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Banished to Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 493: Wrecking havoc in the King’s City

Chapter 493: Wrecking havoc in the King’s City

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The banquet hall was silent.

Then there was a wild laugh, and the horned nobles laughed like they heard the funniest joke.

A few people, including the three highness and the Duke Modun, didn't laugh. They didn't think these two people were crazy or they were joking. Then the problem came. They dared to run to the King’s City Palace and say that Hornless-men would fight from under the siege of the Horn-people?

Before, they thought that they had Masters, such as the Bone Sculpting Master who refined the seeing bone, but just now the young man the Hornless-men has clearly stated that he is the sculptor.

"You are from the Demon Abyss?" asked his highness, a man beside him quietly retreated. They look down upon the Hornless-men, but they were afraid of the demon warrior.

Yan Mo, "Where are we from? You will know naturally in the future. I asked for the last time, do you dare to take the challenge? If you don't, we won't waste time here. "

"Who do you think you are? Since you want to die, you will be dead!” A burly man saluted to Jia De and others." Your Highness, these hornless slaves will be handed over to me. I will catch them and let them know the price of being rude and presumptuous here!”

When Jia De and others looked at the person who asked for his order, they saw that the Viscount Caini, who won the title of nobility by strength and served as one of the leaders of the Royal Palace's bodyguards, had a smile on his face. “I think this is God's will, so I'll give it to the Viscount Caini."

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan don't understand the meaning of this sentence, but the Horn-people seem to understand what it is, and many people laugh at it.

Jiu Feng grabbed Yan Mo's hand, stares at the banquet hall and blinked.

“If you win the challenge, you can leave safely. As long as you are in the range of the King’s City, no one will catch you. But if you lose, leave the Seeing through Tool here. "

Yan Mo chuckles, "Yes."

There is no nonsense behind each group. Although some of the horned nobles have been abandoned, most of them are still belligerent and do things simply. There are special places to challenge them. People immediately move to the palace to pick up the battlefield. Jia De and others are not stupid enough to let the enemies with unknown strength fight in the palace.

Zha Ke, the leader of Xuanyu City, stared at the hornless children who were held in arms by the two hornless people, and said to the people around him without concealment, “I want these two children."

"Yes." The receiver went around to negotiate with his highness Jia De.

The Duke Modun fell a step behind and whispered to his son, “I remember you told me they came with a child?"

Buhua nodded.

"Then how did it become two?"

Buhua stopped.

The Duke Modun put his hand on his son and said, “Arrange for someone to take these two people's companions to where they should go. Jia De hasn't thought of that yet. We can catch up with them and discuss things."

Buhua wanted to ask his father why he wanted to control them, but this is not the place to ask questions.

The Duke Modun said a sentence as if to explain his purpose: “Let's take a look at the strength of the two Hornless-men."

Buhua knows that his father probably wanted to use these Hornless-men to do something that is inconvenient for them to come out and do themselves?

All the way lights like starlight, the night did not cause many obstacles to people's sight.

The challenge field is located in the most remote corner of the King’s City. It is concave like a natural meteorite crater. The whole field is about the size of the football field, which is made up of rough black stones. May have been ordered in advance, here are lit everywhere bone lamp, shining to pick up the battlefield like daylight.

Yan Mo looked at the site and determined that 90% of it was naturally generated. Later, it was reconstructed the day after the city. This natural stone pit was obviously often used for fighting contest, leaving traces of battle everywhere.

The Viscount Caini glanced at them scornfully, took off his coat quickly, clapped his forehead, covered himself with a layer of bone armor, and then jumped into the challenge pit.

Yuan Zhan was about to move when Yan Mo suddenly grabbed him.

Yuan Zhan looked sideways and asked him with eyes: What's the matter?

What did Yan Mo feel? When he entered the King’s City, he felt a little strange, but he didn't pay attention to it. But at this time, the strangeness was expanded, and it seemed that the energy around him wanted to tell him something.

"Do you feel any discomfort?"

Yuan Zhan, "Huh? No.

Yan Mo catches his pulse and doesn't notice that his body is abnormal. “It's strange that the vitality here seems to be more inactive, just like its being trapped."

Yuan Zhan tries to control the land, felt the change under his feet, shook his head at Yan Mo, “It's OK, although it's a little harsh, but there's no problem in using my ability."

