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Banished to Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 499: Repeated cruel blows

Chapter 499: Repeated cruel blows

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Sumen was only nine years old, but when he just opened his eyes, Yan Mo thought he saw a wise man who had gone through the years.

However, this “Illusion" flashed by quickly. When Sumen raised his hand and rubbed his eyes childishly, and then lowered his hand, her expression and eye color became consistent with his age, just like the child's appearance of waking up after a long dream.

Sumen looked down at the skull in his hand, and he sighed a little.

The Great Witch Alain came up to him and tried to stroke his head. Without dodging, Sumen raised his hand and returned the skull to Alain.

Alan didn't answer, "You keep it first. According to your spiritual growth, the inheritance of the great witch can only be taught to you several times. Until the next great witch appears, the inheritance of the great witch will be kept by you."

The Great Witch Alain thought that in the future, Sumen must stay in the temple, so whether the inheritance of the great witch is placed in him or in Sumen is the same.

Sumen thought about it, took back his skull and nodded.

The Great Witch Alain couldn't help saying: "Your soul power is very strong. You are the first one to accept the first inheritance of the great witch that can bear such a long time. My son, I'll depend on you for the rejuvenation of the White-Horn clan in the future. "

Sumen didn't answer. He was a little tired. When people outside saw him holding the Bone Inheritance and only taking through two hours, but his soul has lived in the Bone Inheritance for a long time. He saw a three eyed witch born, growing and learning. At the back, he couldn't tell who he was from the three eyed witch. When he felt confused and began to feel disgusted and wanted to get out of this state, he woke up.

It's strange that at the moment when he woke up, he seemed to remember his three eyed witch's life, but as time went by, the memory began to become vague and distant.

Sumen shook his head and wanted to be more conscious.

The Great Witch Alain reached out and wanted to take over Sumen.

Sumen turned his head and looked pitifully at Yan Mo.

The Great Witch Alain who wanted to take him over and was immediately hit with heart blow

Yan Mo smiled. The thick and warm palm covered the child's forehead and asked him in a low voice, "Do you feel tired? Is there any pain in your head?”

Sumen nodded stupidly with his fingers rubbed on temples.

Yan Mo has a deep sorrow for the situation around Sumen. When he first came out of the bone sculpting inheritance, he was also suffering from vomiting, dizziness and brain swelling. At that time, he was several years older than Sumen, and nine year old Sumen would be experiencing more suffering.

The Great Witch Alain opened his mouth and said, "Sumen, don't be afraid. You are in a normal situation. I can help you..."

Yan Mo patted Jiu Feng, asked him to fly to Yuan Zhan's arms and sit, and motioned for Sumen to sit in his arms.

Sumen immediately jumped out of the chair and climbed to Yan Mo's leg to sit.

The Great Witch Alain suffered a second serious blow!

Yan Mo nodded to the Great Witch Alain, gently massaged the acupoints on the head with thick and warm hands, and generally said: "There is a little low fever, which should be just the identity instinct reaction of overworked spirit."

After a while, he handed over a glass of clear water to the child, "Drink some water first, and then have a good sleep."

Little Sumen thought his Shifu was good. He was just so thirsty that he took Shifu's hand, held the cup and gulped a glass of water.

"Shifu, I'm still thirsty." The child turned his head and asked, not knowing that he was a little coquettish.

Yan Mo poured another glass of clear water to the child with a smile, while lamenting the power of inheritance. Look, the dull and timid child just accepted the first inheritance, and would ask for it.

However, Yan Mo is fond of this development. He likes simple children, but also wanted them to have their own opinions and judgments, rather than doing what an adult said.

Seeing the interaction between the hornless priest and their new witch, the Great Witch Alain was a little uneasy. He wanted to take the new witch out of the hornless priest's arms, but he didn't want to make his actions seem too rude and sudden.

Listen to Yan Mo saying that Sumen has a low fever. The Great Witch Alain thought he found the chance, and hurriedly said: “Let the temple-servant take care of our little Sumen. In this case, the temple-servants know the best and will give him the best comfort."

Alan turned his head and motioned for the advanced level the temple-servant to come here. The temple-servant hurriedly walked up, knelt down on one knee to Sumen, stretched out his hands and said, “Great witch, please let me take you to rest."

Sumen turned around and hugged Yan Mo's neck. He is afraid that Yan Mo will violate his previous promise to send him out, and even more afraid that the White-Horn like him will come to rob him.

The Great Witch Alain and the temple-servant: My heart hurts! Why does our great witch rely so much on the Hornless-man? God, where did you arrange it wrong?

Yan Mo tapped Sumen, "Don't be afraid. They're your tribesmen. They don't have a bad heart. Are you going to have a rest with them?”

Sumen shook his head hard and held Yan Mo's small arm around his neck harder.

The Great Witch Alain, the temple-servant and the White-Horn executives were hit by negative 10000 points at the same time!

