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Banished to Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 501: The furious Yan Mo I

Chapter 501: The furious Yan Mo I

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The lower city’s City Guards office.

The leader inside heard that there was the Hornless-men running to ask for help, and laughed out loud on the spot, "Where does the bold Hornless-men come from, go out and have a look."

After the leader came out, he first saw Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan, who were gorgeous and powerful in their clothes. He was stunned, and the scolding that was just about to exit was swallowed back. Then he saw the White-Horn clan warrior and the high intermediate level temple-servant standing not far behind the two. All the scorn and disdain on his face were calmed, the person selected to be the leader of the city Guards even if it’s through bribes can’t be a blind fool.

"You people, what do you want to do when you come to our city guard?" the leader decided to be polite to the warriors. Instead of talking to the two Hornless-men, he looked at the seemingly leading one of the White-Horn clans.

The warrior didn't make any reply. Although Sumen ordered them to help save people, they were not willing. The people who came here didn't mean they didn't need to do anything, let alone interfere in many things.

Yan Mo didn't expect these White-Horn clan people to lift a hand, let alone the leader to talk to the wrong person, “I heard that you sent someone to catch three Hornless-men, are all of them here?"

At this time, the people passing the city guard don't know what happened. The timid people see this scene and that made all the steps walking away accelerated. The brave people like the hunter rangers stop to see what happened.

As soon as Yan Mo returned to the next city temple, the news had been heard. There were many people watching them on the road. Naturally, their every move was reported by these people.

The leader turned to Yan Mo and wondered about the relationship between the temple-servant and the Hornless-men, who were the most advanced warriors of the White-Horn clan. But it seemed that the White-Horn clan didn't mean to take the place of the leader of this fray, and his tension was also gone. Although Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan were very unusual in their clothes and momentum, the people of the city guard office, even though they were very familiar with the ordinary Horn-people they are used to being high spirited, not to mention the low Horn-people.

Hearing this, the leader sneered, "Whose slave are you, dare to talk to me like this? I've caught many of the Hornless-men. Who knows what you're talking about Ah --”

Yuan Zhan slapped the leader in the face and made his face go left and right.

The onlookers felt astounded! No one expected that the Hornless-men would start hitting first, or beat the head of the city guard office mercilessly.

The crowd is agitated, and people who are afraid that things will affect them, especially the Hornless-men, are all moving far away.

The warriors at the gate of the City Guards station were all nervous after being stunned. The deputy was furious: "What are you doing? Dare to fight in the city guard office and catch them!”

Yan Mo was impatient. “A-Zhan, leave me to deal with the outside. You go inside and find them." He has no time to grind with these people.

Yuan Zhan's figure flashes and disappears.

Jiu Feng flew up, and a gust of strong wind was formed on her small wing.

The people of the City Guards station did not stand up to be beaten. Under the arrangement of the deputy and the leaders, they quickly arrayed and raised their weapons to attack Yan Mo and Jiu Feng. At the same time, they were forced to ask their identity.

Yan Mo protected himself and Jiu Feng, and raises his hands gently, "Jiu Feng."

Jiu Feng knows to blow a little wind in time.

“Putong! Putong!” The first warriors of City Guards station fell down, and then he heard the sound of falling to the ground one after another.

Soon, all the horned warriors who were ordered to rush to the door fell.

The crowd, the White-Horn-warrior and the temple-servant were horrified and looked at the other person.

Yan Mo saw that there was no enemy at the gate, so he immediately stepped forward to the city guard house.

Many people are still awake, but Yan Mo and Jiu Feng cooperate as one. There is a strange wind in the room. The wind will not only blow on people, but also turn around. All people who feel the strange wind, without exception, fall down.

Yan Mo and Jiu Feng have been finding the dungeon side, where they met Yuan Zhan.

The smell in the dungeon is very bad, and an unspeakable strange smell goes straight into the nostrils of people.

Yan Mo sniffed, his face turned a little dark.

Yuan Zhan shook his head to Yan Mo, “I have looked for all the places where the city guard can collect people, including the dungeons where there are no three Qi Hong Z group. There are a lot of children.

