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Banished to Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 497: Freely giving Sumen?

Chapter 497: Freely giving Sumen?

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When two hornless young men and two hornless children came into the meeting hall, the people in the hall watched them for a long time without speaking.

It's reasonable to say that the strange and unknown the Hornless-men couldn't have seen so many Masters, even if they said they knew the whereabouts of the new witch.

But the four men didn't get the guards' attention until they came to the door of the meeting hall and said hello to the guards.

When the servant was in charge of the report, the temple guards who came after the news surrounded the four people.

If these four people were stopped at that time, they would not be able to see the Great Witch Alain immediately.

But! There are only four people in obviously, including two children, who don't wear any bone armor. So many guards and the temple-servant didn't stop them!

No one can get close to them within two meters. All the guards, the temple-servant, are blocked by a layer of invisible things two meters away. But because of what they said, no one dared to do anything to them easily, they only chose to surround them.

The most terrible thing is that the two Da-Ren suddenly disappeared for a short time, and when they reappeared, their clothes had all been changed.

What's more, two hornless youths, surrounded by guards, even have leisure to change clothes for two children.

And once the clothes were changed, the four ordinary pariahs have become four unattainable nobles.

As the four went further, the guards stepped back, when they turned to see that the guards had already stepped back, and the Great Witch Alain, who saw the event, opened his mouth in person and let the four into the meeting hall.

The first thing Yan Mo saw when he came in was the Great Witch Alain sitting at the top. The Great Witch Alain was not young as it was said. His hair was white and loosely tied behind his back, but his face still looked like a middle-aged man, with a good complexion and no sign of aging.

In addition to the Great Witch Alain, there are many White-Horn clan people in the audience, sitting in the lower seat in two columns. Apart from the Duke Sa Mi who has been to the Palace Banquet, Yan Mo still has a little memory of him. He doesn't know anyone else, but seeing that all these people can sit in the chair and talk to the Great Witch Alain, he thinks their status will not be lower.

Sumen has come down from Yan Mo's arms. The child tightly held Yan Mo's clothes corner and looked at the White-Horn-people in the conference hall with a blank expression. The child saw the white sharp corner on their head most.

Jiu Feng was told not to be naughty. He only looked at this one for a while, and then at that one again.

Silent silence is also a kind of inferior power. Unfortunately, Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan, two talented people, are brave and bold. They walk everywhere as if they walk into their own home. Let alone just a few people stare at them and don't speak, or they would beaten up as soon as they come in, and they would have beaten back at most.

“I heard that the Great Witch Alain is in this hall. I think it's you." Yan Mo felt the tension from Sumen, and broke the silence step by step. He smiled at the Great Witch Alain on the top and made an etiquette of the Jiu Yuan, “Gods Above, the Jiu Yuan's Priest Mo and warrior Da Zhan bring greetings from the people of the Jiu Yuan to the Horn tribesmen on the western continent. May the Great Witch Alain live a long and healthy life."

“God Pan’a, may you and your Jiu Yuan people be forever in good health.” The Great Witch Alain sat quietly and said with a smile, “Maybe I haven't left the Luolan city for a long time, and I haven't heard of such a city or tribe as the Jiu Yuan?"

Yan Mo expected that he would ask, without any concealment: "We come here far away, far away."

"Oh? How far is it?” The White-Horn clan chimed in with Qiu en.

No one looked down on them because of the Hornless-men identity of the four, not to mention their ability to come here, or their gorgeous clothes whose materials hasn’t been seen, and no one dares to look down upon them.

Yan Mo was very satisfied with what people were looking at - sure enough, it's right to change clothes. Although strength is very important, packaging is also necessary.

Yan Mo turned to the chief Qi En and said, "Since I'm here today, I'm not going to hide my identity. My warriors and I are from the east continent."

Everyone in the room was speechless and then shocked.

Although no one makes or shouts something out of a state of gaffe, it's true that several people exchanged looks quickly. Looking at some people's expressions, it seems that they are doubting whether they have just heard wrong.

