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Banished to Another World (Web Novel) - Chapter 503: Furious! Furious!

Chapter 503: Furious! Furious!

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The whole process was only a few blinks of an eye.

Yan Mo carried all the attacks, Yuan Zhan is in charge of the robbing, but in the end, he only took two people.

The City Lord Zha Ke is crazy, and doesn't even care about his own life and death. When Yuan Zhan smashed him with a fireball, he hit the crystal stone on his forehead, and his body was covered with a bone armor immediately, but he didn't resist those fireballs, and his first action was to rush to take someone.

It should be said that this man is worthy of the position of City Lord for nearly ten years. When necessary, he could be decisive and frightening. And Zha Ke doesn't really care about his life. He just believes that the temple warriors around him can deal with the fireballs.

Yuan Zhan took back Xi Yang and Hou Shi, while Qi Hong Zi fell into Zha Ke's hands.

Yuan Zhan threw Xi Yang and Hou Shi back to Yan Mo, trying to rescue Qi Hong Zi, but he was a step slower. He wanted to hide people underground to lighten the burden of Yan Mo, but he explored the underground of the city on the first day when he came to the Xuanyu city. The underground of the city was not safe. He even suspected that the city itself was a huge bone object integrated in attack and defense, or composed of a large number of powerful bone objects.

Zha Ke has been surrounded by his temple bone warriors. Meanwhile, three people have arrived attacking Yan Mo. Yuan Zhan is afraid that there are two more people who will come and he went to protect Yan Mo. He can only give up saving people and respond to the attack on them.

"Stop it!" Buhua called out from afar.

Zha Ke sneered and raised his voice: "Catch those blasphemers! Kill them!”

The warriors sent by the Black-Horn clan’s great witch Zha Da did not hesitate to take action. They did not obey Zha Ke's orders, but they came from the temple. They were most loyal to the Pan'a God. However, all the blasphemers were unforgivable in their eyes.

King Nier's people were slow. The leader of the bodyguard thinks of King Nier's order that it is best to capture two people alive, and Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo blocked their first attack.

Yuan Zhan turned around and asked Yan Mo, "How long can you support?"

Yan Mo's forehead was dripping with sweat. He held two high-level yuan-crystal in each hand, "Enough for you to rush back and forth!"

Yuan Zhan is relieved and is about to rush into the encirclement again to rescue Qi Hong Zi.

"Hey -!Mo Mo, I've saved those little people!” A huge body soared in the City Lord's mansion.

The two claws of the big bird even tied a lot of wooden cages with ropes, and those wooden cages were stuffed with hornless children!

Zha Ke looked up and Zheng smiled, “Attack those cages for me!"

All of a sudden, a large number of attacks such as rockets and ice cones were carried to the sky.

Jiu Feng has wings and could fan those attacks, but he can't get rid of them with so many weak children. Otherwise, with his speed, only a few attacks can catch up with him. But if he really fly out fast, the children in the wooden cage would suffocate in a minute!

"Hey -!Mo Mo, help

Yan Mo shouted angrily, “A-Zhan!"

Yuan Zhan had no choice but to stop those warriors attacking hornless children first, and then he lifted the ground with great force. He grabbed the ground completely made of black boulders and threw it into the sky!

All the attacks fell on the boulder.

And Yan Mo had to split up to protect the Jiu Feng and the wooden cages flying in the sky.

“Gods Above! How powerful the Hornless-men are!” Some people can't help exclaiming.

“I wonder if his abilities come from bone objects or from his magic."

"Yes, the hornless witch is so powerful that all attacks are blocked by him."

“I don't know what will happen if the blood of these two people is used to refine bone objects..."

“It's better to make these two warriors into bone warriors."

"Yes! But look out! The stones are falling!”

The onlookers are unlucky. They think it's an accident, but they don't know how sharp Yuan Zhan's ears are. How can this guy bear to hear the idea of someone beating him and Yan Mo!

Yuan Zhan doesn't want to waste too much energy on them, or where are these people going to be hit by rocks and pay for it?

Knowing that he was not far away, Jiu Feng took the children and landed near Yan Mo.

For the first time, Yan Mo complained about Jiu Feng's behavior. There is time when these children can be saved right? Why do you have to get them out now?

But he can't say the blame at all. He can only blame that he didn't tell him in advance. He only asked Jiu Feng to go in and find someone and to save someone, but he didn't say who he could save. He didn't move for a while. After all, Jiu Feng is still young. He saw them and had to release the trapped children from the city guard. Naturally, he thought that this was one of the candidates they wanted to save. Since he can transform into a child, he has a little more affinity for thinking like the human children. It's not surprising to see so many children trapped and he want to save them.

"Jiu Feng, take them to the White-Horn clan warriors!" Yan Mo roared.

