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Banished to Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 498: An Enemy or benefactor?

Chapter 498: An Enemy or benefactor?

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The Great Witch Alain looked after Sumen and beckoned the servant to serve on the guest.

The atmosphere in the meeting hall was completely relaxed. The White-Horn tribesmen felt as if they had a lot of vitality, and that sudden vitality could come to them even if they didn't speak.

Chieftain Qiu en took the initiative to receive guests and entertained Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan with a smile. Now the White-Horn clan on the scene saw that, and they had stopped treating them as enemies. Qi En also praised Jiu Feng, saying that he was a good boy who knew how to protect his friends at such a young age, and gave him a small bone dagger.

The Great Witch Alain was very happy to see the conversation between Qi En and Yan Mo, smiling on his face, but he was in a dilemma. If Yan Mo put forward some requirements before exposing Sumen's identity, he would be easy to deal with, but he would be really embarrassed if he didn't ask for anything.

Even if the two didn't return to the new witch, they could only look at the two people as extraordinary Hornless-men on the basis of their ability to wear such a suit, their extraordinary insight and strong ability to bloom, and their coming from different continents. No matter what position the Hornless-men had in the west and in the eyes of the Horn-people, they could not only look at them as ordinary Hornless-men. What's more, they have sent back their new born witch without any request!

But because of this, the Great Witch Alain had a headache. If people don't reciprocate, can they do nothing? Of course, they are not so brazen, but how can they repay them?

If it's just the ordinary Hornless-men, it's easy to deal with. Give land, food, bone objects, and some shelter. It's enough for the ordinary Hornless-men to be grateful. But the problem is that people are not ordinary Hornless-men, and the place they come to has a lot of problems. That is the eastern continent that is being attacked by the Horn-men.

Not to mention how sad the Great Witch Alain was, the loyal servants moved quickly. In a few minutes, each person who was qualified to sit in the meeting hall had a wooden case with seasonal fruits and clean water on it.

Yan Mo smelt a smell of milk, picked up a jug with his hand and looked at it. He found that it was an icy bone jug that could automatically keep cold and warm things inside this jar there was a pot full of fresh milk of unknown animals.

The arrangement of the seats hasn't changed, and no one dares to touch Sumen's.

The Great Witch Alain said that people should not disturb Sumen when they spoke, and the voice in the hall decreased.

"There's one thing I want to you to know.” The Great Witch Alain went back to the main seat and sat down, opening his mouth thoughtfully. Sumen is just opposite him. He can see the changes of the child clearly.

Yan Mo poured a cup of cold milk for himself and Yuan Zhan respectively, and raised his head: "What's the matter?"

“About the Horn-people's attack on the eastern continent,"the Great Witch Alain hesitated a little, but when his eyes fell on the white light enveloped Sumen, he finally made up his mind and said without hesitation: “In fact, the White-Horn clan did not participate."

Yan Mo replied, "Oh?"

The White-Horn top guys always feel that it's a little unnatural to face the bitter Masters or those who have great kindness to them.

Qi En didn't want their Great Witch Alain to lose his identity. He said: “I'm not afraid of two guests' ridicule. My White-Horn clan refused to participate in the war and asked King Nier and the Red-Horn clan, Black-Horn clan, who supported the foreign war, seem to have a lot of opinions on us. They didn't even let my White-Horn clan high-level participate in many meetings later."

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan look at the other person.

Qi En is also making eye contact with the Great Witch Alain, and soon promised to Yan Mo: “Our the White-Horn clan, are not cold-blooded people who don't want to repay for the return our new born witch. As the White-Horn clan, I can assure them that as long as I am the White-Horn clan leader, I will never send anyone to participate in the war between the other two groups and the eastern continent. "

Yan Mo sneered in his heart. What a sly promise! He would have thought that if the White-Horn clans were good, then they would say, hello, everyone, be a gentle and polite man, and have a gentleman's friend.

But the fact tells him that the White-Horn clan may be much gentler than the black-Horn and red-Horn but their overall position in the matter is consistent with all the Horn-people, and like the other two, they look down upon the Hornless-men from the root.