Yan Mo has seen it.

The children of the Hornless-men were locked in several prisons, one by one. They didn't know how to ask for help when they saw Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan coming in, but they were scared and shivering when they saw them.

Some of the children even cried out, "Don't eat me! My father will come to redeem me! Eat him eat him! He has a lot of meat!”

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan were surprised, and their faces changed when they remembered what the guide Ge-Da had said to them. It's one thing to hear about it, another to see it with their own eyes. Although they don't see some Horn-people eating hornless children now, they know that this kind of thing is not a secret at all by looking at the panic of these children. Even the Horn-people who hold them are likely to use this kind of thing to intimidate them.

The children who were pushed out either cried loudly, or tried to hide in the crowd, or even scared and wet their urine directly. Only a child in his early 10's clenched his fists and stared at Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan with hatred.

Many of these children have been over ten years old, which is obviously not in line with the appearance conditions of the demon child. However, the people of the City Guards house would like to squeeze more money from the Hornless-men. At first, they only caught those who were between three and five years old, and then they gradually became under six or seven years old and under ten years old. As long as they are under age, they will catch them back.

If the Hornless-men want their children to go back, they can only redeem their children with a large number of bone coins.

Compared with hornless children, the Horn-people in the cell are much more excited. They shout to let them out, or threaten or promise to give them bone coins. Some of the hornless adults are paralyzed in prison. Some of the prisoners don't know whether they are dead or alive.

Yan Mo doesn't care about these adult. He can't tell whether these people are good or bad, but since those children he had seen them, he can't ignore it.

"You get those children out, I'll ask."

Yuan Zhan didn't have two words. He walked over and opened the prison door of the Hornless-men's children.

Yan Mo turned around and went out, he grabbed the comatose leader at the gate of the city guard office, slapped him awake with two slaps, and without waiting for the other person's shouting, he puts a pill in the other person's mouth and forced it on the other man throat.

The leader swallowed the pill involuntarily.

"Where are the three Hornless-men you arrested in the morning?" Yan Mo's eyes are cold. Since the Horn-people dare to arrest people, he doesn't expect to settle the matter peacefully.

"Who are you? What did you give me?” The leader wanted to spit out the pill.

“Pa Pa Pa!" Yan Mo slapped him three times again.

The leader's face suddenly fell into a trance. Yan Mo asked him again. His voice had already brought charm and soul power: "Where are the three hornless people?"

“I don't Uh... Lord mansion, the people from the City Lord's mansion took them away... "

Yan Mo got the answer and threw the leader down.

Then Yuan Zhan came out with a group of the Hornless-men. The Hornless-men, who were watching from afar, cried, but soon stopped.

Yuan Zhan gently pushed the biggest child, “Go home."

The child turned around, his face frightened and uneasy. He did not dare to escape.

Yan Mo frowned, let go of his voice, and shouted, “Are there any families of these children? Come and take them away!"

Someone rushed out a few steps and was caught.

Yan Mo was angry and smiled. These Hornless-men are really enslaved. After more than 7000 years of training, fear and brainwashing, they have no such consciousness of equality for a long time. People with such consciousness of resistance cannot live in the town of the Horn-people.

In the future, if there is no major natural and man-made disaster, and if these Hornless-men are not forced to resist, they will never take the initiative to fight against the Horn-people, even if the Horn-people bully them every day, or even feed on their children!

Suddenly, a child rushed out of the group. The child rushed to the head of the city guards who was thrown away by Yan Mo, grabbed him in the face, opened his mouth and bit him his face.

Yan Mo looked back and found that this child is the only boy who used to look at them with hatred.

The horned leader was scratched and gnawed by the child, and his eyes were all poked out by the child. But his body inhaled the drug, and Yan Mo controlled his brain with the drug. He could not use any strength, so he could only lie there and let the child retaliate.

The crowd made a cry of surprise, as if surprised at the child's cruelty and violence.

But the child seemed to think that he didn't get rid of his hatred. Seeing that there was a bone knife on the ground, he grabbed the bone knife and chopped at the man collar like crazy maniac.

