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Banished to Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 494: The tracker

Chapter 494: The tracker

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Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo sneaked in the sand. Instead of taking advantage of the chaos, they plan to go deep into the palace.

According to Yan Mo, he can't come here for nothing and leave empty handed.

Yuan Zhan is very interested in looting the Royal Palace treasure house. His Priest Da-Ren family has storage space. If it can be taken, he plans to empty all the Royal Palace treasure houses.

Jiu Feng is so excited when he hears about the robbery. He and Yuan Zhan are the eyes in the sky and in the ground. They can't believe that they can't find the place where the Horn-people hide their treasure.

Since Wu Guo became a cute fruit, he has a lot of poor sensing ability. However, he can still feel a general direction for some special treasures. He urged his two fathers to go to the west of the palace just now.

Yuan Zhan suddenly stopped and appeared behind Yan Mo.

Yan Mo turned around.

Jiu Feng is still talking excitedly to the little White-Horn boy about how powerful he was just now.

The little White-Horn boy looked at him enviously. He wanted to be so powerful, so no one dared to lock him up again, right?

A slender figure walked out of the dust slowly. There seemed to be a cyclone around him. The dust could not reach him.

The figure approaches, became clear, he is a Horn-man.

Jiu Feng, who is muttering with the child, looked up at the person.

Yan Mo also looked at the other person.

Yuan Zhan intended to start fighting, but he didn't feel any hostility from the other side. Out of caution, he just took precautions and didn't immediately attack the other side.

He was a very tall, very cool-looking man, but his eyes with threads of affection softened his hard temperament.

The Horn-man blinked at Jiu Feng, looked up at Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan, and smiled at them.

Yan Mo doesn't have a real eye, but the energy around him seems to convey something to him, and he thinks it's a little against that person.

The man stepped forward and suddenly approached them.

Yuan Zhan subconsciously blocked Yan Mo and his two children behind him. He looked as relaxed as before, but Yan Mo knows his muscles have become tense.

Yan Mo didn't feel the other side's malice, and he also smiled at the visitor.

The man stopped. "Hello, the Hornless-men class."

It's also a strange way to call them. Generally, the Horn-people, even if they are called the Hornless-men, seldom add a class word after them. Such a person who called that as if he himself is not human.

"Hello, unknown friend." Yan Mo gently pushed Yuan Zhan away and nodded to him.

After greeting, the man seemed to feel that he had finished the task, turned his attention to Jiu Feng, and asked, “Are you with them voluntary?"

Jiu Feng tilted his head and looked at the other man shrewdly.

Yan Mo thinks it's not good. His willpower can make most people ignore two children, but this person seems to be staring at Jiu Feng from the beginning?

The man smiled and held out his hand as if to touch the little head of Jiu Feng.

"Crack." Yuan Zhan opened his hand impolitely. He won't let a stranger touch his baby!

The man frowned, a little angry, but just when he was about to start, he suddenly realized what was the general position, surprised and whispered: "You actually... Well, it's not the power of bone object. Ha ha, I haven't been out for a long time. I didn't expect that the Hornless-men on this continent had a blood warrior who broke through 10th rank. It seems that the pattern of this continent will change again."

Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo were startled.

The man laughed and said, "Don't stare like that at me. Although I want to fight with you very much, if we do fight, the city will not be guaranteed its survival. According to the rule of the strong, as long as there are more than 10th rank blood warriors wanting to fight, they are not allowed to fight where there are a large number of creatures, or they will be attacked by the strongest together. Next time, let's find a wilderness and have a good time."

It's never been heard before. Is there a clear text restriction between the strongest? That sounds reasonable. Yan Mo guessed the identity of the other party.

Yuan Zhan felt a strong threat from the other side. This man's strength seemed to be better than Fei Shan, the strongest fighter of Wucheng city of witches, but it should not be better than Yu Wu.

Yu Wu is an old monster - Yan Mo said.

According to Yuan Zhan's self-judgment, his strength may not be much different from that of this man, but he is not afraid to fight. He has many means. He is not a blood warrior with a single ability. Some abilities are well combined and for monster people those abilities are very convenient.

