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Battlefield: Masurawo (Light Novel)


Kawamura Hideo, a typical ordinary guy with no job, came to Tokyo searching for jobs. He sent a total of 34 job applications only to fail at the first hurdle (the companies didn’t even ask him for an interview). Feeling rejected he became a hardcore hikikomori and shut the world around him, his parents also won’t send him money since then. When he was starving to death without any money, losing hope and deciding to die, he found a computer on the street (containing Will.CO21 virus) and took it home.

He found a way to participate in a martial arts tournament “Holy Devil Cup” from that computer. Where the winner could get the power to rule the world, martial artists, soldiers, vampires, Majin – all 3024 participants gather there. Now what Hideo would do to win this mad tournament. . .

107 • 2019-08-27 16:00:24


The chapter Addition Time
Volume 5, And to Each their own Tomorrow2019-08-27
Volume 5, Chapter 8: Repaying a Miracle2019-08-27
Volume 5, Chapter 7: The Return of Kawamura Hideo2019-08-27
Volume 5, Chapter 6: Run to the Light!2019-08-27
Volume 5, Chapter 5: The Gears Mesh2019-08-27
Volume 5, Chapter 4: Think Again2019-08-27
Volume 5, Chapter 3: Die Another Day2019-08-27
Volume 5, Chapter 2: Bond2019-08-27
Volume 5, Chapter 1: Deadly Disease2019-08-27
Volume 4, GAME OVER: Down you Go2019-08-27
Volume 4, BATTLE 13: A Toast to a Dream2019-08-27
Volume 4, BATTLE 12: A Bridge Over the Battlefield2019-08-27
Volume 4, BATTLE 11: Openair Alchemists2019-08-27
Volume 3, ANOTHER ROUND: When Convictions Collapse2019-08-27
Volume 3, ANOTHER ROUND: Gunfight at Laramie Grotto2019-08-27
Volume 3, BATTLE 10: Close Encounters of the Known Kind2019-08-27
Volume 3, BATTLE 9: T@ke me to the Mediterranean2019-08-27
Volume 3, BATTLE 8: The Price of a Miracle2019-08-27
Volume 2, ANOTHER ROUND: Magical Princess☆Twilight Elysian2019-08-27
Volume 2, BATTLE 7: The Divide of the Gods2019-08-27
Volume 2, BATTLE 6: Blinding White Tower2019-08-27
Volume 2, BATTLE 5: Thus Spake the Fist2019-08-27
Volume 2, BATTLE 4: Pitch Black Tower2019-08-27
Volume 1, ANOTHER ROUND: The Fangs of Alhazan2019-08-27
Volume 1, BATTLE 3: Walpurgisfest2019-08-27
Volume 1, BATTLE 2: Justice VS Super Justice2019-08-27
Volume 1, BATTLE 1: A Warrior’s Eyes2019-08-27
Volume 1, BATTLE START: The Loser and the Virus2019-08-27