Neither Yuan Zhan nor Yan Mo stopped the child.

Other children look at his crazy energy. Some of them have ghosts in their hearts. They screamed and run away.

The child was originally focused on the leader. When he heard the scream, he raised his head and dragged his bone knife to chase the hornless children.

Yuan Zhan held him, even if the child chops the Horn-people leader, it's not okay to chops the Hornless-men.

The child struggled and howled like a wild animal.

“Pa!" Yan Mo slapped the child to silence.

The child glared at Yan Mo fiercely and hatefully.

"Why kill him? Why kill your companions?”

"They are not my companions!" the child shouted first, then let out the same cry, and then raised the bone knife to chop the leader again.

Some of the onlookers wanted to stop the child, but Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan were frightened. No one dared to move.

The eldest child had already escaped a few steps and stopped. He said to Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan quickly butstutteringly, "This Da-Ren likes to eat children, especially young girls. He asked everyone to choose someone. Last time, Da-Ding's sister was pushed out by everyone. Da-Ding tried to shield her. This Da-Ren was in front of everyone and he went to take Da-Ding's sister... "

The children couldn't speak any more, and their tears flowed all over their faces. They witnessed the whole process of Da-Ding's younger sister being eaten alive. Since then, all the children have become very clever. No one dares to try to sneak away, let alone cry. Every time Da-Ren came to choose a child, everyone will "Take the initiative" to choose one or two of them. Da-Ding is the most active one. Other children are afraid of him and always choose him. But Da-Ren doesn't know why he doesn't choose Da-Ding every time. Instead, he will choose someone else other than Da-Ding.

Many people around heard what the child said. The Horn-people frowned or curled their lips, but the Horn-people were numb and had no response.

Yan Mo has been watching the Hornless-men. Gradually, his eyes are full of disappointment.

“Let's go." Yan Mo said to the children.

Some children ran away, but some of them were still standing there, crying or at a loss.

"Come here! I don't care what you do, send them back to my place!” Yan Mo felt a rage in his heart, pointing to the White-Horn the temple-servant who came with him.

Then the temple-servant opened his mouth, as if to say something, and shut up again. He silently motioned to two of his companions to take these children to the lower city temple for placement.

Some of the onlookers in the Hornless-men finally moved. They dared not approach, but followed two White-Horn temple-servant and their children from far away.

Yan Mo can almost imagine that when these children are sent to the temple, shrine-servant Zhong He will show up and ask people take their children back. The last thanks of the Hornless-men will be to the shrine-servant Zhong He and the Horn-people's temple.

For the first time, Yan Mo felt powerless. For a group of people who don't want to help themselves at all, even if you try hard and stimulate them again, you are just going to be doing nothing. In addition, they will also blame you for destroying their “beautiful and stable" life. Any resistance you have against the Horn-people is the evidence of "not living well and not obeying" in their eyes.

It's not that the Hornless-men don't want to have a good life, they want to, but once someone violates their Master's interests and their Master begins to punish them, they will fight against the "enemy" together with the Master, even if the fundamental act of the enemy is for their good.

This is a terrible mind control, even if they don't even have the enslavement bone.

But not all the Hornless-men are unconscious. The older people just want to live a safe life. The younger ones don't understand anything. The best ones to stir up and easily ignite the flames are teenagers to twenties.

For example, the child who is full of hatred and even hates his own tribesmen.

The collar of the city guard has been cut to death by the child.

The child gasped for breath, leaned on the knife in both hands, and stared at everyone around him with red eyes and full of hatred.

Jiu Feng flew around the child, who even wanted to cut him with a knife. Jiu Feng smiled and flew to Yan Mo.

Yan Mo's eyes fell on the hornless child. From the perspective of the doctor, the child's psychological state has been a big problem. If he can't be good at persuasion in the future, if the child grows up still like this, he will definitely grow up to be a cold-blooded, ruthless and terrible anti-social criminal.

If he met such a child in the Jiu Yuan, he would surely try to guide his mind, find someone to take good care of him, and give him a more normal and healthy growing environment. But this is in the Xuanyu city in the western continent, and he has no time or energy to help the child.