Jiu Feng immediately changed his direction and moved with the saved people. But he thought it was the same thing when he did things. He didn't plan to take care of these children all his life. When Yan Mo said that he wanted to put the little man to the White-Horn clan warriors, he immediately flew over and left the burden.

The White-Horn clan warriors and the temple-servants were suffering. The huge human face bird flew over them and threw all the wooden cages at them as soon as its claws were loose.

The hornless children inside screamed. Under the eyes of so many people, the White-Horn clans and the temple-servant could not just watch the children fall, let alone let the wooden cage hit their heads. They could only try to prevent the cages from falling off.

Fortunately, Jiu Feng calculated the height when he lost the cage. Even if the warriors could not connect with the temple-servant, the cage would not fall to the ground and kill the children, at most, they will end up with minor injuries.

Jiu Feng dropped his burden and flew back to Yan Mo. He is waiting for Mo Mo to praise him!

Yan Mo wanted to hit him!

"Kill that magic bird!"

"No! Catch it alive!”

As soon as Jiu Feng came out, many people's goals immediately changed, that is to say, the busy crowd stared at the nearly 20 meter huge figure and the face in the sky, showing a greedy look!

The 20 meter figure is not the biggest form of Jiu Feng at all, but it was more convenient for him to bring out the children.

Yuan Zhou frowned. He didn't want to interfere, but Jiu Feng showed his true body and attracted the greedy heart of the Horn-people. If he didn't listen to him, the little chick could not do well. It really needs to be folded here - the inside story of the Horn-people is just going to be exposed on the surface!

"Whew --!" a loud whistle blew out of Yuan Zhou's mouth.

And this whistle is quite strange. It didn't disappear at once, but grew higher and higher. It soon sounded like a wind all over the city.

Buhua, Zha Ke, the bodyguard leader of King Nier, and the subordinate of Great Witch Zha Da They all heard the whistle, and their faces all changed colors.

There seems to be a mechanical buzz, but few people notice the dull sound.

After the buzzing, "empty!" the neat, loud footsteps suddenly sounded from all sides of the road near the City Lord's mansion.

Yuan Zhan suddenly retracted the attack and returned to Yan Mo as soon as possible.

"What's the matter?" Yan Mo asked

Yuan Zhan's reply was endless: "The ground is splitting."

Ground splitting? As soon as Yan Mo turned his head to look at the nearby ground, he heard the orderly footsteps.

Yan Mo didn't see it, but the people who haven't been evacuated and the new arrivals near the City Lord's mansion saw the ground of the road near the City Lord's mansion crack suddenly, and a column of bone warriors in heavy armor came out of the ground.

All the noise around stopped suddenly, and all the attacks of the Horn-people including the City Lord Zha Ke stopped.

This kind of abnormality makes Yan Mo involuntarily nervous.

Jiu Feng shrunk and landed on Yan Mo's shoulder. The feature that Jiu Feng can enlarge and reduce makes people who are greedy for Jiu Feng greedier. Many people in the crowd can't help but want to join the queue of attacking the Hornless-men.

For the time being, Yan Mo was free enough to treat injuries on Xi Yang and Hou Shi, but to open the invisible shield to protect his own personnel. Suddenly, he scolded in his heart, how could he forget the second Lab! At this time, it's not like spending 2000 SCUM VALUE to send the two people to the second laboratory was bad, rather than risking energy to protect them!

Just do it. Xi Yang and Hou Shi blink and disappear from the original place.

Yuan Zhan and Jiu Feng noticed that Yan Mo looked ordinary, but they didn't ask to help out of their consistent trust in Priest Da-Ren.

At this time, I don't know who raised his head first, and an exclamation sounded: “It's Yuan Zhou Da-Ren!"

"Yuan Zhou Da-Ren! It's a big deal!”

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan also saw Yuan Zhou walking on air from the roof, which was the same as stepping on the ground.

When Buhua saw Yuan Zhou, she was happy first, and then she became dignified.

"You are the commander of the bone army." Zha Ke whispered to himself, his eyes drooping, and his heart wondering what he was thinking.

"Clang! Clang!" the neat footsteps are getting closer and closer, and the ground seems to be shaking.

After another row of bone warriors in blackest heavy armor finally appeared, encircling everyone around the City Lord's mansion.

Yuan Zhou also came close to the battle circle. Instead of talking to the Horn-people first, he hovered in the air and said to Yuan Zhan from a high position, “If I were you, I would not continue to fight. Although these bone warriors are dead, they are not afraid of pain, death, retreat or disability. They also carry powerful weapons. Your strength is amazing, but they can drag you to death, and there are others. "

Yuan Zhan doesn't like to talk to people with his head raised, and he hates being threatened. Yuan Zhou's staying in the air may be just a habit, but it also makes Yuan Zhan hate flying birdmen even more. Is flying great? Sooner or later he will fly too!

