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Banished to Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 500: The change of Sumen and the real reason why the Horn-people attacked the eastern continent.

Chapter 500: The change of Sumen and the real reason why the Horn-people attacked the eastern continent.

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Yan Mo didn't cover up his two small children identities, plus the White-Horn clans and the temple-servant who followed them, and Sumen's new great witch identity spread to the whole Horn-people as fast as possible.

On the way, when the White-Horn clans saw Sumen and were surprised, they all fell to their knees and cried for God's blessing. Even the aristocrats were no exception.

Sumen is too small to be proud of this. Instead, he hugged Yan Mo for fear and tension.

Du Ke, who was named by the Great Witch Alain and was especially responsible for serving the new born witch, was very jealous. He wanted to get close to the witch several times, but he was rejected by the witch, which made him very sad. However, he was not discouraged because of this. Instead, he had the ambition to rob the witch of his clan.

Yan Mo and his party have just entered the Xuanyu City, and everyone who should have received the message has received it.

The Duke Modun house.

The Duke Modun stood in front of the window of the highest building in the mansion and looked out at the Xuanyu city. “I should believe you, those two Hornless-men are not simple indeed," he said with a low smile

Buhua was not proud of this, but calmly asked: “Father, those Hornless-men have a tight mouth. We can ask only a few questions. Although we can be sure that they really come from the Demon Abyss, the situation in the Demon Abyss and the identity of those two people have not yet been asked."

"What did the Hornless-men say about those two people?"

"They only said that the two Hornless-men came from the outside. They had never seen the two Hornless-men before."

"They’re not the leader of the Demon Abyss?"

"They don't admit it."

"Continue to torture them, I want to know all the deployment of the Demon Abyss, as well as the way to crack and enter the fog around the Demon Abyss."


“By the way, you'll have to get ready to meet the two Hornless-men in the name of saving their friends later."

"Yes, I am." Buhua hesitated and finally asked, “Father, where is Sumen..."

"You don't have to worry about Sumen's place. Even if the White-Horn clan know that I have hidden him for nine years, I am his own father of the White-Horn clan. I will just say that I didn't want my son to leave me. They have nothing to do to blame me."

“But Sumen..."

“Are you worried that Sumen will hate us and revenge us?"

Buhua did not deny it.

"What will he hate us for? Hate we locked him up for nine years? Did we make him eat less or drink less? Did we hit him or scolded him? Why will he hate us? Buhua, make arrangements to get the story out. "

Buhua looked up in horror, “Father?"

The Duke Modun looked out of the window with his hand in his hand. "Your mother agreed."

Buhua instantly understood his parents' plan. Once the events of that year were leaked, although the Duke Modun would be condemned to some extent, the Horn-people, regardless of their ethnic group, advocated loyalty to their partners. When they were married, they had to be in the temple or shrine, and swore in front of the statue of the Pan'a God. After they were married, very few people would look for another lover with their only partner on their back. If anyone did so, they would be greatly criticized by the public, forced to denounce that if his partner is held accountable, the local temple or temple can send the temple-servant to punish the betrayer and ask the betrayer to compensate his partner for all the losses.

Similarly, if someone seduces someone who already has a partner, he will be regarded as a blasphemer and a lowlife, and those who are serious can demand that the third person be taken to the temple and killed.

For this reason, even if the Duke Modun had some responsibility, but as the framed party, the White-Horn clan woman and her father would be look down upon, and the Sumen witch born as an illegitimate child would inevitably escape such criticism.

In other words, as long as this matter is handled properly, the Duke Modun will not be accused of abusing the son and hiding a three eyed great witch, and in turn may cause sympathy. Because according to the unwritten rules of the Horn-people, he could have killed the White-Horn clan family and their illegitimate son Sumen.

The Duke Modun can say to the public that he will keep Sumen's life and keep his existence secret, because Sumen is a born three eyed witch, he will let his mother and son live, but it is impossible for Sumen and his vile mother to return to the White-Horn in the name of three eyed Witch and three eyed witch's own mother because of the difficulty of peace of mind and considering their partner's mood.

Buhua, who had figured out all this, immediately stepped back and arranged the matter carefully. Fortunately, in order to get a letter from his wife, the Duke Modun left some physical evidence and personal evidence. Now he wanted to find these personal evidence to appeal to the three temples. And the White-Horn clan woman and her family, he should also find ways to protect and arrest her from being used by hostile forces.