Thinking of this, Yan Mo plans to trim a little bit, but he doesn't give face to Qiu en. He smiled on the spot, but with a gentle and approachable tone: “I thought you White-Horn clan were gentle in nature and didn't like war, so you didn't want to fight, but is it really because of our kindness that you gave up participating in the war? Thank you very much. However, if you want to join the war one day, don’t you just need to just change the clan leader?”

Chieftain Qi En and other senior officials are in a mess. Isn't the priest sharp?

Qi En is the most embarrassed. On the surface, he said it with awe inspiring dignity. In fact, he still had a little fooling mentality in his heart. He didn't want to be fooled at all, but he showed it in person.

Yan Mo still smiled, "Ha ha, your Horn-people are really smart. No wonder you developed bone objects ten thousand years ago and almost dominated the whole east continent. Unfortunately, the land has changed in turn for 30 years of causing troubles. Now the eastern continent is dominated by all intelligent races. In those days, they and we, the Hornless-men, were able to drive the greedy Bone Sculpting People out of the eastern continent. Now, naturally, here they can also protect their Masters and drive out the invaders. After all, if they relax a little bit, the creatures who are free and happy will become a variety of bone object materials."

Yuan Zhan looked at Yan Mo with questions: didn’t he say that he wanted to "conquer people with virtue"? How do you begin to be sarcastic?

Yan Mo blinked at him: if you annoy them, you take away their pretense.

Yuan Zhan: "Okay."

On the other side, they were feeling embarrassment, shame, anger

When the veil was torn off, the White-Horn-people didn't know what to say to reply to the other person. If they didn't have a favor for them, they would have taught the "enemy" a lesson. But now the irreverent Hornless-people just sent them a big favor. The White-Horn executives are really standing, sitting and suffering in silence.

The strange atmosphere pervaded the meeting hall.

Yan Mo wanted to sober these people up completely, so that they won't talk to him with that shitty nobler than thou attitude of the Horn-people.

"Or do you think the creatures in our east continent are very weak? Think we are sending you a new witch today to please you?” Yan Mo laughed, clearly and angrily, but the laughter was very clear." then the priest said that you don't need to repay anything, but you use words to evade, use what you didn't intend to do in the first place as a reward we should be grateful for, and play with me and my warriors as ignorant fools. This is the attitude of the White Horn clan to repay their benefactor?”

Chieftain Qiu en stood up and wanted to interject: “I don't mean that, I..."

"You guys!" Mo Da-Ren the first laughed and opened up, "Why? Do you think that the new witch you've been looking for so long just happened to meet me? In addition, if I remember well, that one theren should have been to the summit palace banquet last night. Do you think A-Zhan and I are weak compared with you?”

The Duke Sa Mi smiled bitterly and did not know how to answer.

“Besides," Yan Mo paused, "Do you dare to run to our eastern continent and make trouble? Can't our eastern continent make troubles your western continent? Let me think, A-Zhan, how long did it take us to get from our east to the west?”

Up to now, Yuan Zhan, who has been restraining himself, replied: "One day."

"Hey!" if there is a suitable onomatopoeia on the face, it is probably the word.

The Great Witch Alain and the chief Qiu en thought that they were quiet, and they could keep their normal expression even when they were pulled off the veil, but now the blood on their faces had betrayed their true feelings.

One day! From the east to the west? How could it be?!

Yan Mo slapped Yuan Zhan, “A-Zhan, you scared people. One day is only the speed of a few of us. If it's a big army, it will take half a month. By the way, how long have we been here?”

Yuan Zhan: “Almost three months."

Yan Mo nodded, "Well, three months ago, the people who need to be mobilized should be almost mobilized."

What does that mean?!

The White-Horn clan, such as the Great Witch Alain, the Qiu en, and so on, stared at Yan Mo.

The Great Witch Alain motioned to Qi En not to speak for a moment, and he asked himself, “Listen to the meaning of Priest Mo, your warriors from the East have already gathered in the west?"