Yan Mo was a little breathless when he was strangled. He held the child and stood up and smiled bitterly, "This child is probably afraid of being locked up. Well, it's not early. My warriors and I are leaving. As for the matters we have negotiated with you, you can think about it carefully. If you have a good idea, come to the lower city temple of Xuanyu City, which is the middle of the city."

Yuan Zhan held Jiu Feng and stood up.

The Great Witch Alain hasn't got the ancient bone sculpting heritage, how can they just leave? At this time, they thought that Sumen would stay, but now it's just the children who are making trouble.

“If you go back to the Xuanyu city now, I'm afraid it's not right. Why don't you stay at the temple of Luolan city? At least King Nier dare not come to my temple to arrest people directly?" Said the Great Witch Alain kindly.

“My warriors and I will not be afraid of the capture of some forces since we dare to come to the King’s City," said Yan Mo

“I know they must be very powerful, but don't you still have a child? Besides, our little Sumen won't be willing to be separated from you so soon. Why don't you two stay in the temple with your children?” The Great Witch Alain insisted.

Yan Mo made a face of embarrassment, “But we also have a team of the Hornless-men on the way. Although they are not from the East China, I promised guardians of their family to bring them out to see and take them back safely. If we don't go back to the Xuanyu City, I'm afraid that team will be caught by mistake."

The Duke Sa Mi interposed: "His Majesty King Nier did send someone to catch them, but according to the information I got, the Hornless-men had escaped before the warriors arrived."

"Oh? Then we have to go back.” Yan Mo knew the news last night. He even knew who had caught Xing Liu. Xi Yang, Hou Shi, Qi Hong Zi and Oldman He who had hid in the lower city in advance under his orders. Xi Yang's activities have not been in vain for a few days. At least they have found a safe new foothold.

As for Xing Liu, Yan Mo revealed some words to them for fear of the punishment of The Guide and asked them to find a place to evacuate in advance, but these people were not familiar with the place, and no one helped them. Because they were upset with Yan Mo, they look down upon his warning. Because Xing Liu can be transformed into the Horn-people, they didn't leave in time, and finally they were taken away by the people secretly sent by the Duke Modun.

The Great Witch Alain couldn't keep the two, so he had to step back. "Well, please allow me to send you to the Xuanyu City, so at least King Nier will ask me before he start to chase. Your hornless team, I will also let people to find them. "

Yan Mo did not refuse this time, and expressed his thanks.

The Great Witch Alain, the chieftain of Qiu En and others personally sent Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan to the back door of the temple. A team of temple guards came here. They will escort Yan Mo and other people to the Xuanyu city.

The Great Witch Alain reached out to Sumen. "Come on, kid. They're leaving, but don't worry. If you want to see them, you can see them anytime."

Little Sumen looked around at the Great Witch Alain and opened his mouth: “Goodbye."

He learned the word from Jiu Feng. Before Jiu Feng brought him back, he would tell him this every time he left after playing with him.

Jiu Feng followed, waving his little paws, and said softly: “Goodbye! No sent, no sent!”

The Great Witch Alain froze, and Yan Mo chuckled silently.

The Great Witch Alain couldn't understand what their new great witch was talking about, but it can be seen that Sumen didn't leave Yan Mo's arms, so he looked at Yan Mo with a headache: “Priest Mo, can you give our great witch to us?"

In order not to be misunderstood, Yan Mo stooped down to put Sumen on the ground and touched his small sharp corner. “I said, I will respect all the wishes of this child, and everything depends on his own decision. If he wants to stay to you, I will never stop him. "

They heard that before, but now The Great Witch Alain cried out in his heart. He bent down and called to Sumen kindly, "Come here, son. Don't be afraid. You will be the noblest witch of the White-Horn clans in the future. No one can hurt you anymore."

Other White-Horn executives also rushed out to seduce and tell Sumen about the benefits of being a great witch. Some people took out some precious yuan-crystalline, bone objects, fur and other things on the spot to offer to him.

When Sumen heard Jiu Feng's laughter, he looked up at him. Jiu Feng pretended to be estrange to him and motioned to Sumen to bring all the good things.

Sumen waved obediently to the advanced level the temple-servant and other people. The temple-servant and other people were very happy to see Sumen's response. They hurriedly came to him and offered their treasures.

Sumen took a look, then turned to Yan Mo, reached out and handed him: "Shifu, here."

Yan Mo smiled, "OK, Shifu, will put it away for you. You can pick it up anytime you want."

The temple-servant A: Well, anyway, Hornless-man give our great witch back, just to give him a baby, so what?

Sumen picked up another treasure. This time he didn't even look at it. He handed it to Yan Mo: "Shifu, here it is."

Yan Mo smiled again.

The White-Horn executive team were about to collapse! What's going on?! Why did their new born witch give their treasure to outsiders so easily? Don't need be so obvious when you eat inside or outside, OK! What about the little witch who wanted to beat us?

When Sumen is about to hand the third kind of huge from Chief Qi En to Yan Mo, the White-Horn executives can't help it anymore. Qi En said directly, "Sumen witch, this yuan-crystal is very precious, and the whole continent can't find such perfect, round and huge black yuan-crystal. This is the sacrifice offered by our family to the new born witch. It's our treasure. You can't give it away easily. "

"Oh, no delivery." Sumen's expression returned to the same dull look as before, "Then I will give it back to you."

