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Banished to Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 492: the King City Palace Banquet 2

Chapter 492: the King City Palace Banquet 2

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The guards also entered the banquet hall at this time, but they did not act rashly when they saw the situation inside.

King Nier's eldest son, Jia De, glanced over Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan and saw that they were the Hornless-men. He frowned quietly.

And his little action was not let go by his men.

His subordinates looked at the great prince Jia De, and Jia De nodded unnoticeably.

Then he asked aloud, "What happened? Why would the guards be alarmed?”

One of the beat up teenagers, the parent with the highest status, looked around and hurriedly went forward to reply: "Your Highness Da-Ren, the four of the Hornless-men suddenly came to the party today. My son thought it strange and went to ask them why. As a result, those savage and disrespectful Hornless-men actually attacked my son and my son's friends!"

"Yes, my child is still in a coma! I don't know how they are doing now.” There are also really anxious parents, looking at the corner there want to run there.

The great prince Jia De turned his head and said to his side, “Go and see what happened to those children."

"Yes." The person who received the order immediately showed them to the teenagers who were in a coma in the corner of the wall.

Yuan Zhan didn't stop them, just stood quietly in the corner with Yan Mo. Behind them is the long table, under which there are two children.

Jiu Feng poked the White-Horn boy.

The little White-Horn boy was clutching the corner of his clothes, and his face was dull again.

Yuan Zhan's pouch on the chest was slit open.

"Who brought in those Hornless-men?" asked the Grand Prince.

“Big brother, it's me." The little prince of Luo Jie marched to his elder brother in line.

"Oh? The one you invited?” Jia De saw his youngest brother, and his face and tone softened immediately.

"Yes, they are the Bone Sculpting Master who made the seeing bones.” Luo Jie doesn't know how to position Yan Mo.

It's said that it's the guest invited by his brother. At last, Jia De is looking at two of the Hornless-men. When he looked carefully, Jia De felt something different in his heart.

These two Hornless-men are different!

While the Great Prince Jia De was looking at Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan, others in the hall were looking at them.

And many sensitive people also have the same feeling with the Great Prince Jia De.

These two Hornless-men look different from other Hornless-men!

Not only the clothes they wear, but the most important thing is the confidence and pride that they overflow from their soul, which is not possessed by any of the Hornless-men in this continent.

It's not that they haven't met the Hornless-men who are more proud and confident, but maybe the Hornless-men have been enslaved by the Horn-people for a long time. After more than 7000 years of brainwashing, their enslavement has been deeply rooted in the soul. No matter how special the talents, they will always lower themselves when they meet the Horn-people.

Sometimes self-esteem is too strong to bear a little indifference, contempt and indifference, which is a kind of self-confident performance.

At this time, even if the Demon Abyss came out here and the Hornless-men encountered such things as being overthrown by black and white and being looked at rudely by the public, they probably could not bear to rush up and fight for it.

But the two men looked at them as if they were not worth of any attention.

Buhua, Dan-dun, Zha Luo, Karee, Liana, Hou-Pu and other people who met Yan Mo saw he did not ask for help.

Buhua, who has a keen sense of political sense, wanted to have a good relationship with Yan Mo, but when he sees that the little prince Luo Jie has appeared, he doesn't rush.

Several teenagers were rescued, and one of them woke up and shouted, “Father, catch the four horned slaves! Get them! I'm going to take all their bones out alive and make them into buckets!”

"Shut up!" the young father scolded his son awkwardly, and then asked Jia De for forgiveness. “My son didn't know that those Hornless-men were the guests invited by the little highness. If there is any offense, please I ask forgiveness for the two highness."

The young man came to his knees and said to Jia De, "Your Highness, it's my fault. It's nothing to do with my father. I just didn't expect the Hornless-men to appear in such an important Palace Banquet. I just thought it was strange... "

Jia De raised his hand. "You haven't made any mistakes. Even if you do, you didn't know in advance."

The boy lowered his head. His father bowed beside him.

Several other teenagers also came to kneel, and their parents all stood aside.

Jia De looked at his brother. “It seems that the Bone Sculptor you invited didn't come."