Yan Mo looked at the two children, and the Horn-people has not found any abnormality of the two children so far, which proves that his willpower is still effective.

“It must be something weird here, but it shouldn't hurt us." As long as Yuan Zhan can control the land, he is not afraid of anything. He took Yan Mo and two small people to jump into the battle field.

When Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan and their two children jumped into the battle field, his highness Jia De and others stood on the top and laughed.

Jia De said in a pitiful tone: “I hope you really haven't come from the demon warriors of the Demon Abyss. I don't think you know that the whole King’s City is under a ban by the witches. Because of the terrain, the challenge field is more bound for people who use abilities like the demon warriors. Only the allowed bone objects can show their power in the King’s City. Do you want me to lend you some bone objects for fighting?”

The horned nobles chuckled.

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan finally know that it's no wonder that these Horn-people are still not in a hurry when they hear the challenge of the Hornless-men, and they are not even afraid of their wanton destruction of the King’s City, so they have countermeasures for this long time.

Magic Ban?

They feel it, but maybe it's because they come from the eastern continent, where the vitality components are different from those here. In order to adapt to this, Yuan Zhan has made some adjustments. Now, although the magic ability ban space has forbidden the ability, Yuan Zhan can also absorb energy from the vitality by "removing the magic elements", and then transform it into its own attack power. Mo said that those elements that seem to have no magic contain energy in all of them, and any energy can be transformed, while those elements that can be clearly perceived are only relatively lively energies.

Yan Mo's own special ability is not controlled by the “Magic element".

As for Jiu Feng, Kunpeng human face is probably the most favored species in the world. It seems that they can naturally adapt to various environments. In a word, neither Yan Mo nor Yuan Zhan found any obstacle to Jiu Feng's ability, and Jiu Feng may not feel it.

So the Horn-people's magic ban for them well, it’s of no use?

Looking at the pity and ridicule of the Horn-people above, Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan look at each other and see each other's narrow smile from each other's eyes.

“A quick battle."


When it came to quick battle, Yan Mo just uttered a sound of “Protect". Yuan Zhan has ended the battle!

What happened next?

The Horn-people watching the battle above haven't responded yet, and many people are still talking and laughing.

They didn't notice anything until they were reminded that they shouldn't speak with their fingers.

Jia De is also one of the jokers. He is whispering with younger brother to comfort him that the two Hornless-men are speaking nonsense, so that he can't believe what the Hornless-men said.

Luo Jie reluctantly smiled. How can his healthy elder brother understand his mood? He is going to die. He is really ready to return to the embrace of God, but he saw the Seeing Bone before he died. Almost at the moment when he was sure that bone objects played a role, his heart that wanted to live was active again.

In front of the Great Witch and the temple-servant, they said they couldn't see his heart well. The main reason is that they can't determine what's wrong with his heart. If there's a Seeing through Tool, if the Hornless-man is really good at treatment

"Your Highness, down, down..." The servant stuttered.

"What's the matter?" Jia De and his three highness looked down together, thinking that the two Hornless-men would not have knelt down to beg for mercy, right?

The two Hornless-men didn't kneel down to beg for mercy. They stood with their children in place as if they had never moved.

But the Viscount Caini was gone!

"What happened to Viscount Caini?" his highness Jia De didn't know what happened just now?

"No, I don't know." The servant was sweating hard and didn't know how to answer.

Looking around, your highness Jia De, someone must have seen what happened below?

It's true that Buhua didn't drive an errand from beginning to end because of his concern for Yan Mo. He can see clearly the following situation.

"Your Highness, the Viscount Caini was defeated, he was stunned by the big hornless warrior and buried in the earth."

“Impossible!" exclaimed many.

Jia De also doesn't believe that, "The Viscount is a 9th rank's bone warrior. How could he lose? And...” Losing so fast.

Buhua didn't know the reason either. He only knew that the Viscount Caini didn't even put up a fight under the hornless warrior's hand. Everything happened too fast!

Only Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan know why.

Yuan Zhan can win so fast, not only because of his own strong ability, but also because of Yan Mo's blessing for his bodyguard. Oh, maybe another reason is that the man moves too fast.

