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Banished to Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 502: The furious Yan Mo II

Chapter 502: The furious Yan Mo II

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Yan Mo left the only hornless child without force behind the White-Horn-warrior before the City Lord's office counted, “Protect him! Move away!”

The White-Horn-warrior and the temple-servant didn’t want to participate in the fight. Taking over the child, they quickly retreated into the distance.

When the word "Three" in the main residence of the border town just dropped, Yan Mo also whispered, “Float!"

Yan Mo pulled Yuan Zhan and floated up in the air. Jiu Feng has wings and has long been flying.

“Boom!" the red ball light burst out of the cannon barrel!

After all, it's in the center of the city. The City Lord's office didn't dare to be too arrogant at the beginning, only shot a shell.

If they have never seen a bone cannon before, they may really have to explain it here. But both Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan have seen the bone cannon, and Yan Mo knows the power of these guns even better.

Seeing the direction of the fire, Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan flew easily to avoid the fire.

When the shell landed, it's not a real object, but a ball with the same energy. When the energy lands and explodes, “Boom", the ground is blown out leaving a small pit.

“A-Zhan, you can dodge the attack freely in the sky. I will let you and I stay in the air for at least half an hour, and you don't need to worry about the attack!" Yan Mo let go of Yuan Zhan's hand.

“It seems that these two Hornless-men have seen bone cannons! Let's shoot again!” The Lord's office doesn't believe in evil. The first shell was originally a test. Now it's known that the opponent is familiar with the energy cannon. Of course, they need to change their plans.

There are more small bone cannons on the wall of the City Lord's mansion. The cannons are raised to face the sky.


“Boom!" a dozen energy cannons were launched at the same time.

Yuan Zhan is not used to stepping on the air at his feet. When he found that he can't fall off in the air no matter how he moves, his courage grew and his dodge from the shell became more and more comfortable.

“Hey? Can Da Zhan fly?” Seeing Yuan Zhan walking flat in the sky, Jiu Feng suddenly felt a bit of crisis.

Yuan Zhan smiled at the little guy.

Jiu Feng "Scared" and spat a bunch of blades at the bottom.

Some people cry out miserably on the wall of the City Lord's mansion, and some people fell directly from the wall.

“A-Zhan, Jiu Feng, you two should not be more than 100 meters away from me!" to save energy, Yan Mo put up the wide area shield and covered the whole body of two people and one bird with the invisible shield.

“I see."


“Mo, can we destroy the City Lord's mansion below?"

"Do as you like. When the rescuer came, do as you like. Fight quickly! Wait! Give me two minutes to estimate the power and distance of their artillery.” There are still too few of them. We have to rescue and get rid of them as soon as possible before the Horn-people army came. However, he doesn't want to let go of such a rare opportunity to test the artillery strength of the other side.

Seeing that several energy cannons can't hit the two Hornless-men, the people in the City Lord's mansion are worried, "Shoot! How about just those flying? Blow them down!”

"Steward, but..."

"Nothing, but it's my order." The voice of the City Lord Zha Ke rings.

The people of the City Lord's mansion have no scruples anymore. Dozens of small bone cannons are all aimed at the sky. “Let's go!"

“Boom!" a lot of fire cannons came.

Yan Mo three people quickly pulled away. The three of them are kind-hearted. When they dodge, they don't go to the place where many people live. They try to find the empty place.

But they have plans, even if they seem like that they don't have eyes. The falling energy cannon inevitably hit the nearby buildings and roads.

The sound of the explosion sent flames, dust, debris, screams and curses shot into the air.

"Tut!" Yuan Zhan controlled himself not to fight back immediately.

Yan Mo motioned to Jiu Feng to make himself smaller and go to the City Lord's mansion to find someone.

Jiu Feng immediately used his wings to blow up the strong wind, and Yuan Zhan cooperates to gather the dust on the ground.

For a while, the combination of gunfire and flying sand reduced the visibility of the sky. Jiu Feng was gone. But few noticed the disappearance of Jiu Feng.

On the roof in the distance, Yuan Zhou, who had just come to see the bustling scene, sat on the sharp roof and smiled.

