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Banished to Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 490: Qia Di's reminder

Chapter 490: Qia Di's reminder

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From the perspective of performance and audience enthusiasm, Yan Mo's bone object performance looked general, but even those bone objects with prince's cooperation in person, plus the attention of those advanced Bone Sculptor and the temple-servant, even those who don't understand them, will feel clear about how to vote for it.

To this end, unexpectedly and predictably, this bone object got quite a high number of votes, surpassing 9000 points, and became the highest winner of the contest that day.

After that, the team had prepared two advanced level bone objects to support, the court, but when Yan Mos bone object came out, the team immediately announced the end of the preliminary round. There is no protest for the one who is going to take the place of the Master level Bone Sculptor title on the stage. The bone object they got are good, but in terms of creativity and practicality, they are a little weaker than the one demonstrated by the Hornless-man. In this case, they are still on the stage and can only stare hatefully at the man.

Yan Mo is not proud of this. His group knows his own business. If he really talks about the ability to sculpt bone objects, he is way better than the Master bone sculptor who has been immersed in studying bone objects all his life amongst the Horn-people, and he is better than the master sculptor in the Horn-people. As the saying goes, it's just that he stood on the shoulders of giants or the two giants who stood shoulder to each other, the first giant is the accumulation of knowledge from the previous world for many years, and the other is the Bone Inheritance of all the inheritance of the Bone Sculpting People.

With the help of these two giants, his vision and starting point are different from that of the general Bone Sculptor. In addition, his own research on medicine, if he wanted to, he can walk out a path that is similar to but different from the Horn-people sculpting.

He had already had a vague concept. Now he came to the western continent and personally participated in the bone objects contest of the Horn-people. He watched and listened to others' bone objects and comments, and his concept became more and more clear.

Bone objects, metal, and biology are all constantly developing. What he has to do in the future is to combine them to fit perfectly.

And he already has a workable way to do it.

"Do you want to ask your Master's bone object if they are for auction?" the proposed middle-aged guard patiently waited until the ten second vote ended and asked again.

Yan Mo saw Yuan Zhan standing at the edge of the grandstand, waved to him and signaled that he would not come over. Then he said to the middle-aged guard: "Sorry, the sculptor of this bone object didn't say anything about auctioning this bone object."

"Oh? You don't have to say no so definitely. Why don't you pass on my words to your Master...?”

"Uncle, this one probably has no Master." His highness interrupted the middle-aged Horn-man and walked to Yan Mo.

The boy is very thin and weak, but his height is not short. They are almost even in height.

"This bone object is very good. Does it have a name?"

"Yes, because it can see the inside of human body, it's called a Seeing through Tool." Yan Mo has always been gentle with patients.

“I heard you just said that the man who made this bone object used to be a healer because he couldn't see the inside of the human body." the boy asked.


The young man nodded, "There is a banquet in the palace tonight. In my own name, I invite the sculptor of the bone object to come here in person."

The young man was taught very well. He didn't look down upon Yan Mo because he is the Hornless-men. Talking to him is the same as talking to a Horn-people.

“I will pass on your words." Yan Mo saw the kid take out a bone plate and asked the servant to give it to him. He understands that this is probably the pass and invitation to enter the palace.

Young man seems to think Yan Mo's attitude is very interesting. He looked up and down at him more. He has never seen such a calm and indifferent Hornless-man around a royal family. Most of the Hornless-peoples he saw were humble people who had knelt down before he came near, but the Hornless-man gave him the feeling that he had the same status with him, which is something not okay in the eyes of the elders.

"What's your name?"

Yan Mo thought a little and said, "Yan Mo."

“I will remember you." The young man's cheeks are slightly red. It seems that the excitement of trying bone object just now hasn't completely subsided, which makes his face look much better. But he also felt a little tired. After reaching the goal, the young man doesn't stay any longer and simply took people away.

Yan Mo put away bone object and went back to Yuan Zhan. Soon the host announced the two bone objects with the highest number of votes that day. One is the Seeing through Toolfrom Yan Mo demonstration, and the other is the oven.

On the same day, the results of the preliminary match were spread to some people as soon as they came out.

Buhua, who was looking for clues in the manor outside the city and arranging the search, was stunned for a moment when he heard that Yan Mo had taken the lead. "Dan-dun, what did you say? That 3rd rank Bone Sculptor got the top spot?”

Dan-dun nodded affirmatively, but he saw the game from the beginning to the end. He was the one who made everyone shut up before.

"You don't have to be so surprised. Such bone object, do you think a 3rd rank Bone Sculptor can make them? Most likely the bone object was made by the Master behind him. "

"That master didn't show up?"