Seeing Yuan Zhan ignore him, Yuan Zhou was stunned and turned to Yan Mo.

Yan Mo didn't care that the other side stood on the high ground and looked up and said: “Give our people back to me, this fight will not have to be fought...naturally."

“I will give them back to you. You must leave the Xuanyu City, and you must not enter the other two cities and the King’s City." Yuan Zhou is carrying out his responsibility as one of "The Horn-people". Of course, his main purpose is to drive the destructive Yuan Zhan out of the town.

"Everyone, including the Hornless-men I brought in when I first went to town."

“As long as they're not dead."

Yuan Zhou and Yan Mo are haggling. The Horn-people over there don't want to hear it. They think they have a large number of people, and they have bone warriors. They can't deal with these horns people easily. At this time, let them go. Isn't it a disaster after they return to the mountain?

“Yuan Zhou Da-Ren! They are the blasphemers, and your majesty has ordered that they be caught!”

"Well, the Great Witch Zha Da also said that none of those blasphemers can be let go alive."

Buhua raised his hand and motioned to the people on her side not to speak.

The City Lord Zha Ke looked uncertain.

Yuan Zhou glanced at King Nier's head bodyguard and the warrior of Great Witch Zha Da and said lightly, "Do you think you can catch them?"

"Of course." An advanced level the temple said with certain.

Yuan Zhou was not angry when he was rebutted. "How much are you going to suffer to catch them?"

All the Horn-people don't understand the meaning of Yuan Zhou. Even though the demon warriors and the witch appeared, are they afraid they can't catch them?

Yuan Zhou asked himself, "The Horn-people in half of the city don't know is that not enough? Well, it may not be enough. If these two people really go crazy disregarding any live, a city may be destroyed.” Plus that naughty little chick, tut!

"Yuan Zhou Da-Ren, what are you talking about? How can you... "

"Shut your mouth if you don't want to die!" Yuan Zhou said to the Black-Horn temple-servant, who turned to the city's Lord. "City's Lord, my duty is to guard the integrity of the three cities and the King’s City. If you order an all-out attack, the Xuanyu city will probably fail to protect the other cities. I don't want to see this happen so I'll give the choice to you. "

The City Lord Zha Ke signaled to the bone warriors who surrounded him to disperse, slowly raised his heads, and he slowly said, "They are blasphemers."

"You can fight outside the city. I don't care what you do." Yuan Zhou does not step back.

There was a wry smile on the face of the City Lord Zha Ke. He stooped to grab a firewood from the still burning fire basin, and then he pressed it on Qi Hong Zi who was lying on the ground, on his face.

“Ah ah --!" Qi Hong Zi in the coma was scorched and started to scream.

Yan Mo's eyes turn red instantly!

Yuan Zhou laughed and said to the City Lord Zha Ke, "This is your reply?"

The City Lord Zha Ke stepped on Qi Hong Zi's face and pressed his toes a little bit. He was smiling too, but the smile was weird and resentful. "Yes, that's my answer. Do you forget who I am? I'm the lord of Xuanyu city and now the Black-Horn clan leader. I want to kill some of the Hornless-men or blasphemers. I want to see who dares to stop me! Don't say that this bxtch is the two Hornless-men, and I won't let them go!”

At the same time, the temple-servant of the Great Witch Zha Da added: "Yuan Zhou Da-Ren, please find out who is the enemy! Now the blasphemers are in front of us. You should help us catch them together!”

"Yes, and that magic bird, one we can't let go!"

It seems impossible to find a peaceful solution. Yuan Zhou sighed that he doesn't care about the Hornless-men at all, but when he heard the idea of someone beating the chick, he immediately turned his mouth, looked at the expressions of Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan, and said, "You can fight, but don't destroy it..."

Yuan Zhou hasn't finished talking, Yan Mo had was furious!

People are biased. Although he doesn't want to give up every one of the three people he wanted to save this time, Qi Hong Zi is the one he wanted to save the most. Qi Hong Zi is a man with few words and does not do anything for his own gains, but he is very practical in his work and doesn't mix a little greed with his loyalty. He even planned to take Qi Hong Zi back to the Jiu Yuan.

Now Zha Ke's bullying Qi Hong Zi is just like beating him in the face on the spot!

“Ancestor God, I sacrifice with my energy. May I gain the power of space and tear all the enemies that block me!"

At this moment, Yan Mo is invincible! And he had a rare countdown of blood red mark in his brain. He had only 60 seconds!

“A-Zhan, Jiu Feng, all the enemies who block us, there is no punishment for killing!" just after the voice fell, Yan Mo had taken the lead in killing Zha Ke. His body suddenly appears and disappears. Every time it appears and disappears, there will be a space crack, and all people who encounter the space crack will be torn in the middle!

"Snap!" the shackles of Yuan Zhan's soul were completely opened, and the savage, who was already very murderous, could finally kill happily!