The Duke Modun mansion is so busy that other forces can't watch it. The emergence of the new White-Horn clans three eyed witch is not a small matter for any of the three ethnic groups. First, the other two ethnic temples and the King’s City will send blessings and gifts to the White-Horn clans, and then the black and red clan groups will rearrange their strategic plans for the White-Horn clan future.

At first, both groups thought that the White-Horn clan was going to decline, and the strong side was certainly unwilling to let the weak side share the same power and status with it. Both the black and the red Horn clans held the meaning of suppressing the White-Horn clan to strengthen their own side, but now the new great witch of the White-Horn clan appears, which at least shows that God has not given up the clan, and the original weak White-Horn clan will therefore straighten their back again, and will not keep the attitude of murmuring in silence and self-preservation as in previous years. Now just look at the White-Horn clan who add 24 strongest protectors to the new born witch, and you can see their attention to the new born witch.

At this time, except for a few people, most of the Horn-people executives do not know the origin of Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan.

King Nier, who received the news, immediately went to see their great witch, the Red-Horn crane, who is also the highest priest of the three tribes, the priest Hu-Lian.

Hu-Lian was kneeling in front of the statue of Pan'a and praying, while Hu Qi, another great Witch of the Red-Horn clan, knelt behind him.

King Nier can't help but step lightly and stand not far behind them.

When Hu-Lian finished all his prayers, he got up slowly and walked to the couch where he used to rest. Hu Qi followed him.

"Your Majesty is here. What can I do for you?" Hu-Lian sat down on his couch.

King Nier walked out from the dark, "High priest, the enemies of the eastern continent have all gone deep into the hinterland of my Horn-people. Why didn't God give a prediction to stop this?"

Hu-Lian, “Are you blaming God?"

"Of course not. But I think the high priest will receive a little warning for such an important thing.” King Nier said he didn't know what the big crisis was before. Hu-Lian always prayed to get warning from God in advance.

Hu-Lian wasn't angry at King Nier's questioning, “And I'm wondering. Who told you that the enemies of the East had come here?”

King Nier told Hu-Lian the original message from the Great Witch Alain.

Hu-Lian was silent for a moment. “Later I will prepare the sacrifice and ask the God about it. Before that, don't do anything about the Hornless-men. "

King Nier, "You mean the Hornless-men in our mainland?"

Hu-Lian, “I know your plan, but killing the Hornless-men will not solve the future problems. You can kill the Hornless-men in the west, but what about the east? And the two continents are still a mystery to us. We don't know what intelligent creatures there are. What if there is the Hornless-men? Your majesty, remember that our enemy is not only the Hornless-men, but all intelligent species. Killing and persecution will only make a repeat the history of more than 7000 years ago. "

"So you think you can fix the problem by putting the enslavement bone on them and controlling them?"

"That's better than killing all of them. Although I don't know the number of the Hornless-men in the eastern continent, but only from our western continent, the number of the Hornless-men are obviously much more than that of other intelligent creatures. Using the Hornless-men to deal with other intelligent creatures is the most advantageous, fastest and effective way, so that we can keep the Hornless-men out of the business and other intelligence creatures. It’s the Hornless-men, not us that the intelligent species hate. "

"That's just your guess. We control the Hornless-men. The Hornless-men will deal with those intelligent species again. How can those intelligent species only hate the Hornless-men?"

Hu-Lian shook his head. "You've been a leader for too long. It's easy for you to kill whoever you want and find the person working behind you. But for most of the ordinary Horn-people and other intelligent species, they tend to focus their hatred only on the creatures they can see. Even if they know that we are the Horn-people behind the Hornless-men deaths, but before they can't reach us, they can only vent the anger of hatred on the Horn-men, and once the anger of anyone is released, it's not easy to gather again. "

King Nier is a very difficult person to be convinced, even his only partner can hardly shake what he thinks, and Hu-Lian is probably the only one who can influence him.

Hu-Lian looked at the king in front of him with soft eyes. "Your Majesty, the Horn-people are hidden behind us. If we can control the Hornless-men to do things, we can push the Hornless-men out as the culprit. We don't need to go the same way as we did more than 7000 years ago. In this attack on the eastern continent, I still think that we should let the Hornless-men play the front line, we do not have to be the leader of our Horn-men. "

“But we don't have time!" King Nier was a little grumpy.

"You have no time, not us." Hu-Lian didn't wait for King Nier to get angry, but added: “I understand that you want to unify the great intentions of the three races, but this is not something that can be done in a short time. You are still too eager."

“I'm doing it all for you!" King Nier cried out, regretting it when he cried out.

