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Banished to Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 489: Shocking the audience

Chapter 489: Shocking the audience

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The teenager seems to be weak, but he didn't choose to go down the stairway. He jumped from the grandstand to the center of the field like most people.

Even if this jump, caused his body heavy burden. But he didn't want to act like a weak man in front of so many people. Even if he was himself weak, he didn't want to.

Seeing the young man jump down directly, the people around him were scared blue. They jumped to him quickly, just like seven or eight people.

Some recognized the identity of the youth, some did not.

People who recognize the identity of teenagers were somewhat surprised. They don't understand how this person would be so rash to cooperate with a Hornless-man in front of so many people.

But thinking of the identity and condition of the man, they all knew to keep their mouth shut about it.

Jiu Feng and Yuan Zhan, with sharp ears, have heard some people mention the identity of the teenager. He is the Red-Horn clan head youngest son, and the current Horn-men leader of the three clans.

In order to show fairness and equal treatment, whenever such a large-scale event is held, the king or his family members will generally attend these activities impartially, for example, the king's children will be distributed in various venues to watch the game.

The bone objects contest is a grand event held only once in five years. As a king's family, they need to appear with the people, that is to say, other nobles cannot appear, but the king’s family have to appear, even in the second half of the event.

Yuan Zhan heard the second row of people sitting right in front of him whisper to his friend: "This man hasn't been seen for a long time, I think he won’t live for long."

"The rumor is not believable."

“But I heard my father..." In the latter sentence, the voice of the man was even lower. “It is said that the great witch has long given a conclusion that our little highness will not live to adulthood."

"What? Is this true? As far as I know, your highness is less than twenty years old?”


Young people know that there must be many people talking about him in the audience, but he doesn't care. Yes, he doesn't care about anything. For a dying person, he just wanted to do what he wanted to do.

But it's just to cooperate with the Hornless-man. It's not to make friends with the Hornless-man. What's the fuss?

Yan Mo looked at the young man, and his eyes naturally fell on the other's face. He was a beautiful child with beautiful features, but it was too thin, and his cheeks were sunken, which made his eyes appear surprisingly deep, and the abnormal pale face even more reflected his purple lips.

After a look, Yan Mo had a preliminary judgment on the physical condition of the juvenile boy.

"How can I cooperate with you?" said the boy.

Young people around him also want to persuade him to go back, young people acted like he could not hear.

Some people glared at Yan Mo as if they were blaming him because he made the youth ignore his body problems.

Yan Mo pretended that he doesn't know how noble his identity is as a teenager - even if he has heard someone calling him "His Highness", just like he was smiling at an ordinary teenager, he said: "You just need to walk into this bone object, stick to the bone wall, and don't move around."

"That's it?"

"That's it." Yan Mo said that he opened a door from the four square bone object and signaled the boy to enter.

"Your Highness, I will try it first." A bodyguard came forward.

The boy held him. "No." There is not much time he can live. Now that he has come down, why should he let others replace him?

"Your Highness, we don't know the bone object yet..." Someone stopped the teenager.

The young man stood by the door and looked back with a little irony on his face. "Even if this bone object is dangerous, even if this man wanted to hurt me, what's the loss to me? If something happens to me, are you who are this many people here afraid that this person will run away?”

A Horn-man guardian, about forty years old, shook his head at the people who stopped him, and motioned not to dissuade his highness. He is the one closest to his highness and knows what he wanted to do in the last months of his life. This is his last indulgence and joy. Even if the king came, he will not stop him.

The teenager finally entered the bone object. Before closing the door, Yan Mo asked him to adjust his position again. "Yes, let your back fit the bone wall at the back, look straight ahead, and then you can see the inside of your body."

"Can I see it?"

"Yes." Yan Mo smiled, "This facial bone wall can show to people inside and outside. During the display, please try not to move, keep a relaxed but stable posture, so that you can see more clearly. If something suddenly appears, please don't be afraid. I will give you instructions from outside."