"Roar --!" Yuan Zhan gave up using bone objects as a shelter and stepped into the ground with both feet.

“Boom!" the ground began to tremble near the City Lord's mansion.

“God! Ground movement! The earth is angry!”

Yuan Zhan raised his hand, and all the nearby wells and water outlets made a “Bang bang bang" sound one after another. All the water dragons rushed to the sky!

These Water Dragons gathered in the streets, and in a flash they became high waves.

"The impact!" the big hand waved, the billow billows to rush.

All the Horn-people who wanted to and were staring didn't expect that the attack would come from behind. The huge waves hit their bodies and drowned them!

But this is just the beginning!

"Hello! Don't go too far!” Yuan Zhou wanted to stop Yuan Zhan.

In less than a second, he shouted, "Damn it! What a witch! I look down on you, so you are the most powerful one! You can use the power of space!”

Yuan Zhou cursed and quickly backed away nearly avoiding being cut in the middle.

Those bone warriors are retreating in an orderly way. If they don't, they will fall into endless swamp!

The surrounding space is unstable. No one knows where the witch will attack. How can Yuan Zhou, as smart as he is, initiatively bump into him to seek death by splitting in the middle? The human face Kunpeng can't compete with the power of space no matter how powerful they are!

The other Horn-people don't know what happened, they only know that two of them attacked them, but the flood and the sudden collapse of the building and the ground have already made them anxious. How can they spare time to pay attention to the witch!

Buhua is the farthest group among the people who came here. They suffered the least from the distance, and the City Lord's office and its vicinity were miserable. In a flash, they became a vast lake.

Don't wonder the water didn't flow out. This land has been sunk by Yuan Zhan!

The most terrible thing is that the ocean is turning into a swamp, and the people who meet the water are sucked by the mud as soon as they emerge.

The horned warriors and the temple-servants are in a panic. At this time, no one is willing to attack the enemy. Everyone is desperately trying to protect themselves!

It's hard for someone to get off the ground and fly to the sky, but Jiu Feng has been waiting there for a long time!

“Poop poop! Shout --!” Wind blade and whirlwind forced people who fly up to the sky to fall down again.

Yuan Zhou's face twitched, these bastards, they do things as if he doesn't exist, right? If he is arrogant again, he will fight! Butwait for that MoDa-Ren to run out of energy first. Whoever is close to him now will suffer!

Yan Mo uses willpower to give himselfspace power, but he wanted to break through the encirclement as fast as possible to save Qi Hong Zi.

But after all, this is the first time to use this kind of power. At the beginning, he is not proficient. It is inevitable that he will rush too far. However, after several adjustments, he finally grasps the power slightly and flashes again. He has arrived at Zha Ke's side!

How could the witch rush into his face so quickly?! Zha Ke’s eyes opened wide. He had just seen the witch standing at a distance of 70-80 meters from him. There were so many temple warriors in front of him!

However, Zha Ke's poor ability is not bad. Seeing Yan Mo suddenly appear, he did not retreat but directly went to cut Yan Mo with the bone knife installed on the bone armor of his right arm.

Yan Mo's body shook, he grabbed Qi Hong Zi, drops him into the second lab, and rushed back to Zha Ke.

Zha Ke smiled grimly. Even if the witch had a shield, he had a bone objectson his hand. It was the most powerful bone blade made by himself. No matter who he was, as long as he relied on energy to support his ability, as long as he entered the range of his bone objects attack, he could let the energy of the other party be swallowed in seconds!

And the witch without the energy can’t support shield

Close! Closer! The range of his bone eating attack is only half a meter, but it's enough. He used to rely on this bone objects to kill many people and assassins. This hornless witch is no exception!


Why? Zha Ke looked down, and he felt something go through his body.

It's not a feeling! He saw with his own eyes that the Mo Da-Ren rushed towards him, then just hit him in the arms, and then passed through his body

How could it be?!

The magic bone armor on the surface of Zha Ke's body suddenly split. Zha Ke felt that his body was cold. He looked down to see what happened to his body.

"When!" the bone blade in Zha Ke's hand fell to the ground, and then his left half of his body fell.

The right half of the Zhao City's Lord stood in place for a while, his right eye still blinked, as if wondering how his body split.

“Bang!" as the viscera slipped out, the right half of the City Lord Zha Ke fell to the ground.

“City Lord!" cried the horned bodyguards.

Yuan Zhou finally decides to do it. If he doesn't, the Xuanyu city will be destroyed in half!

“A-Zhan, Jiu Feng, let's go!" Yan Mo reached his goal, counted the time, rushes over and grabbed Yuan Zhan, took Jiu Feng with him and disappears from the spot!

"Hey --!" Jiu Feng's voice was still shaking in the air, but both of them had already run away without any shadow left.

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