But Hu-Lian and Hu Qi didn't talk. Hu Qi lowered his head, as if he was deaf.

Hu-Lian got up, went to King Nier and sighed, “My majesty."

Hu-Lian's voice was so gentle that King Nier could not help shaking his head. He raised his hand and tried to touch Hu-Lian's face.

Hu-Lian stepped back and let King Nier's hand fail. "Your Majesty, although the only identity of the highest priest is noble position, I care more about you, and I think you understand that. I still think that instead of spending time unifying the three ethnic groups, it's better to concentrate on dealing with the Hornless-men of the Demon Abyss first, take those Hornless-men in, and then use the Hornless-men to collect magic bones in the eastern continent, and slowly takeover the territory of the eastern continent. We have enough demons and more divine demon warriors, so we have the power over the other two races. Once our power far exceeds them, they will all take the initiative to regard the Red-Horn clan as the leading clan without you forcing them to unify."

King Nier's eyes were looking a little painful, but it soon disappeared, "You said just now that only I have no time, what about you? What you said about the west continent limiting your ability and life span from air to soil. Even God is not satisfied with the west continent. You said that only when you go back to the eastern continent, find the ancient inheritance place, and accept the real inheritance of the priest, can you have the ability to be close to God and have a longer life span, and can you make mybone sculpting people more powerful. If not, why would I rush to force other two ethnic groups to attack the eastern continent together in the last year of my throne?”

“My majesty..." Hu-Lian reaches out and held King Nier's palm.

This excited King Nier, holding him tight with his hand.

Hu-Lian seemed unable to bear the intense emotion in King Nier's eyes, lowered his eyes and whispered: “I'd like to do anything for you, my majesty. You are the only king in my eyes, no one can match you. Pan'a God also gave me clear instructions. You are the most suitable king for the unification of the three ethnic groups, but don't worry, your majesty. A short concession doesn't mean anything. I've received the latest news from Witch Hu-De on the other side of the eastern continent. They have built a territory and stabilized their steps, and solved the biggest problem that made the bone objects useless there. Next, we need to do something steady, little by little stabilize our hold on the eastern continent."

"You're asking me not to compete with Modun for the throne of the next term for the time being, but to withdraw the insurance strength and focus on the eastern mainland?"

"Yes, you throw out the throne and let them fight for it, so as to dissipate the power of those forces. We hide in the dark and help those who are weak. There is no need to go all out. What we have to do is to take advantage of the strength of the other two groups, use the fastest speed to accept all the Hornless-men on the mainland, put on the enslavement bone for them, use these Hornless-men to attack the eastern continent, and try to recover our people on the eastern continent. Then we use the magic bones, yuan-crystal, and slave warriors and so on in the eastern continent to raise our strength. You don't have to worry about it here. As long as you can bring me those bloody warriors or magical intelligent creatures from the eastern continent, I can use them to extend my life. "

King Nier was thoroughly convinced, "Those two Hornless-men are obviously so-called blood warriors, and I will definitely bring them to you!"

On the other hand, Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan return to the lower city Temple of Xuanyu city with two small and magnificent places.

When the temple-servant saw them coming back, he smiled bitterly. He wanted to stop them. But when he saw Sumen and the guard behind him, he simply stood aside and let the people enter the temple to settle down.

Yan Mo still chose the small courtyard where he used to live.

Shortly after they settled down, Yan Mo was about to ask Jiu Feng to visit Xi Yang and others, when he heard that the Hornless-men claimed to be their servants and came back from the back door.

It was Oldman He who was walking.

Yan Mo felt bad when he saw only Oldman He, "Why are you alone? What about the others?” And at the same time, quickly step forward to check the other person's injuries.

Oldman He was injured, his left arm hung down and could not move. His clothes were torn in several places, and there was blood on his body.

"Da-Ren, we are exposed. The local Hornless-men betrayed us. Qi Hong Zi was caught in order to cover my escape. HouShi was grumpy and fought hard with the people of the city guard office. He was also wounded and captured. Xi Yang could have escaped, but in order to save Qi Hong Zi and Hou Shi, he took the initiative to expose that he was the Mastermind."

"What Mastermind? What's going on? Make it clear. Speak slowly. Don't worry.” Yan Mo was so worried that his face became calmer.

Influenced by his calmness, Oldman He sat in his chair and slowly said the story.

It turned out that Xi Yang and Hou Shi, in the name of the messenger of the Hornless-men sent by the Ancestor God, spread around the things that the Hornless-men also got help from the Ancestor God who sent his messenger, and actively help some poor and needy Hornless-men.