Yuan Zhan doesn't go all out to attack the enemy every time he fights, because he needs to reserve energy to protect himself and take care of Yan Mo, so as to ensure that when the enemy attacks him, his body can desertification at any time and hide Yan Mo.

But now Yan Mo's body protection and praying is like putting an invincible defense armor on them. Yuan Zhan doesn't need any more energy to do self-protection, so he can raise his attacking ability to the highest level without any worries. In addition to the unresponsive attack speed, let alone the fact that Caini is only a 9th rank bone warrior, that is, 10th rank or higher, Yuan Zhan can easily eviscerate him.

Yuan Zhan shook the long trumpet shaped bone objects in his hands and defied them angrily: “Are you the Horn-people capable of this much? I don't think your bone objects are good either. Who else will come to fight? I can give you three challenges to avoid saying that I am bullying you."

That's too bad to say. The arrogant Horn-people couldn't stand it. They said they would teach the two Hornless-men a lesson.

His highness Jia De didn't believe in evil. The main reason was that the process was too fast. He raised his voice and asked, "What about the Viscount Caini?"

"He should still be alive."

Jia De didn't ask for Viscount Caini at this time. He had more important questions to ask: "How can your bone objects still be used?"

"You mean the magic ban of the King’s City?" Yan Mo took over. "The so-called magic ban is achieved by bone objects, right? Do you think I didn't take this into consideration since I dared to show my bone objects in the King City of your Horn-people?”

Jia De and others’ faces changed color, and finally began to face the two Hornless-men with apprehension, "Who are you? Where do you come from?”

Does the Demon Abyss have such a powerful Bone Sculptor? No Impossible!

“I said, you'll know later."

Yuan Zhan is impatient. “If you don't hit us, we'll leave."

"Wait!" how could Jia De let these two men go now? With a wave of his hand, there were four warriors with full arms around him.

“Is this a one-off attack? You too, the Horn-people, are just so shameless.” Yan Mo sneered.

Jia De blushed, but now he doesn't think it's still a challenge, but to capture the enemies who are plotting against them. Four divine bone warriors, he still felt they were less.

But it doesn't matter. He just asked people to move more people. Tonight, they will not let these two big two small four Hornless-men escape!

But in fact?

Yan Mo held a child in one hand and nodded to Yuan Zhan.

Yuan Zhan looked at the Horn-people at the top of the pit, and grinned hideously, “I don't have so much time to play with you, so it's better to end this game!"

Four warriors of divine skeleton jumped down.

Yuan Zhan waved the bone object, and four vines suddenly appeared at bone objects' mouth, restraining the four bone warriors.

At the same time, the earth suddenly trembled.

The Duke Modun and others reacted quickly. As soon as he pulled the people around him, he flew back, “Get out of here!"

They are not afraid of the attacks of the two Hornless-men, but want to ensure their own safety first. The main thing is that their bone object usage are limited in the Kings City, even if they want to fight back against Yuan Zhan, they can't do it - even if they can do it, they can't let others know that they can.

Other horned nobles who come to the banquet are similar to the Duke Modun. No matter who they are, their bone objects are affected by the magic ban. Now only the King’s City Royal family, bodyguards, guards and so on can use bone objects.

This kind of magic ban was originally for the best protection of the king's safety, but who knew that they would encounter two the Hornless-men who were not subject to this restriction? Today's scenes in turn helped Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo.

Yan Mo floated up with two children in his arms.

Yuan Zhan is so smart. From the actions of the horned nobles, he realized that the present form is greatly beneficial to him. With a laugh, he jumped to the top of the pit.

“Boom!" the whole battle field violently collapsed, and boulders rolled down. The Horn-people standing on the top were caught off guard, and many people were swallowed in the rock pit.

There are also those who are quick, don't care about how they will be seen, don't look ugly, and they are all running away with the fastest speed.

Yuan Zhan didn't want to let them go. He used the vine as a whip, rolled them into one and threw them into the pit.

It's impossible for the guards of the Horn-people and the three bodyguards of his highness to sit and watch the Hornless-men plunder like this. As long as bone objects can be used, even Jia De will attack Yuan Zhan himself.

But all the attacks stopped a foot in front of Yuan Zhan, and could not approach him anymore.