"No, but our little prince, his highness Luo Jie, invited the sculptor to the palace banquet tonight. If that man is a smart man, as long as he operates properly, he will become the new darling between the King’s City and the aristocracy tonight. After the contest, maybe a new Master level Bone Sculptor will be born. "

Buhua always felt that he ignored something, which made him silent for a long time, "Do you think the Bone Sculptor will appear tonight?"

Dan-dun held his arms. "Why not?"

Buhua shook his head. “I can't say that, but I don't think the Bone Sculptor will show up in person."

"You mean?"

“Believe it or not, if someone is invited to the palace at the top of the mountain tonight, they will be the two Hornless-men."

Dan-dun didn't believe it very much, but he was confident in Buhua's judgment. “Anyway, we are invited tonight. We will know if the Bone Sculptor is willing to show up."

There is a vague conjecture in Buhua's mind, although it is laughable.

“By the way, what are you looking for? I think you've sent all your guards out.” Dan-dun asked suddenly.

Buhua looked at his friends in a complicated way. He doesn't know whether he should bring Dan-dun to the event. At last, he just casually asked, “Are there many children going to the contest today?"

Dan-dun was baffled. “A lot."

“Are there a lot of the White-Horn kids coming?"

“I didn't notice that. There should be some. What are you asking about this?”

Buhua carefully replied, “Because my friend's brother is missing. He is a White-Horn kid. He is very anxious and entrusted many people to look for him."

“Ah! Can I help you?”

“If I don't bother you, my friend."

Buhua is looking for the little White-Horn boy, and so is his father, the Duke Modun.

The Luolan city has also sent secret staff. Now the great switch Alain can lock the direction of the little White-Horn boy. After nine years, he felt the next generation's great witch's soul power fluctuate again, and then he felt it several times in succession.

It's like the next generation of witch was doing something excitedly, for a while.

"You should be careful in both the light and the dark. Don't let people find out your purpose. And if our next great witch really escaped by himself, in order to avoid, he will certainly cover up his remarkable characteristics.” This is inevitable. Otherwise, the birth of a witch with three eyes can spread all over the three cities in half an hour.

Yan Mo saw it early, separated from Xing Liu and took the children out for a good walk and bought them some interesting toys.

Perhaps because the prince's invitation was announced, Yan Mo and his team were not stopped by any pursuit when they came out of the contest, and no one used their power to force them to trade.

"Which Palace Banquet are you going to attend in the evening?" Yuan Zhan asked, holding Jiu Feng's little paw.

"Um. You don't want to go?” Yan Mo leads the little White-Horn boy.

"Why don't you go?" Yuan Zhan laughed wildly. "This is a good chance they sent to us."

"Do you want to?"

"You save your people, I do my other work, you rest assured, and I will not let God seize the handle punishing you."

Yan Mo wanted to say he doesn't care, but well, he really cares. He's fed up with the punishment of The Guide, so he just said, “I'll pray for you, and you should be careful."

In fact, he has thought of what method Yuan Zhan might use, but he is a bad and selfish person after all, and he still acted like he doesn't know when he guesses it.

Yuan Zhan looked at him and suddenly reached for his face.

"Hey! What are you doing?” Yan Mo has a pain and opened his hand with a slap.

Jiu Feng smirked, and the White-Horn looked up at them.

Yuan Zhan came close to him, licked his lips, and his eyes were full of aggression. “I don't want to look at your distressed expression. I just want to know how you will reward me afterwards."

Yan Mo squinted at him. "What do you want me to reward you?"

"... I want you to put it there by yourself, then cry for me...” Maybe because of the presence of a child, Yuan Zhan has a thick skin, in order to make Yan Mo hear it clearly, he went to bite Yan Mo's ear.

Yan Mo picked up the little White-Horn boy and kicked Yuan Zhan.

Yuan Zhan laughed and bit his ears before leaving.

Yan Mo's ears were red.

Jiu Feng looked funny and has a kind of learning style. He jumped up and hugs at the little White-Horn boy. He just bit in his ear.

The little White-Horn boy muffled his ears and big tears beads fell down, his ears hurt!

Two Da-Ren: “......”

Yuan Zhan quickly brought back the Jiu Feng who wanted to make up the second bite.

Yan Mo also comforted the White-Horn boy and blew his ears.

At this time, a team of the White-Horn-people walked past them. Their eyes passed the children led by Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo. those who did not have any impression in their minds passed them by.

Little Sumen saw the familiar White-Horn men and stared at them for a while with tears in his eyes. Unfortunately, those people soon disappeared from a corner.

It seems that Jiu Feng knows that he has done something bad. He smiled so hard, but with his smart and cute face, he looked like a bad hearted kid is thinking about some new bad ideas.

Little Sumen turned his head and decided not to talk to Jiu Feng today.