"Hello, do you have any family?"

"No!" the venting child didn't want to answer, but maybe he was afraid of being slapped again, so he could only reply stiffly with hatred.

In fact, he had a family, but his family never came back after they heard that it would take 200 bone coins to redeem him and his sister. Since the day his sister was roasted and eaten alive, he has been dead inside.

Yuan Zhan twisted the child's head and his eyes were full of appreciation. "Do you want to be stronger? Want to kill all the people you want to kill?”

"Yes!" the child realized the strength of Yuan Zhan when he broke the door, and his attitude towards Yuan Zhan was much more respectful than that of Yan Mo.

"Take your bone knife and follow me."

The child's eyes burst with awed light. He hurriedly picked up the bone knife that was too big for him. He followed Yuan Zhan and asked, "Will you teach me how to kill people?"

Yuan Zhan, "Yes."

Yan Mo rolled his eyes and secretly decided that the moral education of all the children in the family could not be handed over to Yuan Zhan. As for this kid, if Yuan Zhan likes to keep him, then they will keep him. He will find a chance to correct his world views.

Although he is not very good in those aspects, from the perspective of Du-du's character, he doesn't care too much about raising children. The most important thing is that he and Yuan Zhan are not correct enough. They really don't want to raise a bunch of small villains who are anti-social and anti-human without any conscience.

Bad guys also like good kids!

On the other hand, when Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan rushed to the City Lord's mansion to save people, the Xuanyu City Lord Zha Ke got the news first.

"City Lord, those two Hornless-men are coming to the City Lord's mansion!" the steward quickly came to report.

“I don't know where the two Hornless-men come from. With a little demon power, they think they can do whatever they want in my Xuanyu city?" Zha Ke sneered. "Hang all three Hornless-men! I'd like to see if they can take away those wretches!”

The steward licked his lips. “Lord, those two Hornless-men are not only by themselves, but came also six of the White-Horn clan and the middle advanced level the temple-servant."

"Oh? You send someone in my name to ask the Lord of the Luolan City, are they going to side the White-Horn clan with the Hornless-men from now on? Or are they going to join the Hornless-men?” Zha Ke's words are very vicious, which means that as long as the White-Horn clan is a little bloody, he can't bear to scold them. What's more, Zha Ke is the current chief of the Black-Horn clan. If one is not good, the two families may bury cracks in his backyard.

But Zha Ke is about to lose the position of City Lord and clan leader. Later, he was sure that he will be further suppressed by the Duke Modun. He is holding on the lost position and doesn't want to make the Duke Modun get it. He dares to offend everyone, and he is more and more unscrupulous.

But Zha Ke was not stupid enough to directly challenge other clans. He spoke and did too much, but he also hid all of that behind flawed reason.

“Lord, do you want to send more warriors to guard?" another steward asked carefully.

"Of course! Go and shout all that my Black-Horn clan people, that is, they have to protect the chief! In addition, let the Black-Horn clan know about the six White-Horn clan warriors and let them send out the great witch and the temple-servant to deal with the White-Horn clan!”


It's said that the goal of Yan Mo and others is to change to the City Lord's mansion. The others who get the news are also having a headache and angry.

"These two Hornless-men are really arrogant! Do they think that if they came back with the White-Horn clans, they will use them? Send more people there, and today we must catch those two people!” Some forces in the Xuanyu city.

“Isn't there a rumor that Mo Da-Ren is the son of the hornless people god? Let's see to what extent their Son of God can do, pass on my order, and let Wei Wei the temple-servant lead a team of the temple-servant to meet them, to prevent that Son of God using any magic method to hurt my horn people.” The Black-Horn clan.

"They went to the Lord's mansion? Let's keep our hands still and you all wait for my orders.” The Duke Modun。

"Those two Hornless-men ran to find the main person of Xuanyu city? Just in time, Wei Yi and Wei Si, you take a bone armor warrior to support clan leader Zha Ke, and bring two Hornless-men back to me! Alive or death!” King Nier.

In the name of the head priest of the three clans’ temple, Hu-Lian the prince sent people to question the White-Horn clan Great Witch Alain, asking why they sent the temple warriors and the temple-servant to help the Hornless-men deal with their own tribesmen.