Looking at Yan Mo, Luo Jie didn't see the Horn-person standing around them. He was not happy. He has a good upbringing, but after all, he is a big pet boy. He was told from childhood that he has a noble identity. He thought that he invited someone himself, even if he was a Master level Bone Sculptor, he would pay attention to some points. Unexpectedly the other side not only didn't give a formal reply, but also made two of the Hornless-men replace him.

To be serious, it is contemptible to him.

Seeing his younger brother's unhappy face, Jia De immediately made a decision in his heart, turned to Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan, and said lightly: “For the sake that you are invited by my younger brother, you will not be condemned to death. But when you come to offend the nobles, you dare to hurt the noble guests. If we don't deal with it, it's unfair to those who are hurt by you. If you hit someone with one hand, you will leave the offending arm, and it will be over. "

Jia De thought that he was tolerant enough, and most of the people here thought that these two Hornless-men were very lucky. They could only use one hand to get back one life, and all of them were waiting for them to kneel down to thank him.

Hearing that brother asked the two men to leave their arms, Luo Jie was a little impatient. However, he thought of what they had done, so he couldn't intercede for them. He only told his own special temple-servant healer, to help them stop bleeding later.

Buhua has a good impression of Yan Mo, so now he wanted to take a step forward to help them. He always thinks these two people are unusual. The other Hornless-men may accept this order from Jia De, but these two people...

“Hahahaha!" there was a speechless laugh in the banquet hall.

Everyone's eyes were on Yan Mo's face.

Jia De frowned, and his men shouted, "What are you laughing at?"

Yan Mo said slowly, “I laugh that you, the Horn-people, you only listened to one side of the story? How many wrong and unjust cases did you render to the Horn-people if this is how you serve justice?”

Before that, the boy who wanted to hit Sumen's head with a bone spoon jumped up, “Bold! Are you saying that his highness Jia De wronged you?”

His father glared at him: shut up!

Young boy was still complacent and don't feel that they are wrong.

Buhua took back his left foot and introduced Yan Mo to her parents in a low voice.

Jia De thought: if the next generation of the Red-Horn clans are like this, they are still fighting for the position of an absolute king, just wash and sleep it’s better for that!

Yan Mo smiled again, "Wise as his highness Jia De is, he will not wrongly do others, but he should not be misled like this."

It's as if Jia De is a good liar. Smart people all recognize the irony in the few words.

There was a real three-point anger rising in Jia De heart.

Some nobles in the banquet hall began to pay special attention to Yan Mo. They didn't expect that the Hornless-men would be so bold.

Yan Mo, regardless of other people's faces, continued to say slowly, “If your highness Jia De wanted to know what happened, he might as well ask all the distinguished guests in the hall. I think many people should have seen the process at that time."

Jia De wanted to say that it's not necessary, but he doesn't want to lose his identity in front of the two Hornless-men. In the process of thinking, he almost doesn't know what to say later, and this situation will make many people unable to come down.

But Jia De, after all, is the first successor. His mind is faster than that of ordinary people. After a short pause, he shifted the focus: “Luo Jie, they are the guests you invited. But I didn't see the process before and after. Do you think it's necessary to ask them in detail?"

Yan Mo cheered the highness in his heart!

The player not only kicked the ball out, but also revealed in his tone and manner that he would make decisions so quickly for his brother's consideration.

Luo Jie doesn't know what he thinks, but on the surface, he seems to have no choice. “Big brother, since they don't agree, let's ask. Even the Hornless-men, they are still our people. "

“Good!" Jia De turned to the crowd and asked, "Has anyone seen the whole process? What is the truth?”

At first no one spoke.

Jia De was not in a hurry, he did not urge them.

Many people in the hall looked at each other. Some of them did see all the things they had seen - who called the four Hornless-men so conspicuous? They couldn't help but stare.

But these people are not going to tell the truth. First, the four are the humble Hornless-men. Second, although the family of the young people is not a big aristocrat, they have not a low status. Otherwise, the young people would dare not beat people in the banquet hall at will - although they only dare to beat the Hornless-men.

Seeing this, Hou Pu sighed and decided to stand up and tell the truth.

"Don't ask, it's already clear. I can see clearly that the two Hornless-men did fight people, which is enough to condemn them!" the speaker is the Xuanyu City Lord Zha Ke.