Yan Mo always felt that this person is not one of the Horn-people. He tried to explore the other person with his soul power, but was blocked by the soul power of the other side - this person's soul power is also very strong!

At this time, Jiu Feng grabbed Yuan Zhan's hair and suddenly cried out: “Ah! Big bird!”

The cool and handsome man with affectionate eyes smiled, "Yo, little guy, you finally recognize me here. The inheritance has been well accepted. This is not the place to talk. Someone will come back later. Come with me."

The man turned.

After confirming the identity of the man, Jiu Feng was very happy and opened his mouth to spit out a blade of wind.

The man held his back and raised his hand. As soon as his fingers were around, the wind blade formed a little whirlwind around his fingers.

“Hey! Hey! It's fun!” Jiu Feng clapped his hands, his eyes brightened.

"Want to learn? Little guy.” The man turned his head with a smile.

Jiu Feng nodded desperately.

The man motioned to Yan Mo for four to follow him.

Two big with two small quick stepped to follow.

The little White-Horn boy pursed his lips, he was trying to reduce his sense of being in his own way. He also felt the power of the Horn-man, which was his natural ability.

All the way no one talked, the cool Horn-man soon took them into a corner of a palace, which was full of a normal household atmosphere and looked like the residence of this person.

“Please feel free to sit down." The man went in and took off his robe and hung it on the hook. He picked up the jar on the table and poured water to several people. He also took another fruit and handed it to Jiu Feng. He touched his head by the way. “Little guy, this should suit your taste."

Jiu Feng smiled happily, grabbed the fruit and bites it. He seemed to trust the Horn-man very much.

As soon as Yuan Zhan came in, he tried make sure there is no ambush.

Yan Mo has been able to determine the identity of the other party, plus the obvious closeness of Jiu Feng to the person, which makes him speak friendly for seven points, “It turned out that our little Feng's tribesmen has arrived here before us, and your disguise is very good."

The man laughed, “Is the little guy called Jiu Feng? Good name! Besides, I'm not pretending. It seems that you don't know much about our family. When the little Feng came of age, you will know what's going on.” Although the short life of the Hornless-men you likely to be dead than see the adult Jiu Feng.

Yan Mo didn't need to wait until then. He was a doctor and researcher. When he saw two examples and listened to the other person's words, he could immediately infer: “Apart from your own body, you also can choose the second body? And this posture depends on who you are close to or who you like?”

The man did not hide his surprise. “If you guessed it yourself, I have to say that you are a very smart Hornless-man, which is different from most stupid the Hornless-men."

"The Hornless-men are not stupid, they are just inexperienced." Yan Mo didn't feel offended and said it honestly.

"You're right. Seeing you and this bloody warrior who is likely to surpass 10th rank, I know that you, the Hornless-men, have started to stand up." That man is a cool and handsome man, but he likes to smile. When he smiled, his eyes are full of affection. Let alone the opposite sex, I'm afraid that the same sex will be attracted to him.

Everyone is beautiful, and Yan Mo is no exception. Although he is not tempted by the other side's masculinity, he has to admit that the other side looked too foul.

Yuan Zhan sensed something sensitively and gave Yan Mo a small look.

Yan Mo chuckles in his heart. It seems that his animal is still very concerned about his appearance.

Yan Mo coughed, and he inferred from the man's words that this man Kunpeng seems to have never been to the eastern continent, otherwise he would not say that.

The cool and handsome man sat down at the wooden table, took a glass of water, took a sip, put it down and asked, "Can you tell me why you came to the King City of the Horn-people? Killing royalty? Or do you want to destroy their King’s City directly?”

Yan Mo had a little pause and asked, "You should see the current situation of the Hornless-men under the rule of the Horn-men, right?"

The cool guy nodded, "Well, I see it. In advance, I have no intention to interfere in your human disputes and wars, but my chosen partner is from the Horn-people. If you want to fight here, tell me in advance, I will have to take my partner away. "

It's very cold, but it's very consistent with Kunpeng's attitude.