Yan Mo smiled, but doesn't answer, and forcibly changed the topic: “In fact, you White-Horn clan still share some origins with me. I once mistakenly entered an ancient site in a huge cave, where I got the recognition of some ancient souls, and then got a precious inheritance. All my bone objects refining knowledge came from there."

The Great Witch Alain combined the hearsay with what Yan Mo said: the Hornless-men who took part in the bone objects contest who is likely to reach a 10th rank or more and can make healing bone objects, named Zan-Bu as his Master level Bone Sculptor teacher...

"You have obtained our clan's bone sculpting heritage!" this sentence is not a question, but an affirmation.

Yan Mo sighed a little, “I once promised one of the ancient souls who had not yet fallen asleep that if I had the chance, I would teach the Horn-people the bone sculpting that I got, preferably the White-Horn clan, which is one of the reasons why I came here across the ocean."

He said the name of Zan-Bu in the first place with the intention of testing them if they knew the name. Now, looking at the expression of the Great Witch Alain, the other side should have known that someone is looking for a Master level Bone Sculptor called Zan-Bu, and Alain must be familiar with the name Zan-Bu, otherwise his statement will not be so sure.

The Great Witch Alain held his forehead down. He was going to faint.A huge surprise came so suddenly that he needed time to digest it.

Other people don't know how important Yan Mo's bone sculpting inheritance is to the White-Horn clan. The one who only know a little bit about it are the advanced level the temple-servant who clenched his hands. But he dare not disclose his feelings, lest Yan Mo know how important the bone sculpting inheritance is to them, which may leads to huge greed.

The Great Witch Alain had the same idea. He used his assistant's forehead position to calm his mood and make sure he didn't let out too many expressions before he raised his head.

"Do you have any good candidates? Although the ancient inheritance is precious, it is still quite different from the current bone sculpting knowledge. If you want to find someone to learn, you'd better find a young person with good talent but not fixed thinking. If you don't have a good candidate, I can recommend several of you. Of course, you will bring back the ancient inheritance of our clan, and we will give you a satisfactory thank you. "

Yan Mo smiled. Is this another hoax to the hornless people? Not to mention that they inherits the ocean like huge knowledge contained by the sleeping souls in the South Sea, not to mention that it cannot be compared with the general spiritual learning method of "Soul Sea", which is the basis of the one to 10th rank learning school, even if it is quite different from the modern Horn-people's bone sculpting knowledge, but just the four words of “Ancient Bone Sculpting Inheritance", how much spiritual significance does it have for a clan?

This is the accumulation of an entire race's culture and a nation's spiritual civilization for thousands of years. The more any ethnic group develops into later, the more it will need such a spiritual pillar. It represents the root and the starting point. He didn't believe that the White-Horn clans would really ignore this heritage.

If the Great Witch Alain really knows the value of this inheritance and said so, it can only show one thing: inheritance is so important that they don't know what to use to pay back as a thank you for it, and so they can only try to fool him.

But is Yan Mo the one who can be fooled? It's good that he doesn't do the fooling!

"What you said is not urgent. Anyway, the Ancient Soul didn't set a time for me. Besides, he just held a hope. Whether it could be transmitted or not, I would have to decide myself in the end. Now for me, the most important thing is to solve the problem of your Horn-people invading our eastern continent. My warriors and I have been entrusted to fight in front of our continent. How can we make a little effect, don't you think?”

How could the Great Witch Alain not be in a hurry? But he has a steady nature, and he doesn't want Yan Mo to know the importance of the inheritance, and he can bear it. But his people, such as advanced level the temple-servant and Qi En, are so anxious that they can't help wanting to beat them up and snatching their inheritance!

Although Qi En and the elder don't know the importance of this inheritance, they just watch a Hornless-men Master the bone sculpting inheritance that should belong to them. They are not interested in any way, and they are still enemies of the Hornless-men in their positions.

The enemy, the benefactor, is still a kind enemy who speaks very unkindly and left no human face. What should they do to these two people?

