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Banished to Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 496: the wishes of the White-Horn Sumen

Chapter 496: the wishes of the White-Horn Sumen

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Yan Mo didn't know that Yuan Zhan was merciful and didn't hurt a single life when he was making a robbery scene at the King’s City. Looking at the situation, he thought that at least half of the casualties were moderate casualties, which was an acceptable number in his plan.

Yuan Zhan didn't explain his soft hand. Although they were provoked first and then challenged, he didn't want the gods to have any excuse to punish his Mo.

He put himself on a shackle to not use his power to the extreme, but he was sweet. Of course, if you step on his bottom line, this shackle can be broken at any time. He will not kill just for his partner, but also for his Priest Da-Ren!

The four did not immediately enter the temple, but sat down on the steps in front of it.

Jiu Feng can't sit still. He dragged the nursery bag to see the baby fruit inside. Yuan Zhan held him down and doesn't let him make trouble.

The little White-Horn boy did not sit down, but stood in front of Yan Mo and looked at him in the same direction.

Yan Mo raised his hand to touch his little face and said, "Do you know where this is?"

The little White-Horn boy shook his head.

"This is the temple of your White-Horn clan."

The little White-Horn boy looked up at the towering building on the steps.

“And you are born with three eyes, that is, the White-Horn clan witches are born with great power. You are not ordinary child of the Horn-people. You can say that you are born with nobility." Yan Mo knew his identity at the first sight when he saw Sumen. Without anyone telling him he inferred, Zan-Bu also had three eyes. Moreover, Zan-Bu talked a lot about this basic common sense.

The little White-Horn boy looked at Yan Mo again.

“I don't want to hide it from you, so I'll tell you what I'm planning for now and what I need to do with you." Yan Mo doesn't care what the little White-Horn boy thinks of him. He cares more about the people of the eastern continent and the Jiu Yuan than the little White-Horn boy.

The little White-Horn boy puckered his lips. He felt a little afraid. He didn't know how to protect himself. He could only look dull.

Yan Mo can say nothing as long as he carries out his own plan. The little White-Horn boy may thank him in the end, but he doesn't want to cheat a child. Especially when the other three children are around, he hopes to be more sincere to the children, even if the little White-Horn boy doesn't understand.

“I don't know why the Duke Modun kept you around and hid you. But I think he probably also wanted to use your identity. An obedient witch who is just his tongue will be of great benefit for him to compete for the throne in the future."

Jiu Feng stopped talking about parenting bag. Turning to the older and the younger one talking, he thought the look of the little White-Horn boy was a little strange. He went to poke the little White-Horn boy.

Little White-Horn boy was so nervous that he almost got poked him and fell down.

Yan Mo hummed, put out his hand and hold him, "Don't be afraid, I won't give you back to the Duke Modun, and I won't cultivate you as my tongue. What I want to do later is to make use of you, but only your identity. You don't need to do anything for me, and I won't hurt you at all. "

Jiu Feng grabbed the White-Horn and asked curiously, “Mo Mo, what are you talking about?"

Yan Mo touched Jiu Feng's head and asked the two children to sit on their left and right thighs respectively, holding their waist so he can explain what he was going to do.

“I hope to win the support and compromise of the White-Horn clan through Sumen, and if possible, I hope that the White-Horn clan will try to give the Hornless-people protection in the future."

“Mo Mo, are you going to give Sumen to the White-Horn clan temple?"

"Well, he originally belongs here. It's the safest place for him to stay here, and he will learn the corresponding inheritance."

“Ah? But I told Sumen that I would take him to play in the Jiu Yuan. Sumen is very happy! Right, Sumen?”

Sumen bowed his head. He was very smart. But in nine years of confinement, he learned a lot from eavesdropping and peeping, his common sense is not even equal to a four or five-year-old child. He believed that the Jiu Feng who rescued him wanted to leave the Duke Modun far away. He was very yearning for the Jiu Yuan described in Jiu Feng’s words, but now Da-Ren of the Jiu Feng family told him he was going to leave him in the White-Horn clan temple.

Sumen didn't realize how valuable his identity was to the White-Horn clan. He was only afraid and disappointed of that he was going to be abandoned and left behind. He was also angry.

Yan Mo didn't know the inner thoughts of Sumen. He took it for granted that Sumen knew his noble identity and definitely wanted to stay in the temple to be the supreme witch. At this point, he felt that he had already explained it almost. He put down the two children, got up and gave Yuan Zhan a look.

Little White-Horn boy didn't want to step up the steps or enter the temple. He had a premonition that if he stayed after entering, he would be hard to see Jiu Feng again, and it would be hard to see other people. He is going to be locked up again.

