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Beautiful Wife And Genius Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 13

Chapter 13

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Translated by trungtnguyen123

The back of Zhen Zhen's head hurt.

Zhen Zhen opened her eyes. Something was injected into her scalp and there was someone in front of a window. It was a man in a black suit who tied his long hair behind his back. He turned around, his face was handsome but he had an aura of a messenger of death lurking in the shadows.

'What did you do to me?' Zhen Zhen asked.

'It's a new poison that hasn't been tested,' the man said.

The man helped Zhen Zhen sit upright on the chair like they were close friends for many years, and he spoke like he gave her something nutritious to eat.

'Father William?' Zhen Zhen asked.

'You have good hearing,' the man said. 'But I'm not Father William. I'm Shu Tang Jue.'

Zhen Zhen thought Shu Tang Jue was a familiar name. 'Are you Shu Tang Jue, Tan Lang's boss?'

Although Zhen Zhen's energy was drained, she could slowly say one word at a time.

'It's a pleasure to have a beauty know who I am,' Shu Tang Jue said.

'Where's Father William?' Zhen Zhen asked.

'I think Father William is in a happy place,' Shu Tang Jue said. 'Somewhere close to God and angels.'

Shu Tang Jue poured a glass of water for Zhen Zhen.

'Do you want to drink water?' Shu Tang Jue asked.

Zhen Zhen wasn't deceived by Shu Tang Jue's hypnotic voice. She knew he was someone who didn't value a person's life.

'What poison did you give me?' Zhen Zhen asked.

'Miss Zhen Zhen, you have a poor memory,' Shu Tang Jue said. 'I gave you a new untested poison.'

'Will I die?' Zhen Zhen asked.

'I don't know if you'll die,' Shu Tang Jue said.

'Why?' Zhen Zhen asked. 'Why must you kill innocent people?'

'Innocent?' Shu Tang Jue asked. 'In the last year I wasted ten million dollars to invest in biological weapons. But at the final step, you lost my investment. It's your fault for being Yue Gu Zai's woman too.'

'I didn't see any of your weapons,' Zhen Zhen said.

Zhen Zhen remembered she went sightseeing that day so there wasn't a possibility of her crossing paths with Shu Tang Jue's weapons... unless it happened at the book shop.

'Miss Zhen Zhen, do you remember now?' Shu Tang Jue asked.

Zhen Zhen realised she must have picked up the wrong book bag.

'Even if I accidently took it,' Zhen Zhen said. 'Why did you kill Father William? He hasn't wronged you.'

Zhen Zhen felt guilty. If she didn't enter the cathedral then Father William would be alive.

'You don't need to pity Father William,' Shu Tang Jue said. 'He dared to sell opium in my district. You made it convenient for me to kill him.'

Shu Tang Jue looked at his watch. 'It's time. It's been fun chatting with you.'

After Shu Tang Jue kissed Zhen Zhen's forehead she became unconscious.

'I hope we'll meet again,' Shu Tang Jue said and disappeared.

Yue Gu Zai kicked the door down. Bai Yu Tian and Huyen Di were behind Yue Gu Zai. They only saw Zhen Zhen's unconscious body and the window was opened.

The phone on a table rang and Yue Gu Zai picked up the phone.

'You arrived quicker than I expected,' Shu Tang Jue said.

'What did you do to her?' Yue Gu Zai asked.

'What happened to small talk?' Shu Tang Jue asked.

'Don't forget your weapons are in my hands,' Yue Gu Zai said.

'Think of them as gifts for Miss Zhen Zhen,' Shu Tang Jue said. 'Before I forget, there's a bomb in the room that will detonate in thirty seconds.'

Yue Gu Zai carried Zhen Zhen in his arms.

'There's a bomb,' Yue Gu Zai said.

Huyen Di and Bai Yu Tian didn't hesitate to shield Yue Gu Zai's back as they jumped out the window.

The bomb in the room detonated.

Yue Gu Zai didn't care about anything except protecting Zhen Zhen.

Huyen Di and Bai Yu Tian turned around and they saw flames were burning the building. They thought Shu Tang Jue did nothing half-heartedly.

Yue Gu Zai shielded Zhen Zhen from the smoke. He turned his head around and saw fire trucks and police cars.

'Surrender, you're surrounded,' a cop said.

The three men looked at their surroundings. They were surrounded by more than twenty cops who all pointed loaded guns at their bodies.

'We received a tip-off terrorists planted a bomb and held a hostage inside the building,' the cop said. 'All of you need to cooperate and come with us to the station for interrogation.'

'MF Shu Tang Jue!' Bai Yu Tian cursed.

At the police station a cop questioned Yue Gu Zai first.

'Tell me your name and why you appeared at the crime scene,' the cop said. 'Did you plant the bomb? Why did you detain the hostage?'

Yue Gu Zai sat crossed legs with his hands in his pockets. 'I want to make a call.'

'Ok, you have the right to call a lawyer,' the cop said. 'Even if the lawyer doesn't come, we have all the evidence here.'

After Yue Gu Zai made a phone call, he didn't say anything else to the cop.

The cop didn't want to wait for the lawyer, but he was happy even if the lawyer showed up the lawyer couldn't help Yue Gu Zai, Huyen Di and Bai Yu Tian.

'Chief, you have a call,' a junior cop said.

The cop looked suspiciously at Yue Gu Zai and left the room to take the call.

A while later the cop returned and reluctantly freed Yue Gu Zai, Huyen Di and Bai Yu Tian.

'You're free to leave,' the cop said.

Yue Gu Zai stood and he towered over the cops. The cops couldn't help but take a step back.

Yue Gu Zai walked out of the station. Huyen Di and Bai Yu Tian were supporting Zhen Zhen and waiting for him.

A black car appeared. Yue Gu Zai carried Zhen Zhen into the car and Huyen Di and Bai Yu Tian followed behind.

The cops saw a glimpse of a man in a general's uniform in the black car, and they were grateful they didn't use excessive force otherwise they would have lost their lives.

Inside the black car the general looked concerned at Yue Gu Zai.

'What happened?' the general asked. 'Why did the cops detain you?'

'It's nothing,' Yue Gu Zai said. 'Someone set me up.'

'Mr Yue, in the future if you want to fight with someone then do it in another country,' the general said. 'Don't come here to fight. There are some things I have no control over. A bomb today and a shooting tomorrow will cause havoc among the citizens. The citizens will be scared it's a terrorist attack and point fingers at the national army for not protecting them from terrorist attacks.'

'General, I trust you can take care of this incident,' Yue Gu Zai said. 'I hope your juniors won't investigate this incident.'

'Ok, I'll take care of this incident,' the general said.

'In the future we still have business here and I hope we won't need to experience sitting behind bars here again,' Bai Yu Tian said.

'I'll discipline my juniors to satisfy Mr Yue for detaining him,' the general said.

'Recently has your army bought biological weapons from someone?' Yue Gu Zai asked.

'No, Mr Yue, you know my army buys all our weapons from Ni Sheng,' the general said. 'And we wouldn't buy biological weapons. Why?'

'It doesn't matter,' Yue Gu Zai said.

'Mr Yue, what about the weapons my army ordered?' the general asked.

'Ni Sheng will deliver the weapons ordered to Italy,' Yue Gu Zai said.

The black car stopped in front of the main house and Yue Gu Zai carried Zhen Zhen inside.

Huyen Di and Bai Yu Tian silently followed Yue Gu Zai, they knew Yue Gu Zai was beyond angry.


End of Chapter Thirteen

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