“Boom!" the beautiful and luxurious Xuanyu city has become a battlefield. Although the area is only near the City Lord's mansion, people who don't know think the enemy has attacked the Xuanyu city.

When the city people heard the gunfire, many of them were in disorder, especially the Hornless-men, who screamed and hid everywhere. The Horn-people may still have a strong character of all people's fighting spirit. The first time they heard the sound of gunfire, they did not to run away and scream, but they went to pick up anything that could be used as a weapon at hand.

The people of the city guard ran all over the city, shouting that everyone should not riot, saying that the City Lord's mansion is only cleaning up the blasphemers. Some people and tourists who heard the shouting began to move to places that they thought were safer. For example, in the other two cities, some people started to run to the City Lord's government to see what was going on with bone objects or people using their own abilities.

And no matter what came, or what came later, whether it is to see the whole process or only to see the follow-up, no one can believe his eyes. The people who came in front saw that the City Lord's mansion had fired bone cannons, but they all thought that the City Lord would put more cannons to deter them. No one thought that the City Lord Zha Ke really dared to be so unscrupulous. He was in the city, just to deal with two of the Hornless-men and a birdie, and the fire was all open!

The people who came were surprised, and the people who came later were noisy.

The Duke Modun, King Nier and other people heard that the City Lord Zha Ke was so angry that he used the energy cannons that could only be used when they were attacked and finally forced to protect themselves.

King Nier roared: "This Zha Ke is crazy! Energy cannons don't just use bone coins? Do we build cities with bone coins? What about those who are hurt by mistake? If he is the City Lord, he can make this amount of trouble! Go get me someone to warn him! If he dares to fight in the city again, I will catch him!”

The Duke Modun was also telling his subordinates, “First guard the King’s City and the gate to avoid being disturbed by others!"

Buhua asked, "Don't we need stop him?"

The Duke Modun sneered, "Stop? Why? If he wanted to crazy, he can be crazy enough! Let's see what kind of virtue the Black-Horn clan leader is going to use now!”

Buhua wanted to ask the city people who had been injured by mistake what to do, but he swallowed his words again. His father would like to see Zha Ke make more trouble. It's nothing to damage the buildings and public facilities in the city. If someone of the three clans is injured by accident or even killed by gunfire, Zha Ke's guilt can't be hidden! At that time, he didn't even need his father to take the initiative to deal with Zha Ke, but the angry tribesmen, elders, and King Nier would take Zha Ke down as the City Lord and clan leader!

If Zha Ke goes a little further, as long as his father pushed him a little behind, Zha Ke will not lose the position of chief, and his position of great nobility will not be guaranteed in the future.

Buhua understood his father's ideas and practices, but he was somewhat different. He can only try to send people to help the city people who were injured by gunfire, so as to reduce his guilty conscience. As for Yan Mo, who once gave him a prescription for treating epidemic diseases, in front of his people he couldn't care about the other side.

As soon as the cannons were fired, the people in the city guard office became the busiest group in the city.

On the surface, the city guards are under the control of the City Lord, but if the City Lord makes a mistake, they have the right to stop it, but they need the permission of the elder first. Before elder gave his opinion on the punishment of the City Lord Zha Ke, the people of the City Guards office were ordered to concentrate in the lord mansion to help the lord mansion catch the blasphemer first, and at the same time, save the residents near the empty mansions.

No matter well-informed or not, people have seen a large number of warriors converging on the City Lord's mansion. Many people looked at two people and one bird dodging the energy cannon in the sky and think: They are done for.

It's a pity that there are many the Horn-people who think in their hearts: it's rare to see the Hornless-people, the demon warriors and the witch who dare to challenge the Lord's mansion, and a human like demon child that I have never seen before. Unfortunately, after today, these two big and small children will become your collection of lessons even if they don't die.

While the Hornless-men in the city are avoiding the fire, they occasionally look at the sky with envy and jealousy. The demon warriors can fly. They can't even be hit by such a powerful energy cannon. If only I had such a powerful ability. But if I were so powerful, I would never be as stupid as these two people to challenge the nobility with horns. Even if I could not be a warrior for the nobility, I could support my family and make a good life for myself.