But Yan Mo saw him standing in his place, dazed, thinking that the child was shocked by his identity, so he bent down and picked him up, holding him step by step up the steps.

There was a sudden hatred in the little White-Horn boy. How good Yan Mo was to him before, how much he hates Yan Mo now. He didn't want to go to the temple. He didn't want to be left behind. The days when he was rescued by Jiu Feng and lived with several people were the happiest days for him. He thought he could live with them for a long time. He was so looking forward to going to east continent in Jiu Feng’s mouth.

The little White-Horn boy, who rarely cried, shed tears in his eyes. He dared not let Yan Mo see the hate in his eyes, just as he dared not let the Duke Modun find any emotion in his eyes. He just lowered his head and silently dropped big tears.

Yan Mo is now very sensitive to the change of the surrounding atmosphere, and the gray mood of the White-Horn immediately infected him. He stopped at once, raised the child's chin with an empty hand, froze, wiped away his tears with his thumb, asked funny and a little distressed, "Why do you cry?"

The little White-Horn boy bit his lips and didn't speak. His nostrils were blocked by his snot, which made him very uncomfortable and he didn't want to make a sound.

Yan Mo casually fumbles a piece of soft straw paper from the space, covered the child's nose naturally and lets him blow his nose.

The little White-Horn boy suddenly felt very uncomfortable. For the first time in his life, he had self-consciousness and turned his head willfully and refused to let Yan Mo wipe his tears and nose.

Jiu Feng looked up and said, "Sumen, are you crying?" he thinks it's funny to watch other people's children shed tears. The little said that as he was holding Yan Mo's thigh and crawling up.

Yuan Zhan quickly slipped him over.

The two dolls in the pouch began to force the lid open again to see what happened outside.

There were other people on the steps of the temple. They didn't observe them very much. The White-Horn clan is more generous to the Hornless-men. The Hornless-men can also come to the temple to worship, but they can't enter. Plus the bone objects contest, which happens to be held every five years, there are many people who come to the temple to worship during this period.

Yan Mo also didn't understand why the little White-Horn boy suddenly cried and was capricious. Before that, the child had to be as obedient as possible.

"Does it hurt? This straw paper is the softest. When I go back this time, I will make them softer face paper. Darling, stop crying. Come on, wipe your face and tell Uncle Mo what are you sad about? Are you angry that uncle Mo uses you?” Yan Mo has endless patience for children.

I don't know if Yan Mo's voice is too soft, or Yan Mo's specially released soul power infection makes children's mind relax. The little White-Horn boy shook his head first and then nodded his head. He only felt that he is not wronged. Silent tears turn into small sobs.

Yuan Zhan frowned, what is this horned kid crying for?

Wu Guo smiled: "Crying soft bag!"

Du-du: “Big brother is crying and shy."

Wu Guo was angry: "He is not your brother! What happened to you? Everyone's your brother?”

Du-du: "Woo, you scolded me, I cry too!"

Wu Guo and the two dads who heard: "..."

Yan Mo interrupted his sons. After being funny, he continued to try to release his kindness and entice the child to say what they thought. "Sumen, baby, come on, tell Uncle Mo what are you sad about? Only when you say it, uncle Mo knows what you think. Darling, don't be afraid to say it. No matter what it is, uncle Mo will support you. If you really don't want uncle Mo to use you, then Uncle Mo won't use you. When will your tribesmen find you?”

"... No." Suddenly two words came out of the child.

"Huh? No?” Yan Mo's voice softened and he patted the little White-Horn boy on the back to relax him

"Don't send me away, woo... "

Yan Mo froze again. What do you mean? “Don't you want to go back to your White-Horn clan? Don't you want to be a great three eyed witch?”

Little White-Horn boy shook his head hard and sobbed out his biggest wish at present: “I, I want to go to the Jiu Yuan with you, Jiu Feng promised I am. Uncle Mo, don't throw me away. I'll be obedient... "

Yan Mo was embarrassed. His heart is so soft at the moment.

Yuan Zhan looked at Yan Mo's face and thought: it's over, the little White-Horn boy seems to want to longer.

Jiu Feng was shocked. “Mo Mo, you're going to throw out Sumen? Why?”

Yan Mo wanted to hit Jiu Feng's little xss so much that he couldn't help wanting to cry: "Who said I would throw him away. You... Do you know what Sumen's third eye stood for? If we let people know that Sumen is here, I'm afraid it's not a matter of whether we take him back or not, but whether the Horn-people let him go. "

Sumen touched the eyes on his forehead and gently rubbed it “...Uncle Mo, can you dig it out? IF I do that can I come to the Jiu Yuan with you?”

