before and have made no improvement on their bone objects, those who have good ideas but poor refining, etc. Finally, the qualified people who can participate in the contest will receive the invitation of the tester on the spot.

Yan Mo, as an outsider, didn't know the details. When the Hou Pu he tested asked him to leave the bone object, he said that his initial test passed. After all, there are not many bone objects that even the Master level Bone Sculptor can't see the effect, let alone the only suspected 10th rank bone object which was applied to the registration office.

In the afternoon, Yan Mo found that the bone objects that can be displayed on the spot are almost four at most at any level. In this way, each person can demonstrate for five minutes, even if the time for voting and auction is added, the total time will not exceed eight minutes. In this way, the contest starts at 9:00 in the morning, there is no break at noon, and there are people selling food on the scene. Just after 2:00 in the afternoon, it was Yan Mo's turn to demonstrate.

In the afternoon, the audience was not less, but more. Not only do ordinary people come here, but the first and second floors have many seats available in the morning and are almost full by the afternoon.

The Horn-people have seen the experience from the contest. Some people are not interested in the low intermediate level bone objects in front of them, so they choose to come here in the afternoon. Generally, the higher the level of bone objects is, the less the performance quality is. Although the interest is reduced, the more academic and serious the performance is, the more visitors who just want to watch the good bones but don't want to watch the bustle will naturally come.

And those who like to watch the activity are reluctant to go, because everyone knows that ninety-nine percent of the top winners in the bone objects contest are advanced level bone objects, and who doesn't want to see the process of their appearance and their high level bone? If they are lucky enough to guess right, they can make a lot of money from the organizers and the gambling outside.

Yan Mo was told that he was number 36 place before entering the field in the morning.

No. 34 and No. 35 show 9th rank bone objects, which are exquisitely made and have practical functions.

The display on the 34th has been similar to the modern oven. The presenter said that bone objects was made by his Master so and so, he was just a disciple. Master so and so would think of sculpting such bone objects, is because he was inspired by a weapon class bone objects.

Number 35 is an old 8th rank Bone Sculptor, the White-Horn clan person. He personally demonstrated that it took him five years to refine the most successful work in his life -- a talking bone puppet.

Wearing clothes and hats, the skeleton puppet looked like a child about ten years old at first sight.

“It's really hot today," said old Bone Sculptor, touching his hand

“It's really hot today," the puppet repeated

Old Bone Sculptor smiled with tears: "Thank you for being with me."

The bone puppet: "Thank you for being with me."

The audience was very quiet. No one spoke to evaluate the old man's skeleton puppet. However, people with eyes could see from the old man's demonstration that although the skeleton puppet could speak, it was just repetition, and had no ability to speak independently.

The old man patted the bone puppet and straightened the hat for it, as if to say to everyone, "This is the bone of my only last family member, but I kept his bone, but I can't sculpt his soul into it, and there is no way to give it a new soul, but it can protect me and accompany me, which is enough."

The old man took the little hand of the bone puppet. “It's said that long ago we weren’t called the Horn-people, or the Bone Sculpting People. At that time, our bone sculpting civilization was like the sun in the sky. At that time, it was said that there was a Master level Bone Sculptor that could attach the soul to the bone objects. For example, the White Horn clan bones, which has long been lost in our legend and recorded all the Bone Sculpting People's civilization. "

The old man sighed, “Maybe the biggest punishment for the White-Horn clans is to lose the Bone Inheritance. My master told me that before we came to this continent, the White-Horn clan were the most good at refining bone objects and refining drugs among the three clans. The White-Horn clans were the highest witches of the three clans all the time. At that time, the God also paid most attention to the White-Horn clans. But since the last war, because of differences and various reasons, the most important Bone Inheritance that records all the civilizations and inheritances of our Bone Sculpting People has disappeared, and our White-Horn clan have since... "

There was a little noise in the field, but soon it was quiet again. The Horn-people respect the elderly, especially those who have rich knowledge and life experience. Even if the old man's words made the other two clans uncomfortable, they did not reprimand the old man on the spot.

“I've said so much. In fact, I'm here to make a plea to all the Bone Sculptors in the world. If someone can make bone objects have souls and make bone objects come alive, please help me. I'm a selfish old man. I know that all my relatives are dead and their souls should rest in the arms of Pan’a God, but I greedily want a person to accompany me, and not only the cold, mechanical bone object, but also the real life body with soul and reaction. Even if there is no soul, as long as it is still alive, it is life... "

The old man coughed, and the skeleton next to him stood still without an order.

“I'm willing to give everything! I would like to... "

The old man went down with his skeleton puppet. The atmosphere was heavy. It was quite different from before. Even children seldom made fun.

However, there was only a moment of silence. When the host asked everyone to vote, all kinds of voices rang out.

Yan Mo looked at the old man's back with a dignified look.

Yuan Zhan reached out to hold him. "The old man said the living bone object..."

Yan Mo turned to look at him and suddenly turned into a balsam pear face. “A-Zhan, I seem to have done some experiments that I did unintentionally?"

"Not intentionally?"

“I think that I made stuff can hold a soul. I think it's a normal development direction to make bone object grow like living creatures." Yan Mo was worried at first, and later thought that he made The Ink Murder. After he upgraded The Ink Murder twice, it became a living thing with a conscious of its own, and The Guide didn't punish him. So did such experiments and the development direction of bone objects not violate the basic rules of the world?