Two Da-Ren also quarreled in a low voice, saying to each other, “It's all your fault.".

"Hello! Wait! Those two Hornless-men, you and...”

Yan Mo hears a sound familiar to his ears, stops fighting Yuan Zhan, and turned around.

"Hey, remember me? I met outside the city. I'm Qia Di. Why aren't you walking with your Master?” The White-Horn youth Qia Di came up with his friends.

Yan Mo thought of the teenager. "What's up?"

QiaDi grabbed his head. "Well, I saw the bone object you demonstrated just now. Can I ask to see the Bone Sculptor Da-Ren? Just for a moment!”

QiaDi is feeling that it is probably not suitable to go begging from the Hornless-men. He has the tone, but his expression doesn't match well.

“I'm sorry, but the Master doesn't want to see anyone else now." Yan Mo made an expression of embarrassment.

“Ah? Can't you ask for him to please see me? I want for him to customize bone object for healing for me. If he doesn't have the right demon creature bone, I can collect it. You don't have to sculpt it for me now, as long as you can... "

"You said bone objects in the healing direction?" Yan Mo, who wanted to refuse, changed his mind. “I remember you mentioned it last time. Can you describe what kind of bone objects you need?"

When Qia Di saw hope, he turned around and looked around. "We can go to that shop to talk. There were too many people on the way."

"No, just say it by the side of the road."

A group of people moved to the side of the road. Jiu Feng reached for Yuan Zhan to hold him. Yuan Han put him directly on his shoulder. Little White-Horn boy looked up, a little envious.

Yan Mo rubbed the little White-Horn boy's head and signaled to Qia Di, "Say it."

Both Qia Di and his friends saw two children, but somehow neither of them could recall any memories of them. When they talked and looked at the two children, they seemed to ignore them completely.

"Don't be too innovative, just like a set of bone objects that Master Huer once refined." Qia Di vaguely asked.

"Can you be more specific?"

Qia Di's friends felt strange, "Do you want me to be specific? You are 3rd rank Bone Sculptor. Do you not know Master Huer’s famous work?”

How fast does Yan Mo react?” You want me to say to a noble Bone Sculpting Master, please imitate the work of another Master?" he said with a smile

QiaDi quickly pushed his friend and said apologetically, “I'm sorry, but I didn't make it clear. I think you should know what bone objects are? For example, the great bone objects you demonstrated today should also belong to the scope of healing bone objects. But until now, there has never been no such treatment bone objects, your Master... Well, I mean the Master who sculpted this bone objects completely created a new therapeutic school. "

“Let's talk about the specific functions you want to use to treat bone objects for. I really don't know what this healing bone object is. After all, I'm just a 3rd rank Bone Sculptor, and I've been in a very remote place before."

Yan Mo's statement was recognized by QiaDi and his friends. QiaDi spent a lot of time and took Yan Mo to the bone objects store to popularize what it means by healing bone objects.

Long ago, the Horn-people were not satisfied with the single function of bone objects. They began to hope that bone object itself will have the ability of a warrior or healer.

So the body armor and healing bone objects are emerging one after another.

“I want to be a healer. I learned a lot about herbal medicine from the temple, but herbal medicine can't solve all the problems. For example, when I want to make a person's broken bones recover quickly, I hope to have a bone object that can increase bone growth. For example, there should be other bone object that can make the wound disappear and stop bleeding, eliminate carrion and spoils, and enter the human body to save their lives in an emergency Master Huer once made a set of bone objects, but Master Huer was already a Master level Bone Sculptor at that time. He spent a lot of effort on this set of bone objects, even the three kings at that time did not buy them. After that, although someone imitated him, the bone objects made by sculpting were not as effective as his.”

QiaDi said frankly, “I want to ask for a set of bone objects like this, and I also want the one you showed today, but I know that there are certainly not so many bone objects that I can buy, so I want to ask the Bone Sculpting Master to sculpt a bone object for healing for me, hemostasis and bone regeneration if it’s all right."

Yan Mo didn't immediately agree. Qia Di's words inspired him a lot. Yeah, why didn't he think of using bone objects to do these things?

Maybe he can make not only a Seeing through Tool, but also a complete self-controlled operating room!

Think about it. If he can refine a set of bone objects with healing function, add a living soul to them, and then control these bone objects with his powerful soul power, maybe he can do the next major operation alone.

Although he has more convenient wishes and belief points, both are his unique abilities. How many people can he save alone?

But if he can refine bone objects that can be manipulated by ordinary people, as long as he has a little medical knowledge, he can help himself or others. At that time, even if he doesn't do anything at home, his SCUM VALUE will be reduced automatically!

Yan Mo's head was completely lit up, and thanks to him, he decided to help Qia Di refine a healing bone object with independent healing function.

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