Of course, there are also some of the Hornless-men in their hearts, hideously grudgingly cheered the two Yan Mo: kill those Horn-men! Kill them! Show them that we, the Hornless-men, can resist!

But these people even if the heart shouted again fierce, the face is also the same honest, and they dare not show any inner voice.

The White-Horn-warrior and the temple-servant look at the other person: What can we do? The artillery is more and more intensive. Can they really avoid the other person? Do you want to get them out?

Some people don't want to move. Some people worry about the blame on Sumen. The horn child is righteous, holding a small fist to cheer for Yuan Zhan, but there are more and more gunfire. He can't see Yuan Zhan anymore.

Just when the onlookers, including the top three ethnic groups, thought that two of the Hornless-men were bound to die, Yuan Zhan got angry.

“Mo, do you know the power of those bone cannons?"


"Then I'll do it." Yuan Zhan has always been a tough guy. It's not easy for him to hold on so long.

Yan Mo is worried about the three people, Jiu Feng and Qi Hong Zi, and asked Yuan Zhan to try to avoid the main building of the City Lord's mansion when attacking.

Yuan Zhan touched the brood bag on her chest, which made the two dolls stable.

Two baby fruit with four left and right small buds on the top of them, were excited to death.

"Dad Zhan! Beat them! Blow them all to pieces!”

"Dad Zhan, come on, come on!"

Hearing Dad Zhan's name, Yuan Zhan smiled, "OK, let me show you how your father beat them!"

Yuan Zhan took out the long handle trumpet that Yan Mo gave him before, and waved it. Suddenly, he shook his hand, and a fire dragon rushes out of the trumpet, and went straight to the wall of the City Lord's mansion!

“Ah ah!"

"They have powerful bone objects, be careful! Bone shield up!”

Yuan Zhan reached out to Yan Mo, “Bone objects have too few power."

Yan Mo is very generous. He felt a big bone bracelet from her arms and puts it on him.

"What's the use?"

"Er, decoration?"

Yuan Zhan threw bone bracelets in disgust, quickly condenses a football sized earth ball in his right hand, and when the earth ball is formed, he threw it out casually, at the same time, he does not forget to aim the fire of his left hand at the ball and add a circle of flame to the earth ball.

"They have bone cannons, so do I. let's see who is more powerful. Mo, next you have to protect me. "

Yan Mo clenched his lips. “Give me your best attacks. I will not let you die even if I die."

Yuan Zhan got excited by accident, but the man who seldom get excited usually get freaking excited once they get excited. It's just that the fallout is someone else's business, and the damage is someone else's business.

The first fireball was just a test. After Yuan Zhan made three fireballs in a row, he became proficient and accelerated it.

“Mo, let me show you my new trick, that is, the meteor shower you described to me last time, you see does it not look like it?" someone in order to show off in front of his lover, showed off how to use the immature tricks in advance.

So whether it's for the fun, the City Lord's mansion, or the one coming on the way, in the next three minutes, they all saw a very incredible scene for them.

At the beginning, everyone saw that the two Hornless-men were basically only dodging, and there was no formed attack. When they thought that the two Hornless-men were about to lose support, they fought back.

First, a fire dragon was thrown down and blown things up. Then, before the horned warrior could prepare for the next fire dragon attack, a large number of fire balls suddenly appeared in the sky!

One after another, the dense fireball just floated in the sky, and the half of the sky was full of the color of fire.

Where do those fireballs come out? Why doesn't it float down? However, their number is still increasing at an extremely terrible speed, one layer at a time, which will fill half of the sky.

Yuan Zhou frowned and stood up slowly. He was wondering whether to stop the 10th rank blood warrior from making random moves in the place where the living things were concentrated. However, the City Lord's government used bone cannons first, or dozens of them were used together. If it's true, Yuan Zhan's counterattack did not violate the rules of the strong bullying the weak. What makes him hesitant is that he doesn't want to get involved in the fight between the Horn-people and the hornless people so quickly, even if his partner is one of the Horn-people.

Let's wait and see. Anyway, it's almost time to stop both sides.