In fact, most of the bone objects he later refined have certain biological characteristics, such as the damaged ones can absorb the flow energy around and let themselves repair slowly, or the handles and other parts can be automatically deformed and adjusted to be more suitable for users.

It's not the magic bone that can do the above. Yan Mo also added something like an experiment.

It's really just an occupational disease!

For a researcher who has been struggling with life all day long, how can he completely abandon his knowledge and ideas when you ask him to sculpt bone objects instead?

“I said that in addition to Buhua, the two low-level bone objects also attracted the attention of Bone Sculptors. It turned out that..." Yan Mo murmured, thinking that he was lucky that he didn't meet the Horn-people who bought his bone sword, otherwise he didn't know what was going on at that time. He was more grateful that although the Bone Sculptor realized that the bone sword he made was quite strange, he obviously didn't pay attention to the key point, just thought self-repair it was the characteristics of demon creature bone.

Both of them deliberately lowered their voices, that is to say, neither Jiu Feng nor the little White-Horn boy sitting next to them could hear what they were saying.

What does Yuan Zhan want to say, he heard the voice of the host, clap him, “It's up to you, do you want to perform?"

Yan Mo raised his middle finger and got up.

"No matter what you do, I think it's pretty good."

Hearing the laughter coming from behind, Yan Mo had a sneer on his lips and jumped down from the third floor of the stand!

When people found that the one who demonstrated bone objects turned out to be the Hornless-men, the noise of surprise filled the whole stadium.

Although the Hornless-people can take part in the bone objects contest as long as he has the qualification of Bone Sculptor, no one is so stupid as to give his bone objects to the Hornless-people for demonstration, no matter for the audience's mood or for the demonstrated bone objects. At most, the Hornless-people can be used in the performance process.

But now there is a Bone Sculptor who directly let a Hornless-men take the place of him to make a demonstration, or at least 9th rank's bone object, which is an unprecedented feat!

Yan Mo doesn't care what the audience thinks. He took out the bone object in front of the crowd and enlarged them to the normal size on the ground.

Well, he took out a small loudspeaker, but he didn't know what he had done. Suddenly, there was a sharp and extremely harsh sound in the loudspeaker, which shocked the whole audience and made all the audience subconsciously cover their ears.

Many experts in the audience raised eyebrows. This can be used as a weapon too.

Therefore, the crowd gradually quieted down and let the Hornless-man come on to demonstrate the advanced level bone objects. It's a bit unacceptable for the arrogant Hornless-man, but as long as they calm down, they think that there must be someone backing the other side, and this person's position or ability is quite extraordinary, otherwise he would not dare to use the Hornless-man to demonstrate his own bone objects.

Seeing that the scene was almost quiet, Yan Mo raised the trumpet to his lips. "This is a bone object that has been evaluated by the tested Bone Sculptor to be more than 9th rank, which is likely to have reached or exceeded 10th rank. Don't you want to know what its use is?"

"Show it! Hurry up!” Many people urged.

Yan Mo smiled, "That's good, but I need someone to cooperate when I demonstrate this bone object. Would you like to come down and help me? For sure there's no pain and you don't have to undress. "

Laughter came from the scene. It was laughable, but no one came out. It was totally different from the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of watching the game before.

“It's better if it's people who feel sick and can't find out why," Yan Mo added

"Why? Are you saying that this bone object can be used to treat people?” Someone asked from the first row of stands.

Yan Mo smiled back: "no, it can't treat people. It's just a tool. It can only show the invisible parts of the human body. As for judging whether the person shown is ill or not, it depends on the judgment of the healer. "

Yan Mo's words are very pertinent and not exaggerated. It seems that the audience will be like a mirror of that as soon as they listen to this thing, and suddenly they have no interest.

Only the knowledgeable people can hear the doorway. The previous questioner asked again, "What do you mean that this bone object can see the place that you can't see with the naked eye?"

Yan Mo nodded. “It's about showing what's inside the body, including the internal organs and the bones."

After a quiet, “Ah?" “Ah?" and so on the sound of surprise throughout the audience.

"Everyone, when you are uncomfortable or injured, if it is on the surface, you and the healer can see it, but if the discomfort and wound are inside the body, what do you do?"

Many people in the first and second rows straightened their backs and went to see and listen more carefully.

But some people hissed and urged, saying they didn't want to listen to the explanation of the Hornless-man anymore. One person in the first row suddenly stood up and turned to the audience in the above rows and shouted: "Shut up! Be quiet!”

This person's voice is very loud. Some people don't want to cuss. But when they see the other's clothes, decorations and faces clearly, almost all of them dare not cuss back. Even if they don't know the other, they will be persuaded by the people nearby who know the identity of the man.

Yan Mo didn't notice this scene, but continued to explain at his own speed: "The Bone Sculptor sculpting the bone object was originally a healer. He thought of sculpting such a bone object just because he couldn't see the inside of the patient's body. Do you dare to come down and have a try?”

Yan Mo saw no one to cooperate and turned the invitation into an exciting general.

A young Red-Horn man sitting in the best position in the first row of vision suddenly stood up slowly. The young man was very thin, his face was not healthy at first sight, and he had a strange pallor.

“I'll try your bone object"

The people around him were so frightened that they stood up to stop them: "Your Highness!"

The Red-Horn boy raised his hand to show that he had made up his mind.

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