Xi Yang took a lot of drug medicines from Yan Mo. He used them to treat the Hornless-men who were ill and injured in the next city. He never collected any bone coins, but every time he treated, he asked the patients to call out the name of "Witch Mo" and thanked the Ancestor God for his gratitude to Mo Da-Ren. For those who were seriously ill or injured, he directly asked the other party to bathe in God's grace and become the servant of The Son of God Mo.

At the same time, he also explained that Yan Mo used a water dragon to attack people at the gate of the temple. But when it came from his mouth, it became that Mo, the son of God, was unwilling to hurt the Hornless-men. However, people from the city guard office were on the side, so he had to make some reactions, so he attacked everyone with the slightest water dragon and avoided the other person's injuries as much as possible.

Finally, there are many people who believe his words. After all, no one was hurt much at that time. For those who were hurt or infected with cold, Xi Yang took medicine to cure them in the name of the son of God Mo.

At the beginning, they just made a small fuss. Those Hornless-men received the favor and didn't spread it out. However, there were many Hornless-men who couldn't afford to get cure. They took the initiative to find Xi Yang and hoped to bathe God's grace and become the servant of Mo, the Son of God.

Within a few days, Xi Yang even developed this power outside the city, spreading the miracles of Mo, the son of Hornless-men God, in more villages of the Hornless-men, and the name of Pangu, the Ancestor God. Many of the Hornless-men know that the Pan'a God is only one of the gods after the Ancestor God, and the Horn-people is just one of many intelligent creatures. The Horn-people is the blood of God, and the Hornless-men are also the same. Because there are people in the Hornless-men who can inherit the blood ability, it shows that the blood of the Hornless-men are closer to the gods.

In other words, the Hornless-men are not only not born lowly, but also a nobler race than the Horn-men who claim to be of noble blood.

Because Xi Yang heard more or less Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan mention about the eastern continent, when spreading the theory that the lineage of the Hornless-men are more noble, he made the news that the life of the Hornless-men in other continents very beautiful, and the Horn-men was expelled by the Hornless-men and other intelligent creatures because of their greed and heavy killing.

When Yan Mo won the first place of the Xuanyu city life bone objects in the preliminary contest of the bone objects contest, Xi Yang vigorously spread the innate wisdom of the Hornless-men and the deliberate suppression of the Horn-people, which resulted in the situation that the Hornless-men did not have the Bone Sculptor above the advanced level.

By this time, Xi Yang's actions had reached some of the upper levels of the Horn-people, but most people didn't care.

After that, Yan Mo told several people not to do any more activities to hide, and Xi Yang took everyone to hide in the family who was most favored by them. This family is also the most loyal one among the servants of the son of God Mo.

That night, everything was OK. Xi Yang and Qi Hong Zi also ran out to inquire about the news, but the Kings City sealed the news tightly. They didn't hear anything from Xi Yang. Yan Mo asked Jiu Feng to send the news to them, so they knew a general idea.

The next day, that is, this morning, there was nothing to do, but just when they were going to retreat secretly outside the city according to the order of Yan Mo, the warriors of the city guard found their hiding place and surrounded them.

And the one who betrayed them was the family who they thought was the most loyal and provided their hiding place.

HouShi is the most irritable and angry, accusing the family that if it wasn't for Mo, the family would have died long ago, questioning why they betrayed Mo.

As a result, the family not only didn't feel ashamed, but also angrily fought back, saying that their family would be hurt by the people in the city guard's office, and the whole family would soon be killed. It was because the demon child under the hand of Mo, the false Son of God, caused the City Lord to be unhappy and arrest the hornless child everywhere. Only two children of their family were arrested, and they were wounded when they wanted to get the children back. All these are the root causes was because of the demon child!

For this reason, Mo, the false son of god, sent people to cure them, which was supposed to be, not worthy of their gratitude at all. And because their family exposed and helped the City Lord capture the demons who preached the wrong religion, the City Lord sent the children back as rewards.

Yan Mo now knows what Xi Yang has done. He doesn't mean to blame Xi Yang for making his own decisions. Even if Xi Yang has his own purpose, there are not many people who dare to do this and can do it to this level. What Xi Yang did, the ultimate beneficiary is all the Hornless-men.

Since he Yan Mo has the idea of using the local Hornless-men, he can't blame the Hornless-men here for using him to build momentum.

"Did you say that the City Guards captured them?" Yan Mo asked Oldman He.

Oldman He nodded positively.