Yan Mo's heart vibrated. Although 90% of Sumen said this because he didn't understand how important his third eye was, it was obvious that going to the Jiu Yuan in his heart was more attractive to him than staying to be a great witch, which was not so much fun.

Sumen looked up at Yan Mo with begging eyes.

Yan Mo looked at the White-Horn's complicated eyes, which were a mixture of innocence, ignorance, fear, despair and hope, and his decision was shaken.

"Don't talk nonsense! Don't talk about digging your own eyes again. Don't even think about it! You are not allowed to hurt yourself, not only in your eyes, but in any other part!” Yan Mo smiled. He was afraid that the child would do something irreparable. He quickly dismissed all his thoughts. At the same time, he asked seriously, “You really don't want to stay in the White-Horn clan temple?”

The little White-Horn boy's eyes brightened, his face returned, and he shook his head without hesitation.

"Well, if you really hope so, I will take you back to the Jiu Yuan, and you will be my little apprentice in the future." Yan Mo makes a sorry look at Yuan Zhan, and the plan will change again.

For Yuan Zhan it doesn't matter. Yan Mo has Yan Mo's plan, and he also has his plan.

The little White-Horn boy didn't understand what an apprentice was, but when Yan Mo heard his words, he automatically connected the apprentice with his son. Is uncle Mo going to leave with him? Won't send him away again? Won't someone lock him up again?

The little White-Horn boy asked awkwardly.

Yan Mo gave him an angry smile and bopped his little nose, "Not a little bit, but I'm afraid that when you grow up, you will regret giving up your present identity and come back to the Jiu Yuan with me. Then if you should dare to make trouble with me on this excuse, and be careful or I wil beat your xss!"

“Poof!" a big snot bubble came out of the little White-Horn boy's nose.

Three wicked little people laughed together.

The little White-Horn boy was so ashamed that his tears began to fall again.

Yan Mo has no choice but to take him. He is afraid that the paper will hurt him. He specially found out a cotton towel, which Yuan Zhan wet with water, and then wipes his face.

"Well, stop crying and your eyes will swell. I never said I would throw you away. I just hope I can give you a better life and make use of your identity by the way. How can you cry like I'm going to sell you? Alas, they are all for the ancestors! I just find myself a bunch of ancestral servants when I'm free!”

Wu Guo is proud. He thinks he must be the first great ancestor!

The little White-Horn boy was born sharp. He could not tell who was good to him and who was bad to him, but his heart was clear. He held out his short hand and held around Yan Mo's neck. The child was quiet by nature. Even if he was excited, he would not show much. He would not even cry loudly.

"Uncle Mo......"

"Call me Shifu later. Little ancestor, what's up?”

Little White-Horn boy wanted to laugh and cry. He held Yan Mo's neck, and his eyes were covered with tears. He smiled a little. Slowly, he lowered his head, relaxed his whole body, and put all his weight on the person holding him.

The child put his forehead against Yan Mo's neck, felt the softness and warmth, and suddenly felt very relieved.

Yan Mo was helpless and said to Yuan Zhan, "What should I do next? Are we ahead of time?”

Yuan Zhan picked up the little Feng and walked side by side with Yan Mo. "Now that you're here, let’s go see them before you leave. Sooner or later we will have to meet them."

Yuan Zhan's words are obscure, but Yan Mo understands that no matter whether Sumen wanted to go back or not, the White-Horn can't be given up on. Now, the little White-Horn boy is in favor of them. It's also a matter of time before he talks about the conditions with the little White-Horn boy.

Yan Mo tapped the White-Horn. "Sumen, you are still young. I don't know how important your identity is to the White-Horn, but I can't cheat you because you don't understand. I hope that before you go back to the Jiu Yuan, you will learn more about your identity and importance. If you still want to leave with us at that time, I can give you a guarantee that Shifu will take you away as long as you want to leave with us, no matter what price to pay. "

Little White-Horn boy's little face rolled around Yan Mo's neck. He likes uncle Mo. In Shifu's arms, he hopes to walk like this every day in the future.

Yan Mo sighed in his heart, this is another child who lacks love. Thinking of this, he suddenly looked at Yuan Zhan and joked, "Do you think he is very similar to you?"

Yuan Zhan slapped him on the butt and whispered quickly, “Don’t say that nonsense! I'm the one who makes you cry at night. Do you think I've cried?" then he turned around and ran away.

Yan Mo chased behind angrily, "Stop! What nonsense to say in front of the children!”

Jiu Feng laughed, "Run, run! We are going to be overtaken!”

The little White-Horn boy raised his head and wanted to encourage Shifu to catch up. He said he couldn't speak out. He could only hold his fist tightly and cheer for Shifu in his heart.

The little White-Horn boy also felt that his happy mood was always easy to be infected, and his smile became a little bigger.

