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Beautiful Wife And Genius Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 61.1

Chapter 61.1

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Translated by trungtnguyen123


The two guards got up to hit Zhen Wu, and Xu Xiao Fei jumped off Sun Li Li's lap to hit Zhen Wu too. Ling Jia kicked the two guards, they fell on top of Xu Xiao Fei and Xu Xiao Fei fell unconscious.

Miss Chen called an ambulance to the school to take Xu Xiao Fei to the hospital, and Zhen Zhen called Bai Yu Tian to go to the hospital to help examine Xu Xiao Fei.

Half an hour later at the hospital, Bai Yu Tian informed about Xu Xiao Fei's condition to Su Li Li and Xu Ha.

'Doctor Bai, will my son wake up?' Su Li Li asked.

'There is a chance if the patient wakes up, the patient will be in a vegetable state for life,' Bai Yu Tian said.

Su Li Li cried on Xu Ha's shoulder.

'Husband... our son,' Su Li Li said.

'Doctor Bai, save our son,' Xu Ha pleaded.

'To keep the patient alive, it'll cost three thousand yuan a day because the patient can't breathe on their own,' Bai Yu Tian said.

A while later, Yue Gu Zai arrived at the hospital to drive Zhen Zhen, Zhen Wu and Ling Jia home.

When Ling Jia walked into the living room, Louis was babysitting Yue Cheng Tian while Yue Cheng Tian was watching Tom and Jerry.

An explosion was heard, and Yue Dui Yi appeared in the living room.

'Dui Yi, what are you doing here?' Ling Jia asked.

'Imperial mother,' Yue Dui Yi greeted.

Yue Dui Yi hugged Ling Jia.

Zhen Zhen was startled a grown man was attached to Ling Jia like a child.

'Dui Yi, why aren't you in the palace?' Ling Jia asked.

'Imperial mother, don't worry,' Yue Dui Yi said. 'The palace won't miss me if I'm gone for several days. Minister Tao and Minister Yu agreed to take care of my imperial duties while I'm away from the palace.'

'Did old man Tao Fang and old man Yu Cheng Tu really volunteer to help you?' Ling Jia asked.

Ling Jia knew Tao Fang and Yu Cheng Tu had ulterior motives to help Yue Dui Yi. They would ask her to visit them in return for doing a favor for Yue Dui Yi.

'Um, it'll give the two old men something to do,' Ling Jia said. 'They've been living off you for a long time.'

Yue Cheng Tian thought living in the modern era with Ling Jia was a good option. Since he abdicated the throne to Yue Dui Yi, there was no reason for him and Ling Jia to return to the past. In the past, he had to deal with Tao Fang and Yu Cheng Tu who wanted to steal Ling Jia away from him. Whereas in the modern era, he only had to deal with one pesky Louis who didn't want to leave Ling Jia's side. He thought handling one man was easier than handling two men.

Yue Dui Yi let go of Ling Jia. He ran to Yue Gu Zai and he hugged Yue Gu Zai.

'Imperial brother Gu Zai, I finally found you,' Yue Dui Yi said.

'Dui Yi?' Yue Gu Zai asked.

Yue Gu Zai remembered the little boy Yue Dui Yi who followed him everywhere around the palace many years ago.

'Imperial brother Gu Zai, I'm happy you remembered my name,' Yue Dui Yi said.

Yue Gu Zai thought Yue Dui Yi's personality was like Yue Dui Yi's mother, Consort Lam more than their father, Yue Cheng Tian. He suppressed his urge to squeeze Yue Dui Yi's cheeks.

'Dui Yi, while you're here, you can't call me imperial brother,' Yue Gu Zai said.

'Why?' Yue Dui Yi asked. 'You are my imperial brother Gu Zai.'

'Dui Yi, you can call my name or anything you like but not imperial brother,' Yue Gu Zai said. 'I left the palace many years ago.'

Zhen Zhen's maternal side pitied Yue Dui Yi. Yue Gu Zai not letting Yue Dui Yi acknowledge they were brothers made Yue Dui Yi sad.

'Imperial brother Gu Zai, have you forgotten you abandoned me in the palace?' Yue Dui Yi asked. 'Imperial brother Gu Zai, you are the one who is meant to be emperor, not me. But you ran away and left me to rule the kingdom. I didn't resent you because I wanted you to live a happy life. Since you left, I couldn't see imperial mother anymore. I was forced to read imperial reports every day to the point I couldn't sleep at night. But I'm happy as long as imperial brother Gu Zai is happy. If imperial brother Gu Zai doesn't want to see me then I'll go back to the palace.'

Yue Dui Yi cried, and he turned around to leave.

'Wait,' Yue Gu Zai said.

Yue Dui Yi turned around, he smiled at Yue Gu Zai and hugged Yue Gu Zai.

'I knew imperial brother Gu Zai didn't want me to leave,' Yue Di Yi said. 'Imperial brother Gu Zai treats me the best and I love imperial brother Gu Zai the most.'

Later that night, Zhen Zhen showered and prepared for bed. She laid on the bed and thought about how Ling Jia and Yue Cheng Tian doted on Yue Dui Yi more than Yue Gu Zai.

'Zhen Zhen, what are you thinking about?' Yue Gu Zai asked.

'Gu Zai, I'm thinking about if your mum actually gave birth to you,' Zhen Zhen said. 'Your mum raised you and your little brother. But your mum dotes on your little brother more even though she isn't your little brother's biological mum. I think you grew up into a cold man because your little brother received most of your mum's love.'

'Zhen Zhen, do you think I'm abnormally cold and my little brother's behavior is normal?' Yue Gu Zai asked.

'Gu Zai, it's normal for you and your little brother to be opposites by the opposite ways your mum raised you and your little brother,' Zhen Zhen said.

'Let's sleep,' Yue Gu Zai said

Yue Gu Zai hugged Zhen Zhen to sleep.

Several days later, Yue Dui Yi followed Yue Gu Zai everywhere. Sometimes Yue Gu Zai would chase Yue Dui Yi away, but Yue Dui Yi persisted to follow Yue Gu Zai everywhere. Zhen Zhen knew if Yue Gu Zai didn't love Yue Dui Yi then Yue Gu Zai would have turned Yue Dui Yi into shark bait since the first day Yue Dui Yi arrived in the modern era.


End of Chapter Sixty-One (Part 1)

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