Jia De saluted Zha Ke first. Although he is a great prince, Zha Ke is the current chief of the Black-Horn clan. He dare not to be spiteful to him at all, and this is one of the important figures his father wanted to bring to his side.

After Luo Jie and his elder sister Man-Di saluted Zha Ke, Jia De looked around the crowd. "You heard that, the City's Lord saw the story with his own eyes, but there are still people who are not satisfied with my handling?"

Someone joked, "Your Highness, I don't agree with you. You've given me too little punishment."

There was a laugh in the banquet hall.

Hou-Pu was silent for a while. He is just a Bone Sculptor. Even if he has the name of a Master level Bone Sculptor, he is from the Black-Horn clan. He doesn't want to offend the current chief.

Buhua wanted to move, and was stopped by the Duke Modun. The Duke Modun reminded his son with his eyes: two of the Hornless-men are just not worthy of facing off Zha Ke for them.

Someone is sneering in the dark and watching the situation.

Jia De looked at Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan again and asked patiently, "This is the last chance. If you cut off your right arm, I will forgive you all your sins, and then you can leave. When you go back, please tell your host to come to the King’s City once, that is, I invited him. "

"Phew!" a bone knife was thrown in front of Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan.

Yan Mo looked down, tut twice, turned to Yuan Zhan and said, “They don't need to find a reason."

Yuan Zhan touched the tattoo on his face. "Can't bear it?"

Yan Mo sneered: “If I can bear it again, I will be an Immortal!"

They were speaking in the Horn-people common language, and people in the banquet hall heard what they were saying.

Almost 99% of people, including Jia De, were amused.

Two of the Hornless-men actually said something meaning they didn't want to endure the annoyance in the King City Palace of the Horn-people surrounded by so many of the Horn-people.

What do they want to do?

"What do you want to do? Do you dare to disobey his Highness's order?” Another young man's parent asked instead of everyone.

"No, we just want to see if your Horn-people's force is as powerful as your ability to overthrow black and white." Yan Mo said before Yuan Zhan said something ugly, and at the same time, he pointed out to Luo Jie, “I came here tonight, thinking that if your healer really has no way, I will help you to have an operation, so that you can live longer. If the operation is successful, it will not be said that you will become a warrior, but at least it can make you run and jump, which is basically the same as ordinary people. It's a pity!”

Luo Jie was stunned.

The temple-servant behind him smiled sarcastically: "Even the Great Witch Alain, who is the best at treatment, can't help his Highness's illness. Who do you think you are! What a boast!”

"Who am I? I am the Bone Sculptor who made the Seeing through Tool. You think I can’t do it? I can only say that if there are people in the world who can operate on people's hearts without any witchcraft and keep their patients alive, there is probably no other person except me. "

The audience was dumbfounded. Maybe because of Yan Mo's voice, they were so shocked that they forgot to laugh.

Buhua roared in the heart: I know! I knew it! It's the same as how I guessed it!

Several people are excited: if what the Hornless-men said is true, he is really not only good at refining bone objects, but also good at healing... No, how could it be? How can the Hornless-men refine 10th rank's bone objects?

Luo Jie's lips shook, and somehow he thought what the Hornless-men was true.

But before Luo Jie spoke, Yan Mo had put up his smile and launched the declaration of challenge: "Your Highness, and you all, because of your insult and disrespect, we decided to challenge you. Since you are unreasonable, it depends on whose fist is big and who loses and who apologizes! Do you dare to challenge me, noble people?”

As soon as Jiu Feng heard that he was going to fight, he came out from under the table, put his hands in his waist, straightened up his stomach, and shouted with the young toddler voice: "Dare you fight!"

This mountain god Da-Ren is going to beat you to death, Hey! Hey!

The little White-Horn boy also slowly climbed out of the table, pasted himself to Yan Mo and grabbed his finger.

Wu Guo was so excited that he shouted in the nursery bag: “Fight Dad! Beat them to death! Give me all their energy!”

Du-du soft voice came, “It's not good to fight. Just ask dad to give them the medicine."

Yan Mo: “...”Is the way he taught his son wrong?

Dad Zhan: What did the younger son learn from him? Why does he think that the younger son is more ferocious than the older son?

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