The Great Witch Alain secretly signaled to his side not to be anxious and asked steadily, "What is the effect of the theory of Priest Mo? I don't think Priest Mo wanted to fight us? So what are you going to do here? If what you are going to do is not harmful to my Horn-people, maybe my tribesmen and I can help you mediate in our Horn-people."

"That's great!" Mo Da-Ren the priest turned to look very happy and said happily and thoughtfully, “I'm the priest, mainly a witch doctor, that is, treatment oriented priest. If you, the Horn-people, have a high-level problem and other therapists can't see it well, I'm willing to help. You're right. We didn't come here to fight with you. In fact, we, the Jiu Yuan people, are very similar to you, the White-Horn clan. We are all kind people who like peace and gentle nature. We're here to make friends with you, the Horn-people. You see, we came here to participate in the bone objects contest and send you back the new witch. We just want to express friendship Meaning. Let's the Jiu Yuan people think that instead of fighting for territory, we should find a way to win-win situation and make the other person's tribesmen live better!”

Yan Mo's words are somewhat unique, but his ability of speech and spirit makes everyone understand him.

“By the way, when I first came here, I happened to encounter the epidemic of plague. When I saw so many of the Hornless-men and the Horn-people dead, I felt sad. I immediately offered sacrifices to the Ancestor God and asked for the prescriptions and methods to treat and prevent the epidemic. At that time, all of them were spread out. Do you know this?"

The White-Horn executives who were present knew that not only did they know, but also because they were the main force who were good at healing, they were very clear about the results of the development of the epidemic before and after, and naturally they knew the true origin of the prescription.

“It turned out that you are the Hornless-men witch who has provided a prescription for treating the epidemic." The Great Witch Alain had a complex look.

Yan Mo didn't have the ‘you have to thank me very much’. He told everyone with his eyes: I am such a good person!

The Great Witch Alain didn't believe that people in the east would be so naive and kind-hearted. He had to work hard to cross the ocean and come to the west, not to fight back, but to save people, and to make a good relationship with the Horn-people? Are you kidding! Not even saints can't do that either.

In fact, he really helped all the creatures on the continent, including the Horn-people, who even benefited the most. Not to mention that he have now sent back the new witch of the White-Horn clan, which has brought the same important ancient bone sculpting heritage.

The Great Witch Alain has a headache growing bigger and hurting. People are so nice to you. How can you really repay and compensate them?

Alainn thought: even the cheekiest Red-Horn can't do the shameless act of turning over his face and starting a war immediately after he's accepted?

Yan Mo looked at the Duke Sa Mi with a homely look and said sympathetically: "Yesterday, when I saw the Red-Horn teenager suffering from a terminal illness through the Seeing through Tool, I still wanted to see if there was any way to cure him. Later, he sent us an invitation, and we knew that he was the youngest son of the current king Nier. We didn't want to go to the palace banquet last night, but we thought that if we could help the little highness and in return to awaken King Nier's conscience and stop the invasion of our eastern continent, we went. As a result you two, the Horn-people, especially the Red-Horn clan, are so tyrannical and bullying that they can't even let go of our children. You hit Sumen and Jiu Feng on the head with a bone spoon and then wanted to make us cut our hands."

The crowd shuddered staring at Sa Mi.

Duke Sa Mi: Everybody, can you stop looking at me with such a reproachful look? Last night, the two children concealed their true appearance! If I knew that one of them is our great witch, even without these two Hornless-men, I will beat those Red-Horn cubs to death first!

Yan Mo finished, tut twice, and touched the head of Jiu Feng sitting in his arms.

Jiu Feng looked at the White-Horn-people, and he didn't know what he was thinking. Those smart eagle eye could be naughty.

The Great Witch Alain and the White-Horn in the room really believe that the hornless priest is a good man, but is it possible? When your home is attacked, do you want to help the enemy without hating him?

"So, do you intend to treat his highness Luo Jie?" the Great Witch Alain asked.