Yuan Zhan suddenly said, "Do you think we will fight here?"

The cool handsome man turned his head, “In fact, I saw you on the road this afternoon. I didn't notice the little guy of my family at the beginning. What I saw was you. You were murderous."

Later, he looked at Yan Mo: “I don't know what you did or what the little guy did. If I hadn't noticed this blood warrior and felt a very close scent from you, I would have ignored the little guy like other people if I had explored carefully with my soul power."

Yan Mo is relieved to hear that. The cool and handsome man noticed Jiu Feng, but he obviously didn't notice another child, which shows that his willpower effect is OK. You see that even the powerful human face Kunpeng can't see through it all.

The cool and handsome man spoke to Jiu Feng again. This time, he didn't speak the common language of the Horn-people, but the language of the human face Kunpeng clan, “Little guy, where are you from? Where is your feeding nest? I haven't been here for a short time, but I've never heard of any family birds raising young birds around here. And depending on your appearance, you have opened at least three layers of inheritance seals, right.”

Jiu Feng proudly raised his paws. “Four layers!"

The cool handsome man smile, “Good! The Hornless-men warrior is your chosen partner?”

"Hey?" Jiu Feng opened his mouth and was stunned. Then he shouted excitedly, "How can this villain be my chosen partner? I don't want to mate with him!"

"Oh? Then it’s the other one?” The cool and handsome man doesn't seem to think his question is too suitable for a child at all.

But Jiu Feng didn't think so. When he got the third level of inheritance, he knew that the Kunpeng people could choose a partner at a very young age or not for life. In short, the Kunpeng people are a very willful and self-centered race.

“Mo Mo......" Jiu Feng really never thought of Mo Mo as his partner. It can be said that he never had this concept before. After all, he is too small. But now reminded by this adult tribesmen, he suddenly felt that it seemed good to let Mo Mo be his partner, but he might have to fight with Yuan Zhan every day to rob Mo Mo.

Yuan Zhan can't understand what a big bird and a small bird are talking about, but Yan Mo can understand.

Jiu Feng looked at him and asked him happily, “Mo Mo, you give me one, how about having a lot of little birds?”

Yan Mo:”... Not good. "

Jiu Feng was sad.

Yan Mo couldn't bear to look at the small appearance of Jiu Feng, and changed his voice: “I can't give birth to more. You see, Du-du and Wu Guo are born only by the fruit you picked up. How can I help you to give birth to a little bird? Jiu Feng, if you like little birds, you can find one that can give birth later. Then you can make her want to give birth as many birds as possible!”

Yuan Zhan understood this passage, but he didn't pay attention to it. The little fat bird that likes to ride on his neck hasn't even grown its feathers. Do you want to rob Yan Mo from him? You must be dreaming!

Jiu Feng scratched his head and muttered in embarrassment, “But I like you and I don't like other people."

Yan Mo was moved. He didn't figure out how to appease the little guy. The big bird, who had become the Horn-people, said with a smile, "You can wait for his offsprings to grow up and see if there is anything you like in that offspring."

The big bird said this sentence for the sake of both. When Jiu Feng wanted to come to the Hornless-man, his life is short, and Yan Mo has grown up. Even if the Kunpeng people can share their life with their partners, they can't do it until they grow up. But when Jiu Feng grows up, Yan Mo may be dead with only bones left. Instead of letting the little Feng and have another hopeless partners, it's better to start putting hope on the future generations born by Yan Mo.

Jiu Feng looked at the pouch on Yuan Zhan's chest with big eyes. Yes, Mo Mo has been with that bad Da Zhan. He can't be his partner, but Mo Mo has given birth to two Little Mo Mos. He can wait for Little Mo MO’s to grow up!

Wu Guo felt a chill in the nursery bag. He tried to get close to Du-du, trying to protect him from the huge malice.

Yan Mo noticed Jiu Feng's eyes and didn't care at all. The children are still young. Who knows what will happen in the future.