What's more, when some pure energy attacks fall on Yuan Zhan's protection circle, they are absorbed and assimilated, and turn into new energy in the protective circle.

Yan Mo is satisfied with this effect. This is an improved version of the soul shield. It can effectively extend the duration of the shield under non-physical attacks.

Jiu Feng struggled, “Mo Mo! I'm going to fight too!”

Yan Mo released his hand. “Five minutes, don't become a bigger form. We have to leave in five minutes."

“Okay!" Jiu Feng let go of the shackles and cried excitedly. He flapped his little wings and flew up to the sky. The Horn-people who ran and fought back at the bottom was a whirlwind blade baptism.

“Protect your highness!"

“Protect the City Lord!"

"Where did these Hornless-men come from?"

All kinds of shouts rang out.

The guards of the Royal Palace came here in large numbers.

Yan Mo calculated the time.

The little White-Horn boy was pink, his fist is tightly clenched, and his tribesmen were unlucky, but what should he do if he is happy about it?

Wu Guo encouraged him loudly: "Dad Zhan, use fire! Burn them with fire!”

Yuan Zhan ignored him. He seemed to be violent, but in fact, he was very measured. Up to now, he still focuses on shock and awe, and there is no big killer move.

"Jiu Feng, cover me!"

"Hoo --!" Jiu Feng made a big whirlwind.

All of a sudden, the challenge field and even the nearby King’s City area became dusty, and no one could open their eyes.

Buhua, who fled to the safe area with his father, watched the whirlwind not far away, and his mind flashed with the report of the manor slaves outside the city.

The sudden gust of wind, the disappearing Sumen, Yan Mo, who had only one child, now they have become two

Buhua said “Ah" softly. But it's not right. What about the other older kid? The Hornless-men. Maybe the third eye can be covered it up, but what about his one character the Horn? Can it be sawn off?

"How could their bone objects be so powerful?" his highness Jia De, who was hiding, could not believe it

“I want their bone objects!" ordered Zha Ke, the Xuanyu City Lord

There are many nobles who have given the same orders as Zha Ke. As long as they are not idiots, they all see the strength of bone objects in the hands of the hornless warriors.

The Duke Modun said to his son and his wife with bright eyes, "We need to find a way to protect the hornless Bone Sculptor. I want him!"

“A-Zhan!" Yan Mo felt that his energy was losing a lot. He had started to use yuan-crystal support, but there were too many Horn-people attacking them.

Yuan Zhan understood that he had swept to Jiu Feng's side, “Increase the wind force and cooperate with me!"

Jiu Feng is still very reliable when he is doing business. Without a word, he began to increase the wind force to cooperate with Yuan Zhan.

Yuan Zhan took a deep breath, landing on both feet, and the body is in direct contact with the earth.

"Roar --!" a roar, Yuan Zhan's hands began to lift.

Finished! The Horn-people whole King City is shaking. If the powerful defense bone objects don't hold the foundation, the whole city may be overturned now!

Yuan Zhan, aware of the changes in the ground, found that the city could not be destroyed in a short time, and immediately gave up, instead breaking down a large number of stones and columns

Soon, with Yuan Zhan as the center, the surrounding black boulders and soil began to turn into dust.

Jiu Feng makes a screech, turned out huge wings in the flying sand, and wind violently flutters.


The Horn-people King’s City has become a sand city.

No one can go out of the house. All the people close their doors and windows. The frightened king and witch use various methods to resist this kind of natural attack.

Soon, when the sandstorm finally stopped, the King’s City had changed a lot. The whole luxurious city is not shining. It looked like a remnant City swallowed up by the desert. Many people are ashen and full of sand.

All the high-level officials walked out of the house under the protection of the bodyguard. King Nier was furious when he knew the details. He ordered the guards to seize the two Hornless-men.

His highness Jia De was reprimanded by his father, and he regretted it. He never thought that the two Hornless-men would be so powerful that it only made two people to turn the King’s City into a mess.

At that time, many nobles were still missing, and now they don't know which big stone or dust to bury.

A large number of guards searched for four of the Hornless-men, while digging East and west to find the buried.

And the four Hornless-men who made trouble disappeared like this. No one saw when they left or when the battle ended.

No, someone saw it and kept up with them.

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