"Yes, tomorrow is the second round of bone objects contest. We hope to compete normally. Then we can treat the little highness with some bone objects. The Great Witch Alain is welcome to join us if you are interested. This is Zan-Bu... Ah, this is also the expectation of the ancient soul. He hopes that the ancient bone sculpting techniques can be carried forward, rather than disappear in the torrent of history. "

"You want to cure his highness Luo Jie on the spot?"

"Yes. I hope I can get a promise from King Nier. "

The Great Witch Alain shook his head. “It's not me that's hitting you, but I'm afraid King Nier won't give up his plan to return to the east for many years for a son."

“We can always try." Yan Mo sighed, "Who told us that people in the East are so peace loving?"

Yuan Zhan has goose bumps all over his body.

“Daddy Mo is getting worse," Wu Guo said directly

Du-du: Don't say bad things about Dad

The Great Witch Alain thought quietly for a while and said, “If you're worried that King Nier will chase you for making a scene in the Royal Palace, I can talk to him and ask him to cancel the chase order for you. In addition, I will also convey your intention to cure his highness Luo Jie. But I can't guarantee whether King Nier will accept your terms. "

"Thanks to the Great Witch Alain, that's enough."

The Great Witch Alain has already felt the cunning of the priest in front of him. Knowing that it's impossible for him to hand over the inheritance immediately, he didn't mention it consciously, but asked another question he was very concerned about: “Priest Mo, please tell me one thing, our family has been looking for a new witch for many years, but we can't find him, where are you..."

“I'm going to ask Sumen and Jiu Feng about that." Yan Mo smiled and hugged the little Feng with great pride. "Sumen was found and rescued by our Jiu Feng. He said that at that time, Sumen was locked up, no one spoke to him, no one played with him, and Sumen could only be locked up in a small room

The White-Horn-people are all distressed. Their great witch was treated like this! How disgusting!

The Great Witch Alain was furious, too. "So do you know who turned off Sumen?"

"This...We didn't ask, and when I asked, the child not to say, he seems very afraid. When Sumen first came to us, he didn't even know how to say anything. If he didn't like Jiu Feng and played with him every day, I'm afraid he won't even say a complete word today.” Instead of asking him to identify the Duke Modun, he felt it was better to let the White-Horn ask himself from the mouth of Sumen.

The White-Horn executives trembled with rage.

Yan Mo sighed, “If you can find out from Sumen who imprisoned him, please let me know that the prisoners are so cruel. According to Jiu Feng, they completely cut off Sumen's contact with other intelligent creatures. They either want to raise him or use the child in the future. I like this child very much. If I know who that ruthless person is, I want to be angry for him. "

"Who is the one who treats our witch like this?! These demons, they want to kill us the White-Horn clan!” The elder was heartbroken.

After fighting against the imprisoned Sumen, the two sides talked about the other person's "cooperation" intention. The purpose of Qi En and others was to set up the hiding place for the bone sculpting inheritance and the warriors of the eastern continent who had gone ashore, while the Great Witch Alain expressed great interest in Yan Mo's drug refining ability. In the meantime, Yan Mo also showed off the Seeing through Tool.

The atmosphere in this meeting room was very good for a while, but if only they knew the truth.

About the identity of Yan Mo and the fact that the warriors of the eastern continent have landed here, someone has secretly passed the news.

The White-Horn clans are not belligerent, and they are also dirty with the other two groups. But they dare not hide anything about the safety of the Horn-people in the whole western continent. No one, including the Great Witch Alain, who didn’t want to be a war collaborator, was even more afraid of being accused of such a crime.

Yan Mo is kind to them, and they will try to find a way to repay them, but they will certainly not hide the bad behavior of Yan Mo to the Horn-people.

In the conversation, Yan Mo looked at Sumen, who was shrouded in white light several times, and frowned, “It's already more than a corner, isn't it?"

The Great Witch Alain was also worried. Just as he was about to walk down the throne to have a close look, the white light that enveloped Sumen suddenly went back and disappeared. It was inhaled into the skull. When all the white light was hidden in the skull, Sumen opened his eyes.

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