Yan Mo took out his horn and blew it to show Jiu Feng can come out of the City Lord's mansion.

"Jie --!" Jiu Feng replied, "They didn't find Qi Hong Zi, but there are many little people here! Mo Mo, I'm going to bring them out!”

Yan Mo frowned and immediately changed his command: “A-Zhan, attack those bone cannons!"

In addition to a few occasions, such as in bed, Yuan Zhan is almost obedient to his Priest Da-Ren. If he wanted to attack bone cannons, he will never attack buildings. However, accidental injuries are inevitable.

The White-Horn clan men looked at those dense fireballs in the sky. They knew these men don't need their protection. No wonder they are so valued by the new great witch. Their vision is far from that of the great witch!

"Dodge!" the White-Horn fighter took the child and leads others further away.

Looking at those fireballs, the child adored Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo to death!

“It's too much!" the White-Horn clan warrior can see, as can other knowledgeable fighters. Without waiting for the City Lord's order, many horned warriors have shouted at the same time, “Activate bone armor! Be careful to avoid it!”

It's too late!

Standing in the sky like a tall man who is the God of War, his hands sank slightly, and he said two words: “Go."

All over the sky, countless fireballs fell from the sky!




Don't mention the bone cannon. The City Lord's walls were all gone after ten seconds. Originally standing on the wall to manipulate the bone cannon, the horn warrior can roll down if he is lucky. If he is unlucky, he will explode with the bone cannon and that is the end of him.

"Stop! Your men are in our hands! Stop it!”

Yuan Zhan moved his hand, and part of the fireball that is about to fall to the ground stopped in midair.

Yan Mo also looked at the direction of the sound. It was at the gate of the City Lord's mansion. He remembered that there were a large group of warriors there, and then they scattered. Now they surrounded a group of people. What they were holding was?

While these people were shouting, the other three roads were shouting: "Stop! Stop it all! Your Majesty King Nier has an order. Who dares to fight in the city again? There is no pardon for killing!”

"The Great Witch Zha Da has orders. Everyone stop!"

"The Duke Modun has orders that no one should fire in the city during non-war time!"

Yan Mo didn't expect that the person he was looking for was right under their eyes!

Yan Mo didn't recognize the three at first sight, because they were all head down and naked, but he saw that they were all the Hornless-men.

And the horned warriors holding the three flagpoles grabbed the hair of the three Qi Hong Zi and raised their faces to Yan Mo, just as they were afraid that they could not see clearly.

This time, Yan Mo finally saw clearly that the three people he was looking for were Qi Hong Zi, Hou Shi and Xi Yang!

Looking at the tortured companion who he doesn’t know if they are alive or dead. Yes, after such a period of time, he has regarded the three Qi Hong Zi as the same companion as the Jiu Yuan people. The three Qi Hong Zi group have paid loyalty to him, and he will also pay loyalty to the three.

For Yan Mo, Qi Hong Zi and others are different from the Demon Abyss and the Hornless-men on the western continent!

Anger started churning in the liver and spread all over the body.

Yan Mo has not been so angry for a long time.

Maybe he heard the order from three main roads. Maybe because the bone cannons were destroyed, the crazy City Lord Zha Ke walked out of the gate of the City Lord's mansion surrounded by a number of armor warriors.

It's funny to say, because the walls around the City Lord's mansion collapsed almost in Yuan Zhan's attack just now, and now only the gate remained intact.

Yuan Zhan was also afraid for a while. If the Horn-people didn't shout fast, maybe he would hurt the three Qi Hong Zi by mistake.

Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo fell to the ground.

"The witch has fallen! Kill him!” Zha Ke wanted to do it.

Yuan Zhan doesn't want to. He smashes the remaining fireballs directly at the City Lord Zha Ke.

“Protect the City Lord!"


At the same time, King Nier's men and the Black-Horn clan great witch's men attacked Yuan Zhan from afar. The Duke Modun's men slowed down a step. Thinking of their leader instructions, they simply didn't do anything.

“A-Zhan! I'll cover you and grab the three of Qi Hong Zi. I don't care about the rest! Come on!” Yan Mo raises his hand.

Yuan Zhan flashed at the same time!

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