Two big, two small four the Hornless-men chased happily on the steps of the temple. The worshippers looked at them one after another: where is this savage from? What a shame!

Oh, the clothes of the four have been changed back to normal.

Seeing Temple guards coming to trouble them, Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo immediately slowed down and infiltrated the crowd.

The four were stopped at the entrance of the temple because the Hornless-men were not allowed to enter the temple for worship without special permission.

"Oh, that's it." Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan said at the same time.

After stepping down, Yan Mo asked, "Does the ban inside affect you?"

Yuan Zhan shook his head. “A little. I feel there is protection in it. It may be a little difficult to walk underground, but just give me a little time... "

Yan Mo smiled. "Don't bother. You forgot my willpower. I can pray for us to pass through. "

Yuan Zhan nodded first, then suddenly thought of something, turned around and laughed at his wife: "Did you also forget that your willpower can let us in now?"

Yan Mo opened his mouth and quickly complained: “It's all your fault!"

They turn around again, holding the baby.

This time, the guards at the outer gate of the temple did not stop four people. In their eyes, the four people were the White-Horn-people.

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan entered the White-Horn clan temple with two small children.

Now that they are here, how are they going to find the three eyes witch of the White-Horn clan?

The little White-Horn boy and Jiu Feng, out of curiosity, both opened their eyes to see the magnificent decoration in the temple.

"Stop, two. From here on, no one can go further without the permission of the temple servant or the great witch." A White-Horn the temple-servant came out of nowhere, and suddenly stopped two big and two small paths.

Meanwhile, the White-Horn clan Duke Sami, who had been back to the King’s City party as soon as possible, was reporting to the chief, the elder and the Great Witch Alain what he saw at the party.

“I have reliable information that the two Hornless-men who appear in the palace are probably the witch and his warrior who gave the prescription for the disease treatment." Said the Duke Sa Mi.

"Oh? Someone confirmed their identity?” The chief, Qiu En, asked.

The Duke Sa Mi nodded affirmatively, "The people who attended the Palace Banquet happened to be one of the Wuqian city witch, but he didn't see the two people in person. He only guessed the identity of the two people from the height of the warrior and the special mark on his face."

"How did the Wuqian City witch leave?" the elder asked strangely.

The Duke Sa Mi said with a smile, “I heard that the temple of Wuqian city and the City Lord seized power, and finally since the temple failed. They used the main excuse for the Wuqian city to replace the witch because he failed to play a role in the prevention and control of the disease. This time, the Wuqian city witch was chased back here. He attended the Palace Banquet, probably to find a bribery relations and to save face. Because I met the witch twice before, and helped his only son once. I talked with him for a while before thats why I knew it.”

“If he can tell you about it, he will tell others about it." The chieftain of Qiu En stood hand in hand.

"Well, he didn't leave before I left. Maybe he wanted to exchange this message with the Duke Modun or King Nier."

"The identity of the two Hornless-men should be put aside first," said the Great Witch Alain. "You just said that the two Hornless-men had two children?"


"What's special about those two children?"

"Here..." The Duke Sa Mi was slow for a while before he replied, "This is also the strangest thing for me. At that time, I saw the two children clearly, but later, including now, I can't remember the appearance of the two children."

The Great Witch Alain stood up.

“Great witch?!"

"What are the ages of the two children?"

“I don't remember very well. One is relatively small and the other is about seven or eight years old." Sa Mi is sorry, “I can't see the detailed age of the children of the Hornless-men."

"Duke Sa Mi, I want to trouble you with one thing." The Great Witch Alain is kind.

"The Great Witch, please."

“Please send someone to check the details of the two Hornless-men and the two children. I want to know where they came from, what they did, when they entered the Xuanyu City, how many people they took and what they did after they came in. In short, the more detailed the news, the better.” The great switch Alain heart gave birth to an illusion that he suddenly felt that since he mentioned the two hornless children, he had felt that the scent of the new witch was getting closer and closer to him.

The Duke Sa Mi was gladly to do as ordered.

"There's another thing." This time it wasn't the Duke Sa Mi, but an advanced level the temple-servant.

"What is it?" they all looked at him.

"Someone is asking about a Master level Bone Sculptor, saying that the name of the Master level Bone Sculptor is Zan-Bu.” When the advanced level temple-servant said the name of Bone Sculptor, he looked up at the Great Witch Alain.

"Who's Zan-Bu?" the chief and the elder still asked.

“Pa!" the Great Witch Alain stumbled over a wide stone chair, taking a step backwards.

At this time, a servant outside reported: "Great Witch, chief, Da-Ren, there are people asking for help outside, saying they know the whereabouts of the new Great Witch."

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