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Banished to Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 491: the King City Palace Banquet 1

Chapter 491: the King City Palace Banquet 1

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Yan Mo had made up his mind, but he still didn't give a positive answer. He only said that he would convey the request of Qia Di to the sculptor of the Seeing through Tool.

Although Qia Di was a little disappointed that he didn't see the destined Master Bone Sculptor, he didn't force Yan Mo, and he had a strange sense of trust for the Hornless-man. It seems that if the other party said he would help him to convey, he would certainly help him to convey.

QiaDi finally left his address in the Xuanyu city and left with his friends.

"We're being watched." Yuan Zhan whispered to him holding Jiu Feng.

Yan Mo, "Well, I feel it. Maybe they want to track us to find out where the Bone Sculptor is. "

Jiu Feng suddenly turned his head and stared at someone.

Yan Mo noticed, "Jiu Feng, what's the matter?"

Jiu Feng didn't speak. He was staring at something all the time.

Yan Mo followed his eyes and saw only the back of the tall Horn-man far away.

In the evening of the same day, Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan went to a banquet, because they were not sure to leave their two children at home. After weighing the advantages and disadvantages, they took them with them.

This time, Yan Mo prayed that anyone who saw the two children would only regard them as the Hornless-men children.

Xing Liu and others heard that Yan Mo had the opportunity to enter the King’s City and wanted to follow them, but Yuan Zhan politely refused.

Looking at the frustrated faces of Xing Liu and others, Yan Mo added: "Hong Zi and others will not go. The King’s City is too dangerous. We plan to take the opportunity to explore and take you out of this place."

Cang Qi is not convinced, "Then why do you still take the children?"

"Want to fight with them for it?" Yan Mo smiled.

Cang Qi wanted to promise as soon as his brain was hot. After being slapped by Fei Zhang, he remembered that the child was not a real ordinary human child. As for the other little White-Horn boy. How can children who can be brought back by Kunpeng face be ordinary child?

Qi Hong Zi and Xi Yang didn't ask to go with them. Xi Yang and Hou Shi looked tired. They went to sleep without talking with Yan Mo.

When Yan Mo came out with a big and a small change of clothes, Xing Liu and others all look silly.

Ancestor God Above! This must be the clothes and crafts that this world does not have!

The Horn-people the King’s City was guarded by three cities guards, it is inaccessible to both civilians and those who have not been invited, while the hornless people do not dream of entering the King’s City except for slaves who do dirty work and hard work.

But this unwritten rule was broken today because the Hornless-men held the invitation sent by the royal family.

Yan Mo took out the invitation letter from the little Red-Horn prince when he was stopped by the city guards when he entered the King City on the top of the mountain. The other side verified it again and again, and asked for instructions from his superiors. At last, they agreed to let them in.

After walking in for a while, Yan Mo could feel all kinds of eyes coming from behind and left and right.

These eyes are mostly surprised, and some contain disgust and repulsion.

"Who are those two big, two small four the Hornless-men? How can they get into the King’s City? They are still dressed up like that?”

"Yes, how come I have never seen this kind of cloth? Where on earth did they come from? Does anyone know them?”

"Is that not the Hornless-man who demonstrated the perspective in the living appliance contest of the Xuanyu city bone objects today?" the person who recognized Yan Mo gave the answer, but also brought more questions.

"Why didn't his Master come?"

"That is, his Master was so brave that he let several of the Hornless-men take his place at the banquet? With a little kid? What are they going to have for dinner tonight?”

"Ha ha, I don't want to know anything else, just want to know where their clothes are made."

“Me too."

“Me too! So good materials, how can those Hornless-men have them?!”

The same argument did not stop after the four group of Yan Mo entered the Palace Banquet Hall, but became more prosperous because of the large number of people.

Instead of riding around Yuan Zhan's neck, Jiu Feng and the little White-Horn boy walked by themselves, holding Yan Mo's hand.

Jiu Feng has a good ear and can hear the people around him clearly, which makes him very strange, “Mo Mo, the Horn-people here are very strange!"

Yan Mo Le, "How strange?"

“I can't say it. They are weird anyway," he frowned

The little White-Horn boy suddenly said, “Because we can stand them."

Yan Mo was surprised that even Yuan Zhan looked down at the White-Horn.

Jiu Feng poked out his head. "Sumen, why can we stand up to them?"

The little White-Horn boy replied seriously, “Because we are different from them."

Jiu Feng suddenly realized, "Of course we are different from them! Our clothes are much more beautiful than theirs!”

By the way, Jiu Feng and the little White-Horn boy also changed a set of super beautiful summer clothes made by the Mer people.

