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Beautiful Wife And Genius Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 42

Chapter 42

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Translated by trungtnguyen123

The Mole.

Yan Fen read a book in Lam Ping's study room while waiting for Lam Ping's return.

Lam Ping returned home, and he was paranoid to see Yan Fen in his study room.

'Yan Fen, when did you get here?' Lam Ping asked.

'I just got here,' Yan Fen said.

Yan Fen put the book on the table, and he reported to Lam Ping about the work activities he completed in the last month.

Lam Ping escorted Yan Fen to the door. He was paranoid Yan Fen found out something in his study room. He decided Yan Fen needed to be eliminated.

Yan Fen didn't noticed anything unusual about Lam Ping. He drove back to Ni Sheng's headquarters in Las Vegas, showered, and drank beer while watching TV in the living room. When the wind blew through an opened window, he stood, walked to the window and he closed the window.

Bullets were shot through the window. Yan Fen dropped onto the floor and he rolled away from the broken window glass.

'Yan Fen, did you think I'll let you live if you know my secret?' Lam Ping asked from the living room door.

Lam Ping pointed a gun at Yan Fen's head.

'How long did you think you can hide your secret?' Yan Fen asked.

'After you die, my secret is safe,' Lam Ping said. 'No one else in the Ni Sheng gang has discovered I'm the traitor except you.'

Yan Fen jumped out of the window to dodge Lam Ping's bullets. He ran through the woods, he slipped on a fallen branch and twisted his leg. He had no choice but to roll down a hill and hide behind a water tank.

Lam Ping chased after Yan Fen, but he lost Yan Fen. He ran back to the building, and congregated everyone to the common room.

'I received an order from Yue Gu Zai,' Lam Ping said. 'Yue Gu Zai wants everyone to find the traitor Yan Fen who is Tan Lang's spy, and capture him alive or dead.'

'Impossible,' half of the people in common room said. 'Boss Yan Fen isn't the traitor.'

'But boss Lam Ping has been loyal to Ni Sheng for more than a decade, he wouldn't lie about boss Yan Fen being the traitor,' the other half said.

Outside, Yan Fen thought if he was going to die, he wanted to die killing the traitor Lam Ping. Then he spotted Chu Gian drive Yue Gu Zai toward he building. So he limped back to the building through a short cut.

When Lam Ping saw Yue Gu Zai and Chu Gian walked into the common room of the building, he was paranoid they found Yan Fen before he did.

'Boss, I found out who the traitor is,' Lam Ping said to Yue Gu Zai. 'It's Yan Fen.'

Everyone else in the common room were shocked the boss of Ni Sheng was a young and a beautiful man.

'Lam Ping, do you think everyone here are fools?' Chu Gian asked.

Lam Ping was cornered. If Yue Gu Zai and Chu Gian discovered he was the traitor then his only hope of surviving was by killing Yue Gu Zai so the Tan Lang gang would protect him.

Lam Ping pointed the gun at Yue Gu Zai, but he didn't expect Yue Gu Zai was faster. Yue Gu Zai had leapt in front of him, and choked his neck.

'Anyone who betrays Ni Sheng has to pay the same price,' Yue Gu Zai said. 'You'll be paying with your life'

'Boss... spare me... I'll confess everything I know about Mr Tao... and Tan Lang...' Lam Ping said weakly.

'You're not in a position to bargain,' Yue Gu Zai said. 'I can deal with the Tao Quan and Tan Lang gangs.'

Yue Gu Zai strangled Lam Ping to death. Lam Ping's eyes closed, his head hung over his neck and the common room became silent.

'Yan Fen, come out,' Yue Gu Zai said.

Yan Fen came out of the shadows.

'Boss,' Yan Fen said.

'Come home with me,' Yue Gu Zai said.


End of Chapter Forty-Two

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