“Okay.” His royal highness, stood with his back close to the bone wall.

Yan Mo closed the bony door.

Everyone outside looked at him nervously.

Yan Mo went to the other side of bone object, pointed to the flat bone wall, and expanded his voice: "When I manipulate bone object, you will see the inside of the brave man's body on the bone wall."

The young servants and guards frowned. They didn't want their Highness's body to be seen thoroughly. However, his highness, who has always been quiet, even screwed up with them at this time, and they were unable to stop him.

It's said that they can see the inside of a Royal Highness's body. All the people on the scene are excited. All of them look at the facial bone wall with wide eyes.

Yan Mo pressed his finger twice somewhere in bone object, and the voice said gently to the teenager inside, "now, don't move."

At first glance, the surface of bone object didn't change at all, but soon the bone wall, which had no white pattern, suddenly lit up.

The shape of a human body started to appear quickly from the foot to the head.

"Shua!" a lot of advanced Bone Sculptors in the first and second rows stood up.

Complete human bones appeared!

“Ah! Gods Above! It really shows!” The audience exclaimed.

Some people were surprised to say, "This is how our skeleton looked?" not everyone has seen the skeleton, especially the children.

The Horn-people didn't cover their children's eyes and let them look carefully, which was a very rare opportunity.

"Eh?" the treatment oriented people began to realize what they saw, these people all stretched their necks, hoping to stick their eyes on the bone wall that showed the complete skeleton.

Yan Mo's voice rang out: "The first operation of this bone object can see the internal skeleton of the human body."

Yan Mo stood far away to watch the bones of the teenager and praised: “It's a beautiful skeleton with a good proportion."

Then he sighed again: “But the disadvantage is that at present, the bone object can't select a part of the bone to enlarge alone. You can only see the whole body only."

People don't pay attention to this shortcoming at all. What they have seen so far is enough to surprise them.

Then Yan Mo came close to the bone wall and looked carefully. “Look here, obviously, our brave man's left forearm has been broken some time ago."

One of the people who jumped came out in a line, dressed in the temple-servant costume. He seemed to be the exclusive healer of the youth. He stretched his face close to the bone wall and focused on the left arm of the skeleton.

Then this time he seems to see something. He silently retreats and only looked at the bone object in front of him.

“Is what he said true?" someone in the audience asked.

"Yes, is what he said true?" more people asked and louder.

The temple-servant saw the middle-aged guard looking at him and nodded slightly.

"Wow!" the audience was stunned.

"There's not much time for the demonstration. Let's move on to the next step." Yan Mo sped up, pressed another switch, and reminded the teenager, "There will be something coming up from your head later. It will wrap you up. Please don't be afraid. Relax and keep your original posture. It won't hurt you."

The young man inside nodded subconsciously. He stared at the bone wall in front of him and couldn't help look away. This was his body. His skeleton looked like this!

Just as the sound of the Hornless-men outside had fallen, a soft looking thing suddenly appeared from the top of the head, slowly approaching the youth.

The boy raised his head and stared at the thing.

Yan Mo doesn't have much time to look at it. He uses his soul power to control the soft thing to wrap the young man's chest.

The boy bowed his head. He was frightened when he was wrapped, but because he had been told in advance, he moved a little and then stabilized.

“Please don't touch it," Yan Mo reminded outside

The boy just raised his hand and put it down.

The bone on the outer wall disappears and another glowing image begins to appear.

"What we're seeing now is the heart of the brave, see how it's beating?" explains Yan Mo

I saw it! At this time, no one was sitting in the audience, all of them stood up unconsciously, all of them were looking at the center of the venue, trying to see the image displayed on the high bone wall.

If the bones shown in the front just surprised them, the viscera shown now shocked them.

The Horn-people have seen almost all kinds of bones except for the children who are just born, so even if this bone object can show the skeleton, they don't feel particularly shocked visually, but the internal organs are totally different matter.