The clothes of the two children are small long clothes with oblique lapels that imitate the ancient Chinese clothes, but the color of their clothes is not the same from head to foot, but the upper body is silvery white, and the lower body is bright colorful.

When the two little guys walked around, the colorful clothes are as dazzling as the sunlight but not dazzling.

Such color, if it was an adult man who get to wear it, he will look too gorgeous and not fervent, but if you let children wear it not only looked lively, but also shows an unspeakable noble spirit.

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan have changed a suit that is more suitable for walking and the fighting summer clothes, arms and calves are exposed, plus the shawl looked like it has a sense of snow falling, anyone who sees them will feel a cool and refreshing chilly air.

The difference is that Yan Mo is dressed in silver, Yuan Zhan is dressed in black, and the edge of their clothes is made of red material.

Yan Mo tied a ring of scarlet scarf on his arm to cover his bones, but others didn't know what the custom of dressing was, and thought it was very beautiful.

The Royal Palace servant who led them in was curious about them, but the good training made him not to say a word more. He brought the four people into the banquet hall and bowed away, he did not ignore them because they were the Hornless-men.

More and more people entered the banquet hall. When people with higher status arrived, there are servants outside the door who specially came to report their titles, and people in the hall salute those who come in.

"The General Red-Horn clan Zha Lou arrived with his wife and eldest son -"

"The Great Duke of White-Horn clan Sa Mi brought his wife to -"

"Da-Ren, the leader of Xuanyu city, arrived -"

"Why is Zha Ke Da-Ren here?" someone cried in a low voice

"What's so strange about him being here?"

"Zha Ke Da-Ren is the current chief of the Black-Horn clans. I thought he would appear at the last round of bone objects contest."

"You also said that he is the current chief, and he will not be next year."

“It's said that he was wounded by the Hornless-men in the last expedition to the Demon Abyss, but he hasn't recovered yet. I originally heard that he won't retire so soon because of his injury, Modun..."

"Shhhhh, the Da-Ren's men have seen us."

The whisperer immediately shut up and stopped talking about the Black-Horn's next change of power.

After that,

“Master Karee is here -"

“Master Liana is here -"

Then a series of names came out.

A higher voice rang out: "Hou-Pu Master level Bone Sculptor to -"

Well, it seems that all the Masters they know have arrived.

No matter what Master came here, the four Yan Mo people were more attractive. Even if they didn't do anything, they were still watched by others and were criticized.

But no one can care about them at this time. If there are big nobles, there must be small nobles. Many people come here to find a familiar face in front of Da-Rens, or to find some necessary relationships that are helpful to them. Although four of the Hornless-men have eyes, no one is willing to spend their energy on them before they have clear instructions.

Yan Mo didn't know how many banquets he had attended in his previous life. Even if he changed places and types, he didn't know how to deal with such occasions, but also had his own way to deal with them.

“Let's go there." Yan Mo points to the corner of the hall.

The hall is full of long tables on both sides of the wall, on which a large number of fruits and fruits are stacked.

Yuan Zhan's expression is a little stiff, and he is also used to big scenes. However, he is the first to attend such a large-scale and high-level Palace Banquet. He is not afraid of these people and doesn't care about their comments, but he just felt uncomfortable.

It's hard for Yan Mo to see Yuan Zhan's rigid appearance. He can't help secretly having fun.

“Look more and learn more. You'll have to load over this kind of party in the future, and I'm afraid it won't be less than this."

Yuan Zhan snorted, and didn't know what he thought. His expression relaxed instantly. Just now, people who are a little stiff look like the Master of the place here.

The two children, Jiu Feng, are totally indifferent. The little White-Horn boy is more rigid than Yuan Zhan. He also has a little fear and tension that only those who are familiar with him can see.

Jiu Feng went around to the other side of Yan Mo, grabbed the little White-Horn boy's hand, and shouted happily, "Sumen, let's go, I'll take you to eat delicious food!"

The little White-Horn boy looked up at Yan Mo.

Yan Mo smiled and nodded at him, rubbed his head, "Don't be afraid, we'll look after you while play."

The little White-Horn boy was relieved. He ran to the long table with Jiu Feng to find his favorite food.

There is no one by the long table now. Maybe everyone will find something to eat when they have no good intentions. Even if one or two of them wandered around the table and saw that they were children, even if both of them were the Hornless-children, they didn't say anything.

Of course, Yan Mo knows that this kind of peace is only temporary. Now the people in the hall haven't found out their details. As long as they are not too brainless, they won't bother them at this time.