“A-Zhan, let's go!" Xi Yang, Hou Shi and Qi Hong Zi, none of them are the people he wanted to give up, so it's imperative to save them

Jiu Feng flew up, indicating that he wanted to go with him.

Sumen also wanted to follow him subconsciously. Yan Mo waves his hand to him. "You stay, take care of him. You warriors and the temple-servant will protect you."

Sumen looked at Oldman He. He was entrusted for the first time, which makes the child a little excited. He makes an effort to Yan Mo and said he will protect Oldman He.

The child thought again and turned to the temple-servant Du Ke, who was next to him. "Can you take half of the warriors to help my Shifu save people?"

Du Ke was very happy to see the child talk to him for the first time, but he didn't lose his head because of this. Instead, he shook his head apologetically and said, “I'm sorry, Sumen the Great Witch, our duty is to protect you. We can't leave you."

Du Ke thought Sumen will be convinced about this. Yan Mo wanted to say that it was unnecessary to watch the child, but he stopped temporarily and stood at the gate of the yard to see how Sumen was going to deal with this. He wanted to see what specific changes would happen after the child accepted the first inheritance of the witch.

Does the child see his Shifu "encouraging" eyes? Suddenly a scene flashed in his mind. He thought of the fragment of his long dream. It seemed that the three eyed witch in the dream had the same level of command as him. How did the three eyed witch do it?

The child felt that someone was supporting him and emboldened, and he had specific methods. Now he turned his head slowly. A pair of pure and flawless big eyes stared opposite to Du Ke, and the third eye on Sumen forehead opened slightly. “Before you came, did the Great Witch Alain tell you that you will be my warrior and my temple-servant in the future?"

Du Ke didn't know why, but out of respect for the witch, he replied, "Yes, but..."

The child interrupted him, "Since you are my warrior and my temple-servant, you should follow my orders, right?"

Du Ke could hardly see Sangye, the leader of the warriors, step forward. "Yes, Sumen the Great Witch, we will obey your orders."

The child turned to Sangye, "So, I command you to divide half of your hands to help my Shifu. You must do what he asked you to do. If you can't, then go back. I don't need fighters and the temple-servant who doesn't listen to me. "

Du Ke was surprised. This is just a witch who has accepted the inheritance once. At the age of nine, he can say such words. Is it worthy of being a god given when he has accepted the inheritance for more than one hour?

Yan Mo also raised eyebrows, but he was not surprised and vigilant, but proud: look, this is my chosen apprentice. How about it, isn't he awesome?

Yuan Zhan looked at him like that. He flicked Jiu Feng's forehead.

Jiu Feng hugged his head and shouted. He doesn't understand why Yuan Zhan suddenly bullies him. Unwilling to be bullied, the birdie rushes up and pecks Yuan Zhan's face, but he forgets that he is human now.

Yuan Zhan, who was kissed by Jiu Feng, laughed.

Seeing Yuan Zhan being pecked and laughing, Jiu Feng felt that he had won, and immediately flew to the top of Sumen's head and circled.

Sumen looked up at Jiu Feng and smiled.

Sangye, the warrior, is much more straightforward and pure order oriented than the temple-servant Du Ke. Their team was originally prepared for the new witch. The order from Sumen represents everything to them. Now, Sumen ordered him, without saying a word, he went to kneel down and take the lead. After getting up, he immediately sent six warriors to follow Yan Mo.

Du Ke was worried, "Sangye! Sumen! These Hornless-men are going to the city guard house to save people, but you have just heard that those people are preaching false theism and creating a hypocrite and false rumors. How can such Hornless-men be saved? You are the great witch of our Horn-people! If you send us to save those blasphemers, aren't you be afraid of being punished by Pan'a!”

"You can go back," she said

Du Ke, "Witch Sumen! You have no right to make me... "

"Sangye, get rid of him!"



Sumen turned to the temple-servant, "What's your name? Would you execute my command?"

The temple-servant gnawed his teeth and knelt down. “Ai-Li is willing to obey all the orders of the witch."

"Very well, select at least six servants who are willing to obey my orders and follow Sangye's men to help Shifu save people."


“Ai-Li!" Duke had no chance to shout a second sentence. Sangye forced him out of the temple.

Jiu Feng applauded, "Hey! Sumen, you're getting better!”

Sumen's stern expression quickly retreated and turned to shyness.

Yan Mo didn't refuse his disciple's kindness. He smiled at six of the temple-servant and six of the warriors who came over. "Then go, I hope you won't hold me back."

The White-Horn-warrior and the temple-servant were furious!

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