Dad Zhan snorted directly. If Jiu Feng wanted his son to be his partner, he has to see whether he agrees or not! Win a fight against him first!

The little White-Horn boy suddenly felt a strange feeling when he saw Jiu Feng staring at the pouch on Yuan Zhan's chest. Little he can't understand that it's called "jealousy". It's not between lovers, but between simple friends and brothers, it's not as sour as another good friend liking another friend.

"What should we call you?" Yan Mo introduced himself to the cool guy. “My name is Yan Mo, this is Yuan Zhan, and this baby is Sumen."

"Yuan Zhou, I allow you to call me by my name directly."

Yuan Zhan's mouth was curled in her heart. I'll give you a beating later. You will call me Mo Da-Ren later!

Yuan Zhou and Yan Mo talked a few more words. Yan Mo specifically asked about the taboos of raising Kunpeng chicks. However, Yuan Zhou didn't know whether it was to protect Jiu Feng or he didn’t want to tell the secrets of the Kunpeng people of other races. He only said that all Kunpeng faces didn't need special nurturing. They would get everything they should know from the inheritance and memory.

Yan Mo didn't demand it either. Instead, he asked Yuan Zhou whether he knew the Fruit of Witchcraft and whether he knew the correct cultivation method of the Fruit of Witchcraft.

"Why do you ask? Did you find the Fruit of Witchcraft?” Yuan Zhou looked at Yan Mo.

“I want to raise him up." Yan Mo did not deny it.

Yuan Zhou knocked on the desktop, with obvious appreciation in his eyes, "You're really good. The general intelligent race can't stand the temptation of the Fruit of Witchcraft when they get it, and then they cultivate it in the wrong direction, so that the Fruit of Witchcraft became a greedy thing that only knows how to swallow, and finally those who take it and it die. If you really get the Fruit of Witchcraft, and now you still want to cultivate it so calmly, I think your soul power must be very strong and your luck is very good. "

Yuan Zhou also looked at Jiu Feng here. He can make young Human-face Kunpeng stay so close. How can he not be lucky?

“I'm sorry, but I don't know the detailed cultivation method. I need to ask the priest of my family. Only the heritage memory of the priest contains this."

Yan Mo is not disappointed. He thinks the method he is cultivating now has no problem. He just wanted to have another layer of security for the sake of insurance.

"So, when you came to the Horn-people city, you had a big fight. What was it for? Aren't you afraid of being rounded up? Although you two are very good Well, I'm not sure about your strength, but even if your strength is equal to that of this bloody warrior, the Horn-people can't be defeated by both of you.” Yuan Zhou turned the topic around again.

Yan Mo pondered that he doesn't know if he should believe the Kunpeng man he just met, especially if his partner is still the Horn-people. It's not an unplanned brawl with Yuan Zhan. If he can, he is going to force the Horn-people to admit his name in the bone objects contest final.

They just want to speed up the steps, not to support the Hornless-men a little bit more. After getting along with those Hornless-men, they find out what they lack in the present western continent. There are too many people sleeping lazy. They have to push them hard, or they will wait for their own recovery and evolution, and they don't know how many years they are going to have to wait.

But can his plan and the plan with Yuan Zhan be told to this person?

Yuan Zhou saw his scruples and smiled, "We the human face Kunpeng can't fight for any race, as long as you don't hurt my partner and the people my partner cares about, even if you turn the Horn-people upside down, I won't fight you."

What's wrong with Yan Mo? It seems that his family, Jiu Feng, has stepped in many times to help him attack others? Well, he always think this must not be told to the adult Kunpeng on the opposite side.

“In fact, we are not from the mainland, but from the east continent." Yan Mo decided to disclose something. He just needed an internal agent to help him. Before he met Yuan Zhou, he thought that he and Yuan Zhan might have to work hard to do something in the palace. Now that we have such a good resource, if we don't use it, we don't know anything for nothing?

As for whether this person will turn around and sell them out, Yan Mo smiled in his heart. His little son said that it's not good to fight. Just give him some good medicine. In addition, he can make a prayer that the other party will not betray them for a certain period of time.

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