Besides the warriors who often kill people or the people who are responsible for slaughtering, who would often see the internal organs? What's more, the internal organs of the Horn-people! It's a living organs!

Some people, depending on their identity, can't help jumping out of the audience.

Some people want to learn something. The voice of the host suddenly rang out: "No one is allowed to enter the contest venue without the invitation of the presenter. If someone violates the rules again, no matter what his identity is, the guard will throw him out!"

The tumultuous crowd stopped, and those who wanted to jump did not dare. It's not that they haven't happened similar things in the past years. They all know that the host's saying that throwing people is not a joke. They dare not move except for the clan leader and the witch, and even the elders sit back.

Some of the people who jumped down were the advanced Bone Sculptor and the temple-servant.

The young man's exclusive temple-servant healer saw that the leaping temple-servant came and he immediately raised his hand to the other. The older temple-servant came over and looked at the bone wall image carefully together with the exclusive healer.

What a fresh way, living heart map, or their noble little Highness's heart!

Yan Mo also stood behind them and looked carefully. From the displayed image, his preliminary judgment was not wrong. The juvenile did suffer from congenital heart disease, which is also clearly shown in the image.

Two of the temple-servant's pointing images are whispering something. Many of them have tried to heal the young man. But even the three eyed great witches, including the Great Witch Alain, who is the best at healing, have no way at last. They only say that the young man was deeply loved by God and will return to God's arms before he grow up.

In order to treat this little highness, they almost racked their brains. It was a long time before they judged that there was a problem in his heart according to the condition of the other side's illness. For this reason, they even dissected the chest of the Hornless-people to observe their hearts, but even if they could dissect the heart of the Hornless-people, they did not dare to dissect the young man’s, so although they knew that the young man had a heart problem, they did not know how to treat him, they could only let him suffer a little less pain through herbs and medicine.

Now they have seen the heart of the split Hornless-men and compared it with the heart of the dead Horn-men. Usually, the heart of the Horn-people is slightly larger than that of the hornless people because of their body shape, but the basic structure is the same.

By comparing the patterns shown, they can point out with great certainty what's wrong with the heart of a teenager.

As long as we find the problem, most of it will be solved. As for how to treat it...

Well, they haven't figured it out yet, but both the temple-servant are convinced that the witches will find a way.

But why does the Hornless-man show the heart of your highness so exactly?

The temple-servant turned around and looked at Yan Mo in disbelief, "Your Master's bone object can only show the position of bones and hearts?"

"Of course not. But as time is constrained, I picked up the key ones.” Yan Mo answer.

The temple-servant always felt what the smile of the Hornless-man contained a hidden meaning and looked at him doubtfully for several times.

“Are you auctioning bone object? On behalf of the royal family, I want to buy your Master's bone object for... Such high-level and special bone object, whatever we offer feels like an insult to it, or invite your master to the King’s City?” The middle-aged guard only looked at the expressions of the two temple-servants and knew how rare and useful the bone object was. He immediately came over and said this.

Many people heard this saying in the audience. Many people secretly cussed him for being crafty. They even asked for this extraordinary bone object in the name of the royal family! They wanted to buy it too!

“It's time for demonstration end!" the host's voice, regardless of the people's tangled thoughts, politely interrupted them.

Yan Mo opened the bone door to let the teenager out.

The young man stared at his heart map on the opposite side and was reluctant to come out. The things wrapped in his chest disappeared. He also walked two steps to the bone wall and stared...

But the design disappeared immediately.

The boy stood disappointed.

At this time, in a room somewhere in the arena, Hou Pu returned to his seat from the window, and sat down slowly. After a while, until the host outside asked people to vote, he ordered a small bone bird on the table and said to it, "Tell them that another Master level Bone Sculptor tag is needed. And ask them try their best to find out about Zan-Bu."

The little bone bird flew up, circled for a while, and flew out of the window.

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