The atmosphere in the hall became tense.

Yan Mo looked around at the people's faces and smiled, "No doubt, you didn't hear me wrong. We really come from the eastern continent, right, and the continent you are sending people to attack."

Chieftain Qiu En, held on to the armrest of the chair.

Others seem ready to fight and waited for an order.

The Great Witch Alain, however, leaned back in a relaxed way and said softly, “It's really discourteous. It turned out to be a distinguished guest from afar. Please take a seat."

The Great Witch Alain is now in a good mood. He was shocked by so much today that he calmed down. As for the great Bone Sculptor Zan-Bu mentioned by the temple-servant just now, it's probably some arrogant person who used the name of ancient saints. After all, time has passed too long. Many saints' names, especially their White-Horn clans' names, have been intentionally and unconsciously forgotten by the other two groups in the long history.

The servant quietly moved four solid wooden chairs to Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan.

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan sat down side by side, and the little White-Horn boy also sat upright to the left of Yan Mo. Jiu Feng refused to sit alone and had to squeeze together with the little White-Horn boy.

Sumen saw that the adults didn't stop him. He was willing to sit with Jiu Feng and gave him half the seats.

The Great Witch Alain's eyes fell on the two children, and there was no turning away.

The Conference Hall fell into silence again, but this time it was caused by embarrassment. Alain, Qi En and others have made various guesses about the identity of these Hornless-men, but the furthest thought is that they are from the Demon Abyss, and they are from the eastern continent!

Alain and other people do not want to keep this silence. They are not without questions. On the contrary, they are full of questions, but many of them are not suitable to be asked right away.

For example, "When did you come here? What do you want to do here?” And so on.

"The servant told me that the four distinguished guests knew the whereabouts of our new born witch?" the chieftain of Qi En weighed it again and again, and asked the most concerned question.

The Duke Sa Mi is a little worried that the newcomers have already identified themselves, and the Horn-people are attacking the eastern continent now. However, their enemies say that they know the whereabouts of their new great witch, which is not good for the White-Horn clans in anyway if they decided to use that information to threaten them.

Other people are in the same mind, but the new witch is so important to them. How can they let it go?

The Great Witch Alain also Mo asked about the same question of the tribe chief Qi En.

Yan Mo nodded simply, "Yes, I know."

Chief Qi En stood up, "Where is our new born witch?"

The little White-Horn boy lowered his eyes. He understood Shifu's practice. Before he came in, Shifu told him how important his identity was to the White-Horn clan. He said that after he knew everything with his own eyes, if he wanted to go back to the Jiu Yuan with them, he would take him back no matter what price he paid.

Instead of looking at the White-Horn, Yan Mo said with a good smile, "Don't worry, I know that the new three eyed witch is very important to you. I just inquired outside. It's said that you, the White-Horn clan, are only left with the Great Witch Alain, while the other two races still have three eyed future witches?"

Qi En didn't answer, and Yan Mo didn't need it. If he heard something wrong or inferred it wrong, it's very important. Qi En will definitely refute him.

The Great Witch Alain raised his hand and the chieftain of Qi En slowly sat down.

“Priest Mo, May I call you that?"

"Of course."

"Since you have known the importance of the new born three eyed witch to our clan, and you seem to have got the exact information about the newborn witch's whereabouts, and you have come to see us in the temple, can I guess that you have some requirements for us?"

“If I said I didn't, would you to believe it?"

"No request?" the Great Witch Alain smiled more kindly. "Of course I would like to believe you, so can I see your sincerity?"

Yan Mo smiled more amiably, more like a good man who didn't ask for anything, and uttered two words very simply: "OK."

The Great Witch Alain couldn't help but feel a little excited no matter how steady he was. Other people, let alone all of them, leaned forward.

"Since you are sincere, can you tell us where our new witch is?" one of the elder couldn't help saying.