Sumensimply put the huge black yuan-crystal back into Qi En's hand. Then, he turned around and took Yan Mo's hand, looked up and said wearily, "Shifu, I'm tired. Let's go."

Chieftain of Qiu en who was stuffed back with gifts: The heart is breaking!

Yan Mo stooped down, looked into Sumen's eyes, and said seriously, "Your identity is very important to the White-Horn clan. If you stay, they will be very good to you, should not shut you down, and they will punish the people who used to imprison you."

Sumen is sad, his mouth was shriveled and his eyes begin to gather tears. "Shifu, don't you want me?"

Yan Mo was afraid that the child would cry. He rubbed his forehead against the child's forehead and picked him up. “As long as you are willing to follow Shifu, Shifu will never not want you."

Sumen hugged Yan Mo's neck. This time, no matter what the Great Witch Alain said, he wouldn't even turn back.

The White-Horn executives: God! Why are you so cruel to send hope to us, and even ask us to watch him go?

No way! No one can let the witch go. What's more, Sumen witch still held their inheritance.

The Great Witch Alain regretted his death. If you know that the child would not stay, how could he not hand over such a precious inheritance to him?

Since we can't let people stay voluntarily, we can only rob him!

The Great Witch Alain looked, and the escorted temple guards dispersed and surrounded blocking Yan Mo’s path.

Several of the Great Witch Alain temple servants also stood in succession, blocking every possible exit path.

"What do you mean by this, gentlemen?" Yan Mo put up his smile.

Sumen is also getting nervous.

Yuan Zhan is still standing on the ground with Jiu Feng in his arms, not affected by the atmosphere at all.

The Great Witch Alain sounded sorry to say, "The new witch is so important to us that we can't let you take him like this."

Yan Mo sneered, “I wonder if you've made a mistake at all? Now it's not that I want to take away your great witch, it's that he doesn't want to stay. He has suffered mental injury for nine years. Now you are still in this position trying to lock him. Do you want to make Sumen distance himself from you more?”

The Great Witch Alain subconsciously looked at Sumen and was shocked to see his tired and apparently repulsive eyes.

Chieftain Qi En was also a little worried. He whispered to the Great Witch Alain, "We don't know the details of these two people. We don't know what means they have. Even if we can keep them and rob the Sumen witch, the Sumen witch is very close to them and still trusts them. If the Sumen witch hates us for this... "

The Great Witch Alain is also worried about this. He is probably the last one of all the White-Horn-people who want to make a bad impression on himself and the White-Horn, but he can't just let the two Hornless-men take away their great sorcerer. What can we do to make both sides satisfied?

Yan Mo suddenly sighed, “I know you're worried about Sumen, and I'm worried about him. I'm not lesser to you. He's your great witch and my disciple. Even if he was just an ordinary White-Horn clan, I also attach great importance to him. At the first sight of seeing this child, I intend to pass on that ancient bone sculpting heritage to him. In this way, you can send someone to follow Sumen, take care of him and protect him. The feelings of familiarity will come out. When he is familiar with you and then accepts the responsibility of inheritance and understanding himself, I think he will come back to you. But now, the more anxious you are, the more afraid he will be, which will only push him further away. "

Listen to Yan Mo decision to give the ancient inheritance to Sumen, the Great Witch Alain is very happy! He also didn't want to make things rigid, let alone let the women have any prejudice against them. Seeing Yan Mo soften and the unexpected benefits, he immediately met them and said, "That's the only way. I will send warriors and the temple-servant to protect Sumen. The inheritance of the three eyed witch is now in his hands. He will know when to accept the second inheritance. It would be better if he could accept the ancient inheritance, so that the inheritance he accepted would be more complete. "

Although he looked dull on the surface, Sumen kept the conversation of several people firmly in his mind. Today's conversation between Yan Mo and the Great Witch Alain has a profound impact on his future growth, character and position.

The child's heart deviated from the beginning, listening to their dialogue was even worse. He thinks that Shifu is really good to him, because Shifu doesn't care whether he has a third eye, but his tribesmen didn't care about him for the first nine years. When Shifu sent him back to the temple, they found that he was a new born witch in the clan so they wanted to be good to him (not really good, but to give him a yuan-crystal), and his father even wanted to be good to him because he had a third eye. He's been in prison for nine years!

Well, in fact, the idea of children is not too extreme. Yan Mo really doesn't care whether he is born to be a witch. As long as he looked at child and get along with him well, and the child happens to be the White-Horn, it has met the requirements for him to teach bone sculpting inheritance.

So far, there's a solution. For the sake of the new generation of the great witch, the inheritance of the great witch in his hand, and the inheritance of ancient bone sculpting, the White-Horn clans sent twelve God bone armor warriors of the highest level and twelve high intermediate level the temple-servant to be especially responsible for protecting and serving Sumen.

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