The Great Witch Alain had a hard time explaining that and just before the interrogation of priest Hu-Lian and the Xuanyu City Lord arrived, the expelled Du Ke had already told him Sumen's request. He couldn't say that the new born witch of his family had done something wrong, could he? Even if he thinks so, he can't just admit it to the other two groups. He can only give an answer that he is investigating this matter.

Three flagpoles were erected at the gate of the Xuanyu City Lord's mansion, but the big flagpole was not tied with the banner of the Lord's mansion or the Zha Ke family, but with three of the Hornless-men.

Such behaviors as hanging or binding slaves and sinners at the door are also common in the Horn-people. Generally, these are slaves, thieves, assassins, etc. who have done wrong.

The horned nobles have the right to arrest, judge and deal with their own slaves and those who endanger their safety. Some severe nobles often hang a few unlucky Hornless men at their door.

And those who are hanged may be put down if they have some good luck, and some who have a bad luck will be hanged to death!

Zha Ke is not a good tempered man, but he prefers to torture people himself or see people tortured with his own eyes, so the slaves and offenders who make mistakes in his family are rarely hanged.

For this reason, when three flagpoles were erected at the gate of the Lord's mansion, many people gathered around to watch.

Three of the Hornless-men were stripped naked and tied to the flagpole. All three of them lowered their heads and the crowd didn't know if they were alive or not. They only saw the blood left by various wounds on their bodies trickling down and that blood dyed the land under the flagpole red.

There are several thick logs preparing a fire pot.

A tall Horn-people with a leather cover stood on the side of the three men with a whip. First, soak the whip in a salt bucket, slowly pull it out, and then "Snap" it onto the three Hornless-men.

Every time the whip is waved down, the three will shake physiologically.

In order to prevent Yan Mo from robbing people as soon as they arrived, the three men were guarded a circle of warriors around them.

"They are here!" I don't know who called.

The crowd roared and all the horned fighters around the Hornless-men tightened their strings.

Yan Mo, Yuan Zhan, Jiu Feng and the newly collected hornless child just appeared.


A large number of warriors suddenly appeared on the wall of the City Lord's mansion. Thousands of flying arrows poured down to the four people!

The onlookers were frightened to escape, and many people shouted at the Xuanyu City Lord for not saying a warning before unleashing the arrows.

The City Lord Zha Ke laughed at the swearing in the house.

Yan Mo raised his hand and whispered: “Protect!"

Thousands of flying arrows all paused three feet away from four people.

“Ah! Witchcraft!”

"That man must be the Hornless-men witch!" cried the onlookers.

The people in the main residence of Xuanyu city did not panic and ordered to change: "Use the crossbow! Fire rockets!”

"Wheeze! Wheeze!" this time, there are not as many arrows flying out of the wall as before, but both the arrow branch and the strength are much larger. The arrows are even more flaming, and there was a loud crack on the invisible shield.

The White-Horn-warrior and the temple-servant behind Yan Mo didn't do anything but protect themselves from being shot by a stray arrow. Yan Mo didn't call them to fight, and they didn't come forward to help.

Yan Mo didn't see the three men tied to the flagpole at this time. There were too many horned fighters who stopped them and covered the flagpole tightly.

"Use the bone gun!" the Xuanyu city's main residence can't see the rocket. If they change the word again, they don't believe that the invisible shield can support for long!

A small bone cannon appeared on the wall of the City Lord's mansion.

“Fxck! Is the City Lord Zha Ke crazy to shoot those things in the city! It's too dangerous to watch. Run!”

As soon as the crowd retreated, they all retreated to the top of the surrounding houses. Now, you can see that the eyes of the four Yan Mo people have already followed the eyes of the hanged men

The White-Horn clans and the temple-servant frowned at the presence of the cannons, and a warrior came forward to dissuade Yan Mo from retiring.

At this time, the City Lord's office has again issued an order: "The White-Horn clans and the temple-servant retreat, on the count of three, we will fire on the blasphemers! One, two Three!”

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