Yan Mo reached for the little White-Horn boy. “He is far away, yet he is near. This is the new born witch you are looking for and looking forward to. "

All eyes in the hall were on Sumen.

Little Sumen's sweat is all over his body, and he grabbed Jiu Feng's paw.

Jiu Feng's eyes were all over the lace, and he glared back at the people fiercely. At the same time, his mouth was threatening: "What are you looking at! You're freaking out Sumen! I'll poke your eyes if you look again!”

The Great Witch Alain stared at Sumen and doesn't speak. The others look different.

The elder scolded angrily: "The Hornless-men in the east, are you cheating us! That is a hornless child!”

"Oh, look at me!" Yan Mo said vaguely, clapping his forehead.

And the last syllable of his singing just came out, "Shua!" and "Hula!" all the White-Horn-people who were sitting stood up.

The Great Witch Alain is no exception.

The appearance of the older horn child has changed! All the hidden features are revealed.

The Great Witch Alain just looked at Sumen and had doubts. Although Sumen didn't use his soul power, he was so close, and the children could not hide their soul power fluctuations. As a three eyed witch, Alan felt the difference in this child.

If it wasn't for what he saw in his eyes and what he felt, he would have been able to confirm the identity of Sumen.

Now it's not just Sumen, but also the real appearance of Jiu Feng.

Seeing a pair of little guys with small wings and three golden feathers on their heads behind them, the White-Horn clans were not surprised. Their spirits were all attracted to Sumen.

The center of forehead seems to have the third eye, the short white sharp corner in the middle of the head. It's hard to fake these two features!

The Great Witch Alain took a deep breath, took something out of the bone objects, walked to Sumen in person, stooped, and said to him kindly, "Don't be afraid, kid, I will never hurt you, will you try to touch this bone?"

Yan Mo's eyes were attracted by the bone. He saw that the shape of the bone was similar to the shape of the Bone Inheritance he had seen for the first time. It was a skull, and there was an egg shaped black yuan-crystal embedded in the sharp corner.

Likeness! That's too much similar.

Is this also a bone object that records the inheritance?

The little White-Horn boy turned to look at Yan Mo, his expression was blank, and his eyes begged, "Shifu..."

Yan Mo rubbed his head, "Don't be afraid, Shifu is here, no one will hurt you. It should be just a thing to verify your identity, and they are your tribesmen, and they won't hurt you. Just touch it."

The little White-Horn boy had the guts to reach out.

All the White-Horn clans were angry and shocked that their new born witch would listen to one of the Hornless-men, but they were eager to know whether the children in front of them were really new born witch, so they did not care about other things for the time being.

“Pa!" with one claw, Jiu Feng clapped out Sumen's small hand, and his claw took the lead to put on the skull.

It's so unexpected. The White-Horn clans don't know what to say when they see that Jiu Feng is a child. On the contrary, Yan Mo is nervous. He doesn't even have time to shout the words "Don't touch".

Jiu Feng's little paw has been attached to the skull.

However, the skull didn't respond. It didn't recognize the identity of Jiu Feng or attack him.

Yan Mo breathed out a breath of air, he slapped the back of Jiu Feng's head across the Sumen, and smiled and scolded angrily: “It's ridiculous. I know you are worried about Sumen, but this thing is how the White-Horn clan used to verify identity. It doesn't hurt the White-Horn clan, but it doesn't mean it doesn't hurt other races. Young Master Jiu Feng, can you ask before touching this thing next time... Ask me?”

Jiu Feng was slapped and he didnt feel any pain. He didn't think he was wrong at all. He said proudly, “I'm not afraid of a bone!"

Jiu Feng's proud small appearance is too cute, and it's out of the action of protecting Sumen. Not only the Great Witch Alain didn't think it was disobedient, but other White-Horn executives also laughed.

Sumen looked at Jiu Feng and doesn't want to be separated from him.

Yan Mo's eyes flashed with laughter.