Unfortunately, just as Yan Mo thought about it, someone came to fight.

Yan Mo saw several horned teenagers walking towards the long table and drew some attention.

"Why do they have this palace banquet?" Yuan Zhan asked, as if he were a lone wolf hiding in the prairie, watching the people around him carefully and without any emotion. He didn't get the details on the way back to the contest.

Yan Mo thought, “Maybe it's related to their change of King next year. Listen to the meaning of the temple-servant. It seems that the Red-Horn king of this generation wants for the treaty to be renewed. "

It's a pity that the temple-servant was very vague, but Yan Mo just heard the meaning from the other party's vague words.

And even the old temple servant of a temple can feel things, other people with higher status cannot feel it?

"What do they want at the party?" Yuan Zhan asked.

“It doesn't have to be something they want. There's not much time to get anything here. They've probably already got it. Now they're holding a banquet in the name of bone objects contest. Most likely, it's just to get in touch with each other. By the way, we'll see who's obviously against who. But it's just my speculation. Maybe they have any real purpose

Yuan Zhan nodded, but didn't finish, his face suddenly appeared angry!

At the long table, several teenagers with horns grabbed the long bone spoon on the table and knocked it hard on Sumen's head. They also scolded: "Who are the stinky slaves who dare to come here to steal food!"

Sumen was stunned and saw that the long bone spoon was about to hit him on the head.

Jiu Feng suddenly rushed forward and hit the young man with the spoon like a small cannonball, which made the child fly out.

“Ah -" the boy screamed, and the man fell to the ground and slipped back for a while.

"You little bxtch! What are you doing?!” The young friend was so angry that he would slap Jiu Feng in the face even though he was younger.

Yuan Zhan disappeared from the spot, grabbed the young man and threw him aside, while holding Jiu Feng's small mouth.

The wind blade that Jiu Feng is about to spit out is choked back.

Yan Mo walked quickly, the first thing was to put a small bone object in Jiu Feng's arms, "Take this, it can increase your ability, and put it to your mouth when you need to use it."

Jiu Feng forgot those annoying people in a moment, grabbed the funnel like bone objects and put to his mouth.

"Jiu Feng, wait a minute." Yan Mo pulled Sumen into his arms and shouted out the little Feng. It's not suitable for making a big scene now. It's not worth exposing strength for a few annoying kids.

Yan Mo wanted to let go of these teenagers, but those teenagers don't want to let go of the four people in Yan Mo group.

Children of this age, in Yan Mo's previous life, are in the second stage. They may be smart, but they do things only based on what they likes and dislikes. Sometimes they know they shouldn't do it, but they still do it by nature.

The two teenagers who were knocked out by Jiu Feng and thrown aside by Yuan Zhan were not seriously injured, but they rushed up as if they had been humiliated and mad.

"You bastards! Dare to fight us! I'm going to kill you!”

Many people in the hall noticed this scene, and immediately someone came here.

There are people walking and shouting: "Those Hornless-men, what are you doing? You can't stop causing troubles!"

More people who know or have relations with teenagers have called out directly: “Guards! Guard! There's the Hornless-men making trouble here. Catch them!”

At this time, there was another sign up at the door of the banquet hall:

"The Duke Modun arrived with his wife and eldest son!"

Everyone stopped, including the Horn-people, who were shouting to catch people.

Yuan Zhan knocked out a few teenagers with horns and threw them into the corner of the wall. He and Yan Mo looked at the door of the banquet hall.

The little White-Horn boy, who had been close to Yan Mo, was stunned at first and then bent down and went to the bottom of the table.

Jiu Feng didn't know what game Sumen was playing because he didn't know how to write the word "Sorrow". He smiled and stooped under the table.

At this time, there are more than 200 people in the banquet hall, and the nobles that should come have basically came.

Zha Ke, the leader of Xuanyu City, was as blue and white as ever, but his people could feel that their leader was not happy.

Zha Ke didn't want to see Modun at all. Who would be happy to see a man who was about to take everything away from him?

Especially when he found that the people present valued Modun more than him!

Shortly after the arrival of the Duke Modun family, the host of tonight's banquet also showed up.

The Red-Horn King Nier, a current king of three ethnic groups, did not show up, but presided over his eldest son and daughter. King Nier has three boys, two girls total in five children. According to the Horn-people's inheritance rules, these five children have the right of inheritance for both men and women, ranking only according to age.

To many people's surprise, Luo Jie, the little prince who seldom appears, came to the party today.

The Horn-people, who wanted to take the opportunity to trouble the four Yan Mo, were embarrassed. Should they continue or maintain the overall situation?

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