With the action of protecting friends, the atmosphere in the meeting hall has also become more relaxed.

When Sumen reaches out his hand again, everyone is as nervous and expectant as before, but there is no sense of “As soon as you have determined your identity, I can rob people immediately".

Finally, Sumen's little hand touched the skull.

The Great Witch Alain let it go.

And just as Sumen's little hand touched the skull, it lit up a soft white light.

The Great Witch Alain's eyes glowed with joy.

Before the elder jumped up, the child cried out happily, "Come on! Light up! Ha ha ha! God has not forsaken us, he has not forsaken us!”

“Putong!" someone knelt down in the hall and exclaimed excitedly, “Pan'a God Above! Thank God for his blessing!”

“It's really our new born witch!" the most loyal servants, who were supposed to be silent and responsible for the servants, were all red eyed and knelt down to thank God for their kindness.

Although Qi En and Sa Mi didn't kneel down, they were very excited. They had been looking forward to a new witch for a long time. They had been waiting for so many years and were almost desperate. Now it's no exaggeration to say that they are in such a desperate mood.

The Great Witch Alain's breath was shaking. He looked at Sumen as if he saw a treasure of the world.

The soft white light is still spreading, gradually covering Sumen’s whole body.

Yan Mo noticed that Sumen's eyes were open at first, but his eyes were closed soon after the light came out, and his hands were not released from the skull. That's how the Great Witch Alain watched Sumen continue to contact the skull.

From the actions of the Great Witch Alain and the White-Horn clans, Yan Mo can be sure that the light should be harmless to Sumen, and maybe beneficial.

Seeing that Sumen was shrouded in white light, Jiu Feng worried about him and reached out to pull him out.

Fortunately, Yan Mo had been on guard for a long time. He had left the chair and walked to Jiu Feng. When he saw that, he immediately lifted the little guy out of the chair and held him in his arms.

Jiu Feng turned around. “Mo Mo, Sumen is going to be swallowed by the white light!"

"No, he should be receiving the most preliminary inheritance."

"Oh." Since he’s receiving an inheritance, there's nothing to worry about. Jiu Feng's attention immediately turned. He was about to go to Yuan Zhan, and he still wanted to find a mate among the two baby fruits.

Hearing Yan Mo's words, the Great Witch Alain turned to look at him in surprise.

"How long does it take?" Yan Mo asked

“It depends on the child's endurance." The Great Witch Alain even replied, "Every three eyes witch has different time to accept the inheritance, but the person who first contacts the inheritance will not be more difference than one corner."

"So, you the Horn-people witch, or the White-Horn born witch, don't have to stay with the witch to accept the inheritance?"

The Great Witch Alain was wary, “I'm sorry, it's a secret passed down by our witches. Even if you send our new great witches back, we can't tell you the details."

Yan Mo shook his hand and smiled, "Don't be so nervous. I won't rob him from you since I sent him back. I've been in contact with the child for a while and I like him very much. You hope he's going well. I'm the same. In short, I respect all the wishes of the child according to his own meaning."

For some reason, the Great Witch Alain always felt like he had something to say. He was just about to ask for details.

“I hope you do what you say." The Great Witch Alain hasn't spoken yet, said the Duke SaMi first.

Yan Mo sneered, "Do you want me to swear?"

Seeing that the atmosphere is going to be unpleasant again, the Great Witch Alain immediately interrupts, "Dear Priest Mo, you have sent back our new born witch. On behalf of the White-Horn family, I would like to express my highest thanks to you. In the future, you and your warriors will be the most honorable guests of the White-Horn clan!"

“I dare not. I, the Jiu Yuan, also welcome the White-Horn tribesmen, who likes peace and has a kind nature, to visit.” Yan Mo returned politely.

In this interruption, the Great Witch Alain also put the mistake he just felt behind his head for the time being. Anyway, Sumen is beside him and in the temple. Are many of them afraid of two of the Hornless-men robbing them?

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